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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Amazing, psychotic turn in logic--TYPICAL--for psycho determined to defend kikes....

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JR's Psychosis Now On Display As He Seeks To Using Jew Mass-Murder To Make Pt.--This, When All Along He's Been Making Excuses For Jew Monsters
(Apollonian, 27 July 14)

JR: u're truly psychotic, given the way u so desperately wiggle and squirm to trying to overcome the logic (see below-copied by JR).

Observe, (a) first u invoke law and Constitution, and I explain Jews don't observe law and Const.
(b) Then u invoke moralism by which u insist Jews must be judged individually--which is easily refuted by the collective nature of Judaism.

(c) So u see JR: u're demonstrated and proven CONCLUSIVELY for the traitor u are--u don't care about US Constitution or law, u invoking false moralism--against humanity and Christian and gentile people.  And this anti-USA attitude of urs against logic and facts of reality too, given the anti-human nature of Talmud and Judaism.

So u see how u're condemned by the facts, justice, logic, and reality--u giving no defense, except as I've noted in ur psychotic manner.  Evidently psychosis w. a moralistic tinge in ur defense.
So u see how u'll be treated--u're condemned.

Thus when caught, it will be mere matter of verifying ur identity, that's all, and u'll be dealt with.  This is how it's going to go, JR--and u have only urself to blame, first invoking law and Const. against logic, and then ur psychotic morality against logic and reality--it's not my fault as I've so patiently striven to guide u--to no avail.

And now we see in ur last response u want to bring-up Jew vs. Palestinian conflict, pretending, obviously, to taking Palestinian side, when u've all along been defending Jews, u now ADMITTING Jews criminality for extermination of Palestinians.

U're psychotic, JR, but that's no excuse, and u're going to be dealt with as traitor u are, don't doubt.

------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied by JR------------------------


I'll give it to you that war becomes total. So I suppose based on this logic that you agree with the Israeli extermination of the Palestinians?


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