This comment floats an interesting proposition: there are many people in the current US political environment that would be better described as Libertarian than either Republican or Democrat. In fact, there are enough people in the younger generations (that believe things that could be approximated as libertarian) that a full-fledged Libertarian party could be bodged together and, in so doing, gain enough of the vote to become a major party as big as one of our current parties.

This comment forecasts it happening around 2020-2030; thus placing any such Libertarian party at whatever passes for the High of the next Turning. Do you think this is plausible? What might happen next if such a party is put together?

(To make my bias clear: I am not a Libertarian, I do not like Libertarianism, and at best, any agreeing I do with them will at best result in alliances of convenience.)