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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Christian reason vs. Jew "believing"--they're necessarily opposed....

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Christian Reason Vs. Jew "Believing," Subjectivism, And Mysticism
(Apollonian, 5 Jan 15)

This is great selection fm St. Paul u give us, Wendy, very interesting and thought-provoking, as so often for u.  And St. Paul is so definitive for Christianity and its philosophy, esp. for elaboration upon basic, and relatively few, words, in comparison w. St. Paul, we get fm Christ himself; thus it is said Christianity, as we understand it, is much derived fm St. Paul himself.

So I take it, fm Paul's text given herein, he's emphasizing the supremacy of Christ for theology, and pt-ing out the resurrection as proof of Christ being God the Son himself, the reason being Paul wanting to dispel the idea that Christ was mere man, just another prophet.  For only God can resurrect.  Hence Christ is absolutely definitive for theology, beyond and above any prophet before or after. 

I've often found St. Paul to be relatively difficult and rather elaborate, compared to the simple and clear philosophy found in the short and sweet Gosp. JOHN whence Christ = TRUTH formulation is so striking and emphatic as at 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8, among others.

People seem to tend to overlook the genuine philosophy embedded within New Test. literature, for there's EXTREMELY important lesson therein.

Thus HOW can there be truth UNLESS there's a basis for it in God's objective reality?--reality is not just something coming out of someone's head (subjectivism)--what they "believe."  Hence Christian "faith" is NOT NOT NOT mere "believing" which is cheap and so often just wishful thinking.

Christian "faith" then is LOYALTY (NOT mere "believing") to what one knows by intellect--"faith" or "believing" is not a substitute for intellect and reason, reason being the ONLY way to knowledge of TRUTH (= Christ), hence essential component of the Holy Spirit by which one apprehends truth (= Christ).

And of course, Holy Spirit is MORE than just simple reason--it's also combined w. HONESTY--for we all know people (beginning w. ourselves) who are gifted w. intellect, but who are yet dis-honest--esp. Jews.  Thus Holy Spirit must be reason sublimely combined w. honesty and pervading throughout conscious and sub-conscious--INTEGRITY.

Thus foremost question for Holy Spirit is whether primary component is (a) precious human reason or (b) cheap, (relatively) worthless "believing."  To be sure, "believing" can stand as temporary and provisional substitute, for example, for the very young who are yet to fully exercise their rational mind.

Another example for proper "faith" of loyalty is for those poor souls who have difficulty thinking in strictest rational manner and who rely so much upon leadership.  But these latter must never give-up the effort to thinking and must never betray that divine rationality (Holy Spirit) and loyalty thereto for cheap "believing."

Such then is the great distinction and difference btwn Christian and Jew, esp. for virtue of "faith"--same as for objectivity vs. subjectivism.  Christianity then stands for most sublime REASON vs. the mysticism and lies of Judaism (see Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

And the fatal corruption of present-day, establishment Christianity is that it has taken-on the Judaic "believing" as foremost virtue instead of the original, sublime reason and honesty, Christianity nowadays having become horrifically Judaized, thus under-mined and subverted--esp. by the hereticalist "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for best expo on JCs) who support terror-state of Israel and say Christ was Jew (not to be confused w. Judeans, Jews defined as followers of Pharisees and subsequent Talmud).

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