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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pro sports shows us well, sometimes, how life reflects for poignant irrationality, injustice...

They're Going To The Proverbial "Well" Far Too Often Now, Folks
(Apollonian, 11 Jan 15)

Well comrades, after a nice little vacation whence I caught-up on lots of neato reading, I was wondering what to write for us and how to come-back for latest essay, eh?  Ho ho ho ho.  And now, today, I found it.  It happened in the idiot Cowboys-Green Bay playoff football game--and of course, we know, it's all fixed, but I watch simply as sociologist now taking part in the great spectator's view for what can be learned in general fm idiots' games, ho ho ho ho--about the only time I ever watch the idiot Jew-tube, nowadays.

So there it was late in 4th quarter, Cowboys 5 pt.s down in the score, 4th down, and quarterback passes it downfield to the fast and jumping negro who actually catches the ball, quite plainly, takes a couple steps even, BUT then falls down and now the ball momentarily squirts out of his grasp, which however he immediately re-grasps.

So now what happens?--ho ho ho ho ho--official rules it in-complete, Cowboys have to give ball over, Green Bay hangs on to win, ho ho ho ho ho.  And my pt. is the perfect idiocy and stupidity of it all--including the announcer who is sooooooooooooooooooo emphatic that it was actually the proper call (for "incomplete pass")--hey, ANY call is the proper call by official, eh?  Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
The good thing, however, was the video re-play by which we could look for ourselves to see it was un-questionably totally complete and caught pass, the guy actually running a couple of steps with it before being knocked down, only then the ball coming loose, ho ho ho oh oho ho ho.

So there we have it, typical, classic "home-town call" by the referees, so blatantly, plainly idiotic and stupid--which they had to actually look at again for the "re-play" on vid in order to make the moronic "ruling," ho ho ho ho ho

And u see folks, HERE now is the big question for all us sports-fans: is it even possible to overlook this sort of "injustice," for the moronic ruling, and blatant irrationality?--of course not, for enough of us older fans, at least, see the gross idiocy--and second question is will the people continue to accept this sort of stupidity, so plain and "in-ur-face"?--NO, not as things economic and political CONTINUE to get worse and worse and worse, as is happening now w. the constant false-flags, the latest happening in Paris, France, as we've been presented by all the Jews-media, prices continuing to inflate evermore.

Blatant injustice in-ur-face, happening repeatedly, in all the various forms, not only in law, but also sports too, is going to wear thin as ZOG's planned economic collapse continues and people feel the hurt evermore (tangelos at the HEB store now $1.79/lb., I noticed today).  Don't forget the great riot of the people of Byzantium during the reign of Justinian in 6th cent.--which almost ended his reign and life--began in the Hippodrome when the sports-fans decided they'd had enough.

All we need for success is to have the police and the soldiers on our side--which is already very much the reality.  Only thing now is the actual program and set of ideals--ANTI-SEMITISM--and original American individual freedom and free-market.  Anti-Semitism means anti-irrationality--it's the one paradigm that still has to (a) be dis-credited, and then to (b) fall--these scummy kikes and their satan-worshipping, child-molesting sympathizers.

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  1. Ho oh ho hoho ho--Alex Jones show even went into this very instance--and that's AFTER I'd already written above essay. Ck It's show w. Brian Tuohy.