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Thursday, August 28, 2014

9/11 was Jew operation--like all the others--best seen/grasped within context....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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9/11 Needs Be Seen In Context
(Apollonian, 28 Aug 14)

Ho ho ho ho--right, "one-born-brainless"--golly, gee, but if only people were as smart and morally virtuous as Jews like u, eh? Ho ho ho hoo

As if the vids and photos are the ONLY evidence, ho ho ho ho ho.

In fact, 9/11 was itself a detail within a larger context of ZOG--Zionist occupation gov. w. its controlled Jews-media, even the "alternative media" infested w. Jews like brainless and Joannie the Jewess, keeping things muddled, confused, and mired in "controversy."

Three and more Jews on US Sup. ct.?--all the NSA info going to Israel first? 7 of 11 places on Nat. security council held by Jews, Jews in control of banking, all the large corp.s, public edjumacation, etc., Jews in Israel mass-murdering Palestinians w. impunity--problem is Jews, 9/11 just a detail.

Then there's the holohoax, pushed by establishment, headed by Jews, holohoax even taught by many Christian churches.

So what, really, is it u want to know regarding 9/11?--it had to have been done by Jews who run criminal US gov., who run all world-wide organized crime, etc.

We actually then, KNOW quite a bit, lots and lots. Question is what to do?--Jews are the problem, along w. their accomplices. So HOW then to counter-act Jew filth?--and there's no better model/example than St. Constantine the Great and Christian revolutionaries who put Jews in their place for a good thousand or so yrs--no wonder Jews HATE Christianity so.

People merely need to understand and grasp the real, ORIGINAL thing for Christianity which was absolutely and thematically anti-Semitic. Fetzer's greatest problem, in my view, is he struggles to grasp this necessary Christian spirit, most successful anti-Semitic movement ever, greater by far than unc' Adolf's heroic Nazi attempt.

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