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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Jews, satanists, ZOG, politically-correct little dumb-shits make a lot out of word, "racism," don't they?....

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Racial Patronization/Paternalism: Very Limited, Conditional Fad, Not Likely To Last
(Apollonian, 19 Jan 15)

Once again, tiger, note a lot rides and rests upon simple definition of "racism," doesn't it?  Politically-correct--hence anti-white, anti-human, anti-gentile co-notation is it's something that's un-ethical, hence impolitic--which then begs question for ethics (WHAT is "ethics"? etc.)--a subject we can safely set aside for now.

But racism is just LOYALTY; simple, eh?--and THAT'S why it's hated, esp. by Jews who yet practice it--ok for Jews/satanists, but not for anyone else.  Loyalty, according to Jews, to one's people is something to feel guilty for, ESPECIALLY for white folks, who are supposed to hate their own people--which only works for the weaklings, when all is said and done, ho ho ho ho ho.

Thus those whites who accede to this guilt for loyalty and love of their own, and seek compensation by mating w. non-white--or not mating at all (which is what's happening, families having on average LESS than the replacement rate of off-spring/kids) leave the remnant of those whites who DO mate among their own as a FAR STRONGER race, even if in lesser numbers--this is what's going on presently.

So what's going on w. the "Indians"/red-skins and feathers?--nothing but the same old, typical, faddish sort of patronization/condescension--same as for other peoples too, though very seldom for whites--because Jew/satanist absolutely HATES Western/rationalist, hence whites, and ESPECIALLY Christian--NOTHING is hated more than Christian by the Jew/satanist.

So, this racialistic patronization we observe, regarding red-skin/"Indian" in this case, is a GUILTY, limited, and short-term, sort of "pleasure" or indulgence only conditionally tolerated by the satanic powers (Jews) that rule and keep careful watch over us all, u may be sure.

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