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Sunday, July 13, 2014

People need Christianity as unifying force in order to succesfully oppose ZOG....

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Christianity, Anti-Semitic, Rationalistic, ARTISTIC Is Necessary Unifying Force For People
(Apollonian, 13 Jul 14)

"Getting country back on track"?--to what?

Jack: u gotta realize these scum oligarchs and master-minds are absolute, satanic, mass-murdering psychopaths.  THEY KNOW what will happen to them if they ever allow themselves to be apprehended--DEATH penalty, necessarily.

So, they're NOT going to give up willingly or easily, and that's why our people must FIRST be united, like upon the original Christian patriotism of St. Constantine the Great, I submit, once again.

Thus the REAL, hence anti-Semitic Christianity will immediately be most effective against Jews' foremost henchmen, the Judeo-Christian hereticalists.  And of course, it's Jews who are the CORE of the problem, Jews and their lies, Jews foremost liars and criminals, due to their typical, traditional connectedness and collectivism.

Further, the REAL (anti-semitc) Christianity must be understood as rationalistic, the aesthetic, literary allegory for the real philosophy behind and under-lying Christianity, worship of TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all, hence then the objective reality, necessary basis/premise for such truth.

Of course, as most folks are not really capable of too much rationality, this rationalist Christianity can't be contemptuous of non-rationality--at same time it cannot endorse mysticism--so it's somewhat difficult to pursuing the most fruitful, productive course--taking quite a good deal of ART, not only strict rationality, u understand.

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