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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Get a clue, suckers, all the "trolls," "shills" are kikes or close buddies, accomplices--queers, "metro-sexuals"....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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"Awards" For Events MUST Be For Drills, NOT Actual Tragedies
(Apollonian, 19 Jan 15)

Gosh Doom, I was waiting for ur next (this) vid--saw ur comment about naming the Jew--so I was hoping u'd have seen the numerous comments I was making on ur previous vid on the Doom 1 channel.  But I guess u're tired and decided to get some well-deserved rest.

I tried discussing the topic w. several people, got reactions fm at least two who rather agreed--the idea of "awards ceremony" for an event which saw 26 deaths is absolutely inconceivable UNLESS it was drill drill drill drill drill.  I then listened again to ur narrative rendition of ur recent exposition, and observed u urself noted, they were giving "awards" simply for doing their jobs.

Funny part is K. Johnson saw nothing wrong or odd about the awards ceremony but for "correcting" u that it was for the state police, ho ho ho.

Of course, the other necessary observation is they're giving "awards" for having DECEIVED the American people--at least enough of them, as they evidently consider and calculate.  Gosh, but I wonder what the NEXT event will entail, as they're so satisfied at their work of deception.

They're literally waging a psychologic WAR against the American people.  Thank goodness people like u have done such good work pin-pointing how they have and are doing this.

Note the war entails deliberately BREAKING THE LAW for refusing to give information citizens are legally entitled to by the FOIA, just for one thing, as noted by our good comrade, Wolfgang, who additionally was actually assaulted and harassed by officials in Conn. and Newtown.

Another observation is K. Johnson is Jew, according to buddy, CW Wade, who told me in all seriousness Keith shared bar-mitzvah photos on google hang-out--I submit this is NOT un-related or insignificant fact, and I'd pt. out to u how suddenly after u presented ur recent exposition on the necessary drill configurations for the responders, K Johnson appears.

Note "trolls" (actually dis-info artists who try to deflect the discourse, insisting for example, that top conspirators are Jesuits NOT Jews) are ALWAYS Jews, Jew-friendly and -sympathetic, esp. for the top-ranking more "clever" (subtle) "trolls"/shills, the others rather political-correct metro-sexuals, or, most seldom, homosexuals.

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