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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Perfect picture of anti-Christ "moralist" who puts "moralism" above TRUTH....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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JR: Self-Righteous Traitor, Living In His Own Little Reality
(Apollonian, 5 Aug 14)

It's interesting JR: all throughout these comments here--around 70 of them now--u argue repeatedly, obsessively, for Jews, upon excuse of "individualism," etc., always against logic.

And it's obvious u imagine urself sticking-up for moralism, non-existent "good"--that's all--against logic and reality, u always trying to twist logic to serve ur moralistic purpose for "good" above all and everything, including TRUTH, against Christ.

U're against logic as u say there are "good" or "innocent" kikes--just like u would otherwise try to say there's a typhus or plague bacterium which is not harmful to a human host.

But the Jew disease INCLUDES the idea there are individual kikes who are slow-witted and "out-of-the-loop" for the real purposes of Judaism--world conquest.  The malignant Jews know this and deliberately hide themselves among the stupid kikes.  Additionally, kikes know there are self-righteous scum like u among gentiles--kikes make use of all the inferiors and weaklings.

U rather think kikes will be impressed and grateful to moron traitors like u.  Ho ho ho--yes, they're glad they have stupid, traitors like u, but they're not grateful to u personally, u poor idiot.

And ur excuse, JR, is humanity must be treated individually in all cases.  Sorry sucker, but real life is not like that, and it's perfectly legitimate to treat humanity collectivistically for certain purposes, esp. for WAR--which war is what Jews consciously wage against gentiles, this according to their Talmud--which Talmud u say should be ignored.

So u see, JR, when ur time and number comes-up and u're about to be put to death as u deserve, for treason, don't think we don't know how and what u've always thought and tried to impress everyone upon--WE WARNED U, and we told u everything u needed to know.  U simply prefer ur own reality; I hope u had fun.

U just chose (false) imaginary "morality," real only to urself, evidently, and non-existent "good" over reality and life, which life u are going to be deprived of for the sake of the survival of the rest of us.  Such is war.  For u're a liar, living in ur own little self-righteous reality.

But after all, that's all u were EVER interested in, eh?--just fooling urself, living in ur own little imaginary reality, existing nowhere else but ur little pea-sized brain.  So have fun, JR, but note u impress no one else--not even the kikes who make use of u for their warfare against rest of us gentiles.

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  1. JR replied:

    AnonymousAug 6, 2014, 1:50:00 PM


    This statement also presents problems:
    "U're against logic as u say there are "good" or "innocent" kikes--just like u would otherwise try to say there's a typhus or plague bacterium which is not harmful to a human host."

    I suggest you are contradicting the teachings of Christ with that statement - because Christians claim that God directs man's actions - and that we have some sort of say in whether we do what he wants or not.

    Bacteria are not humans - therefore by equating humans with bacteria you defy your own references.

    ----------------------------Ap replied, below-copied---------------------------------

    apsterianAug 6, 2014, 2:58:00 PM

    Psychopaths Stick Together, Defending, Excusing Jews
    (Apollonian, 6 Aug 14)

    JR: just like typical Jew, u NEVER stop for ur obsessive twisting of logic in favor of ur putrid, satanic, Jew-serving moralism which trumps everything else, including TRUTH.

    So admit it: u DON'T CARE about logic or reality--only ur stinking moralism, that's all.

    U further now invoke Christ, whom u otherwise denigrate (like typical Jew) WITHOUT GIVING ANY citation or reference--hence just another Jewwy-serving assertion to buttress ur putrid moralism.

    Obviously humans are diff. fm bacteria in certain respects, but not in basic respects, and I make use of those basics for the Jew reference and comparison. U can't figure-out Jew = psychopath--but that's ur problem, scum, not ours.

    U ABSOLUTEY refuse to face the reality of kikes, insisting we gentiles must tolerate psychopaths and those, like u, who defend psychopaths (Jews), insisting they have rights we must respect. Death to u, traitor filth.