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Monday, September 30, 2013

Only real Christianity--which is ANTI-SEMITISM--can save folks fm this satanic conspiracy of stupidity

Inductive Logic, U Dumb, Brainless Bastards--Know How It Works?
(Apollonian, 30 Sep 13)

Stupid puke of America, who are absolutely LEGION--who are u dumb bastards, anyway?--u're the scum who call urselves "Christians," but don't have the guts to be anti-Semitic, u cowardly puke--ignorant too, as that's what Christianity really is (against Jew lies, Gosp. JOHN 8:44) and is supposed to be, stupid ass morons.

Of course, there are still lots of good folks in USA, but GODDAM, there sure are lots of scummy, cowardly, ignorant puke (esp. queers and the stupid shits who "tolerate" them), isn't there?--and these dumb bastards are the ones who rule as they're organized and led sooooooooooo brilliantly--by satanists and, hence, especially kikes.  Kikes and queers--those are most satanistic, though the queers aren't so bright.

Observe this brainless, idiotic, thoroughly destructive ZOG police-state went into effect, along w. the wars (Afgan & Iraq, now Libya, Syria, and Iran in prospect--esp. if Israel kikes have their way) especially w. the 9/11 strike, and all the puke and scummy filth pretended soooooooo goddam seriously (which was pushed by the mass-corp. "Jews-media"), geeeeeee whiz, but we have to have a police-state to protect against the eeeeeeevil moooooooooslims who did this, the stupid, scummy morons & queers insist--though it was obvious to a lot of folks it was Jews who did it (just ck for conclusive expo).

So the people who've got brains--those few who are left--better get asses in gear--TO SAVE UR GODDAM LIVES, SUCKERS.

Who did 9/11?--it was kikes--NO ONE ELSE COULD HAVE GOTTEN AWAY W. IT, IDIOTS.  Consider the hi-jacked planes on 9/11 were flying about WITH NO NO NO NO NO Air Force jets (by NORAD) launched to intercept, the Air Force people lying about their stories and idiot excuses, no one being punished, or demoted, or even investigated.  It was un-questionably an "inside" job, u dumb bastards.

Further, how could the kikes NOT be responsible, esp. when u consider, aside fm the lying "Jews-media," WHO ELSE is murdering people, including (especially) people here in Jew S A, this by slow-kill methods--by poisoning, like aspartame in the food, along w. other additives; fluoride in the water supplies, GMO (genetically modified) foods; high fructose corn syrup (HFCS); toxic vaccines, "chem-trails" poisoning of the ground soil, radiation poisoning, drugging of people, including school-kids, etc.

And basically, it happened by means of kikes leveraging the rest of the culture, specifically by means of changing the meaning of Christianity fm its real purpose, ANTI-SEMITISM, anti-lies, anti-subjectivism, as I've noted over and over and over and over and over....  Kikes got the COUNTERFEIT scam, the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--see for expo on Fed--and that was their definitive weapon/instrument.

Thus kikes control ALL the big corp.s and small ones too--along w. all politicians & judges, the edjumacation system, and esp. the established "Christian" institutions, churches, etc.

Inductive logic works by means of particulars (and observations thereof) leading to a general conclusion, kikes (and accomplices) being obvious suspects who CANNOT prove they're not responsible, dumbasses--do u think that's why kikes in Israel are so desperately insisting US should attack Iran?

And when these filthy kike scum then tell u u can't suspect them, otherwise u're anti-Semitic, doesn't it occur to u that ONLY PROVES and confirms they're the REAL CULPRITS?

But stupid puke RULE, and far too many of the rest stand there flat-footed, looking at one-another, "duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."  So this idiocy and stupidity is going to get people--including lots of otherwise good folk--slaughtered, u stupid scum.  U'd better get ur stupid asses in gear, dumbass morons.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Get a clue suckas: ZOG controls ALLLLLLLLLLL terrorism, all of it--nothing gets by

Below dialectic fm two days ago, shout-box: "Mikemikev" needs clue about present satanic ZOG empire.

ZOG, MOSSAD/CIA does ALL the terrorism: they monopolize money, drugs, etc., so why not terrorism?

HOW could any other organized terrorism, NOT controlled by ZOG possibly, conceivably get by ZOG's all-seeing eye?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

apollonian - 28-09-03:30 -- Satan is running amok slaughtering poor morons--and we got these morons yelling, "hail satan"
» apollonian - 28-09-03:29 -- --and this is not to mention the poisoning of the ground-soil by means of "chem-trails," and the poisoning of the Pacific Ocean by means of heavy radiation fm Fukushima
» apollonian - 28-09-03:29 -- they've got poison fluoride in water supplies, poison GMO foods fed to the population, aside fm other poisonous food additives, like aspartame and MSG, among others. The population is HEAVILY drugged, esp. the poor little school-kids. And they're "vaccinating" people on mass-scale w. toxic, deadly, disease-spreading vaccines
» apollonian - 28-09-03:27 -- Now, they're embarked upon the extermination of the human population--"population reduction," according to their official program, "AGENDA-21"
» apollonian - 28-09-03:26 -- thus topmost criminals--the "money power"--controls all politicians & judges, all edjumacation, all the mass-corp. "Jews-media," and tragically, all the establishment "Christian" organizations, churches, and institutions
» apollonian - 28-09-03:24 -- this money monopoly thus allows them to monopolize EVERYTHING ELSE, including all organized crime--all of it
» apollonian - 28-09-03:24 -- This money MONOPOLY then allows them to control, bribe, and extort--and assassinate--any all politicians/judges
» apollonian - 28-09-03:23 -- Thus the Talmudic, satanic criminal powers control everything--first by means of their ability to literally COUNTERFEIT up all the money/funds they need
» apollonian - 28-09-03:22 -- haven't u read Orwell?--he wrote 1984 over 50 yrs ago
» mikemikev - 28-09-03:20 -- that's just nonsense
» mikemikev - 28-09-03:20 -- mossad and cia control ALL terrorism?
» apollonian - 28-09-03:19 -- haven't u hrd of NSA?--they know EVERYTHING, comrade--get a clue
» mikemikev - 28-09-03:19 -- please think about what you are saying
» mikemikev - 28-09-03:19 -- you really lost me on this
» apollonian - 28-09-03:18 -- there's only very few instances of single people going-off on their own--only very few cases
» mikemikev - 28-09-03:17 -- please think about what you are saying
» mikemikev - 28-09-03:17 -- ALL is a very big word
» mikemikev - 28-09-03:17 -- nonsense
» apollonian - 28-09-03:17 -- Mike: ALL TERRORISM is absolutely and completely controlled by MOSSAD and CIA--ALL OF IT, period
» mikemikev - 28-09-03:16 -- just like pearl harbor
» mikemikev - 28-09-03:16 -- of course
» apollonian - 28-09-03:15 -- It's now coming out--as it always has been--about the INCREDIBLE, absolutely UN-BELIEVABLE incompetence and moronic ignorance of US Air Force allowing the hijacked planes to flying all around for MORE THAN AN HR on 9/11--this is absolutely impossible
» mikemikev - 28-09-03:15 -- the big ones were
» mikemikev - 28-09-03:14 -- not exactly true
» apollonian - 28-09-03:14 -- all terrorism is controlled and perpetrated by MOSSAD and CIA--obviously
» apollonian - 28-09-03:13 -- I mean all this terrorism is controlled and perpetrated by MOs
» apollonian - 28-09-03:12 -- specifically, note if folks understand Syrian poison-gas psy-ops was false-flag--THEN they'll see their way to same conclusion regarding the BIG one--9/11
» mikemikev - 28-09-03:12 -- totally out of kike control
» mikemikev - 28-09-03:12 -- it is routinely disparaged, but it really has let the genie out of the bottle
» mikemikev - 28-09-03:12 -- the internet is more powerful than many realise
» apollonian - 28-09-03:11 -- Obongo being just a trained, dancing baboon on the sidelines, reading fm script and teleprompter dictated by the puppet-masters of CFR, Trilateralists, Skull & Bones, Bilderberg, et al.

mikemikev - 28-09-03:11 -- true
» apollonian - 28-09-03:10 -- and this is extremely encouraging--the people beginning to realize, on mass-scale, the veritable SATANIC nature of the powers
» apollonian - 28-09-03:10 -- American people saw through it
» apollonian - 28-09-03:09 -- For example: we see Obongo and the powers behind him just now perpetrated gross, transparent false-flag in Syria, the poison-gas event, and then used it to try to start yet ANOTHER war, similar to Libyan episode just past
» apollonian - 28-09-03:08 -- The SOLUTION is same as St. Constantine the Great, early 4th cent., unifying all gentiles behind Christ--AGAINST kikes and their mystic, satanic accomplices--a situation which is present before our very eyes, as we speak
» apollonian - 28-09-03:07 -- Thus the kikes bring-in the muds, and now they keep the goyim fighting one another while kikes remain at the top
» apollonian - 28-09-03:06 -- but immigration is KEY subject in one way--for it brings up and pt.s-up the kike issue.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Satanists like Sen. Harkin feel the pressure, people getting wise

ZOG Satanist Senator (Harkin) Miffed Conspiracy Might Be Un-Ravelling
(Apollonian, 28 Sep 13)

Ck, wherein Sen. Harkin decries dissent to his satanist conspiracy.

Note then the issue has to do w. debt ceiling and ObongoCare, both of which strike to the on-going crisis leading to catastrophe, coming destruction of US Dollar, etc.  And Harkin is accusing Sen. Cruz and others of sowing "confusion"--all lies, of course.

Harkin is right about one thing--it's dangerous--for sure, the truth getting out, the people rejecting Obongo's attempt to getting USA in another war in Syria, etc.  Worst problem for the satanists is the internet.  Keep preaching Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH and anti-Semitism, comrades, local gov. and states rights--this is what we need.

Friday, September 27, 2013

ZOG satanists heavy and thick w. false-flags over last few days

Ho Ho Ho, Satanic ZOG Gov. Unusually Active Lately--And Exposed, Too
(Apollonian, 27 Sep 13)

More false-flags/fraud un-covered: ck wherein big kike reporter, Sy Hersh, confirms the so-called Bin-Laden hit was gross fraud.  Alex Jones ( further informs us many of the Navy Seals involved have been murdered by ZOG gov., naturally (see

Further, same day, today, we get news the recent Kenyan massacre at the shopping-mall was gross false-flag, see

Above stories are only days after the recent Navy Yard killings by the black-guy whence a SWAT-team was told to stand-down:

And of course, don't forget the Syrian false-flag poison-gas attack back in Aug.

Begin to start to getting a hint of a picture of our SATANIC gov.?  All the terrorism, including 9/11, and even before that, is controlled by MOSSAD/CIA.

For u see, when u control the US Fed legalized COUNTERFEITING scam (see for expo/ref. on Fed) U CONTROL EVERYTHING, as I've explained, and nearly everyone--for who could resist u?

Thus the Fed scam is the base of ALL organized crime--and no one else can do anything in way of crime, except on gross, ad-hoc basis--it isn't possible to be organized w. anyone else for serious criminal activity and not be detected.  Need I explain how NSA knows everything that goes on?  Ho ho ho ho.

So what will/can people do?--u (a) gotta organize on basis of Christianity, poor fools, (b) but further, u need to do so understanding Christianity is ANTI-SEMITIC--against lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), as I've noted in previous blogs, etc.

Another anti-Christ site found, bans

Another (Anti-Christ) Site Bans Apster
(Apollonian, 27 Sep 13)

Just got banned, couple days ago, fm yet another satanic web-site, funded by kikes, no doubt, pretending to be for "whites."  It's, and I, as usual defended and preached our dear Christianity, most successful, effective form of anti-Semitism.

See, they've got these scum, "creators," on there--and note these may not indeed be working consciously for the kikes, but u can be sure kikes fund them as these morons do excellently (for kikes) as they're deliberate anti-Christs, no less than VNN (Vanguard News Network).

Like I say, they're called "creators," their organization called, formally, The World Church of the Creator (WCOTC), so when I started getting into it with one of them, a moderator, called "WitchesChild," w. by-line, "Pagan heart," told me not to call "members" Jews--to which I immediately told her what to do, me getting banned a few mins later, ho ho ho.  Scum then went and erased/deleted no less than 9 of the 24 postings I had up.  It's anti-Christ site, folks, indubitably.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Evermore people understand urgent nature of death-struggle against satanic psychopaths

Satanic, Psychopathic Nature Of The Enemy Is Well-Understood, Never Doubt
(Apollonian, 21 Sep 13)

Well, Greg Mannarino (see, 11:10 in the vid) absolutely confirms my previous blog of 19 Sep 13 regarding insanity of pretending raising debt ceiling is NOT increasing debt.  But Greg DOESN'T seem to get it that it's not really Obongo who's responsible for the script Obongo reads--that Obongo the baboon is NOT in charge, not setting and managing policy of US (ZOG) gov.

Obongo is, literally, just a puppet for the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations--see for best expo/ref. on CFR), the Trilateralists, Skull & Bones, et al., as I noted, and these people are ABSOLUTE satanists, without the slightest possible doubt--working for death and destruction of humanity and esp. what's left of USA.

So note now the little (lower-level in the sociologic scale) kikes, behind Alex Jones ( and Ron Paul, are trying to fight the big kikes at the top, ho ho ho ho.  There's "no honor among thieves," comrades--and it had to come to this, white Christians long, long having been out of serious contention.

And don't doubt the big kikes (CFR, Trilateralists, et al.) are gunning for total destruction and war, like in Syria--war everywhere, including internally in Jew S A too, esp. among the races.  Big drama remains among the Christians regarding real nature/meaning of Christianity--which, properly understood, is worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all/anything else.

Presently the rationalist libertarians, funded mostly by the little kikes, seem to be leading the fight against the big Jews of CFR, et al., but even libertarians are weighted-down quite a bit w. such as homosexuals.  Christianity is where the real battle lies.  Regardless, necessary strategy is to take control of churches and local governments.

Urgency of the situation cannot be over-stated, fools--we're in death-struggle w. satanists & psychopaths, don't doubt.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

It doesn't get any more blatant, in-ur-face than this folks, Obongo says raising debt-ceiling is NOT increasing debt, ho ho ho

Obongo: Satanic Psychopath, Trained Baboon, In Your Face, Suckah
(Apollonian, 19 Sep 13)

Ho ho ho--u gotta see this to believe it--and read about it too: it's to be found at

So the baboon-in-chief now tells us, w. straight face, that raising the debt-ceiling doesn't mean we're increasing the debt, ho ho ho ho--yes, he said exactly that--ck the vid and the story, above-noted.  Ho ho oho.

"[T]he average person thinks raising the debt ceiling must mean that we're running up our debt," said the baboon reading, as usual, fm his teleprompter and script, ho ho ho ho ho.

So u see folks: the satanic puke have gone totally, completely INSANE--they write it down so the baboon can read it out to us--is it possible to deny it?

I mean if they're not intending to increase the debt, then why RAISE the debt ceiling?--isn't that nearly synonymous pair of words, raise-increase?  Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

Note that at a certain pt. one cannot explain something better than to simply pt. it out and have it be seen, w. one's own eyes, for what it is--and we're at that pt. now.

We're up against Satanists, and the only answer is for us to heed to Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, obviously.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Satanic psychopaths determined on war, global gov.

Satanists Double-Down On Syrian Lies, Etc.
(Apollonian, 16 Sep 13)

Well, the baboon-in-chief (Obongo) went on w. fellow conspirator, Georgie-porgie Stephanopoulos (, who's member of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR--see, for some strategic, satanic spin, doubling-down, suckers, on their satanic insistence upon world dictatorship, never doubt, including taking Jew S A to war without Congressional approval.

So Georgie-porgie told the baboon about Putin's article in NY Times whence he asserted there's evidence the Syrian rebels did the poison-gas attack, and the baboon sniffs and says, "no one in the world believes that."  So, aside fm this (lie by the baboon) being totally, obviously false, HOW could the baboon possibly know that (what everyone thinks/"believes")?  I guess the baboon thinks everyone's stupid not having taken note of these "rebels"--really assassins and hired cut-throats (literally), all cheerfully funded, supported, and subsidized by Jew S A--on record in videos cutting people's heads off, shooting teen-agers, mass-murdering Christians, etc.

See, suckers, these satanic scum whom Obongo works for are ABSOLUTELY, TOTALLY insane and power-mad, determined to barrel ahead w. their satanic obsession to enforce world dictatorship--all w. help of Israeli puke.  "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead, the scum say," ho ho ho ho.

Note then Obongo has a strong and well-trained cheering-section rooting for him on this Syria business, consisting of the metro-sexuals and atheists on the left, and, on this Israel-friendly issue, don't forget, the even larger faction of "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who say Christ was Jew and support Israel even over USA.  Altogether, these scum, metro-sexuals and JCs, make-up perhaps as many as solid 20% of population, though the hard-core is probably much less.

Note Senators McCain and Graham (Republicans) are busy insisting on bombing Syria, giving support to the baboon fm the "right," ho ho ho.

Regarding the rest of the population of Jew S A, note a large number of people, aside fm afore-mentioned 20%, are, as usual, dumb-struck by things, caught flat-footed, not knowing what to say or do, waiting to see which way the wind blows.

So keep preaching that REAL Christianity which is anti-Semitic (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), Christianity standing for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (JOHN 14:6) above all/any other precepts.  Take-over churches, w. this rationalist-oriented Christianity, and then local gov.s, necessary first steps for our Christian re-awakening.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

How does the 9/11 false-flag conspiracy get by?--simple--by means of the "big-lie" principle

9/11 And The "Big Lie"
(Apollonian, 12 Sep 13)

Observe the nature of the 9/11 conspiracy, classic false-flag perpetrated by ZOG and masterminds thereof.  Of course 9/11 was classic "false-flag" and "inside job," and it doesn't require that everyone in gov. is necessarily in on any specific act.

So the master-minds merely go BIG--the criminal act, like 9/11, is so gross for treason and in-ur-face that it's hard to believe for the poor fools who so much depend upon that government.  It's mere species of the "big-lie" so often discussed and attributed to Hitler.

Ask urself: would the small child imagine his loving parent would ever lie in such large fashion?--never, impossible, inconceivable.  Thus it is said Stalin murdered Kirov in 1934, beginning the "Great Purge," and the soviet citizens couldn't conceive Stalin would do such a thing.

Of course, one needs the mass-corp. "Jews-media" to be in on it all, at least enough to co-operate in squelching any serious criticism or investigation.  And the conspiracy also includes everything else in the society too, the judiciary, the edjumacation system, and the churches.

And at the bottom (and top) of it all is the money system, u see, the US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam--see for expo on the Fed.  Everyone is paid-off and/or intimidated--or else they get eliminated.  It's really very simple--all's u gots to do, to controlling everything, is print-up whatever money u need, see? 

Thus the Fed money-trust is seen as literally a MONOPOLY, it controlling EVERYTHING and everyone else, w. only very few exceptions, like Ron Paul.  That fat-head red-neck, Alex Jones ( calls it (the Fed) a "Ponzi-scheme," but simpler and better is what I say, again, just legalized COUNTERFEITING.  Note the Fed itself is a huge, gigantic fraud built upon very same "big-lie" principle.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Obongo's speech: the usual satanic lies and spitting-in-face of the morons, scum, and brainless goons

How & Why We KNOW--Absolutely KNOW--Obongo Is LYING (Again, Ho Ho Ho)
(Apollonian, 11 Sep 13)

Well comrades, Obongo gave his Syria speech and lies last night--spitting in people's face, as usual--like when he assured us he has evidence Assad used chem. weapons, etc., without actually giving any real evidence.  This sort of putrid, contemptuous, gross presumption and effrontery is actually now "de rigueur" for Satanists, their normal M.O. stupid puke and, especially, metro-sexuals have become used to.

Ben Swann analyzed things for this speech quite well; see

Swann writes:

The second major problem with the President’s appeal was that he made a promise that the public will almost definitely reject at face value.

“I will not put American boots on the ground in Syria. I will not authorize open ended action as we experienced in Iraq. I will not engage in a prolonged air campaign as we did in Libya,” promised the President.

And the pt. is we KNOW this afore-mentioned "promise" fm Obongo is a strategic LIE BECAUSE Obongo is NOT IN CHARGE.  For Obongo is mere trained baboon dancing on the sidelines for distraction and strategic dis-info while the real government and policy is controlled by the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations--see for expo/ref.), Trilateralists, and Bilderbergs who act according to HOW THEIR TRAINED MONKEY (Obongo) SETS-UP THE SUCKERS W. IDIOT LIES and the usual idiotic, brainless platitudes directed at the metro-sexuals and Judeo-Christian puke who make up a solid fifth, at least, of the population of morons.

U see?--Obongo's ONLY PURPOSE is to (a) lie and (b) set-up more lies for the Satanists and psychopaths in control.  Obongo IS A DECOY--a device by which to keeping people's eye off proverbial "ball."

Poor, dumb, brainless bastards of Jew S A need to get a clue in order to save their stupid lives--the nation is in hands of SATANISTS and absolute mass-murdering psychopaths--which is actually obvious and plain when u stop to consider their acknowledged allies and henchmen in Syria right now as we speak, cutting people's heads off, eating their inner organs, etc.

U see?--it's not mere corruption and criminality, as I've noted in previous blogs--IT'S HIGHLY ORGANIZED and manipulated by outright satanic mass-murdering psychopaths at the top.  To say it's "conspiracy" is merely putting things lightly.

And these top Satanists are master-minded by Jews, naturally--did u fail to note AIPAC & neo-cons lobbying for war?

Lower-level Jews, even, are scared as they fear they'll lose their gentile suckers and victims upon whom they're so used to parasitize and sucking blood, these lower-level kikes now funding such as Rand and Ron Paul and Alex Jones (

That's why, to save our lives and our nation, what's left of it, we must preach the REAL Christianity, as I always note, featuring TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, above all (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), against Lies (JOHN 8:44), hence Jews.  Christianity is NOTHING if not anti-Semitic.  And if u're NOT anti-semitic, u ain't no Christian, pilgrim.

Thus heroes and soldiers of Christ must gain control of (a) churches and (b) local gov.s; everything else follows, and there's no other way to doing things, comrades.  And do it to save ur own lives, u poor morons.  There's no time to lose.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

People are beginning to realize ZOG satanists did Syrian false-flag--no less than on 9/11, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho

"Common Sense" Says Syria Gas-Attack Was False-Flag--Just Like 9/11, Eh?  Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 8 Sep 13)

Note the real issue, regarding putative Syria strike, is the President/executive defying the US Congress (and US Constitution), dis-regarding the Congress for the CONSTITUTIONAL necessity for declaration of war.  There can be no ifs, ands, or buts on this basic Constitutional issue, folks.

Now, the "white house" says "common-sense" indicates the poison-gas attack was done by Syria & Assad, ho ho ho (see

Of course, all common sense and inductive logic, not to mention the available evidence, says ZOG did the gas-attack.  But remember we're dealing w. Satanists, not mere corrupt politicians who imagine they can pretend they just "made a mistaken guess," ho ho ho

I like the Young Turks commentary (see on Kerry telling Rand Paul, "heck, we aren't going to war, shoot no...."  But if Syria attacked Jew S A, hitting targets w. their missiles, there wouldn't be any doubt among Americans that Syria had committed act of war.

BUT HERE'S the big thing, good comrades: as people realize Syria gas-attack was REALLY done by ZOG and Jew S A--and was "false-flag"--the sooner folks will understand real nature of 9/11, eh?  Ck Corbett's latest analysis/summary:

Friday, September 6, 2013

Psychopaths & satanists doubling down (on Syria)--against Constitution--the only thing they know how to doing, death worshippers

More Lies And Spit In Ur Face, Suckers
(Apollonian, 6 Sep 13)

Well folks, Obongo had his latest press-conference in Russia and the dancing, prancing baboon told us there's "no doubt" Syrian Pres. Assad and his people poison-gassed their own people--all lies, obviously.  See

Pt. is, of course, Obongo neither knows nor cares whether there really is "no doubt" about the pretended gassing.  Obongo is NOTHING BUT a mouth-piece/flack, the real gov. being run by CFR and Trilateralist agents, only telling Obongo as they consider it expedient, Obongo merely reading fm a script--just like a role-playing actor and nothing else.

Incidentally, notice we haven't hrd too much about Benghazi, or the Snowden/NSA, or IRS scandals, eh?  Ho ho ho

When Obongo was asked at the press conference if he would still go through w. an attack EVEN if Congress voted against the proposed strike, the baboon wouldn't say, as he played his usual slick & coy "political" self.  So u see how these purest filth and psychopathic mass-murderers--who staged the poison-gas attack in the first place, if there really was one--behind Obongo are DETERMINED to over-throwing US Constitution--such is their flagrant attitude.

So u see it's a "two-fer" for Obongo & co.--they get to divert the morons fm above-noted scandals, and further, they continue to intimidate the people on the Constitutional issue, playing coy as to whether they will adhere to the Constitution, keeping it up-in-the-air for their planned OVER-THROW, intending upon letting the moron masses only know after-the-fact, the morons not capable then to doing anything about it.

So it goes to show what cold-blooded, utterly crazed psychopaths these people are, CFR, Trilateralists, Skull & Bones, and Bilderbergers--they just slaughter poor people w. poison-gas, blame the victims, and spit in people's face.  No wonder their assassins, the Syrian "rebels," are such cold-blooded murderers, cutting off heads, eating the organs of their victims, etc., filmed on numerous videos.

So folks remember: u gotta keep preaching that REAL Christianity--IT'S ANTI-SEMITIC, necessarily, against lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).  Take control of local CHURCHES, then the local gov.s and work fm there.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Note there's HUGE difference btwn present SATANISTS and the usual, petty, random criminals of the usual corrupt gov.

Remember Folks: We're Up Against SATANISTS, Not Random, Petty Criminals
(Apollonian, 3 Sep 13)

Remember folks: we're up against SATANISTS--NOT mere criminals or "corrupt" politicians.  For there's always been random corruption and corrupt politicians.  But we haven't had such a sublimely & HIGHLY organized, cohesive, and nearly INVINCIBLE juggernaut (so far) as we face presently--the Jews, especially the topmost hierarchy (who head up the Tri-lateralists, CFR, Skull-and-Bones, and Bilderbergers, etc.), have an invincible weapon working for them: the US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam (see for expo/ref.) which pumps out nearly endless, infinite funds--this is their strength, what they can always (almost) count on, as there's always (until they start to get killed-off) scum willing to be bribed, their propaganda machine (the "Jews-media") always working for them, always on--the TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, etc.--not to mention the public & private edjumacation, & bought and paid-for "Christian" churches.

But this Fed scam has a weakness--as all criminal frauds necessarily do--and that is HYPER-inflation, which happens as it eventually prints toooooo much money, prices then sky-rocketing, the economy collapsing in food-shortages (especially), then civil un-rest, rioting, etc.  That's why the "end-game" necessarily and typically involves starting a war which creates immense turmoil, allowing top criminals to make their get-aways.

And the scum KNOW it, the lower-level Jews now funding such as Alex Jones ( and Ron Paul.

And remember: things are such that we patriots and Christian soldiers are nearly TOTALLY powerless, having to depend upon these top criminals and Jews to falling-out w. one-another, upon principle of "no honor among thieves."

So don't let ur eyes be taken off the ball, folks: (a) keep preaching the REAL, hence anti-Semitic, Christianity featuring TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44), and (b) take control of churches, local gov., and (c) insist, for one thing, upon HONEST elections--against the "electronic voting" which is obvious fraud, ho ho ho.

Note TRUTH then requires an objective reality, the necessary premise/criterion for any proposition/statement.  For that's the basic dichotomy: objective reality OR subjectivism--WHATEVER u want to be true.

Thus, there is NO "good-evil" (Pelagian heresy of St. Augustine)--we're all sinners, doomed to heck, reliant upon God's grace to be saved.

It's Jews then who pretend they're "chosen," entitled to murder and lie to gentiles, etc. (see and for best Talmudic expo).  And the Jews got lots of gentile helpers, these gentile scum far out-numbering the kikes themselves--about 10 % of total population on the "left" (the homosexuals and metro-sexual allies), and about another 12% on the "right," the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo) puke who support Israel, these JCs then intimidating all the other pretend "Christians," Catholic and Protestant.

So that's the Christian TRUTH to preach--which then is plainly EVIDENT, the satanic program of death that's in store for humanity--AGENDA-21, featuring population reduction--genocide.  And that genocide program is aside fm what else we ALREADY know--the poison fluoride in the water supplies, deliberately put there, the poisonous additives in the food, like aspartame, which now the Coca Cola corp. is out defending, the poison GMO food, the toxic vaccines being forced upon the people, poison drugs pushed on the people, esp. little school-kids, the "chem-trail" poisoning of the ground-soil, etc.  Heard about Fukushima lately?--ho ho ho ho--this is what the Jew world order has brought us--isn't it wonderful?--death, built upon lies, subjectivism and false moralism built upon fallacy/delusion of "good-evil."

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Satanism and culture of death built upon culture of lies--especially MORALISM

Satanism: How Is It Achieved?--It Begins With SOCIALISM, Moralism
(Apollonian, 1 Sep 13)

Observe how the SATANIC culture of Death is built upon the culture of LIES, hence moralism (the "noble lie").  We now have, before our very eyes, a Satanist regime, Obongo the front-man, who/which now wants people and Congress to go along w. bombing Syria--after Jew S A PLAINLY staged a BLATANT false-flag, the poison gas-attack which killed hundreds--which false-flag they are using as excuse/pretext for going ahead w. bombing.

And these absolutely insane, psychopathic puke imagine people will go along, ho ho ho--some will, but most won't, as we see.  How did this all happen and develop over the years?

Well, note Satanism is just complexified, elaborated, refined hubris, someone--or a whole group, like Jews--pretending they're God, but now making use of their madness to kill on a massive scale, doing this by simple means of BETRAYING those suckers who've taken-part in and bought-into the lies, the Satanists now making use of these lies to get the suckers to go-along w. being betrayed and now killed.

Thus the Bolsheviks mass-murdered the Russians and Ukrainians, and thus the Zionists murder the Palestinians, helping Jew S A and ZOG nowadays to killing other Muzlims on mass-scale too, incidentally committing terrorist acts, like 9/11.

Perfect example of the moralist excuse/pretext is "global-warming," by which idiot lies people are persuaded humanity must be killed by means of population-reduction.  At first, of course, the sucker-morons don't realize it's THEY who are ultimate targets to be killed, ho ho hooho.

Pt. is that the basic excuse/pretext for the killing is MORALITY--the archetypal "noble lie" (as of Levi Strauss--or any Kantian/Platonist philosophy).

Only next step in the Satanist logic is achieved by means of selling the necessity of POWER to enforce that morality as official policy, political program.  And now we see how this morality plus all-powerful state apparatus has developed, esp. in present Jew S A (ZOG).  And note it all began for USA back in Civil War days--"morality" the excuse/pretext to mass-murder the South and the rebels.

Soon enough, after the American Civil War, Western civ. observed the rise of SOCIALISM during the latter half of 19th cent., leading then to the Soviet Bolsheviks, later the "New Deal" of Roosevelt (FDR), and now the satanic Jew world order (ZOG)--which, as noted, (a) murders some people w. poison-gas attack, this attack now used as excuse/pretext for (b) even more massive bombing campaign which will spread depleted uranium poisoning, etc., the Satanists behind it all expecting the suckers to go along sooooo enthusiastically, ho ho ho ho.

So we see then, this Satanism arises best and most fm the leftist moralism, not the right, the right being mostly mere reaction to previous leftists.  For it's the left which traditionally features the elaborated moralism and pretexts for the massive POWER, policy and programs of big-bro. and ZOG, as we presently see.

But the "right" isn't entirely immune to this idiot moralism, as we see the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists who suck-along w. Israel swallowed the Jew 9/11 lies so easily and went along w. the "neo-cons" to mass-murder Muzlims in Afgan and Iraq, aimed towards Iran as we see.

Thus Satanism must be countered and decisively confronted w. the REAL Christianity, worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all and any other precept--against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44), Jews the pre-eminent Satanist leaders, Jews most elaborate, organized, cohesive and connected liars and criminals.