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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Dumb-asses, "patriots," "truthers" got to finally figure out who the enemy is--"it's Jews, stupid"....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted (but probably not to be published, ho ho ho) at comments,

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Half-Assed Isn't Cutting It--Either Give-Up Or Get A Life, Eh?  Ho Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 3 Aug 14)

As long as u show u're scared, the people behind this harassment will--are guaranteed to--continue doing it.

Do u doubt NSA knows who's doing the harassment?  Did u know all NSA data is turned over to Israel without US even going over it?  Who's working for who?--ho ho ho

Did u know Israel is KNOWN to hiring trolls to doing precisely the sort of thing that's happening to u?

Where do u think the money comes fm to pay these people?--it's just printed (and digitalized) up by US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam--who do u think controls it?--could it possibly be . . . (whisper) Jews?  Ho ho o ho ho

U're perfect example of half-assed "patriots" and "truthers"--and it goes to show just how PERFECTLY Jews have u programmed, "pegged," trained, intimidated, and totally scared shitless, even of ur own shadow.

Yes, if u came-out against Jews, u'd probably lose ur web-site, given the excellent traffic u get--that's why u'd have to use "code" for Jews which is "Zionist," which sometimes gets by--as if there's any real diff. btwn the two.

Poor u--u do good work, we try to compliment u, but then we find out what half-ass cowards u really are--it's why USA still has lots to go for down-ward trend it's presently on--too many trembling, limp-wristed masochists like u who defend the very Jew puke who enjoy intimidating u, they knowing they OWN u, ho ho ho ho ho.

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