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Monday, July 18, 2016

Present strategy of Christians, patriots, must be to encourage in-fighting, falling-out among ruling Jews, satanists at top, Trump/nationalism instrumental against world-dictatorship, genocide, etc....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

[Mr. Goody seems to have taken-down his blog article, but will probably put it back up after a little editing.]

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Mr. Goody, Oblivious Of Reality, Facts, Continues Pushing "Good-Evil" Subjectivism, satanist Tool
(Apollonian, 18 Jul 16)

"They care nothing of any moral stuff - they will encourage the death of others who don't share their God-fantasy." -Mr. Goody

"Moral stuff"?--like what's that?--do u know anything about it? Last blog u said "good" is regarding the "golden rule," but as usual u can't say how or why--why is "golden rule" "good"?

Next, u mention "God-fantasy"--but how is it a "fantasy"?--u can't prove there's no God, sucker. But u insist there's such thing as "good," and u say nothing or next to nothing about such "good."

Again, we see u mention B. of Rights, but say nothing about the under-lying culture to it, Christianity. For of course, u know NOTHING about Christianity, though u like to lie and say Christians are "hypocrites."

Finally, u mention Israel which is a problem worthy of serious, substantial analysis, for Jews and satanists rule, u, Mr. Goody, being integral part of this constellation of satanists, u pushing non-existent "good-evil," pretending there's such thing as "free" human will, effectively pushing subjectivism, etc.

For Jews and satanists rule, sucker: that's what u're not getting, and Trump, for example, simply MUST get the approval of kikes in order to run his campaign. It thus becomes mere matter of "good" Jews vs. bad Jews and the more overt satanists.

In case of Trump, he emphasizes NATIONALISM against the world dictatorship. Trump, for example, supported Brexit.

Thus in case of Jew S A, satanists and Jews ruling, the real Christians and patriots can now only hope for a falling-out among the top Jew-connected masterminds--as we see in case of Trump.

Jews and satanists will continue to rule quite securely long as the central-bank instrument continues, but that won't be long now, US Dollar steadily collapsing.

Meantime, real patriots can only hope to encouraging the natural in-fighting among the top satanist masterminds, Trump being useful for patriot, nationalist purpose, Mr. Goody being clueless tool of satanists, pushing moronic, non-existent "good-evil" ("moral stuff," ho ho ho).

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