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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Most important thing about Christ story is the philosophy....

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Did Jesus Exist?--Does It Matter?
(Apollonian, 30 Dec 14)

Fact remains Christ cannot be proven to have existed, PERIOD.  But is Christianity worth-while?--yes, of course, I say--why?--because it's magnificent aesthetic (literature) and most excellent (implicit) Greek-oriented philosophy endorsing and affirming Aristotelian objectivity against Platonic subjectivism.  Esp. in Gosp. JOHN Christ affirmed TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all/any other ideals, principles, premises, as foremost virtue, ONLY way to Godly happiness (14:6).

And only way to have truth is for necessary objective reality as criterion.  Enemies of Christ rejected (implicitly) Aristotle and objectivity as way of buttressing their LIES (8:44), and further, they decided to kill Christ (= truth founded in objective reality).  But truth cannot be killed and RESURRECTS.

Saddest, most tragic thing is dear Christianity is called "faith," for "faith," properly understood for Christianity only means LOYALTY--not not not not not mere "belief"--because "belief" IS CHEAP, and all the "beleeeeeeeeeeeeevin'" in the world doesn't make anything true, as if "beleeeeeeeeevin'" makes one God who suddenly creates reality.  And cheap "beleeeeeeeevin" doesn't make God one's special buddy, as so many fools pretend.

One must simply be LOYAL to what one KNOWS, not merely "beleeeeeeeeeeevs."  Loyalty then to what is KNOWABLE and TRUE makes for best basis--HONESTY--of getting along w. fellow humans.  And that's Holy Spirit co-equal w. other two Persons: reason, honesty, and integrity, one's reason pervading throughout the spirit, conscious and subconscious--which renders TRUTH (= Christ).

Absolute worst thing would be if people thought putrid, cheap mysticism will suffice for salvation, for subjectivism and mysticism is foundation of that HUBRIS by which some people pretend to satanism--being God, or being the masters of God, they imagining they can ENSLAVE God, or beguile God (as by means of "beleeeeeeeeevin'"), God then being their attack-dog who kills their enemies for them.

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