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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How Jews Dominate the culture w. homos, Judeo-Christians--and esp. SCHIZOIDS, ho ho ho ho--seriously, though....

Schizoids--How Jews Produce, Motivate, And Direct Them, Dominating Corrupt West In Spenglerian, CYCLIC "Decline"
(Apollonian, 27 Aug 14)

Schizoids (or schizoidals), related to schizophrenic (ck Wikipedia, esp. for "thought-disorder") are heavy (numerous), one observes, among "progressives" "trendy," fashionable, and "advanced-thinkers" of our people, esp. the younger sort, but many also, especially within the bureaucrat set or class, including esp. homosexuals.

 These fashionable types, esp. those who are quite addicted to such fashion and trendiness, can be found both on political left (DailyKos and Huffington Post), like for those who voted for Obama, and among libertarians too--whatever is fashionable, and "hip," u see.

 Thus, for example, homosexuals have been made fashionable as "the word" comes down through the politically-correct bureaucracy, this picked-up esp. on the left, but also among "libertarians" (see, libertarians heavily funded by the lower-level Jews (income-wise, that is, though these are still amazingly wealthy compared w. gentiles).

 But what are "schizoids"?--these schizoids as I describe herein are people lost--or OFTEN lost--within the abstract world, who have difficulty distinguishing the abstract fm concrete or perceptual, equating abstractions w. concrete reality--and of course, there's wide range for degree of difficulty for these schizoids.

The pt. is that abstractions properly only have a derived reality compared w. the primary reality of sense perception and concretes.  Another necessary note is that lots of folks suffer fm this schizoidism, and everyone has to go through such stage for consciously distinguishing abstraction fm concretes.

 So HOW then do these schizoids come about?--first, they're trained (like dogs--as humans often are when we're young) upon MORALITY AND MORALISM, thus subjectivism.  For note proper morality (or ethics) has NOTHING to do w. "good-evil," being mere logic btwn ends and means.

Naturally, they (schizoids) are heavily affected w. inferiority-complex, thus given to moralism, always trying to prove they're "good"--they seriously BELIEVE in "good-evil."  Inferiority-complex also makes these weaklings desperate to be thought "smart," too--as w. "intelligence" (ho ho ho) of Jews.  So "intelligence" as a mystique often goes along w. moralism-Pharisaism for these schizoids.

 Thus as moralism is SUBJECTIVE, these schizoids tend to subjectivism as they're so easily lost in abstractions, hence believing so easily that abstractions are tantamount or equal or in-distinguishable w. actual concrete, objective, perceptual reality.

 So now observe how the schizoids, "trendies," "progressives," and "advanced-thinkers" are produced, esp. within an aging empire as USA, over-populated, the culture corrupted, as w. US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) legalized COUNTERFEITING scam paying-off evermore suckers and cohorts.

 But still, these weak-minded schizoids are cultivated and trained, and with their inferiority-complexes, so moralistic and subjectivist, they're very self-righteous in their way.  And as the schizoids are slaves of fashion, whoever controls the money-supply finds it easy to marshall the forces of sanctimony and fashion by means of control of press and entertainment.

 And remember, ONLY schizoids are hired (or come to be so) by the bureaucracy, favored for promotion--all this seen to, very carefully, by the Jewwy cadre who famously dominate clothes fashion, for example, not to mention TV and all establishment entertainment, which follows for the Fed money-machine.

 So when u stop to consider how the Jews control society, just observe how they control, esp. by funding, naturally, first of all, the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) hereticalists who support terror-state of Israel, these JCs making-up a good 10-12% of society.  Jews also heavily influence the entire Christian establishment, even if the JCs are most active and fanatical for their idiot, so-called "religion."

 Observe one similarity of JCs w. Jews (of the lower-level sort, sociologically) is their so-called "faith" which they don't understand so much as loyalty as they do for "BELIEVING"--it's true because they say so--because they "believe"--if they "believe," well then it becomes true, true for them.  This "faithful" "believing" then is diff. fm the real Christianity which holds to the true, God-given reality which exists regardless of any "faith" or "believing."

 Homosexuals are another significant portion of society, they influencing perhaps as many as 10% of rest of society, though some of these would intersect and include aforementioned Christian sector.  Extremely interesting pt. then is how these two factions, queers and JC-types, so often oppose one another politically, the queers so much on the "left," the JCs on the "neo-con" "right."  Jews must laugh uproariously.

 Sociologically/anthropologically observe Jews are the few, top-most. top-ranking criminals at one pole, politically, dominating the society; anti-semites, like real, true Christians at the other pole-end, both of these factions very small, by themselves, relatively, the vast bulk of the rest of the population in the middle often looking for leadership, and most heavily influenced by the usual "bread & circuses."

 So note if the Jews can control the schizoids, or at least a good many of them, among these aimless, poor, clueless people in the middle, btwn the two (political) poles, the rest of those in the "middle" are thus intimidated, imagining the Jews (and schizoidal supporters) are "winning" or the "winning side," as they watch the schizoids being stampeded so easily by kikes.

 Thus the schizoids are LITERALLY the "golem" (Frankenstein creature) deliberately, consciously created by the Jews who dominate the moralistics, Jews not being followers of the Pharisees for nothing.

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