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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Interesting incident (cop bullying ANOTHER poor sap citizen), caught on vid, is excellent case-in-pt. for state of culture, psychology....

Below-copied essay first published at comments,

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Incident Is Excellent Teaching Moment For All Culture, Psychology
(Apollonian, 31 Mar 15)

Buelahman: it doesn't matter if actual cop (see vid at site, above-noted) is/was Jew--all the goyim are affected by the Jew masterminds and bosses so that they act like Jews, Pharisees, and self-righteous psychopaths, the pattern of Jews and satanists, cops bullying the people, enforcing things for their Jew pay-masters and sundry Jew-friendly bureaucratic cohorts.

The political-correct moron writer of this article then asserts the cop was "racist"--as if there's anything wrong w. that (a)--and attributes this racism to question as to "how long" driver has been in country (b) which is legitimate question.

For racism is simply proper loyalty, and another political-correct pillar of chaos and anarchic confusion Jews and allies seek to infuse.

(c) Observe then, Jews have what they want, the people psyched-out and fighting one another--not only the cops--instead of being united against Jews and their cohorts--which will continue long as US Dollar remains reserve currency.

And theres no solution UNTIL the currency and economy collapse and ZOG loses that primary instrument of control--STILL, there will require organization of the people in accord w. Christian patriotism and revival of anti-semitic culture of reason.

Jews are having great fun, riding quite high at the moment, but suffer gross HUBRIS, their greatest vulnerability.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

ZOG, as it seems to continue to win, merely approaches nadir of CYCLIC "Decline of West," Christian soldiers must only consolidate....

Originally Posted by Smedley Butler View Post

NO wonder the borders or open and any fag, weirdos non English speakers can go in to "serve". What to take orders to go after US one day ?
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ZOG Must Lose As It Continues To "Succeed"--Cannot Avoid Up-Coming, Imminent Currency/Economic Collapse

Not sure what that (above) last sentence means, but it's now quite clear it's out-right satanism on the one hand vs. the people, most of whom are intimidated, scared, confused, and utterly subverted--problem is HOW to get them organized and motivated.

But such organization/motivation won't happen till ZOG continues to make itself (a) evermore clear for purpose and results--MASS-DEATH and genocide, BUT ALSO, ZOG must begin (b) to suffer some in-fighting within itself, flush w. its own HUBRIS--which can only happen after currency and economic -collapse which many, including Max Keiser, above, are predicting.

Fall-backs for Christian/West will be good ol' Christianity, "nullification," and states' rights, as during War Btwn States of 150 yrs ago--But ZOG will have to be weaker.

I lately read a (hist.) book which said McClellan was steadily winning in Pres. campaign of 1864 till Sherman finally took Atlanta, Jeff. Davis having replaced Gen. Johnston w. Hood who then lost a couple of big battles. We still have Internet, a revolutionary instrument.

Christianity must needs be clarified itself, and seen as anti-satanism, thus anti-semitism; Judaism must be seen as satanism (Talmudism). Satanism then must be understood as SUBJECTIVISM whence one makes oneself God, the pretext and excuse being child's "good-evil" delusion. We're all sinners. Keep up ur good work.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

"Tavistock" control/manipulation of masses of pampered, indulged weaklings and inferiors is nothing new under the sun, suckas....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Control/Manipulation Of Inferiors, Weaklings Is Nothing New Under The Sun, Mechanics Basically Same Throughout History
(Apollonian, 26 Mar 15)

Indeed, tiger: such is the nature of humanity--success of the parent generation leading to OVER-population of the next generation who have it all given to them without them (the youth) having to fight for it, having to THINK, struggle, and suffer, thus to achieve the wisdom of the elder heroes.  Such is CYCLIC "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, which also happened to Rome.

And that's ALWAYS been the object of the various religious cults for all/any civilizations and cultures, throughout history, info passed down in allegoric fashion for the wise, or those capable of understanding, BUT ALSO a GUIDE for the weaklings, even if they can't THINK too well, which the weaklings can at least IMITATE, even if not fully understanding.  Such was purpose of original CHURCH as imparted to St. Peter by Christ who told him to "feed his lambs."

And it's tough struggle to control and MANAGE a culture/population--esp. a long and well-developed culture full of over-populated goons, morons, scum, and various, associated TV-addicts--EVEN if and when there are SOME excellent and outstanding talents, artists, soldiers, etc., who are yet horrendously out-numbered by the scum--such is situation in modern West.

Such then are basic conditions of culture and human psychology; to see the actual, practical control mechanisms; simply now observe the currency being totally in control of PRIVATE MONOPOLY, e.g., the US Federal Reserve Bank, Bank of England, ECB, etc.--is it any wonder they work to CONSOLIDATE their monopoly by means of "world government" (dictatorship) and corporations (fascism)?

A gold/silver (commodity) -based currency or monetary system absolutely DESTROYS this fiat dictatorship/monopoly--and that's why gold/silver and genuine free enterprise, rule of individual, is so hated and slandered by the monopolists who mask their dictatorship by means of the SOCIALIST STYLE and mystic excuses--like "morality" of "good-evil" Pharisaism.

So the enemy is Hubris, esp. subjectivism and false "morality" (Pharisaism) of "good-evil," so attractive to the weaklings and morons.  But now HOW in PRACTICAL TERMS is this corrupt, monopolist dictatorship best opposed?--by means of anti-semitism, the ONLY way having serious chance of success.  And anti-semitism then is best packaged within theologic allegory of dear Christianity in which sympathetic God assures humanity of TRUTH (hence objective reality), this God CRUCIFIED by the Pharisees and Pharisaics who insist upon subjectivist delusion and hubris of subjectivist "truth" beginning w. fallacious "good-evil," so attractive to inferiors who predominate the over-populated culture--it's CYCLIC phenomenon, well-observed in history.

Successful anti-semitism then must proceed fm the COLLAPSE of the culture beginning w. economic collapse, beginning w. currency collapse which oligarchs and Pharisaics strive to cover-up by means of starting wars, hence false-flags and "synthetic terror."

Monday, March 23, 2015

Hal Turner EASILY fits-in, still, for all the massive Tower-of-Babel confusion that continues to reign for ZOG....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at commentary, (must be a member, but it's easy to just sign-up).

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[QUOTE=The Bobster;538302][url][/url]

Turner was a rat, not because he turned in people who wrote him advocating violence – that is simply avoiding being prosecuted as an accomplice – but because he literally encouraged people to write in and say they were planning acts of violence and then after that turned them in.
This is just the nutty way the FBI works sometimes. They actually try to create criminals so that they can arrest them. They do this same thing to Moslems. Though with Moslems it probably takes less energy.
I am shocked Turner is returning though.[/QUOTE]

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Cultural/Psychologic Pretext For Hal Turner--There's Distinct Place, Still
(Apollonian, 23 Mar 15)

Turner's reasoning isn't terribly difficult to decipher--there's actually lots of sense to it.  U shouldn't be too "shocked," given the circumstances within continuing "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

Yes, Turner was a "rat" in every sense of the word, it now matter of record that he turned in a guy who had his own (un-licensed) gun-smith shop--I forgot his last name, but his first name was "artie."

Nonetheless, Turner's cover was he was working for Christian-oriented patriots, allied w. FBI, taking funding fm them, un-covering cells which were being funded by MOSSAD, JDL, and other leftists, like SPLC and ADL.  And fact is and was Turner was extremely effective against Jews, causing much mayhem for all the Jew fronts.

Don't forget, the top masterminds have distinct rivalries, esp. among the "rightist" neo-cons, favoring Israel, vs. the "leftists" who are fronted by Obola and presently stoking race-war w. blacks and Hispanics, etc.  Turner rather seemed to toss a monkey-wrench within this false Jew-run "left-right" paradigm.

Note the "leftists" want world gov., extermination of humanity by means of GMOs, toxic vaccines, poison fluoride in water, poison Round-Up herbicides, poisonous "chem-trails," etc.  The "rightists" want to keep humanity alive as drugged slaves working for ZOG.

So it's expedient for Hal Turner to take advantage of this rivalry among top master-minds--he's certainly talented w. "gift-of-gab," no less than Jewwy, limited hang-out Alex Jones (

And the false "left-right" paradigm isn't the only front for kikes--don't forget there's also Ron and Rand Paul (allied w. Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, and others) who also get lots of funding fm more middle-class -types and Jews--like among "libertarians."

Sooooo, don't doubt there's a distinct "place" for Hal Turner for all the cultural dialectic and confusion which still reigns most actively within the minds of men--and American citizens.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hoffman the Pharisaic falls all over himself now, desperate to defend his kikes, ho ho ho....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Hoffman: Torn Btwn Criticizing, Defending Anti-Christ satanists, satanism
(Apollonian, 19 Mar 15)

Hoffman: I have indeed read SEVERAL of ur books; over 15 yrs ago I read "Judaism's Strange Gods," a very good work, I thought at the time and still do.  Few yrs ago I then read ur "Judaism Discovered"; also I read ur extensive intro or preface to Eisenmenger's work, "Talmud Revealed."  I also read some works on Talmud which u recommended in notes.

And couple yrs ago I read ur amazing travesty on usury, " Christendom," ho ho ho--about which I explained to u u don't even grasp the basic definition/meaning of the very titular WORD, "usury"--it isn't and couldn't be mere charging of interest.  So u deserve credit for ur Talmudic expo, but great blame and well-deserved opprobrium for ur GROSS ignorance of simplest economics.

Regarding "Reform Judaism," it seems u admit the premise when u say "LARGELY devoid of Talmud"--so therefore there's still SOME Talmudic influence, "Talmud" indicating and implying "interpretation" ("midrash") of the original Torah.

Thus "Reform Judaism" MAINTAINS the basic METHOD--following rabbis' "interpretation," hence retaining that basic Talmudic method.  Hence Jews, including "Reform," relate in racial manner w. fellow Jews of race and spew the usual lies about "persecution" and holohoax, not to mention lying about Christianity, what it actually is, and what Christians have done, etc.

After all, the great conflict is Christian TRUTH (esp. fm Gosp. JOHN) vs. LIES (JOHN 8:44)--that's what Judaism is all about, beginning w. that Talmudic-style "interpretation."

"Evidence" I use begins w. basic meanings of simple words--which u so miserably fail to do for understanding of "usury."

I searched and went to and found this: "The Reform movement stresses retention of the key principles of Judaism."  Also there's "Belief that the process of reinterpretation of the Torah to the language of today is ongoing, and that every Jew has a stake and a role in that restatement and extension."

Sooooooooooo, "Reform Judaism" retains same basic method, Talmudic-style and -inspired "interpretation" ("midrash"); correct me if I'm wrong.

Additionally, I found (same source): "Belief in the strong moral and social action commitment inherent in the Torah and embodied in the concept of Tikkun Olam, rebuilding the world."
Did u catch that last phrase?--"rebuilding the world"?--same old Talmudic LYING, excused on pretext of "interpretation," reality being whatever u want it to be (subjectivism).

So u see, Hoffman, following Gosp. JOHN 8:44, we find Judaism, including "Reform" version, variety, strain, or "interpretation" is all the same old LYING--subjectivism.  "Reform Judaism" is much analogue of Protestant versions of Christianity.

It's as if u strive to set-up as sole authority upon, and critic of Judaism which allows u to pretend to being Jews' lawyer, Jews now ur captives whom u heroically (in ur mind) defend against us HONEST Christian soldiers.  U don't seem to realize just HOW pathetically u're discredited by that abomination u wrote on "Usury"--what a laughing-stock u've made urself in all ur Pharisaic-styled sanctimony and moralism.  I pity ur children and family, Hoffman.

-------------------above by ap in response to below by Hoffman-----------------

Michael Hoffman said...
You insist, on no evidence, that Reform Judaism “merely follow(s) slightly different rabbis’ interpretations of the Talmud.”
Reform Judaism arose as a result of the early 19th century Haskalah movement, when numerous Judaic persons renounced the Talmud and sought to create an ethical Judaism largely devoid of Talmud. Hence, it cannot be said that Reform Judaism is “Talmudic.” It has other deficiencies and liabilities for Judaic persons; immersion in the Talmud is not one of them.
Read one of my books on Judaism; they might help to clear up your confusion.
6:52 PM [still 18 Mar 15]

------------------------above by Hoffman in response to below by ap----------------------

apsterian said...
How can anything be "Judaic" unless it's based upon Talmud?--why didn't u answer question regarding Judaism = Talmudism?
Don't u note "Jews" are defined, even by themselves, as followers of Pharisees and Talmud?
So isn't it obviously true that "Reform," "Conservative," and "Reconstructionist" Jews merely follow slightly diff. rabbis for their own "interpretations" of Talmud?--they just have diff. "interpretations," right?
 5:14 PM [18 Mar 15]

-------------------above in response to below--------------------------

Michael Hoffman said...
Apsteriqn wrote: "You mention 'Reform, Conservative, Orthodox and Reconstructionist Judaism,' but these are all based upon Talmud, right?"
No, only Orthodox Judaism is frum (Talmud-Observant).
 1:23 PM [18 Mar 15]

---------------------above in response to below--------------------------

apsterian said...
Well, Judaism is Talmudism, right?--yes or no?--seems pretty clear to me--what's "demagogic" about TRUTH?--isn't Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)?
U mention "Reform, Conservative, Orthodox and Reconstructionist Judaism," but these are all based upon Talmud, right?
 12:08 PM [18 Mar 15]

--------------------------above in response to below------------------------

Michael Hoffman said...
A complex issue cannot be reduced to a demagogic “yes”or “no” answer. Details are central to Reason and the acquisition of true knowledge, as opposed to talk-show sound bites and simplistic Right wing slogans.
Judaism, in general terms, cannot be said to be Satanism because it incorporates Reform, Conservative, Orthodox and Reconstructionist Judaism.
Orthodox Judaism leads to a Satanic pride, idolatry (self-worship) and occult practices, as embodied in the Talmud Bavli and Zohar, which are of a Satanic nature.
 8:21 AM [18 Mar 15]

-----------------------------above in response to below-----------------------

apsterian said...
Hoffman: got a simple yes or no question for u--is it true Judaism (Talmudism) is satanism?--yes or no?
 10:14 PM [17 Mar 15]

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Is it possible, is it conceivable that goyim satanists could ever dominate kikes?--nahhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Satanism, Jews, & Subjectivism Within CYCLIC, Determined, Objective Reality
(Apollonian, 17 Mar 15)

And regarding this Jew falling-out among themselves, we see indeed there is SOME rivalry or contention among Jews, the recent Netan-yahoo speech in US Congress being important indicator/example.

For it would seem there are the "leftist" Jews, fronted by figure-head, Obola, who want to foment internal race-war within Jew S A, war in Ukraine, etc., who co-operate w. Israel to an extent, as for the war in Syria.

These "leftists" are surely in favor of "climate-change," for another example, and want to reduce human population by the various means, including toxic vaccines, GMO poisonous foods, glyphosate poisoning, among other poisons, like fluoride in the water.

Then there are the "rightist" -type Jews, like Netan-yahoo, who want to keep goyim around to continue exploiting them for the willing, idiot slaves they are, this all founded upon subjectivism--perhaps, as the sides sometime blur into one another on lots of issues.

Regardless, humanity will only have a chance to recover and survive as the satanists fall-out w. one another upon whatever pretext, the CYCLE continuing, the satanists/Jews suffering their own hubris. Such then is the CYCLIC and pyschologic/cultural calculation for things.

One thing is sure: Judaism IS satanism--see and for best Talmudic expo. Is it possible that goyim satanists could ever possibly, conceivably dominate the master satanists, Jews, the most PRACTICAL satanists?--surely not.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Brief battle w. petty little Pharisaic....

By golly, but I caught onto a blog which was seemingly willing to discuss our dear Christianity, but as so often, it turns out the "Christian" in question was way toooo Pharisaical, so of course I was banned, but I trust I scored enough pt.s to say I put up respectable struggle for the truth.  It begins w. the blog,  I suspect blog-meister in question will soon delete all my stuff on it, so I want to be sure to make appropriate notes.  My downfall (ho hoo ho) began w. the following essay, which was deleted:

Sublime Reason/Rationality Of Christ/Christianity
(Apollonian, 5 Mar 15)

Yes Paul, but note one outstanding thing about dear Christianity and why we (so many of us) love and revere it so much: it's so sublimely RATIONAL, affirming the rational, hence objective, reality--objectivity (fm Aristotle) being the necessary premise/assumption to all/any reason, logic, science.

For TRUTH, thematic to Gosp. JOHN (14:6, 8:32, and 18:37-8) could only exist by means of the objective (or God-created) reality, denied by the Pharisees who insist that only what they say, according to their "oral law," is "truth," their satanic Talmud being definitive, the interpretation ("midrash") of the Torah (first 5 Biblic books), Talmud taking precedence over the original Torah.  See and for definitive expo.

Obviously, it's irony to say the least, and/or "mystery," as to how 3 could possibly be same as one, and it begins w. Christ equating truth w. God, God being the summum bonum; hence the greatest happiness is truth.  Holy Spirit then must connect in w. that equation, happiness being sublime and spiritual as well as truth itself, REASON being necessary part of the spirit, but along w. HONESTY too, as we all know "smart" people who are yet dis-honest.

Thus that sublime reason must pervade the entire spirit/consciousness of the human, in sublime integrity.  Of course, reason is not easy, esp. for children, and for many it's just too much to grasp w. confidence--so they can take it upon the word of those they consider their leaders.

Hence the great thing about Christianity is it caused folks to contemplate God and Godliness, it now specifically entailing TRUTH, truth and honesty now not being mere optional appendages, but essential and necessary.

The Musselmen thought this Christianity was too complex and tried then to culling-back, denying the Godliness of Christ, hence TRUTH, insisting proper piety consisted simply of servile obedience ("submission") to Allah's commands, the issue of reason/rationality then becoming more problematic.

-----------------------above by ap was in response to Paul said:
(see blog find full text)-------------------------------------------------

Of course, getting deleted like that indicates bad things--one will soon enough be banned.  And I don't accept such treatment (just getting my stuff deleted without protest), and so when there was no word or note given for reason for deleted, I thought I'd draw her out and posted the following:

apollonian said:
what happened?–I thought I’d posted an entry for here–do I need to re-post?

--------------and here's what I got in response (my notes capped, bracketed):

 Wendy Brydge said:
Apollonian, have you ever read Acts 16:16-19?
“Once when we were going to the place of prayer, we were met by a slave girl who had a spirit by which she predicted the future. She earned a great deal of money for her owners by fortune-telling. This girl followed Paul and the rest of us, shouting, “These men are servants of the Most High God, who are telling you the way to be saved.” She kept this up for many days. Finally Paul became so troubled that he turned around and said to the spirit, “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to come out of her!” At that moment the spirit left her. When the owners of the slave girl realized that their hope of making money was gone, they seized Paul and Silas and dragged them into the marketplace to face the authorities.”
Here we find the story of a girl who believed the gospel Paul preached. She also was quick to tell people that Paul was preaching the truth and the way to God. Her problem was that within her dwelt a demon (a false idea) that the thoughts of her mind were of God when they were not. She was using Paul as a means of glorifying her own ability to express her own thoughts and ideas. Isaiah 55:7-9 and John 5:39-40 tell us that the thoughts of men which do not line up 100% with what the Word of God says, are wicked thoughts and are not thoughts from God. [GOLLY GEE]
You did post an entry and no, there’s no need to re-post it. I removed it.
I welcome discussion on my blog, and I encourage participation. I’m tolerant of people’s opinions, whether they be in agreement with mine or against them. And I want everyone who visits my blog to feel welcome and free to post comments. But there needs to be a certain etiquette that’s observed and upheld here.
I don’t appreciate you using my blog as a platform for sharing your ideas.  [TOUGH SHIT, SCUM] You’re not participating in the discussions, [MAYBE NOT THE WAY U WANT, MORON] you’re presuming to teach people your ideas rather than what the Word of God says, using my posts as your home base and your stepping stone. And that’s not acceptable.  [HO HO HO] I will not let you hijack my blog. If you’re looking for a place to express yourself to the degree you do here, then it’s time for you to consider starting your own blog.  [I DIDN'T BOTHER TELLING THE MORON I ALREADY GOT MY OWN BLOG.] I appreciate fellowship where there’s an exchange of ideas conducive to what the Scriptures tell us, [SCUMMY LIAR--MEANS "CONDUCIVE" TO WHAT SHE WANTS TO HEAR.] but I think it’s time that you understood what you’re doing wrong.  [YEAH, PREACHING THE TRUTH AS I SEE IT.] We who preach the Gospel are not fortune-tellers. God bless.  [NOTE THE PATRONIZING TONE.]

---------------------------so I replied, below-copied-------------------------

apollonian said:
Please Clarify Ur Objection(s)
(Apollonian, 6 Mar 15)

Wendy: u tell us, “I welcome discussion on my blog, and I encourage participation. I’m tolerant of people’s opinions, whether they be in agreement with mine or against them. And I want everyone who visits my blog to feel welcome and free to post comments.”

So then why did u remove my entry?–why didn’t or don’t u simply address the pt.s made in that entry?–isn’t that proper, rational behavior and dialectic? But then we see u introduce something about “etiquette”–which evidently has something to do w. ur last paragraph.

In that last paragraph u write, “I don’t appreciate you using my blog as a platform for sharing your
ideas”–which seems to totally contradict ur above sentences which I quoted.

THEN u assert I’m “not participating in the discussions”?–so what did I fail to discuss?–u don’t say, do u?–is this rational?

For example, if u say Trinity is “basic foundation of Christianity,” don’t u think u need a reference in New Test. and Gospel text?–where does Christ say he’s God the Son?–not that I deny Christ’s Godliness, but I do suggest u ought in reason to found ur assertions in actual text.

But then we come to ur assertion I’m “presuming to teach people [my] ideas rather than what the Word of God says”–BUT u don’t say how or why what I say is contrary to, or other than “Word of God.”

THEN u say, “…I think it’s time that you understood what you’re doing wrong”–which begs same question as I note just above–u don’t say how or why what I say is contrary to, or other than “Word of God.”

“[U]sing my posts as your home base and your stepping stone”–isn’t this simply the normal, rational manner of dialectic and discussion?–what’s the actual problem?

I suspect there’s something more specific, which maybe u’re not getting, which perhaps u don’t like so much–why don’t u tell us about it?–isn’t that rational manner of dialectic/discussion?

-----------------------dumb bitch didn't reply to this, sooooooooooooooooo, I went and made another entry in reply to someone else:-------------------------------

apollonian said:

What Is Actual “Foundation” Of Christianity?
(Apollonian, 8 Mar 15)

What I find must be considered fundamental is the New Test. (NT) text, for everything about Christianity must and does come fm that. NT is definitive. Though there’s no Trinity in the NT text, there are oblique ref.s in Gosp. JOHN to Christ being God–which elevates what he says above mere “prophet” status.

And remember what’s distinct and un-deniable for NT text is it tells us about Christ, Christ being TRUTH, as Gosp. JOHN 14:6. So TRUTH is God, the ONLY way to happiness (and truth is happiness).

Thus NT tells us a distinct if simple story, Christ expounding the Mosaic Law–AGAINST the Pharisees who were and are still foremost liars, Pharisees, along w. others, like Sadducees, imagining they can KILL TRUTH–but truth RESURRECTS, cannot be killed.

And did u see Netanyahu treating US Congress like a circus ring-master who’s tamed his obedient animals, the Congress people there jumping-up and down on cue, almost literally?–u know where they (the Congress people) get their money fm.

So the pt. is NT tells a distinct story, Christ preaching there’s such thing as TRUTH, which must be worshipped and loved–against the Pharisees who insist only truth is what THEY SAY (subjectivism). And note then the only way there’s “truth” is there being an objective reality, this reality providing the necessary premise/criterion for such truth–against Pharisaic liars, subjectivism being foundation of lies.

Another pt. I’d make is this Christian treatment of truth can and should be in way of regard for Christ’s “lambs,” our fellow humans–which tells me that Holy Spirit, hence HUMAN REASON, our only means of grasping truth, allows for this humane treatment of fellow humans.

Hence then Christ and truth are key to Trinity, and Holy Spirit must be understood accordingly, consistent w. truth, Holy Spirit then being reason, but also honesty, as we know reason by itself is often corrupted in narcissism, for example, reason and honesty pervading INTEGRALLY throughout the spirit, both for conscious and subconscious.

And truth cannot be killed, thus Netanyahu’s triumph over corrupt US Congress will not stand, the Palestinian people will be vindicated for their rightful ownership of the land stolen fm them by descendents of Pharisees. Such then is Christian truth understood in the abstract (theologically) and applied for present-day.

---------------------------above by ap in response to Veracious Poet said:
.  It (above) was immediately deleted without a word, and I then posted the following:

apollonian said:
What’s the story this time? Ho ho ho–u’re just incapable of making a rational argument, aren’t u? Get a clue, kiddo, U’RE NO CHRISTIAN if u can’t handle truth, and if u can’t handle reasoning about it in rational manner. U’re pathetic, my dear–u need to do some serious praying.

 -----------------------above by ap was rejoined by below-copied gem--again, notes by me are capped, bracketed.------------------------

Wendy Brydge said:
Ah, there you are. I knew you’d come out once I called you on your lies. Where has all of your flattery gone? You, sir, have yourself a false idea. And I will not allow you to fill Tawia’s (or anyone else’s) head with your garbage teachings. The messages you’ve been spreading here on my blog are wrong. Continually answering other people’s comments as if this was YOUR blog is not acceptable. [HO HO HO HO]
You say truth is happiness and the Holy Spirit is reason. But our happiness and our reason have nothing to do with God, [WTF?] because man is not God. [TRULY BRILLIANT LOGIC--AND AN ELEPHANT IS NOT A RHINOCEROUS, EITHER.] In your summation, God is completely expelled from reality. [WTF?] You call yourself a Christian? Yet you would remove God and replace Him with man? [WTF?] No. That teaching is a lie and you will not spread it here. [WE SIMPLY GOT A PSYCHO HERE, FOLKS, AND IT AIN'T ME.]
You can’t even stay on topic. Netanyahu? You want to bring politics to my site? I’ve never written here about politics, and I don’t want to. This site is about the things that interest me and the God I serve. Politics has no place here.
You think you speak as an intellectual, but you have no place for God as a living being external to His creation. [WTF?] But His creation is NOT God. You don’t understand the Gospel of God, so how can you understand the Trinity or anything else for that matter? You must first know God to love God. And if you know God and love God, you will acknowledge His appearing. [WHOOOOSH.]
You say that everything comes from the New Testament, but everything comes from the OLD Testament. The New Testament is simply the Old Testament explained, [I ACTUALLY DID INDICATE THIS.] fulfilling the revelation of TRUTH. [RIGHT.] You’ve got an extreme prejudice against the OT, which has instilled in you a dire hatred of a people, be they Jew or Gentile. Anyone who supports the OT in your mind is to be hated, or is evil, and that’s simply not true. The OT expounds upon the law, and the law is for lawbreakers. We still live in a world full of lawbreakers. But your hatred of the law would have the law removed, and lawbreakers set free to create chaos as they see fit. [HO HO HO HO] And all this in the absence of God, because in your world, you think man is God.
In Matthew 5:17, Jesus said: “Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets; I have not come to abolish them, but to fulfill them. I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the law until everything is accomplished. Anyone who breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven. For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven.”
You’re preaching a gospel that is not the gospel found in scripture. You claim to be a Christian and you claim to preach the gospel, but what you preach is incorrect. Therefore I will tell you one last time – stop it. [HO HO HO HO HO] If you reply to anyone other than me on my blog, your comment will be deleted immediately. If you want to have a discussion, fine. But ask your questions (one at a time) and stop writing me a full-length blog post every time you comment. [HO HO HO HO]

----------------------------so now I decided to give the little shit a good broadside, short and sweet, ho ho ho ho--I knew I'd probably get banned after this------------------------

apollonian said:
Wendy: when u mention Netanyahu, people don’t know what u’re talking about as u deleted my post which mentioned the subject, and by which post and mention they’d be able to judge for themselves whether and how it was appropriate. And u mis-represent, among many other things, what I say about Holy Spirit–it’s not ONLY reason, but which MUST entail it in order to grasp TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6). I back-up what I say fm the text which is real and necessary foundation. And I say everything CHRISTIAN must necessarily come fm NT–that’s obvious, and folks can determine for themselves regardless ur assertions. Why do u imagine Veracious poet or anyone needs u to baby-sit them for info?–do u lack respect for people? Do u wonder what sort of man would marry someone like u who mis-represents (there’s a stronger word) in the way u do?

-------------and here then was her parting shot------------------------

Wendy Brydge said:
No one else needs to know what I’m talking about because I’m talking to YOU, and only YOU, Apollonian, in this comment. This discussion is between you and me — no one else is involved. I’m talking to YOU. [HO HO HO HO--SHE FORGOT SHE SAID I WAS OFF-TOPIC W. "NETANYAHU."]
No one else needs to judge whether what you said about politics was appropriate or not. This is my blog and *I* am telling you it’s a topic that’s not welcome here.
I have love and respect for God and His Word, [SELF-RIGHTEOUS LITTLE SCUM] and I will protect God’s sheep from wolves in sheep’s clothing like you. Whether you like it or not.
And what kind of man are you [SOMEONE WHO'S HONEST?] that you are incapable of having a discussion with me without insulting me? [HO HOHO HO HO HO--SHE'D JUST CALL IT "FLATTERY," HO HO HO] First you call me pathetic and then you insinuate that I’m not marriage material? [NOT TO ANYONE W. HALF A BRAIN, ANYWAY, HO HO HO HO.] I don’t entertain spammers or bullies who think they can manipulate and control other people.
I asked nicely, [SERIOUSLY, HO HO HO HO] and you wouldn’t listen — goodbye.

------------------------I did enter a brief reply, which did not publish: "Truth hurts, eh?--but if shoe fits, u can wear it quite well enough." Ho ho ho ho ho

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Super-duper man has (un-fortunately) "educated" far too many poor fools of Jew S A....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The "Geek" Truly Informs Us, Pre-Sages At Least, For Up-Coming Catastrophe
(Apollonian, 4 Mar 15)

Well tiger, unlike so many of ur other blogs (like one just preceding), there's something here solid enough to grasp and respond to, eh?  Ho ho ho,  and of course, we have, additionally, the geek for further "guidance," eh?  Hoh oh o ho ho.

I read lots of stupid-man comics in my younger yrs, so I consider I know a lot, quite enough, about the subject, but for the specific book u're trumpeting here, this blog, I'm not specifically informed, but of course, it HAS to be the usual, typical, general "stupid-man" deal, right?--Mr. do-goody two-shoes, stupid-man saving the day, a lot like Mighty-mouse, only in human form (even though he's fm Krypton originally, ho ho ho ho).

And I went to Amazon site to ck-out their reviews to see if there was anything in detail about the stories--also ck'd the geek--and of course, there's NOTHING whatsoever there, just the usual gushy, childish raving, utterly DEVOID of any serious, informed analysis or evaluation of premises for his usual over-the-top conclusions.

For u see, Jew-hater and extreme anti-semite as I've become, I realize now just what a Jew-product stupid-man really is, saving stupid gentile humanity fm their usual, typical stupidity and natural inferiority, incapable of doing anything for themselves, needing the kikes like stupid-man to saving them and thus to enhancing their otherwise miserable goyim existences.

I forgot where I got the specific info, but I distinctly remember the kike authors of stupid-man hate and hated the great Christian saint, Martin Luther, he being great and well-known anti-semite, and that's why and how they named the arch-villain "Lex Luthor," the spelling only slightly changed.
The geek, for example, tells us:

"I love Superman. Always have. His filmic presence of late leaves much to be desired, but the character the idea of Superman, his ideals, mythology, psyche."  (Somewhat of a failure for the last clause, but we get the idea).  Unfortunately, the geek, empty-head as always, omits to say anything of substance or details for "ideals" of our dear stupid-man.

Further on, in his article/review, geek says:

"All-Star Superman is the quintessential Superman story, for a number of reasons. Namely, it reinforces everything that is Superman and everything there is to love about his character and morality. The reason Superman has always crested above all other superheroes, for me, isn’t because he’s the strongest, nor is it because he was the first. He is a moral compass, someone who sacrifices the life he wishes to lead (as Clark Kent) on a regular basis, to consistently do the right thing. . . . And with All-Star, Morrison does a superb job of not only delivering that unmentioned sacrifice, but also showing how his unwavering ability to always do what is right precedes even his own life."

Soooooooooo, at least the geek admits to the typical, self-sacrificial, ("altruist") so-called "morality" which the Jews wish to impose upon us stupid goyim--and of course, it doesn't stop w. kikes, it includes way, way too many so-called Christians too--esp. those traitorous scum, "Judeo-Christian" heretics who so disastrously dominate Jew S A, Jews' "Praetorian guard," so to speak, enabling the Jew dictatorship--of Jew S A and the entire West.

The geek later explains:

"He tells her, “You’re much stronger than you think you are.” With that line, Morrison succinctly encapsulated the way Superman sees humanity. Not as a race of weak mortals to be lorded over, but as equals he can nudge in the right direction."  Here, I MUST disagree w. the geek, as stupid-man is PLAINLY being patronizing (as is the geek, though he doesn't realize it as he's actually patronizing himself at same time, genius that he is).

Geek then concludes his review (my commentary in brackets):

"Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman is easily the best Superman story I’ve ever read, and is considered by many [yes, "many" morons, no doubt, ho ho ho] as Superman’s greatest graphic novel ever. It proves itself to be a great gift, an easy-yet-intelligent read, and it holds its own with even the finest of literature.  [?!?!--just shows what geek knows, eh?] It’s [loose-ref. pronoun, but after all, we know he's talking about the same stupid-man book, of course] a wonderful reminder of why Superman is such an enduring icon and symbol for everything he stands for."  [Yes geek, it does indeed, so far as ur sort of criticism goes for the sort of childish mentalities our Jewified idiocracy of a culture produces and features soooooooo much of, indubitably.]

So the geek once again is amazing for his forthright honesty reflecting his utterly empty and superficial cultural and artistic grasp--which however, IS indubitably so typical and revealing of our horrifically Jewified culture and idiocracy and the horrendous legion of goons it's composed of--who are about to be radically culled in the imminent economic collapse on-going and accelerating.  Dear God, save us.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Determinist (absolute cause-effect) CYCLE of hist. and "Decline of the West" MUST be understood....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Politics Is Matter Of CYCLIC History, Following Culture, Spenglerian "Decline"
(Apollonian, 2 Mar 15)

Well JR, I thought ur essay (see above ref.) started out well enough, u describing general hubris of culture and people of Jew S A.  But u FAIL to note the obvious condition which I've explained to u dozens and dozens of times now: the deterministic (no perfectly "free" human will) CYCLIC nature and process of history, according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, whence culture and people suffer corruption and degeneracy, moving fm objectivity-based Aristotelian, hence (true) Christian culture to subjectivist "decline" whence people obsessionately imagine and insist they're "good" (Pelagian heresy), following Jew Pharisaism, hence delusion of "central-banking" and legalized COUNTERFEITING following.

So it isn't that Jews CAUSED the "decline," but they're precisely the highly-organized criminals who capitalize and then take control, manipulating everyone else, even the establishment Christianity corrupted due to Judaized understanding of "faith" (of "beleeeeeeeeevin'")--against the true Christian LOYALTY.  Thus by means of this MYSTIC "faith" of beleeeeeeeeeeevin,' the old Christian culture of honesty and loyalty steadily collapses.  Again, Jews don't CAUSE it, but they do take fullest advantage of the previously productive society which has raised-up now an over-populated generation of weaklings given to this cultural hubris and "decline"--and it snow-balls getting evermore worse--as we see present economic situation.

Then, after a not-bad beginning for ur essay, describing the cultural decline, u give us this: "It seems that most leaders have all taken the bait of money over morality."

But that (just above) is precisely where and how u go wrong--because the beginning of hubris is "beleeeeeeeeef" in Pharisaism and "good-evil" so-called "moralism," this moralism/Pharisaism trumping Christian TRUTH.

Thus upon excuse/pretext of "good," Pharisaism/moralism corrupts the society, instigated by conniving Jews and collaborators, institutes CENTRAL BANKING (legalized COUNTERFEITING), and now Jews definitively take control, the state and culture now becoming totally satanic--as u also describe well-enough, the Jew S A now mass-murdering goyim of other countries at first, but also soon enough at home too, keeping the goyim fighting one-another, etc., as we see.

Again, note I don't say Jews CAUSED the deterministic CYCLE of hist. and Spenglerian "Decline...," I only note their place within it, Jews being foremost criminals due to their religion of criminality and lies founded in satanic Talmud (see and for best Talmudic expo).

Thus psychology (including ur "group-think"), hubris, and cultural decline undermine and render inoperative, the real Christianity for so many poor volk, nullify and void all law, Constitution, and Republican form, the people taken w. hubris and false "moralism," terrorism (done by ZOG itself, as infamous operation "Gladio"), as we see now, excusing the President issuing edicts by fiat--against law and Congress, the Congress bribed w. all the COUNTERFEITED funds to going along, "looking the other way," etc.

So then, what happens?--horror, disaster, war and the end of the hist. CYCLE as described in "Book of Revelations," for example--not necessarily the absolute "end of days" or world, but certainly the end of the hist. CYCLE.  So a lot of people may well have to bite proverbial "dust," though heroes and Christian soldiers strive to minimize the carnage.

U just have to grasp the NECESSARY CYCLIC course of things.  And the task now is to remove the Jews in way of cutting "head" off proverbial "snake" which now so much controls the corrupt culture--even though Jews are assisted and even carried by much and far larger numbers of willing collaborators among corrupt goyim.  And thus to remove Jews, one must first remove the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo on JCs) heretics who most support and enable Jews.

But as long as currency remains acceptable to the goyim Jews stay on top--and it's grim process for gentiles to successfully revolt and recover--it's much a matter of reviving, resurrecting the real, true Christianity among the remnant of survivors among the people, may God help them.