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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Apster exposits and exposes a little bit about "trolling," ho hoo hoho ho

Below-copied essay by ap first published (but could be deleted--u never know w. that senile old fool who's blog-meister) at comments,

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Jews ("Joannie" and "...brainless") Use Instance Of Jew Trolling To Denounce--What?--Anti-Semitism, Ho Ho Ho--Surprised?
(Apollonian, 24 Aug 14)

The story at Washington's Blog,, above noted by two Jews, "Joannie Edwards" and "one-born-brainless," is worth some commentary.

If one goes and cks the actual text of the post one gets this sort of statement by the author:

"Why would a Jew post vile anti-Semitic comments?  Because normal people are offended by – and don’t want to be associated with – pure, naked anti-Semitism, and so they will avoid such discussions."

Another telling statement fm the blog-post is this:

"Similarly, anti-Semitic posts weaken websites by making them seem less reputable."

So now we see the slant on the original posting and the Jew-friendly reason "Joannie" and "...brainless" submit it here--THEY'RE JEWS who are pro-Jew, working for Jews--what else?--and they don't like or want anti-Semitism.

But the un-deniable fact is Jews are Talmudists by definition, and/or racially-related.  So what then is Talmud all about?--it's anti-humanity, PERIOD--and this is either true or false; one only needs ck the Talmud to find-out.  See and for best Talmudic expo.

So I submit Jew (Talmudic) anti-humanity is execrable and ought to be eradicated--is there something wrong w. that?--fm pt. of view of gentile humanity, of course.

So the idiotic Jew-favoritism of Jews, "Joannie" and "...brainless," along w. the original, cited post ought to be taken into consideration, eh?

And of course, I reject the crass assertion-without-substantiation ("question-begging") to effect that anti-Semitism is anything other than proper, humane, obedience to God--and I trust the reasoning thereto is obvious.  Ho ho ho ho ho.

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