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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How Jews Dominate the culture w. homos, Judeo-Christians--and esp. SCHIZOIDS, ho ho ho ho--seriously, though....

Schizoids--How Jews Produce, Motivate, And Direct Them, Dominating Corrupt West In Spenglerian, CYCLIC "Decline"
(Apollonian, 27 Aug 14)

Schizoids (or schizoidals), related to schizophrenic (ck Wikipedia, esp. for "thought-disorder") are heavy (numerous), one observes, among "progressives" "trendy," fashionable, and "advanced-thinkers" of our people, esp. the younger sort, but many also, especially within the bureaucrat set or class, including esp. homosexuals.

 These fashionable types, esp. those who are quite addicted to such fashion and trendiness, can be found both on political left (DailyKos and Huffington Post), like for those who voted for Obama, and among libertarians too--whatever is fashionable, and "hip," u see.

 Thus, for example, homosexuals have been made fashionable as "the word" comes down through the politically-correct bureaucracy, this picked-up esp. on the left, but also among "libertarians" (see, libertarians heavily funded by the lower-level Jews (income-wise, that is, though these are still amazingly wealthy compared w. gentiles).

 But what are "schizoids"?--these schizoids as I describe herein are people lost--or OFTEN lost--within the abstract world, who have difficulty distinguishing the abstract fm concrete or perceptual, equating abstractions w. concrete reality--and of course, there's wide range for degree of difficulty for these schizoids.

The pt. is that abstractions properly only have a derived reality compared w. the primary reality of sense perception and concretes.  Another necessary note is that lots of folks suffer fm this schizoidism, and everyone has to go through such stage for consciously distinguishing abstraction fm concretes.

 So HOW then do these schizoids come about?--first, they're trained (like dogs--as humans often are when we're young) upon MORALITY AND MORALISM, thus subjectivism.  For note proper morality (or ethics) has NOTHING to do w. "good-evil," being mere logic btwn ends and means.

Naturally, they (schizoids) are heavily affected w. inferiority-complex, thus given to moralism, always trying to prove they're "good"--they seriously BELIEVE in "good-evil."  Inferiority-complex also makes these weaklings desperate to be thought "smart," too--as w. "intelligence" (ho ho ho) of Jews.  So "intelligence" as a mystique often goes along w. moralism-Pharisaism for these schizoids.

 Thus as moralism is SUBJECTIVE, these schizoids tend to subjectivism as they're so easily lost in abstractions, hence believing so easily that abstractions are tantamount or equal or in-distinguishable w. actual concrete, objective, perceptual reality.

 So now observe how the schizoids, "trendies," "progressives," and "advanced-thinkers" are produced, esp. within an aging empire as USA, over-populated, the culture corrupted, as w. US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) legalized COUNTERFEITING scam paying-off evermore suckers and cohorts.

 But still, these weak-minded schizoids are cultivated and trained, and with their inferiority-complexes, so moralistic and subjectivist, they're very self-righteous in their way.  And as the schizoids are slaves of fashion, whoever controls the money-supply finds it easy to marshall the forces of sanctimony and fashion by means of control of press and entertainment.

 And remember, ONLY schizoids are hired (or come to be so) by the bureaucracy, favored for promotion--all this seen to, very carefully, by the Jewwy cadre who famously dominate clothes fashion, for example, not to mention TV and all establishment entertainment, which follows for the Fed money-machine.

 So when u stop to consider how the Jews control society, just observe how they control, esp. by funding, naturally, first of all, the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) hereticalists who support terror-state of Israel, these JCs making-up a good 10-12% of society.  Jews also heavily influence the entire Christian establishment, even if the JCs are most active and fanatical for their idiot, so-called "religion."

 Observe one similarity of JCs w. Jews (of the lower-level sort, sociologically) is their so-called "faith" which they don't understand so much as loyalty as they do for "BELIEVING"--it's true because they say so--because they "believe"--if they "believe," well then it becomes true, true for them.  This "faithful" "believing" then is diff. fm the real Christianity which holds to the true, God-given reality which exists regardless of any "faith" or "believing."

 Homosexuals are another significant portion of society, they influencing perhaps as many as 10% of rest of society, though some of these would intersect and include aforementioned Christian sector.  Extremely interesting pt. then is how these two factions, queers and JC-types, so often oppose one another politically, the queers so much on the "left," the JCs on the "neo-con" "right."  Jews must laugh uproariously.

 Sociologically/anthropologically observe Jews are the few, top-most. top-ranking criminals at one pole, politically, dominating the society; anti-semites, like real, true Christians at the other pole-end, both of these factions very small, by themselves, relatively, the vast bulk of the rest of the population in the middle often looking for leadership, and most heavily influenced by the usual "bread & circuses."

 So note if the Jews can control the schizoids, or at least a good many of them, among these aimless, poor, clueless people in the middle, btwn the two (political) poles, the rest of those in the "middle" are thus intimidated, imagining the Jews (and schizoidal supporters) are "winning" or the "winning side," as they watch the schizoids being stampeded so easily by kikes.

 Thus the schizoids are LITERALLY the "golem" (Frankenstein creature) deliberately, consciously created by the Jews who dominate the moralistics, Jews not being followers of the Pharisees for nothing.


Perfectly "Free Will" Mere Pretext For Subjectivism, Satanism, Don't Forget
(Apollonian 4 Mar 18)

Ken: I watched ur latest show, titled, "You Create Our Own Reality so Create Freedom & Truth," so I thought I'd go over some of the reasons, including the most basic ones, why reality MUST be determined, why we don't and can't create our own reality. I also comment a bit on some of the pt.s made in the vid, including the "Book of Revelations."

(a) Note then cause-effect is one of the most basic laws we understand fm induction, and it has to apply to humanity no less than anything else. So the default is necessarily that of determinism. "Free will" is simply mere wishful-thinking and question-begging, which cannot be proven. All u've ever done is to simply assert there's free will and u additionally cite Buddha whom u say says so--but this doesn't make it true. If Buddha really said that, it's no wonder Buddhism is so much subject to being "owned" by Jews, foremost subjectivists (satanists).

Note also in the entire hist. of philosophy and ethics, there's NEVER been any satisfactory criterion for such childish "good-evil" that works in all cases. Ethics and morality is simply LOGIC btwn ends and means, the means chosen so as to best serve and accomplish ends, the ends which could conceivably be anything, depending only upon the person.

The serious question remains WHY it is u insist upon this hubristic, perfect, God-like freedom of will?--this is the basic premise of the Jews, don't forget, by which they found all their pretensions (and lies and lying)--it seems u fall for it all, playing their game for them. Note a perfectly "free" will is mere back-door means to accepting their extreme subjectivism and satanism.

(b) And reality can only be one way--it can't be both objective and subjective at same time, a violation of law-of-identity and non-contradiction.

(c) Note also, in accord w. truth (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) as understood in Christian theology, we're creatures of will, hence self-interest, the basis of "sin," such as it is, and we can't not be "sinners," as verified by St. Paul.

So the problem is really reducible to the either-or btwn objective and subjective--it's only one way.

Note Jews want to have it both ways w. idea (a) that they're so virtuous and "intelligent" as they're so virtuous for their "choices," etc., but it's ALWAYS this pretext for (non-existent) "good-evil" and the prior perfectly "free" will by which they want to induce the false premise of subjectivism and (eventually) satanism. (b) Note at same time along w. this subjectivism and "free" will, they ALSO insist deterministically they're "chosen" by God, etc.--they work it both ways ("double-think," in classic Orwellian style).

Note also that even if Jews can't get folks to accept outright satanism (EXTREME subjectivism), they at least want to plant the seed of doubt regarding subjectivism, which may not seem so "extreme," and the subjectivist nature which makes people subject to more subtle manipulation by this satanism as it is practiced and imposed by others, including the Jews and associated satanic masterminds.

Thus Jews work to manipulate and intimidate the people, including even their own people (soooo ruthless they are) upon INFERIORITY-complex and GUILT-complex which are induced upon people sooo successfully, esp. at an early age, fm which only few are ever able to dis-entangle themselves. For if one seriously believes in free will then one is always necessarily worried one made a mistake for choices, thus guilt and inferiority -complexes which always follow fm (perfectly) "free" will delusion and fallacy.

U also mentioned the "Book of Revelations," but again, u should remember New Test. is LITERATURE which carries a philosophic lesson. In case of "Revelations," it describes "end-times" which is a part of the CYCLIC theory and nature of history, and as there have been numerous cyclic turnings throughout history, there are always disastrous "end-times" phases and stages of such CYCLIC hist. which is how the determinist nature manifests in history--in CYCLES, including the end-phase(s).

I suspect ur Buddhism may be causing serious conflict for u philosophically and psychologically--reality is necessarily objective, given the reduction-ad-absurdum of subjectivism in which anything goes, anything and everything being both "truth" and lies, even at the same time, humans being their own Gods unto themselves, Jews the collectivistic, ultra-organized, most cohesive masters of it all for this subjectivist psychosis. And if reality is objective, as I've always noted for u, it must be determined according to absolute cause-effect.

Finally, note we exercise will as we're not sure how reality will actually take place at particular given times, 5 seconds fm now, or 5 mins fm now, or 5 hrs fm now--even though we know in overall wisdom that if all the factors were known for sure, it might otherwise be predicted successfully. THUS, for practical purposes, we exercise will--as when we guide the steering of the car we might be driving, for example.

Anyway, it's still good to see u discuss and entertain these basic ideas and principles and get others to discussing them in serious way as u do. Keep up ur good work. A.


Poor Fools (The "People") Better Get Clue: They're Contending With Palpable Psychos, Like Comey--And Others Too, Like Drugged, Willing Subjects Of Satanism
(Apollonian, 28 Apr 18)

I. Comrades: u gotta start getting a clue as to how far things are gone now--just look at the moronic dis-connectedness of Jimmy-boy Comey, ex-FBI Director, who considers his memos about his business conference(s) w. the President to be his personal property (a), (b) who didn't know the FISA document on Trump's supposed tryst in Moscow was funded by political enemies, (c) who didn't know that document was the main pretended substance of the FISA court request to wire-tapping political opponent, and then other things too--ck his "interview" w. Brett Baier of FOX News on the 26th Apr.

The guy, Comey is PSYCHOTIC--totally dis-connected--imagining he's soldier of MORALITY--he REFUSES to believe or admit he's done anything wrong or against the law. Comey isn't lying, so much as he's psycho, don't doubt--he "beleeeeeeeeeeeevs" his idiot balderdash, seriously--u gotta get a grasp what's going on.

And this psychotic moralistic righteousness is and was reflected by others of the conspiracy, including the FBI agent, Stzrok, and lawyer, Page, not to mention the CIA director, Brennan, who declaimed that Trump needed to "watch his mouth"--these are all psychos, not only criminals--all their actions proceeded fm their firm commitment to MORALITY OF WORLD GOV., never forget this--these are all heavy "beleeeeeeeeeeevers" in "globalism."

And observe these psychos continue to pushing to making this moralistic righteousness the major part of their excuses, rationalizations, and explanations. Further, this psychotic dis-connectedness and righteousness has not been missed by such as FOX News, as on 27 Apr (Friday) shows, on the Hannity (Judge Jeanine) and Carlson shows, to name just a couple.

Further, observe the "mainstream" Jews-media, including even FOX News, backs up this moralistic righteousness in obvious collusion to excuse this massive conspiracy against Constitution, law, rights, and the lives of the people. The establishment is DETERMINED to push to attaining absolute dictatorship, overthrow of Constitution, etc., so as to enact and enforce Agenda-21 and -2030 GENOCIDE, including race-replacement, as we see plainly, still, in the continuing blatant invasion of Western, European, Christian countries by enemy races.

And these criminal conspirators, gov. bureaucrats, officials, including elected officials, are not only heavily backed now by the Jews-media, but also by the judiciary

Just as Comey believes his memos are his PROPERTY--so does the media, who took massive gov. and tax-payer funds and who enjoy favorable "regulation," imagine it's their "property" right to banning free-speech, as on Jew-tube, Google, etc.--like the judges believe it's their PEROGATIVE to prevent Trump fm reversing Obola's "executive decisions" on illegal immigration.

So u begin to seeing the active, blatant SUBJECTIVISM at work in our culture and establishment politics. This subjectivism follows fm the totally illegal central bank which imagines they have the right to counterfeit the currency, issuing evermore quantities of this currency, steadily impoverishing the stupid suckers (the "people") who can't figure-out there shouldn't be currency, and that real MONEY must be limited in quantity, commodity-based (see, use their search-engine).

* * * * * * * *

II. But this subjectivism, as I've noted above, is only HALF of it--because Trump himself is controlled, manipulated, instructed, and led by the VERY SAME POWERS--who control the central-bank, the satanists (led and dominated by Jews, naturally), who are planning the genocide and extermination of the people, specifically for the coming war to be un-leashed upon the enemies of Israel.

Don't forget the satanic "deep-state" has instructed Trump Justice Dept. to "slow-walk" the info and documents testifying against Clinton, Clinton Foundation, the FBI, et al., as noted by Judicial Watch--ck their vids. Jeff Sessions, the Trump AG, took lots and lots of funds throughout his career fm Jews who support Israel--they know perfectly what's going on and what they're doing--suckering the fools, dupes, morons, and scum of the over-populated Jew S A.

So don't doubt this large, overwhelming idiot campaign of moralistic righteousness pushed by the pretended "never-Trumpers," including by the Jews-media, Jew-book, and Jew-tube, et al., will be effective, certainly long as US Dollar remains much the "reserve currency," even if it's now opposed by the petro-Yuan now.

Only anti-dote which will work against all this putrid subjectivism/satanism is the real Christianity, worship of TRUTH, truth truth above all (see Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--not non-existent "good" which is just another lie (JOHN 8:44), the worst enemy of truth (= Christ). And never, ever forget, Christianity is anti-semitic (see,, and for expo)--like it's anti-satanic (they're same thing)--and if u're not anti-semitic, u ain't no Christian, sucker. Start getting a clue to save ur idiot lives, morons.

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