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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Christian TRUTH ideal--against mystic "faith" of "believing"

The "Idols" Against Christian Truth Ideal
(Apollonian, 31 May 11)

Christianity is all about TRUTH, truth as foremost, topmost ideal, principle, and premise; truth is God, and God is truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6). And this truth ideal is best understood in context of a dialectic of opposites, truth struggling for primacy against lies within the mind of humankind, lies both deliberate and of the more passive, wishful-thinking sort.

Observe then this great and magnificent Christian aestheticalist ideal of TRUTH, truth, truth is what necessarily sets the stage and thus provides for the following great Western cultivation of reason, science, and logic by means of which we treat and make use of truth in general and its particular substance.

So how then is Christianity, as we see today, so undermined and traduced for this precious truth ideal? For we observe Christian practice is subject to such confusion for ideal and principle, esp. in the way of "love" (esp. fm St. Paul), "peace," "good," and particularly nowadays in the name of "faith."

Thus we see the primary "idols" against Christianity are similar to those noted by Francis Bacon (1561-1626) who exposited fallacious notions so commonly harbored within the mind militating against proper and accurate science and scientific procedure. Bacon called these fallacies the "idols of the mind."

Thus Christianity could not be primarily about "love" as the question is obviously begged regarding what it is to be loved--what should be loved?--and why? Similarly for peace, as Christianity is not about peace at any price, this being mere cowardly excuse for submission to lies. But commitment to truth is what produces that inner peace--regardless of political expedience, peace for the individual even in midst of most horrible warfare and strife.

And Christianity is not about "good" as "good" is ultimately meaningless and subjective, dependent upon a criterion which doesn't exist and has never been discovered. "Good" is really just a platitude not different fm what is desired or desirable which is always relative and subjective, once again.

Further, note "good" depends upon a human will which is perfectly "free" to so choose, and human will is not perfectly "free," humans enslaved necessarily to interest. Thus it is said humanity is sinful, always so committed to the object(s) of will and desire.

But psychologically, we observe this "good" is persistent delusion among and within humanity so subject fm infancy to guilt- and inferiority-complex, humans programmed fm the beginning to being obedient, thus "good"--no less than dogs, the "good" dog being simply the dog which is obedient.

And this "good" delusion has always been present among humanity as a deliberately cultivated delusion (Pharisaism and Pelagian heresy), fm the "good" and "Noble Lie" of Plato, "good" pretended to be equal to truth itself, to the presently prevailing and raging Kantian "good" to which reality and truth are subjected.

Finally we come to the idol of "faith" which presently so horribly traduces and affects the real Christianity and ideal of truth. For faith in one sense--the proper one--is unquestionably appropriate, and that is the "faith" of LOYALTY. Given truth, one ought to be so loyal, hence honest.

But here and now we see the horrific error and fallacy of equivocation when the supposed virtue of "faith" is construed not as proper loyalty but rather as BELIEF. And it is with this "believing" we see Christianity was originally corrupted so putridly to its opposite ideal (Pharisaism) of lies, lying, and liars.

For mere believing something doesn't make it true, and "believing" all by itself is not a virtue--not nearly as much as is real understanding and comprehending. And "believing" is certainly not same thing as understanding. For mere "believing," all by itself, is nothing essentially different fm obsession which can be exerted to positively psychopathic extreme.

Thus we see Christian virtue of truth and honesty is positively betrayed by means of equivocation fallacy applied to the word "faith," "faith" then construed to be obsession and "believing," this "believing" regardless of truth and reality, corrupted, contrived "believing" now mere obsession and wishful thinking, psychopathic insistence.

And thus we see how this "believing" feeds the Pharisaic "good-evil" delusion and Pelagian heresy, anything now being true if only one "believes" insistently and hard enough. Anything is true if u only WANT it to be--say the liars and Pharisees who murdered Christ (hence truth). Now one merely needs insist enough, loudly and repeatedly. Thus truth is made to be lies, and lies truth--if only u WANT it to be so enough--if only u "beleeeeeeeeeeeeev."

And this curse of corrupted "faith" and "believing" is now what we see infecting those hereticalists, psychopaths, and murderers who call themselves "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for expo/ref.), who say Christ was a Jew, and who support the enemy terror-state of Israel.

Observe that upon the false premise of "believing" these JC hereticalists create their own reality and make themselves God, insisting upon lies which they "believe" and insist is truth.

Thus the true Christian adherence to TRUTH observes human weakness in the face of such JC-type insanity and psychopathology. Human will is NOT perfectly "free," always so subject to sin and desire. For truth is what conforms to the God-given and -created reality; reality not created by humans, humans themselves mere creations of God.

CONCLUSION: Thus the true and proper understanding of Christian ideal--TRUTH--is so sublime and fraught w. problems and conundrum. For though humanity possesses will, yet it isn't and couldn't be perfectly "free"--and this paradoxical fact about human will is such horrible truth and frustration for moralists and Pharisees who insist upon guilt-complex by which they contrive to intimidate and terrorize the children of the world which children they seek to make slaves. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Friday, May 27, 2011

Satanic Implications In Your Face, Comrades--You Gotta Face Up To Them
(Apollonian, 27 May 11)

Well, well: now we see "the Donald" (Trump) denies he said Obama's alleged birth certificate is phony (see

And we know Ron Paul doesn't want to get into such birth cert. controversy as he quite rightly fears assassination. Paul prefers to choose his battle on ground of the Fed fraud and COUNTERFEIT engine (see for expo/ref. on Fed) which gives the Satanists all their practical power, buying off and -out all the suckers, fools, and scum--worshippers of Mammon false god.

Yes, that's right: I said "satanists"--for these people, these topmost, primary conspirators behind Obama/Soetoro, knew Obama was ineligible for presidency fm very first, u see, and one of their primary motives was to express their contempt for US Constitution, the people of US, and law itself--these are SATANISTS, I submit, satanism most excellent choice of words to so describe them, deliberately spitting in face of truth, reality, reason, and humanity--they don't care if u know it, see.

And I wonder who it was actually who signed-off on the Obama nomination, in the first place, knowing it all had to surface at some pt. for the sheer satanistic enormity of it all, this incredible contempt and fraud upon the volk, spitting in their face, etc. Was it David Rockefeller?

For these satanists are absolutely insane and power-mad, and they consider they can and will intimidate and terrorize the people by means, for one thing, of their obedient minions like the yuppies, Jews, and homosexuals who, they're confident, will do what they're told to enforce this satanistic Mammonist dictatorship against the people.

For that's what it's now come-down to: Truth against lies, lies and fraud now up-close to u, in-ur-face, telling u and us what is true and real, and that US Constitution doesn't matter--there is no law, only what these satanists say, and we'd better conform, or else. In fact, these satanic scum will even deny there's such thing as truth or reality.

So the question and challenge is now put to the Christian people who worship TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6)--what will they do now? For this is what Christianity is properly all about--TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH--truth above all else, including "good," "peace," love, and "faith."

For lies always seeks to overthrow truth in the name of "GOOD." And note we're talking about truth, the ideal in general. Thus Plato, for example, sought to equate "good," along w. beauty, with truth--as in these modern times did the philosopher Immanuel Kant (who said reality must conform to "good"). Present-day Jewwy "neo-cons," for another example, who follow Levi-Strauss, emphasize the "noble-lie" of Plato.

And the issue then is regarding the nature of reality--is it determined in accord w. absolute cause-effect? Or is there such thing as a PERFECTLY "free" human will--a human will of God-like freedom?

And of course, most people will shrink fm these simple, yet extremely heavy and deep considerations of metaphysics, but Christians still have to face up to what their Christianity is supposed to mean in the first place--is truth supreme?--yes or no?

CONCLUSION: Thus we see the basic issue, regarding truth and reality, in perfectly rationalist terms, but now further, converted to theologic terms, this for the sake of practical politics and the people's understanding. Thus our patriot task is to remind the Christian people they owe allegiance to truth, truth above all and everything else--it's really simple. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Human will--NOT perfectly "free"

I sent below essay as response to Alex Jones' "audio blog" at Mine is about the 50th response fm bottom. Same Jones "audio blog" is also found at

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Is Human Will PERFECTLY "Free"?

(Apollonian, 24 May 11)

Alex: My observation is very simple regarding this great cultural battle we're fighting:

(a) At one level, immediate and political, it's pretty straight-forward--as u've always analyzed for us. Thus we're up against criminal conspirators who are behind that legalized COUNTERFEITING scam, the US Fed, which has nearly infinite funds, almost literally.

(b) But at the more abstract, cultural level, it really is Christian TRUTH (as Gosp. JOHN 14:6, 8:32, and 18:37) vs. lies, but these lies will always be justified in name of "good." For note Plato equated "good" along w. truth and beauty.

(c) Note then "good" depends upon the actual "freedom" of our supposed "free wills." For obviously nothing can properly justify lies against truth, truth as ideal. And truth, the ideal, is what our enemies hate. Soooooooo obviously, our adversaries want to build up the "good" excuse for overthrowing truth, this "good" dependent upon the supposed "freedom" of human will.

(d) So I only now want to present argument(s) for the non-PERFECT freedom of human will. For one thing as example, we CAN'T change our nature as sinners (self-interest)--there are some things "free will" cannot change. So there's problem w. human will--it isn't and can't be PERFECTLY "free," certainly not like God's will.

CONCLUSION: Thus the assault against TRUTH depends on "good" pretext and nature of human will, which couldn't be perfectly "free." Thanks again for all ur efforts, Alex; keep up ur great work. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

Monday, May 23, 2011

Who's kidding who?

Trump-Obama One-Two Coup: Legitimizing The Criminal/Usurper
(Apollonian, 23 May 11)

Observe the recent coup of a scam upon the American people perpetrated by establishment Democrats and Republicans CONSPIRING together: the pressure regarding "natural born" status of Obama's citizenship was evidently getting to be toooooo much for the criminals--SOOOOOOO they decided to make use of "the Donald" Trump, Trump pretending to be "possible," "potential" presidential candidate who brilliantly, even flamboyantly, stole the thunder and media attention regarding the "birth certificate" issue.

Trump ROCKETED to the very top in polls on pres. candidate contenders on the strength of his soooo public and eloquent complaints regarding the "birth certificate"--and so what happened? All of a sudden we get Obama surprisingly making public the pretended, supposed document which was immediately exposed for the gross and crude forgery it really is. See

So now where's Trump?--what does he say about this ridiculous farce regarding the obvious forgery perpetrated by Obama and co.?--not a peep. Obviously, the purpose of the whole stunt was to legitimize Obama, the usurper, by means of establishment Republicans, beginning w. Trump himself, now tacitly acknowledging the pretended legitimacy of this obviously forged "birth cert."

The only possible conclusion thus has to be upon the blatant psychopathic degree of criminality and insanity for these Council on Foreign Relations (CFR--see and for expo/ref.) conspirators, Dem and Rep. as they almost literally SPIT IN FACE of American people w. their contempt for people's intelligence.

Ron Paul says nothing either--but he knows he's got to worry about assassination. So once again, there's just no substitute for the "grass-roots" origin of meaningful political/cultural initiative--who will call Obama's bluff? Note the Pakistanis have already exposed the destruction of the helicopter which supposedly took Osama bin Laden's body. Presently it would seem the Israelis hold all the cards unless Obama "plays ball" w. them regarding invasion of Iran.

Now we know why Dante entitled his great epic, "Divine Comedy." Human hubris, as we see presently, too easily and eventually reduces to just gross farce as we all await the next shoe to drop for these desperate criminals at the very top who want to reduce the world's population.

CONCLUSION: Obviously now (as always) the conspiracy is a "Jew thing" (considering their control of the "Jews-media"--see w. collusion of "Judeo-Christian" hereticalists who insist like morons Christ was a Jew (see and for expo/ref. on Christ's explicit anti-semitism, as of Gosp. MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9). Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian