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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Super-duper man has (un-fortunately) "educated" far too many poor fools of Jew S A....

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The "Geek" Truly Informs Us, Pre-Sages At Least, For Up-Coming Catastrophe
(Apollonian, 4 Mar 15)

Well tiger, unlike so many of ur other blogs (like one just preceding), there's something here solid enough to grasp and respond to, eh?  Ho ho ho,  and of course, we have, additionally, the geek for further "guidance," eh?  Hoh oh o ho ho.

I read lots of stupid-man comics in my younger yrs, so I consider I know a lot, quite enough, about the subject, but for the specific book u're trumpeting here, this blog, I'm not specifically informed, but of course, it HAS to be the usual, typical, general "stupid-man" deal, right?--Mr. do-goody two-shoes, stupid-man saving the day, a lot like Mighty-mouse, only in human form (even though he's fm Krypton originally, ho ho ho ho).

And I went to Amazon site to ck-out their reviews to see if there was anything in detail about the stories--also ck'd the geek--and of course, there's NOTHING whatsoever there, just the usual gushy, childish raving, utterly DEVOID of any serious, informed analysis or evaluation of premises for his usual over-the-top conclusions.

For u see, Jew-hater and extreme anti-semite as I've become, I realize now just what a Jew-product stupid-man really is, saving stupid gentile humanity fm their usual, typical stupidity and natural inferiority, incapable of doing anything for themselves, needing the kikes like stupid-man to saving them and thus to enhancing their otherwise miserable goyim existences.

I forgot where I got the specific info, but I distinctly remember the kike authors of stupid-man hate and hated the great Christian saint, Martin Luther, he being great and well-known anti-semite, and that's why and how they named the arch-villain "Lex Luthor," the spelling only slightly changed.
The geek, for example, tells us:

"I love Superman. Always have. His filmic presence of late leaves much to be desired, but the character the idea of Superman, his ideals, mythology, psyche."  (Somewhat of a failure for the last clause, but we get the idea).  Unfortunately, the geek, empty-head as always, omits to say anything of substance or details for "ideals" of our dear stupid-man.

Further on, in his article/review, geek says:

"All-Star Superman is the quintessential Superman story, for a number of reasons. Namely, it reinforces everything that is Superman and everything there is to love about his character and morality. The reason Superman has always crested above all other superheroes, for me, isn’t because he’s the strongest, nor is it because he was the first. He is a moral compass, someone who sacrifices the life he wishes to lead (as Clark Kent) on a regular basis, to consistently do the right thing. . . . And with All-Star, Morrison does a superb job of not only delivering that unmentioned sacrifice, but also showing how his unwavering ability to always do what is right precedes even his own life."

Soooooooooo, at least the geek admits to the typical, self-sacrificial, ("altruist") so-called "morality" which the Jews wish to impose upon us stupid goyim--and of course, it doesn't stop w. kikes, it includes way, way too many so-called Christians too--esp. those traitorous scum, "Judeo-Christian" heretics who so disastrously dominate Jew S A, Jews' "Praetorian guard," so to speak, enabling the Jew dictatorship--of Jew S A and the entire West.

The geek later explains:

"He tells her, “You’re much stronger than you think you are.” With that line, Morrison succinctly encapsulated the way Superman sees humanity. Not as a race of weak mortals to be lorded over, but as equals he can nudge in the right direction."  Here, I MUST disagree w. the geek, as stupid-man is PLAINLY being patronizing (as is the geek, though he doesn't realize it as he's actually patronizing himself at same time, genius that he is).

Geek then concludes his review (my commentary in brackets):

"Grant Morrison’s All-Star Superman is easily the best Superman story I’ve ever read, and is considered by many [yes, "many" morons, no doubt, ho ho ho] as Superman’s greatest graphic novel ever. It proves itself to be a great gift, an easy-yet-intelligent read, and it holds its own with even the finest of literature.  [?!?!--just shows what geek knows, eh?] It’s [loose-ref. pronoun, but after all, we know he's talking about the same stupid-man book, of course] a wonderful reminder of why Superman is such an enduring icon and symbol for everything he stands for."  [Yes geek, it does indeed, so far as ur sort of criticism goes for the sort of childish mentalities our Jewified idiocracy of a culture produces and features soooooooo much of, indubitably.]

So the geek once again is amazing for his forthright honesty reflecting his utterly empty and superficial cultural and artistic grasp--which however, IS indubitably so typical and revealing of our horrifically Jewified culture and idiocracy and the horrendous legion of goons it's composed of--who are about to be radically culled in the imminent economic collapse on-going and accelerating.  Dear God, save us.

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