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Saturday, July 26, 2014

The formula for successful revolution/overthrow against ZOG: Christian emotional appeal, entailing (a) anti-semitism, (b) rationalism, then states-rights, nullification, etc....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Gentiles Must Unite By Means Of Proper Christianity, Anti-Semitic And Rationalist
(Apollonian, 26 July 14)

Well tiger: Jews rule presently as they control the money-supply, and as long as folks continue to accept that money for goods & svcs Jews will continue to rule, Jews succeeding as, in ancient Rome, they cleverly supply the goons who now predominate in the culture w. bread & circuses--simple, eh?

BUT, note this putrid, Jewwy money system is on "last legs," and when US Dollar finally collapses, Jews then won't be able to pay enforcers except now in hard-money (gold/silver)--this is pt. when Christian soldiers will have best chance to revolt and succeed, perhaps in style of original Christian revolution of St. Constantine the Great.

First and immediate task for Christian patriots will be to eliminate and over-come the closest Jew allies, the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for best expo on JCs) hereticalists and foremost supporters of terror-state of Israel here in US ("neo-cons").

But this successful revolution will require extreme rationalist and anti-Semitic understanding of Christianity, which anti-Semitism was thematic to original Christian patriots of early 4th cent. Roman emp., though not so much the rationalism for that ancient time.

So the task is clear: gentiles must be UNITED, this best by means of dear anti-semitic Christianity--BUT it must also be rationalist, Christianity understood strictly according to Gosp. JOHN, for example, Christ = TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (JOHN 14:6), above all/any other precept/principle.

Thus that Holy Spirit, by which to apprehend TRUTH/Christ, to be pursued and achieved is that of reason and honesty pervading the whole consciousness, both for mind and sentiment.  For note most who pretend to reason are not honest, and too many who are honest yet lack for reason.

So cultural task is (a) to recognize the enemy: Jews--not just "Zionists"--including their allies, the "neo-cons" and JCs on the "right," and the less effective homosexuals on the "left."

(b) Thus proper Christianity must be clearly defined as ANTI-SEMITIC, but also rationalistic, so many "Christians" forgetting Christ is TRUTH first and most, too many confused upon other less thematic, less essential things like "love," or peace or "good," this "good" being actually worst enemy of truth.  "Faith" also is a problem for many as it really, properly means LOYALTY, NOT NOT NOT "believing," as if mere "believing" then makes something to be true.

(c) Thus first step in over-throwing Jews--as their money system collapses--is FIRST, in removing their foremost allies, their "Praetorian Guard," so to speak, the JCs--this is what so many people overlook.  And such Western cultural revival thus requires that emotional appeal of Christianity, BUT rationalistic as well as anti-Semitic, Christian TRUTH against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

(d) Further, given above general cultural/psychologic orientation, more specifically, people must overthrow ZOG by means of such political instrument/measures as states-rights, nullification, and emphasis upon primacy of local gov., power ascending, fm the people, gov. only having derived powers expressly delegated, etc.

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