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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Most important thing about Christ story is the philosophy....

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Did Jesus Exist?--Does It Matter?
(Apollonian, 30 Dec 14)

Fact remains Christ cannot be proven to have existed, PERIOD.  But is Christianity worth-while?--yes, of course, I say--why?--because it's magnificent aesthetic (literature) and most excellent (implicit) Greek-oriented philosophy endorsing and affirming Aristotelian objectivity against Platonic subjectivism.  Esp. in Gosp. JOHN Christ affirmed TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any other ideals, principles, premises, as foremost virtue, ONLY way to Godly happiness (14:6).

And only way to have truth is for necessary objective reality as criterion.  Enemies of Christ rejected (implicitly) Aristotle and objectivity as way of buttressing their LIES (8:44), and further, they decided to kill Christ (= truth founded in objective reality).  But truth cannot be killed and RESURRECTS.

Saddest, most tragic thing is dear Christianity is called "faith," for "faith," properly understood for Christianity only means LOYALTY--not not not not not mere "belief"--because "belief" IS CHEAP, and all the "beleeeeeeeeeeeeevin'" in the world doesn't make anything true, as if "beleeeeeeeeevin'" makes one God who suddenly creates reality.  And cheap "beleeeeeeeevin" doesn't make God one's special buddy, as so many fools pretend.

One must simply be LOYAL to what one KNOWS, not merely "beleeeeeeeeeeevs."  Loyalty then to what is KNOWABLE and TRUE makes for best basis--HONESTY--of getting along w. fellow humans.  And that's Holy Spirit co-equal w. other two Persons: reason, honesty, and integrity, one's reason pervading throughout the spirit, conscious and subconscious--which renders TRUTH (= Christ).

Absolute worst thing would be if people thought putrid, cheap mysticism will suffice for salvation, for subjectivism and mysticism is foundation of that HUBRIS by which some people pretend to satanism--being God, or being the masters of God, they imagining they can ENSLAVE God, or beguile God (as by means of "beleeeeeeeeevin'"), God then being their attack-dog who kills their enemies for them.

Apster deals w. burn-out hack, "professional" academician....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Fetzer Is Total Dis-Info, Gate-Keeper Wannabe
(Apollonian, 2 Jan 15)

As dedicated student of philosophy, I can assure the readers here that Fetzer is controlled opposition playing "good-jew, bad-Jew" game, the "bad-Jews" being what Fetzer calls "zionists," Fetzer pretending thus that there are "good Jews," that there's any essential diff. btwn "zionists" and the other Christ-killers, called Jews.  Just ck for expo on Jew Talmud and satanism--also

Fetzer is actually just the TYPICAL, incompetent, hack academician, now old, senile, and burned-out, who spouts "philosophical" terminology and name-dropping, but who knows nothing about real philosophy--he's just "philosophical" for style and pretense.

Observe now, typical gate-keeper, Fetzer insists MOSSAD had "nothing to do" w. Sandy Hoax, a gross LIE--even though Prof. Doom has shown DEFINITE, un-mistakable evidence.  Fetzer thus un-covers himself for lies and dis-info, protecting MOSSAD whom he otherwise said he earlier suspected of a "hit-job."

What Doom has actually un-covered is the present-day version of the old Jew gang-run "Murder Incorporated," only this latest version is better understood as Mass Murder Incorporated, which includes BOTH the MOSSAD and CIA as competing subsidiaries--somewhat like the FBI-CIA rivalry--or the Brit MI6 vs. MI5, perhaps.

And as we note, certain "players" of Sandy hoax have ALREADY begun to "disappearing"--MOSSAD wouldn't handle this, unless they were Jews, it being left to CIA and FBI behind the scenes directing the Conn. state police--much like Jew, Fuselier was FBI agent behind the Columbine killings in '99, Fuselier's son being member of the Trench-coat Mafia (TCM) at Columbine, a Jew gang of punks and scum.  What happened at Columbine seems to be a real massacre by TCM which got out of hand, the killers being hopped-up on SSRIs, Fuselier called in for cover-up.

Regardless, don't doubt Fetzer is NO JUDGE of "rationality," he being quite senile incompetent--ASIDE fm being gate-keeper and dis-info spewer for Jews, as I noted.

Doom is surely on the right-track, having un-covered a major, little suspected component of this large Sandy hoax psy-ops, the active participation of Jews and MOSSAD, though MOSSAD involvement is at higher levels--which Fetzer now is trying to help cover-up, muddying waters as he attempts here.  MOSSAD is here to PROTECT the Jews, like Lenny and Veronique Pozner, among the others, running liaison, no doubt, with CIA, FBI, etc.--it's MAJOR psy-ops, nearly as large as 9/11 itself, don't doubt.

---------------------above in response to below-copied-----------------------------------
Dealing with a complex and complicated issue like Sandy Hook is extremely tricky and hazardous, where mistakes are inevitable. The first information I had about Sandy Hook was what appeared to be the presence of a three-man hit team, where a white van had been tracked back to Greenwich Village to a Mossad safe-house that was filled with neo-Nazi paraphernalia, which led me to conjecture that it might have been a Mossad hit. That was the information that was available to me at the time and why I wrote that.

With the accumulation of more and more evidence, it has become apparent that no one died at Sandy Hook and the Mossad appears to have had nothing to do with it. Doing IDs on the basis of photo comparisons has proven to be especially hazardous, where we have made mistakes on that count as well. The Robbie Parker ID is a case in point, where as soon as I became convinced that we were wrong (because the entertainer in Texas was too tall), I corrected the article misidentifying him within 48 hours, as I recollect.

I am therefore troubled that Professor Doom hears what I have to say that explains some aspects of the Shanley lawsuit, which he had not properly understood, yet says he still stands by his previous position. That is not a display of rationality. He has been on the attack against William and me, where he claims to be defending the estimable Wolfgang Halbig and truth, yet he insists that he stands by his less-informed "original conclusions". I must observe that that, alas, is not the attitude of a rational seeker of truth.

[Below is Fetzer's response to mine, top, above]

To confirm that this guy is a shill--and a particularly nasty example of the kind--just read my last few articles about Sandy Hook (published this month) and ask your self if I am an "incompetent, hack academician, now old, senile, and burned-out" scholar, who, by the way, has published 29 books and hundreds of articles:

“Rejoice for Christmas: No one died at Sandy Hook or at the Boston bombing”

“The Sandy Hook Hoax: How we know it didn’t happen” (14 December 2014)

“Sandy Hook: The bomb that didn’t smoke / Lounging at the massacre” (8 December 2014)

-----------------------------ap responded below to Fetzer's above---------------------------------

+James Fetzer

How Can Supposed Philosophical Be So Incompetent For Simple Induction?
(Apollonian, 2 Jan 15)

Fetzer: u must be senile and burned-out, aside fm incompetent, typical academic hack--as u don't answer up to the issues put, eh?--u're actually gate-keeper for Jews, pretending there's such thing as "good Jew," u only criticizing "zionists," but always protesting u're NOT "anti-semitic," ho ho hoo.  U're just "deep-cover" for Jews, that's all.  And now we note u say here MOSSAD was NOT involved--well, Doom's evidence seems to call u out for LYING, eh?

And what's ur problem for analyzing the consistent Jew "BIG-LIEs" and lying?--don't u understand simple inductive logic?--isn't Jews-media consistent for covering for Jews?--ignoring facts, attacking the real truth-tellers?

U pretend to being "professor" of philosophy?--but u can't inform the people for method of simple induction?--Jews ALWAYS at the bottom of EVERY major crime and psy-ops?--but then Jews wouldn't carry ur stupid books in their stores, would they?  Ho ho ho ho

Christian reason vs. Jew "believing"--they're necessarily opposed....

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Christian Reason Vs. Jew "Believing," Subjectivism, And Mysticism
(Apollonian, 5 Jan 15)

This is great selection fm St. Paul u give us, Wendy, very interesting and thought-provoking, as so often for u.  And St. Paul is so definitive for Christianity and its philosophy, esp. for elaboration upon basic, and relatively few, words, in comparison w. St. Paul, we get fm Christ himself; thus it is said Christianity, as we understand it, is much derived fm St. Paul himself.

So I take it, fm Paul's text given herein, he's emphasizing the supremacy of Christ for theology, and pt-ing out the resurrection as proof of Christ being God the Son himself, the reason being Paul wanting to dispel the idea that Christ was mere man, just another prophet.  For only God can resurrect.  Hence Christ is absolutely definitive for theology, beyond and above any prophet before or after. 

I've often found St. Paul to be relatively difficult and rather elaborate, compared to the simple and clear philosophy found in the short and sweet Gosp. JOHN whence Christ = TRUTH formulation is so striking and emphatic as at 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8, among others.

People seem to tend to overlook the genuine philosophy embedded within New Test. literature, for there's EXTREMELY important lesson therein.

Thus HOW can there be truth UNLESS there's a basis for it in God's objective reality?--reality is not just something coming out of someone's head (subjectivism)--what they "believe."  Hence Christian "faith" is NOT NOT NOT mere "believing" which is cheap and so often just wishful thinking.

Christian "faith" then is LOYALTY (NOT mere "believing") to what one knows by intellect--"faith" or "believing" is not a substitute for intellect and reason, reason being the ONLY way to knowledge of TRUTH (= Christ), hence essential component of the Holy Spirit by which one apprehends truth (= Christ).

And of course, Holy Spirit is MORE than just simple reason--it's also combined w. HONESTY--for we all know people (beginning w. ourselves) who are gifted w. intellect, but who are yet dis-honest--esp. Jews.  Thus Holy Spirit must be reason sublimely combined w. honesty and pervading throughout conscious and sub-conscious--INTEGRITY.

Thus foremost question for Holy Spirit is whether primary component is (a) precious human reason or (b) cheap, (relatively) worthless "believing."  To be sure, "believing" can stand as temporary and provisional substitute, for example, for the very young who are yet to fully exercise their rational mind.

Another example for proper "faith" of loyalty is for those poor souls who have difficulty thinking in strictest rational manner and who rely so much upon leadership.  But these latter must never give-up the effort to thinking and must never betray that divine rationality (Holy Spirit) and loyalty thereto for cheap "believing."

Such then is the great distinction and difference btwn Christian and Jew, esp. for virtue of "faith"--same as for objectivity vs. subjectivism.  Christianity then stands for most sublime REASON vs. the mysticism and lies of Judaism (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

And the fatal corruption of present-day, establishment Christianity is that it has taken-on the Judaic "believing" as foremost virtue instead of the original, sublime reason and honesty, Christianity nowadays having become horrifically Judaized, thus under-mined and subverted--esp. by the hereticalist "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for best expo on JCs) who support terror-state of Israel and say Christ was Jew (not to be confused w. Judeans, Jews defined as followers of Pharisees and subsequent Talmud).

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Empty, lyric abstractions USELESS, un-substantial, un-informative--USA desperately need TRUE Christian (hence anti-semitic) revival....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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"Era of ... Illusions" Mere Abstract, Meaningless Crap
(Apollonian, 10 Jan 15)

This screed is much liked, as we see below, evidently for its lyric and abstract quality--uninformed with any substance or useful details.  Observe it begins w. comments upon history which is determined and CYCLIC--we're just at the end of the post-WWII Dollar boom, US Dollar now collapsing, the US now mere imperial shell dominated by Jews--not just "zionists."

Jews are the problem, even though they have accomplices, suck-alongs, and allies, but they all follow the basic Jew philosophy--SUBJECTIVISM founded in a perfectly "free" will, and powered by "good-evil" delusion/fallacy/heresy by which they "motivate" the masses of inferiors which have been built-up over the yrs--as USA has fallen fm within to present Jew over-lords.

Most powerful among Jews' suck-alongs are the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo) hereticalists who leverage the rest of the nominal and corrupt "Christians" of establishment.

And note there's not a word about the dollar--for observe the other countries are fine.  The only horror is going to happen to US empire and those poor lands attached thereto.

So the screed fails miserably for any serious exposition, it being mere empty string of abstractions and evocations.  USA simply requires a TRUE Christian revival, removing the Jew masterminds and JC enforcers--which won't be easy, esp. as long as we have substituted this sort of lyric and abstraction-ridden twaddle and BS so much encouraged by the idiots giving it the moronic compliments as we see in below comments.

Thus observe Christianity properly stands for the objective, hence determined, reality, the only possible premise upon which there can be TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6).  More practically still, we need states-rights and nullification, primacy of LOCAL gov. against the Jew-run dictatorship.


"It's Jews, Stupid"--Ed Steele, RIP
(Apollonian, 10 Jan 15)

Well said Mark (ck link, above, for ref. to comment by "Mark Cairo"): Jews are the very "sons of satan," according to Christ (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), and they're topmost criminals--that's what we're up against.  And this criminal conspiracy begins w. "central-banking" by which ZOG prints-up and/or digitalizes practically all the money they need or want to owning everyone and everything.

And one and only one thing has EVER been effective against kikes, that being dear, sublime Christianity, worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any other virtue (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

So to take-out Jews and Judaism, leaders of satanism, patriots must start w. false Christians, esp. the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo) hereticalists who support Jews and terror-state of Israel, and this means preaching the true and real Christianity built upon TRUTH, indicating the OBJECTIVE reality discerned by human reason against Jewwy mysticism and subjectivism upon which their filthy lies are founded.

So that's (above analysis) basically the long and short of it all.  For practical purposes, central-banking must be ended ASAP in favor of commodity-money, this effected by such as states-rights and nullification of un-Constitutional laws.  First, patriots must take control of churches and local gov.s, moving fm ground-up against ZOG.  Happy hunting and hail victory.  A.

Sandy hoax, false-flag "terror" manufactured by ZOG criminals, Jews, suck-alongs, et al....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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World Beset By Criminals, Jews
(Apollonian, 15 Jan 15)

Logan, assuming u're not shill, u're such a dumb son-of-a-bitch, it's hard to know where to start for grasping the Sandy hoax and conspiracy.  Remember, the world and humanity are beset by criminals, Jews being foremost, most organized, among all criminals (see ref. note, below).

(a) USA is controlled by criminals--do u understand "central-banking"?--it's literally legalized COUNTERFEITING, whence they just print-up and digitalize so-called "money," "legal-tender."  So these COUNTERFEITERS rule.  U can ck and for fullest, best expo on central-banking and US Federal Reserve Bank.  G. Edward Griffin also has numerous vids on u-tube.

(b)  These COUNTERFEITERS are primarily, at top, Jews, but w. all their practically un-limited funding, they have lots and lots of suck-alongs, accomplices, and cohorts, most powerful of whom are surely the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo) hereticalists who support terror-state of Israel.

(c) There are also lots of suck-alongs on the "left," esp. queers.  All these people are mostly motivated to suck-along w. topmost COUNTERFEITERS by means of the funding.  For example, practically ALL establishment "Christians" suck-along w. Israeli terror-state, ironic as it may seem, Jews being followers of Talmud which justifies and gloats over killing of Christ, etc.  See and for best Talmudic expo.

(d) "Terrorism," in general, is manufactured by these "bankers" to generate fear and inveigle the dumb "Christians" to accept police-state, confiscation of fire-arms, etc.--and this then is the purpose of Sandy hoax.

(e) So now u see how Sandy hoax is generated and originated--a false-flag--another one.  Israeli terror-state is expert at false-flags--they attacked USS Liberty in 1967 and killed 34 US sailors--and get away w. it as the Jew bankers control the Jews-media, etc.  There are many, many, many, many, many, many other and more and futher examples of this false-flag terror, all generated by "bankers."

Get a clue, suckers, all the "trolls," "shills" are kikes or close buddies, accomplices--queers, "metro-sexuals"....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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"Awards" For Events MUST Be For Drills, NOT Actual Tragedies
(Apollonian, 19 Jan 15)

Gosh Doom, I was waiting for ur next (this) vid--saw ur comment about naming the Jew--so I was hoping u'd have seen the numerous comments I was making on ur previous vid on the Doom 1 channel.  But I guess u're tired and decided to get some well-deserved rest.

I tried discussing the topic w. several people, got reactions fm at least two who rather agreed--the idea of "awards ceremony" for an event which saw 26 deaths is absolutely inconceivable UNLESS it was drill drill drill drill drill.  I then listened again to ur narrative rendition of ur recent exposition, and observed u urself noted, they were giving "awards" simply for doing their jobs.

Funny part is K. Johnson saw nothing wrong or odd about the awards ceremony but for "correcting" u that it was for the state police, ho ho ho.

Of course, the other necessary observation is they're giving "awards" for having DECEIVED the American people--at least enough of them, as they evidently consider and calculate.  Gosh, but I wonder what the NEXT event will entail, as they're so satisfied at their work of deception.

They're literally waging a psychologic WAR against the American people.  Thank goodness people like u have done such good work pin-pointing how they have and are doing this.

Note the war entails deliberately BREAKING THE LAW for refusing to give information citizens are legally entitled to by the FOIA, just for one thing, as noted by our good comrade, Wolfgang, who additionally was actually assaulted and harassed by officials in Conn. and Newtown.

Another observation is K. Johnson is Jew, according to buddy, CW Wade, who told me in all seriousness Keith shared bar-mitzvah photos on google hang-out--I submit this is NOT un-related or insignificant fact, and I'd pt. out to u how suddenly after u presented ur recent exposition on the necessary drill configurations for the responders, K Johnson appears.

Note "trolls" (actually dis-info artists who try to deflect the discourse, insisting for example, that top conspirators are Jesuits NOT Jews) are ALWAYS Jews, Jew-friendly and -sympathetic, esp. for the top-ranking more "clever" (subtle) "trolls"/shills, the others rather political-correct metro-sexuals, or, most seldom, homosexuals.

Jews, satanists, ZOG, politically-correct little dumb-shits make a lot out of word, "racism," don't they?....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Racial Patronization/Paternalism: Very Limited, Conditional Fad, Not Likely To Last
(Apollonian, 19 Jan 15)

Once again, tiger, note a lot rides and rests upon simple definition of "racism," doesn't it?  Politically-correct--hence anti-white, anti-human, anti-gentile co-notation is it's something that's un-ethical, hence impolitic--which then begs question for ethics (WHAT is "ethics"? etc.)--a subject we can safely set aside for now.

But racism is just LOYALTY; simple, eh?--and THAT'S why it's hated, esp. by Jews who yet practice it--ok for Jews/satanists, but not for anyone else.  Loyalty, according to Jews, to one's people is something to feel guilty for, ESPECIALLY for white folks, who are supposed to hate their own people--which only works for the weaklings, when all is said and done, ho ho ho ho ho.

Thus those whites who accede to this guilt for loyalty and love of their own, and seek compensation by mating w. non-white--or not mating at all (which is what's happening, families having on average LESS than the replacement rate of off-spring/kids) leave the remnant of those whites who DO mate among their own as a FAR STRONGER race, even if in lesser numbers--this is what's going on presently.

So what's going on w. the "Indians"/red-skins and feathers?--nothing but the same old, typical, faddish sort of patronization/condescension--same as for other peoples too, though very seldom for whites--because Jew/satanist absolutely HATES Western/rationalist, hence whites, and ESPECIALLY Christian--NOTHING is hated more than Christian by the Jew/satanist.

So, this racialistic patronization we observe, regarding red-skin/"Indian" in this case, is a GUILTY, limited, and short-term, sort of "pleasure" or indulgence only conditionally tolerated by the satanic powers (Jews) that rule and keep careful watch over us all, u may be sure.

X-Files was too good--made folks think too much--had to be removed by ZOG....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

X-Files Was Too Good--It HAD To Be Removed, Self-Destructed
(Apollonian, 19 Jan 15)

X-files HAD to self-destruct as it was too attractive for the conspiracy subject, legitimizing it--or so the powers evidently thought--it made people think too much, and powers absolutely detest that.

For note, there's practical, actual--called "existential" conspiracy--the US Federal Reserve Bank (also "central-banking") which literally just legally COUNTERFEITS the "money"-supply by means of printing-press and digitalization--the topmost criminal enterprise.

Then on more abstract level, there's the dichotomy btwn the objective world ("the truth is 'out there'," according to Mulder, as he would so often say) vs. the satanic subjectivist world which is just made up of whatever u want fm inside ur own head.

The difficulty is people imagine this choice btwn objective, subjective is provable, but it's not, it rather being a choice btwn assumptions.  Jews, satanists, and criminals insist upon subjectivist, for only in that way does moralism of fictional "good-evil" make any sense.  Jews want people to striving to be "good" as in this way they control them.

BUT, it's difficult for West to give-up the Aristotelian objectivity, foundation of science, logic, law, etc.--and that's what the Christian vs. Jew/satanist dichotomy is all about, Christ assuring us of the objective reality, esp. in divine (most philosophic) Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8.

So u see, X-Files had that irresistible attraction to it for basic philosophy--which most people miss, but are interested in way of the "conspiracy" approach.

Jews want to maintain their existential (practical) criminal enterprise, central-banking, BUT this requires keeping the goyim mystified and fascinated (in literal sense of word) upon subjectivist "good-evil"--thus keeping Western gentiles children seeking approval fm their superiors, like Jews.

ZOG shill for Sandy hoax makes 8 1/2 min vid about yellow spot, ho ho ho ho

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Keith Makes Small Pt., Still Fails
(Apollonian, 22 Jan 15)

Good Lord, Keith--a whole 8 1/2 min vid for speculating about Doom's well-taken observation/speculation on the yellow spot for DHS vehicle?--ho ho ho ho.  But u might be right, Keith, one must admit, and Doom might be wrong--it could go either way.  U actually haven't proven anything, even for ur small pt., not to mention ur larger pt.s in support of ZOG murderers.

But Keith, here's where WE'RE NOT WRONG, buddy: (a) There's NO EVIDENCE--none--that there was shooting or anyone was killed, no bodies, no blood, no pictures--and this is what u desperately keep trying to get away fm.  U rather want people to take ZOG's word--and there's no excuse for that. 

(b) There's lots of evidence, regardless of ur spinning, it was drill and then false-flag psy-ops used for attempted and on-going overthrow of US Constitution, beginning w. the utter lack of appropriate emotional affect of the "players."  Then there are ALLLLLL the other anomalies, "Adam" (for whom there's little evidence of any existence) being marked dead on the 13th, along w. all the donation web-sites going up even before the event.

(c) And why are the criminal "authorities" refusing to give out w. info that belongs to the citizens and tax-payers?--because they're engaged in COVER-UP--that's why--and that's why u lie and shill for these criminal traitors, Keith--that's not "name-calling"--it's what u're doing and what's going-on.

(d) And Keith, don't doubt--it's a legitimate and well-taken question as to WHY that DHS vehicle is there.  U speculate and opine, but Doom is quite justified for his conclusion despite any observations u adduce.

And remember Keith, it's an INDUCTIVE argument, investigation, and issue; that is, we can only begin and work at first w. items, built upon other items and details, all these items, details, and tid-bits building-up, fm which we conclude--get it?--INDUCTION (generalization), given the particulars and observations.  That's why we value Prof. Doom--he's BRILLIANT observer/perceiver--u just don't like his conclusions and/or speculations and u nit-pick his observations--that's what's going on here.

And there's still lots other evidence and observations, Keith--WHERE are (or were) the HUNDREDS other "students" who were supposed to be there at Sandy hoax?--u just IGNORE that item, along w. all the others, aside fm ur lame and half-baked excuses.

So u see, Keith, we real truthers are working fm absolute strength and secure basis--u and ZOG have yet to prove there ever was a shooting or dead kids, etc.--we demand proof, and u HAVE NONE--NONE WHATSOEVER--u merely say we should take ZOG's word.  And like corrupt lawyer, u try to "spin" things for ur beloved ZOG.  U suck, sucker.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pro sports shows us well, sometimes, how life reflects for poignant irrationality, injustice...

They're Going To The Proverbial "Well" Far Too Often Now, Folks
(Apollonian, 11 Jan 15)

Well comrades, after a nice little vacation whence I caught-up on lots of neato reading, I was wondering what to write for us and how to come-back for latest essay, eh?  Ho ho ho ho.  And now, today, I found it.  It happened in the idiot Cowboys-Green Bay playoff football game--and of course, we know, it's all fixed, but I watch simply as sociologist now taking part in the great spectator's view for what can be learned in general fm idiots' games, ho ho ho ho--about the only time I ever watch the idiot Jew-tube, nowadays.

So there it was late in 4th quarter, Cowboys 5 pt.s down in the score, 4th down, and quarterback passes it downfield to the fast and jumping negro who actually catches the ball, quite plainly, takes a couple steps even, BUT then falls down and now the ball momentarily squirts out of his grasp, which however he immediately re-grasps.

So now what happens?--ho ho ho ho ho--official rules it in-complete, Cowboys have to give ball over, Green Bay hangs on to win, ho ho ho ho ho.  And my pt. is the perfect idiocy and stupidity of it all--including the announcer who is sooooooooooooooooooo emphatic that it was actually the proper call (for "incomplete pass")--hey, ANY call is the proper call by official, eh?  Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
The good thing, however, was the video re-play by which we could look for ourselves to see it was un-questionably totally complete and caught pass, the guy actually running a couple of steps with it before being knocked down, only then the ball coming loose, ho ho ho oh oho ho ho.

So there we have it, typical, classic "home-town call" by the referees, so blatantly, plainly idiotic and stupid--which they had to actually look at again for the "re-play" on vid in order to make the moronic "ruling," ho ho ho ho ho

And u see folks, HERE now is the big question for all us sports-fans: is it even possible to overlook this sort of "injustice," for the moronic ruling, and blatant irrationality?--of course not, for enough of us older fans, at least, see the gross idiocy--and second question is will the people continue to accept this sort of stupidity, so plain and "in-ur-face"?--NO, not as things economic and political CONTINUE to get worse and worse and worse, as is happening now w. the constant false-flags, the latest happening in Paris, France, as we've been presented by all the Jews-media, prices continuing to inflate evermore.

Blatant injustice in-ur-face, happening repeatedly, in all the various forms, not only in law, but also sports too, is going to wear thin as ZOG's planned economic collapse continues and people feel the hurt evermore (tangelos at the HEB store now $1.79/lb., I noticed today).  Don't forget the great riot of the people of Byzantium during the reign of Justinian in 6th cent.--which almost ended his reign and life--began in the Hippodrome when the sports-fans decided they'd had enough.

All we need for success is to have the police and the soldiers on our side--which is already very much the reality.  Only thing now is the actual program and set of ideals--ANTI-SEMITISM--and original American individual freedom and free-market.  Anti-Semitism means anti-irrationality--it's the one paradigm that still has to (a) be dis-credited, and then to (b) fall--these scummy kikes and their satan-worshipping, child-molesting sympathizers.