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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

James Fetzer: good example of compartmented mind, good logic and analysis for details, but typical putrid Pharisaic/moralist....

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Fetzer Fails For Basic, Substantial Cultural Analysis--Though He's Good For Details
(Apollonian, 26 Aug 14)

I rather think Fetzer is best when he sticks to details, for which he has most excellent mind, esp. for the logic and analysis.

I disagree w. Fetzers approval of Kennedy--who was stock, populist-type, trendy politician, the only reason he was allowed the office in first place, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateralists (founded in the 70s) and Bilderbergers ruling and overseeing all.

Don't doubt Kennedy was all for world gov. and New World Order.  But Kennedy became a little too head-strong, imagining he might follow his own policies and was judged to be a "loose-cannon."

The execution of Kennedy was quite bold, his head essentially and literally blown-off (or -up) in broad daylight, in front of crowds of people--it was surely a bit of a lesson and example for all on the "inside," letting them know what would happen to any who didn't toe the line.

Kennedy was no hero, by any means, rather just a sad and tragic unfortunate.

And it's notable for us patriots and true Christians to observe we're not going to make any progress UNTIL the present money & banking system falls of its own weight, the topmost masterminds then falling-out w. one another on principle of "no honor among thieves."

I keep trying to inspire Prof. Fetzer to see the basic contrast/conflict btwn objective vs. subjective, Aristotle vs. Plato, thus Christian vs. Jew, but Fetzer is too wedded to moralism/Pharisaism, unfortunately.

Thus the present downturn of CYCLIC, Spenglerian "Decline of the West" must continue, causing evermore horror, agony, destruction, and death till the fools, morons, and inferiors of the population, who manage to survive, begin to realize Jews suck along w. their putrid moralism/Pharisaist, satanic anti-culture.


Earlier, yest., I'd published following

Fetzer's Disturbing (Though Still Interesting) Commentary Upon Ethical Bent
(Apollonian, 25 Aug 14)

Wow--this was most disturbing, even if interesting as usual, Fetzer show I've hrd yet.  And I speak mainly about the second part where Fetzer expostulates at some length upon various abstract subjects, including ethics--whence we find Fetzer is a RAGING moralist/Pharisaic, pretending and insisting upon "good-evil," including the duty-centric Kantian-type ethics, and packed w. the hackneyed platitudes against "selfishness" and "profit" of business people, etc.

Second part is not the usual Fetzer effort upon the details-oriented so much as pontification about general politics of Kennedy, descending into a eulogizing, even idolizing of a mere politician, Mr. Kennedy.

So Prof. Fetzer cannot complain about the horrific psychologic state of society, esp. in the pathetically muddled, if not entirely crippled mentality of the general population, so addicted to "bread & circuses," football games, etc., so miserably oblivious to the absolute catastrophe towards which Western culture is headed and doomed.

No wonder prof. Fetzer has such difficulty w. Christian meaning (objectivity founding Christian TRUTH of Gosp. JOHN 14:6) and implications of basic Western culture as it confronts the Jew/Talmudic Hegelian anti-thesis (subjectivism, Pharisaism, LIES [JOHN 8:44])

Thankfully, however, I note Fetzer is back in his matter-of-fact mode, in which he's at his best, in the M. Herzog interview to which I'm listening as I write this.

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