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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

We DON'T NEED more 9/11 "investigations" to KNOW it's kikes that are the problem....

Below-copied by ap first submitted (probably will not be published, ho ho ho) at comments,
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Problem Is Jews, Get A Clue
(Apollonian, 29 Jul 14)

Why 15 9/11 committees when u basically know what happened and continues to happen?--destruction of USA, Constitution, etc., within the Jew World Order.

Observe Chris Bollyn's "Solving 9-11" wherein he essentially analyzes the Jews at every strategic pt.: planning, which began even in 1980 when former MOSSAD head, Isser Harel, told Judeo-Christian flunky Michael Evans there would be strike against tallest bldg.  Jew Chertoff in charge of Justice Dept. investigations where he saw to destruction of WTC rubble evidence, absconding of 5 dancing Israelis who taped the hits, set-up for the vid before-hand.

Jews Mukasey and Hellerstein were in charge of litigation whence they forced the families to accept payment in lieu of trials whence solid detailed evidence would have come out.

Jew Silverstein owned the WTC bldgs., who hired Jew security for the bldgs., struck (allegedly) by planes fm airports where Jews were in charge of security.

And don't forget P-tech corp., a MOSSAD front which manipulated the computers and programs for the FAA and military on 9/11.  Gentiles were and are mere apparatchiks for Jews.

Jews have no less than 3 and probably 4 members of the US Sup. ct., and they traditionally control the all-powerful banking system, as they have since Rothschild dynasty fm Napoleonic wars.

Have u failed to observe Jews mass-murdering gentiles of Gaza?--how about the Jew PM of Ukraine resigning, now replaced by another Jew?

We don't need more 9/11 investigations to know the world suffers fm Jew world order dictatorship.  Thus we need the REAL Christianity--anti-Semitism--as of Christian revolution of early 4th cent.  Judaism must be exterminated, history finally putting paid to this horrific brand of Satanism preached by Talmud.  Ck and for best expo on Talmudic psychopathology.

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