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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Fags--they need to be set straight, every once in a while, ho ho ho ho

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Fag Needs Schooling
(Apollonian, 9 July 14)

It doesn't matter how/what u interpret, stupid (see below-copied)--don't u get it?--freedom of speech means FREEDOM, period, dumbass.

All whites are scum--because we're all sinners, according to dear Lord and Saviour, Christ, u idiot.  Only God's grace and mercy gets us to heaven, but u fags will surely go to heck--at least purgatory for a good, long time, where u'll no doubt suffer grievously, by golly.

Yes I DO indubitably have means of discerning, u stupid moron--it's called inductive logic--if it looks, acts, walks and talks like a duck, then at a certain pt., after masses of evidence is gathered, then one tests to see if it ISN'T a duck--and U PASS ALL THE TESTS FOR BEING A STUPID, DISGUSTING, PUTRID FAG, moron.

Homosexuality is gross, putrid OBSESSION w. sense-gratification, fool--and taking advantage of little boys, etc.--essentially u're a filthy, dirty bully, and sinners like myself love to beat the stuffings out of puke like u, don't doubt.

Newsflash: I'm super Christian warrior, get it?--and what does an idiot like u know about what others like or dis-like, moron?  And it's impossible not to talk-down to puke like u, don't doubt.  Get a life, scum.

--------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-----------------------

[QUOTE=pbrower2a;506915]How could I otherwise interpret it?

Some white people are scum. Many people claiming to be Christians fall far short of behavior appropriate for Christians. Besides, you have no means of discerning my sexual orientation -- not that homosexuality is grossly wrong. I would rather discover that a son is gay than find that he is 'into' vehicle theft or drug dealing.

If this is all just a put-on act... then it is time to pull the hook on it and drop the curtain. If it is the "real you", then you have problems. Could you hold a job with an attitude like the one that you show? Do you think that you can find a life partner with the fecal language that you use? Your potty mouth is infantile, and nobody likes that in an adult.

You talk down to people, most of whom deserve some respect for their achievements.[/QUOTE]

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