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Friday, August 1, 2014

Half-ass prof. queried for whether he believes in "good-evil," ho ho hooo....

Below-copied by ap submitted, but immediately deleted, ho ho ho ho ho, at comments,

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"Conspiracy Theory" Begins With The "Theorizing," Hence Induction, Eh?
(Apollonian, 1 Aug 14)

Hey, good commentary and expo, etc., and just look at urself, prof. Tracy--u're scared SHITLESS of the Jews, eh?  Ho ho ho ho ho

Of course, u have an excuse, family and kidsoes, we understand.

So what's the thing about any "theorizing"?--first, it's use of inductive logic, isn't it?--particular instances leading to a general conclusion.

Science then entails ck-ing this general conclusion for "falsification," eh?--which is what Jews desperately pretend to, isn't it?  For gee whiz, but yes, Jews are foremost criminals, this in accord w. their holy and precious Talmud, but golly, there are lots of other criminals too, aren't there?

It's just gentile criminals aren't nearly as well-organized, eh?  For after all, gentiles culture is oriented AGAINST criminality, isn't it?--like Christianity, worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all things, eh?

And by golly, but it just so happens Christianity has A LOT to say about Jews and Judaism, doesn't it? (like JOHN 8:44)--and it's quite significant too, not just for the basic theory and philosophy by itself, but also history too, eh?  Ho ho ho ho

But as long as the goyim morons, who are legion, after all--that's how the Jews wormed their way in amidst all the in-fighting, eh?--have plenty of "bread & circuses," who cares, eh?  Ho ho ho ho ho
But eventually the scam(s) have to fall-through and go bust, eh?--like US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEITING which is about to go bust, eh?

So now Jews (and gentile accomplices, of course) gotta drum-up wars, these based upon Jews' specialty, "moralism" and especially the war against "eeeeeeeevil," eh?  Ho ho hoho ho  And this is where we are now, eh?--(a) bust-up of that basic Fed COUNTERFEIT scam, (b) hence the instigation of war in order for our dear Jew and Jewwy leaders to make their escape.

So what prof. Tracy, is above expo toooooo simple for u?--is there a flaw?--tell us.  And tell us, dear prof., do u believe in "good-evil"?

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