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Thursday, January 29, 2015

X-Files was too good--made folks think too much--had to be removed by ZOG....

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X-Files Was Too Good--It HAD To Be Removed, Self-Destructed
(Apollonian, 19 Jan 15)

X-files HAD to self-destruct as it was too attractive for the conspiracy subject, legitimizing it--or so the powers evidently thought--it made people think too much, and powers absolutely detest that.

For note, there's practical, actual--called "existential" conspiracy--the US Federal Reserve Bank (also "central-banking") which literally just legally COUNTERFEITS the "money"-supply by means of printing-press and digitalization--the topmost criminal enterprise.

Then on more abstract level, there's the dichotomy btwn the objective world ("the truth is 'out there'," according to Mulder, as he would so often say) vs. the satanic subjectivist world which is just made up of whatever u want fm inside ur own head.

The difficulty is people imagine this choice btwn objective, subjective is provable, but it's not, it rather being a choice btwn assumptions.  Jews, satanists, and criminals insist upon subjectivist, for only in that way does moralism of fictional "good-evil" make any sense.  Jews want people to striving to be "good" as in this way they control them.

BUT, it's difficult for West to give-up the Aristotelian objectivity, foundation of science, logic, law, etc.--and that's what the Christian vs. Jew/satanist dichotomy is all about, Christ assuring us of the objective reality, esp. in divine (most philosophic) Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8.

So u see, X-Files had that irresistible attraction to it for basic philosophy--which most people miss, but are interested in way of the "conspiracy" approach.

Jews want to maintain their existential (practical) criminal enterprise, central-banking, BUT this requires keeping the goyim mystified and fascinated (in literal sense of word) upon subjectivist "good-evil"--thus keeping Western gentiles children seeking approval fm their superiors, like Jews.

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