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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Apster deals w. burn-out hack, "professional" academician....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Fetzer Is Total Dis-Info, Gate-Keeper Wannabe
(Apollonian, 2 Jan 15)

As dedicated student of philosophy, I can assure the readers here that Fetzer is controlled opposition playing "good-jew, bad-Jew" game, the "bad-Jews" being what Fetzer calls "zionists," Fetzer pretending thus that there are "good Jews," that there's any essential diff. btwn "zionists" and the other Christ-killers, called Jews.  Just ck for expo on Jew Talmud and satanism--also

Fetzer is actually just the TYPICAL, incompetent, hack academician, now old, senile, and burned-out, who spouts "philosophical" terminology and name-dropping, but who knows nothing about real philosophy--he's just "philosophical" for style and pretense.

Observe now, typical gate-keeper, Fetzer insists MOSSAD had "nothing to do" w. Sandy Hoax, a gross LIE--even though Prof. Doom has shown DEFINITE, un-mistakable evidence.  Fetzer thus un-covers himself for lies and dis-info, protecting MOSSAD whom he otherwise said he earlier suspected of a "hit-job."

What Doom has actually un-covered is the present-day version of the old Jew gang-run "Murder Incorporated," only this latest version is better understood as Mass Murder Incorporated, which includes BOTH the MOSSAD and CIA as competing subsidiaries--somewhat like the FBI-CIA rivalry--or the Brit MI6 vs. MI5, perhaps.

And as we note, certain "players" of Sandy hoax have ALREADY begun to "disappearing"--MOSSAD wouldn't handle this, unless they were Jews, it being left to CIA and FBI behind the scenes directing the Conn. state police--much like Jew, Fuselier was FBI agent behind the Columbine killings in '99, Fuselier's son being member of the Trench-coat Mafia (TCM) at Columbine, a Jew gang of punks and scum.  What happened at Columbine seems to be a real massacre by TCM which got out of hand, the killers being hopped-up on SSRIs, Fuselier called in for cover-up.

Regardless, don't doubt Fetzer is NO JUDGE of "rationality," he being quite senile incompetent--ASIDE fm being gate-keeper and dis-info spewer for Jews, as I noted.

Doom is surely on the right-track, having un-covered a major, little suspected component of this large Sandy hoax psy-ops, the active participation of Jews and MOSSAD, though MOSSAD involvement is at higher levels--which Fetzer now is trying to help cover-up, muddying waters as he attempts here.  MOSSAD is here to PROTECT the Jews, like Lenny and Veronique Pozner, among the others, running liaison, no doubt, with CIA, FBI, etc.--it's MAJOR psy-ops, nearly as large as 9/11 itself, don't doubt.

---------------------above in response to below-copied-----------------------------------
Dealing with a complex and complicated issue like Sandy Hook is extremely tricky and hazardous, where mistakes are inevitable. The first information I had about Sandy Hook was what appeared to be the presence of a three-man hit team, where a white van had been tracked back to Greenwich Village to a Mossad safe-house that was filled with neo-Nazi paraphernalia, which led me to conjecture that it might have been a Mossad hit. That was the information that was available to me at the time and why I wrote that.

With the accumulation of more and more evidence, it has become apparent that no one died at Sandy Hook and the Mossad appears to have had nothing to do with it. Doing IDs on the basis of photo comparisons has proven to be especially hazardous, where we have made mistakes on that count as well. The Robbie Parker ID is a case in point, where as soon as I became convinced that we were wrong (because the entertainer in Texas was too tall), I corrected the article misidentifying him within 48 hours, as I recollect.

I am therefore troubled that Professor Doom hears what I have to say that explains some aspects of the Shanley lawsuit, which he had not properly understood, yet says he still stands by his previous position. That is not a display of rationality. He has been on the attack against William and me, where he claims to be defending the estimable Wolfgang Halbig and truth, yet he insists that he stands by his less-informed "original conclusions". I must observe that that, alas, is not the attitude of a rational seeker of truth.

[Below is Fetzer's response to mine, top, above]

To confirm that this guy is a shill--and a particularly nasty example of the kind--just read my last few articles about Sandy Hook (published this month) and ask your self if I am an "incompetent, hack academician, now old, senile, and burned-out" scholar, who, by the way, has published 29 books and hundreds of articles:

“Rejoice for Christmas: No one died at Sandy Hook or at the Boston bombing”

“The Sandy Hook Hoax: How we know it didn’t happen” (14 December 2014)

“Sandy Hook: The bomb that didn’t smoke / Lounging at the massacre” (8 December 2014)

-----------------------------ap responded below to Fetzer's above---------------------------------

+James Fetzer

How Can Supposed Philosophical Be So Incompetent For Simple Induction?
(Apollonian, 2 Jan 15)

Fetzer: u must be senile and burned-out, aside fm incompetent, typical academic hack--as u don't answer up to the issues put, eh?--u're actually gate-keeper for Jews, pretending there's such thing as "good Jew," u only criticizing "zionists," but always protesting u're NOT "anti-semitic," ho ho hoo.  U're just "deep-cover" for Jews, that's all.  And now we note u say here MOSSAD was NOT involved--well, Doom's evidence seems to call u out for LYING, eh?

And what's ur problem for analyzing the consistent Jew "BIG-LIEs" and lying?--don't u understand simple inductive logic?--isn't Jews-media consistent for covering for Jews?--ignoring facts, attacking the real truth-tellers?

U pretend to being "professor" of philosophy?--but u can't inform the people for method of simple induction?--Jews ALWAYS at the bottom of EVERY major crime and psy-ops?--but then Jews wouldn't carry ur stupid books in their stores, would they?  Ho ho ho ho

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