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Friday, July 25, 2014

Logic of Jew-defenders founded upon mysticism NOT logic--called "morality"....

Brilliant logic demonstrated by the defenders of Jews--follow this dialectic, below-copied.  Very bottom is latest I've posted so far; I'm now waiting for the exciting response.

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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JR Continues To Ignore Facts About Jews
(Apollonian, 25 July 14)

JR (see below-copied): (a) first u gotta figure out what is a Jew--it's a Talmudist.  A Talmudist is a murdering psychopath who says it's ok and even necessary for obedience to God to enslave and murder gentiles.  (b) This (foregoing) is the literal truth, and now all u have to do is to ck it urself to verify.

(c) Jew then is anyone (of whatever age) who confirms he believes in Talmud--u tell me if this is logical.

(d) Note Roman Catholics have "sacrament" called "confirmation," whence the Catholic CONFIRMS he "believes" in teachings of Catholic Church--this takes place at about 14/15 yrs of age.

I submit u're simply not facing-up to what Jews are and what they believe--this is UR responsibility.  I've done my part giving u expo and references.

-------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied----------------------------


Okay - so we're making progress. Your plan is to exterminate "adult Jews." We will leave the kids alone.
I have to hand it to you - the bad guys over in Israel that murdered the kids on that beach don't seem to care about the culpability of Palestinian kids.
But this raises another problem: At what age is a Jew an adult Jew since the young are innocent?


---------------------------apster then added below-copied--------------------------

So tell us, JR: at this pt., isn't it simply the logical thing for u to examine the Talmud to see what it says?--yes or no?

-------------------------------------to which was answered--------------------------



-------------------------------------to which, I asked--------------------------------

Okay JR: next question is WHY NOT? Talmud proves and demonstrates essence of Judaism, does it not?--tell us, yes or no?

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