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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Christianity, the real thing, rationalist and anti-semitic, is founded in literature, must then be understood in proper literary context....

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Judaism & Hubris Are The Problems; Christianity Is Most Successful Attempted Solution/Antidote
(Apollonian, 25 Aug 14)

Christians are hypocrites?--like other humans aren't?  Ho ho ho (See below-copied by JR)

"According" to me?--u say?  Ho oh ho--well, it (the war-like Talmud) can be verified as I note--which u don't care about, so u have no basis for complaint--in fact, I wonder why I even bother talking to puke like u, ho ho ho ho ho.

Humans are sinners, see?--The Christian literature is what counts, and then "Christians" are those who say they follow Christ above all or anything else.

And note history is CYCLIC--when times are prosperous people suffer HUBRIS (like in ur case, eh?--ho ho ho ho).  People only begin to heeding Christianity when it serves their purposes--like w. anything else.

JR: u need to face-up to what u are--a hypocrite no less than the "Christians" u contemn.  What's purpose of ur blog, anyway?--just so u can pretend to reason and justice for opportunity to bloviate and expostulate, eh?

U just want to pretend to moralism/Pharisaism, that's all--why/how u so easily sympathize w. Jew monsters against poor Christians whom u look-down on, not caring u uphold Jew monsters.

See: here's what happens--WAR btwn among humans--UNTIL they decide it's better to be rational--unlike u, who only wants to pretend to "morality," that's all.

Strict reason is too difficult for most folks, who need leadership, that's why they follow Christianity, or other religions.  Jews are simply dedicated criminals regarding their "religion" of war against the gentile.  Jews and Jew-like thinking (Pharisaism, hubris, and subjectivism) is the problem.  Christianity is the most historically successfully anti-dote to this monstrous Judaism/hubris.

Anti-Semitism is the necessity; Christianity then is the best form of such necessary anti-Semitism.


Christian Literature Is Most Powerful For Grasp Of Original Mosaic, Critique Of Pharisaic Divergence
(Apollonian, 25 Aug 14)

I pride myself upon being one who appreciates the Christian literature, this in spirit of general literature.

I first began w. appreciation of Homer (Illiad and Oddyssey)--only later did I begin to appreciate the Christian literature, but this was after I finally grasped the full monstrosity and satanic nature of Judaism--as expressed in their own literature, the Talmud.

So u see, my criteria for this general appreciation is literary and philosophic (I was Philosophy major).

Thus Christ and Christian literature is only properly appreciated and understood in CONTEXT of hist. circumstances which entailed the Pharisees.

Thus Christianity teaches its lesson(s) by way of aestheticism and literature--u don't have to "believe" anything, just appreciate the literature and the philosophy embedded within.

Thus basic story of New Test. is (a) Christ expounded the original Mosaic law, seeking to change not a single "jot or tittle."  (b) Christ pt'd out the Pharisees lied and mis-represented Moses and his Torah (Gosp. MATT 23, entire 39 verses--there are other ref.s too).  (c) Pharisees thereupon conspired to murder Christ, Christ upholding his principles throughout.


And "religion" doesn't necessarily mean "believing," though it may for most or many--"religion" is simply integration of intellect w. sentiment, conscious w. sub-conscious, that's all.

Don't forget, reason is religion too--Christianity at its best.  "Faith" properly only means loyalty, not "believing," like insisting upon stupid crap that makes no sense.

It isn't Christainity's fault u can't read, grasp, or appreciate Christian literature, taking kikes' word for what it means, etc.

-------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied by JR-------------------------


Christians are hypocrites - who wants to join that club? At least their foes, according to you, the Jews are up front about waging war via deception.

Christians can always find a reason to contradict your interpretations of the Bible with another statement from the very same Bible. And if the Bible is so great - why did it have to be revised and a bunch of stuff left out?

I'd say we have to make a deal that is not related to any specific religion - although I would agree that some aspects of a belief systemcould be adopted into a new set of rules everyone can live by...


...I meant to say "Some Christians are hypocrites...etc"

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