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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Survival now depends upon CALCULATION of present hist. CYCLIC phase....

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Survival And Calculation Of CYCLIC Western "Decline": Christian Model For All Time
(Apollonian, 6 Jul 14)

Gosh Joe (see below-copied), one cannot help but to feel for u.  But u know, u gotta go, much as possible on offensive against what it is that's problem, eh?--only in this way, I submit, can u be satisfied u're doing something useful.

Thus we begin w. philosophy: note things are (a) objective (Aristotelian "immanence"), (b) determined (according to absolute cause-effect, no perfectly "free" will, hence no "good-evil"), (c) then CYCLIC.  Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," is my favorite work for description.  I must admit I'm not sure how fourth turning stuff all fits in, but I notice lots and lots of posters here insist upon perfectly "free" will and "good-evil" delusion/fallacy--they're doomed, I submit.

For fascism is always built-upon and justified by "good," never doubt--that's our present culture's great problem.

Hence note the fascists are liars (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), and what's their main instrument?--it's US Federal Reserve Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEIT scam/enterprise, allowing them to print-up (and digitalize) all the funds they need for practically anything, they owning all politicians and judges, all the corp.s, esp. the mass-corp. "news"-media which pushes their lies.

Note also, sociologically, a previously successful culture breeds up following generation(s) of weaklings and inferiors who didn't have to fight like their more successful ancestors did, and these inferiors BELIEVE in the lies, imagining it's "good" to doing so--this is how fascism becomes entrenched, as we see today.

So now u only have to wait and watch and calculate--for when the money-banking system gives-out, as it eventually must, in HYPER-inflation, THAT'S when heroes and survivors have their chance to revolt and revive the previous healthy culture of HONESTY--which rejects the putrid sanctimony and self-righteousness Pharisaism which ruled the putrid old fascist culture, now falling apart.  This culmination of Spenglerian "decline" is now happening--see my thread at

So now, how to UNITE the survivors and heroes who, like u, have striven so to endure, etc.?--answer: that dear Christianity, worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all/any other precepts, according to Gosp. JOHN 14:6.  Remember also, Christianity's Book of Revelations is something of an expo upon the Spenglerian "decline" and culmination of an era, as we see today--the end of the US Dollar (and "Petro-dollar") as world reserve currency.

Fourth turning might add some details--though I'm not so sure about that as I continue to investigate it--but Spengler provides the basic archetype or model, absolutely sure-fire, the world collapsing in lies, hubris, Pharisaism, fiat-money and central-banking.  Oligarchs will try to starting of wars, as we see presently, in order to muddy the waters as they attempt to make escape.B

ut take heart and note the heroic St. Constantine the Great who revived, at least briefly, the otherwise moribund Roman empire of the time, early 4th cent.--Christianity is magnificent means of culture, philosophy, and unity of the people, never doubt--enemies are the worshippers of lies, don't forget.

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[QUOTE=JosephNomad;506559]To me, the events that most stand out are the government oppressions that affected me directly: Being threatened with jail for having firewood in my yard. Threats of fines for keeping a few chickens. Cops conducting unlawful roadside searches. A corrupt divorce court judge. Decrees that I must be a slave to the city and shovel the snow from the city owned sidewalk in front of the house. The theft of my Liberty Dollars from the Sunshine Mint. Shuttering of the check cashing services that make it possible to live un-banked. The constant chaffing about mowing the lawn for fear of what the government bureaucrats will do if I don't. The letter I sent to the election board withdrawing my consent to be bound by the results of their elections. Making sudoephedrine a controlled substance.

From the list that was suggested I selected the tearing down of the Berlin wall and the over the weekend disappearance of the USSR which I also think of as a single event. I selected them as a way of grasping at hope: If those people could be so lucky as to have their tyrannical and oppressive governments dissolve peacefully and without bloodshed perhaps the same can happen for me.[/QUOTE]


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  2. YI: I'll come back, old comrade, but if the scum show-up again, I'm gonna flame them ruthlessly and ceaselessly, like I did before.

    I don't think I was actually banned fm SB; kane merely threatened to do so, and I then curtailed flaming operations, but of course, since nothing but flaming is appropriate for such puke as clancity, chimpout, and lindstedt, there was no pt. to being there.

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  3. Great to hear comrade!! Kane has actually taken a hardcore anti-israel stance, I think you put some common sense into him comrade. And 706 people have viewed the thread where I put your blog here so indubitably the truth is getting out, old bean, ho ho ho!! And Breck misses you alot too.

  4. Great to hear, comrade. Good to hear about breck too, by golly. Ho ho ho--it's more than just Israel, YI: note it's the Talmud--regardless of Zionism--it teaches hatred of and war against humanity--that's what kane really has to figure out, but maybe he will in time. is great expo on Talmud, don't forget. Take care. A.