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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Christian revolutionary strategy is simple in concept....

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Real Christian (Anti-Semitic) Revolution Absolutely Necessary
(Apollonian, 29 July 14)

Blue... (see below-copied):  I agree w. u in sentiment, indubitably.  We NEED A REVOLUTION--as of St. Constantine the Great--the real thing.  Thus I say Judaism must be exterminated, many if not most of these Jews--NOT JUST "ZIONISTS"--need to be interned, confiscated, separated by sex, and watched carefully till they die-out.

History must put "paid" to Judaism.  No decent person should be willing to be known as kike or sympathetic thereto.

Thus (a) we need something to UNITE the volk by means of sentiment, and this isn't better done than by dear Christianity--which however, must be understood as (1) anti-Semitic, and (2) rationalistic.
(b) W. anti-Semitic Christianity we can then definitively deal w. the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists and traitors who support terror-state of Israel, etc.  JCs are foremost allies of Jews, perhaps 12% of pop., united (pretty well) and extremely well funded by Jews.  Rest of pop., w. exception of less than 10% "leftists," is dis-united, confused, distracted, needing leadership.

This anti-Semitic, rationalist Christian strategy is necessary plan, the JCs the biggest problem, they main force propping Jews.  The "leftists" (homosexuals, et al.) will be even easier to treat.

Further then, we merely make use of states-rights, nullification, and primacy of local gov.--this is necessary general plan; spread the word.

--------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied--------------------------

Its over.... The mainstream and alternative media has done an excellent job of thoroughly hammering paralyzing fear into the masses.Not to add fuel to the fire, but I dont see the U.S. as we knew it lasting much longer. We already know things are bad....Real bad. The thing that pises me off the most is the police.

The police have carte-blanche, they can do whatever they want to us and we cant do or even say a thing about it. Dont believe it? Just google up Kelly Thomas and you can watch the 20 plus minute video of the police brutally beating an innocent homeless man to death while he begs and pleads for his life and cries out for his fathers help. So sad. BTW its the same video the scumbag jurors watched that acquitted the fat pigs who murdered him. Why in all these years since 9/11 of endless conspiracies,a new one almost every week, if not more, not one person has come up with a way out of this living hell we are in?

Look at the poor Palestinians for crying out loud!. Well, people have come up with ideas, but they are not allowed to get their messages out. There is no money in solutions. If the problem is solved a lot of people are out of their easy money.I believe if you have a donation button, then you also have a responsibility to your listeners.

Dont let anyone fool you. This conspiracy business is a extremely lucrative one. Me? I'm done listening to this non-sense. I dont care if Paul is dead, who killed Princess Di. planes vs no planes...etc..etc.etc..This is all a DISTRACTION!!!!!.We need guests who are going to provide us with ideas to way out of this, not more entertainment. Because while we are being distracted by this the "elite" are just getting closer to their goal = You and your family dead.

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