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Monday, October 28, 2013

Do the Pauls (Ron and Rand) Do all they could to INFORM the people?--there are surely problems, regardless

Ron And Rand Paul: They Leave Quite A Bit To Be Desired For Leadership
(Apollonian, 28 Oct 13)

Note fm my last blog I pt'd out how JEWS HAVE WON--they own the Jew-S-A now, and they're in midst of a great falling-out ("no honor among thieves"), the top master-mind bankers fighting against the lower-level Jews, these led by Alex Jones (, Jesse Ventura, and the Pauls.  If, for example, u ck, u see quickly it's a "metro-sexual" site.  The Pauls attract lots of kikes w. money, u see (even though they're the lower-level, earnings-wise, among Jews, sociologically)--hence also queers too, ho ho ho ho ho.  Rand Paul seems to have sold-out for sake of Jew money.

So the Pauls will say some good things, esp. about the economy--Ron Paul is true genius, I think--BUT they suffer for their basic cultural grasp--now, WHY?  Obviously, for anyone who really KNOWS--Israelis are satanic mass-murderers and psychopaths, plainly.

I say the Pauls suffer because they don't emphasize for folks the real and necessary Christian inspiration, which is anti-semitic, but moreover they don't emphasize for folks the REAL cultural situation, the Jews having won, as I note, and this means the nation/country is in the hands of SATANISTS--not just "corrupt politicians" or run-of-the-mill criminals.

Poor, stupid morons of Jew-S-A: they don't realize the absolutely HORRIFIC trouble they're in--how they're being mass-murdered, this by slow-kill methods, as by all the various poisons in the food and water, in the vaccines and the atmosphere, etc.

Thus the Pauls, by taking part in the present, Jew-dominated political process tend to give legitimacy and cover to these horrific criminals, Jews, and psychopaths working to destroy the country and people.  Alex Jones does a better job (he doesn't hesitate to note the satanic nature of the criminals in charge), of course, but he's even more securely in the pocket of Jews, as we know.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Assessing Alexei Jones in context of present cultural wreckage and shambles

Alex Jones: "Only Game In Town"
(Apollonian, 26 Oct 13)

Fitz (see, blog for 24 Aug 13): I suspect u miss the pt. Demonstrable fact is Jews have won--they've long since swept the field. Christians/Christianity hardly exist any longer but for remnant. For note a Christian worships truth = Christ (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), the only way to "Kingdom of God" (happiness).

But now, given the Jew victory (ho ho ho), observe there's "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES," and we see they're falling-out w. one another--this falling-out of the victors being our ONLY chance to be able to pick-up the pieces when things definitively collapse--as w. the absolutely CERTAIN and imminent currency/economic collapse.

For example: (a) there's the "leftist" "atheist" faction of Jews, esp. the topmost bankers who want to exterminate humanity according to AGENDA-21 policy and "green" worship of the earth. (b) Then there's the same old MYSTIC faction of Jews, pretending to be "rightist"/"conservative" who consider it dangerous thing to exterminate all the goyim they're so used to parasitizing off of.

And of course there are (c) the "neo-cons" who seem to bridge the two above factions.

FInally (I think) there are (d) the lower-level Jews, sociologically--who are still amazingly rich--who can be pretty mystic themselves, but who also don't feel comfortable offing the gentiles, much like faction (b), these then led by such as Alex Jones and Ron & Rand Paul.

I've been listening to Alex now for 3 solid yrs and I'm sure he's honest so far as he goes--he follows his dad who's also in w. Jews, I understand. Alex is really fairly typical--he believes in "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy (Pelagianism), insisting he has "free" will, etc. So as a Christian who's hunkered down, I merely follow Alex Jones upon principle he's the "only game in town" for resistance against the real satanists, say faction (a), as I note above.

At some pt. I look for a St. Constantine the Great sort of figure to rally and lead the Christian remnant to resurge fm present abysmal "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--like times of early 4th cent. Roman empire.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Exciting dialectic w. anti-Christ who attempts all the usual Jewwy arguments

Here's a great dialectic just had over at shout-box (read fm bottom-up): observe this little anti-Christ gutter-snipe tries everything to "debunk" dear Christianity.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

» apollonian - 24-10-07:43 -- if she's "true princess" why does she entertain anti-Christ puke like u?
» Clancy - 24-10-07:43 -- I wish I could post her picture, but I wouldn't want to "out" her on a public forum.
» Clancy - 24-10-07:42 -- my girls is a true princess.
» Clancy - 24-10-07:42 -- I wouldn't fuck that.
» apollonian - 24-10-07:42 -- well, mr. fuck-tardo, u're PURE kike, eh?
» Clancy - 24-10-07:41 -- according to her sister
» Scampi - 24-10-07:41 -- so her sister says
» Zarathustra - 24-10-07:40 -- she's part native indian too, i think
» Zarathustra - 24-10-07:40 -- in his case, he has to have low standards
» Clancy - 24-10-07:40 -- she seems like an airhead too, based upon her comment of Accidental Descent.
» Clancy - 24-10-07:39 -- different strokes for different folks, I guess.
» apollonian - 24-10-07:39 -- at this pt. mr. fuck-tard, u gotta prove u're NOT kike, scum
» Clancy - 24-10-07:39 -- lol
» Zarathustra - 24-10-07:38 -- hunter's girlfriend/wife reminds me of miss piggy
» apollonian - 24-10-07:38 -- clancy: thinks like a kike, talks and acts like a kike, by golly, but he might very well BE a goddam kike, to go by science and inductive evidence, eh?
» apollonian - 24-10-07:37 -- by golly, but mr. fuck-tardo really came out of his anti-Christ bag AGAIN, and I stomped his stupid little kike's face but good, by george, h o ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
» apollonian - 24-10-07:33 -- only kikes lie and insist about anti-Christianity like mr. fuck-tardo supremo
» apollonian - 24-10-07:32 -- if he isn't, he SHOULD be, scampi
» Scampi - 24-10-07:32 -- are u a kike clancy?
» apollonian - 24-10-07:31 -- a "deep-cover" kike, indubitably, ho ho o ho ho ho ho ho oho
» Clancy - 24-10-07:31 -- Accidental Descent is all abuzz with Brad Chimpin's wedding.
» apollonian - 24-10-07:30 -- --and it's all because Christianity is and has been so effective anti-semitic force, eh?
» Clancy - 24-10-07:30 -- lol
» apollonian - 24-10-07:29 -- --what else could possibly explain ur determined anti-Christianity?
» apollonian - 24-10-07:29 -- Clancy: now it's FINALLY coming out eh?--u're a kike, pure and simple, eh?
» apollonian - 24-10-07:28 -- that's ur kike's assertion which u don't and can't prove, scum
» Clancy - 24-10-07:27 -- the NT is highly contradictory and contains many anachronisms as well.
» apollonian - 24-10-07:27 -- right--and U'RE kike who says Christianity is lie, aren't u?
» Clancy - 24-10-07:27 -- the onus is on those making the claim.
» apollonian - 24-10-07:27 -- NT is no more "lies" than Illiad and Oddysey, moron
» apollonian - 24-10-07:26 -- fuck-tardo: U CANNOT PROVE CHRIST DIDN'T EXIST AND WASN'T RESURRECTED--get a clue, u brainless little bastard
» apollonian - 24-10-07:25 -- the story of dear Christ is the story of truth and it's treatment by kikes and humans
» Clancy - 24-10-07:24 -- you wouldn't even be considered a Christian by most Christians because you reject the actual, historical crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.
» Scampi - 24-10-07:24 -- Clancy are u hating Christianity just because ur paki gf is an arab and therefore semite?
» apollonian - 24-10-07:24 -- --well, THAT'S ur kike's "interpretation," isn't it?
» apollonian - 24-10-07:24 -- U hate hate hate hate hate hate dear Christianity as it's such effective anti-semitic force, eh fuck-tardo supremo?
» Clancy - 24-10-07:23 -- belief in Christ is belief in the narrative of the Gospels, not the abstract belief in the existence of objective truth itself.
» apollonian - 24-10-07:23 -- "ahistorical"--ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho oh hoo ho ho
» apollonian - 24-10-07:22 -- it's not "eccentric" moron--see Gosp. JOHN 14:6--Christ is truth, the ONLY way to Godly happiness, scum--what's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo difficult?--u're just a kike, aren't u?
» Clancy - 24-10-07:21 -- Your highly eccentric interpretation of Christianity is completely ahistorical.
» apollonian - 24-10-07:21 -- see fuck-tardo--u just HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE ttruth, don't u?--admit it, u Jewwy puke
» Clancy - 24-10-07:21 -- Christ is more than an abstract representation of "truth."
» apollonian - 24-10-07:21 -- --and that u can't KILL TRUTH--it resurrects and always comes out, fool
» apollonian - 24-10-07:20 -- Further, all it means is u should "believe" the truth, since that's all Christ really is
» apollonian - 24-10-07:20 -- That's Paul's opinion, moron
» Clancy - 24-10-07:20 -- Romans 10
» Clancy - 24-10-07:19 -- " Because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved. "
» apollonian - 24-10-07:19 -- not much gets through fuck-tardo's thick skull, one must observe
» apollonian - 24-10-07:18 -- There's NOTHING about "having to believe," as lying little mr. fuck-tardo says
» apollonian - 24-10-07:17 -- further, Christ only says (a) u must love God, and (b) do justice to achieve "Kingdom of God" (happiness)--this is found at MARK 12:27-31, and MATT 22:37-39
» apollonian - 24-10-07:15 -- give the citations, fool
» Clancy - 24-10-07:15 -- the Bible is contradictors. salvation is once said to be partially depndent on works, and elsewhere purely upon belief in Jesus' godhood and resurrection.
» apollonian - 24-10-07:15 -- Clancy, mr. fuck-tardo supremo, like a Jew, HAS to lie about New Test. to make his idiot's pt. ho ho oh ho ho ho ho ho
» Scampi - 24-10-07:14 -- it says that on his kike anti-Christian sites
» Zarathustra - 24-10-07:14 -- such as the helmet made of boar's tusk, dating from the mycenaean period
» Scampi - 24-10-07:14 -- indeed they have Zara
» apollonian - 24-10-07:14 -- WHO says u'll "burn in hell," moron?--WHERE does it say that?
» Clancy - 24-10-07:13 -- does that make it true?
» Clancy - 24-10-07:13 -- millions more believe in the Qur'an
» Zarathustra - 24-10-07:13 -- sections of the homeric narratives have actually been corroborated by archaeological evidence
» apollonian - 24-10-07:13 -- --so obviously, those millions and billions are wrong
» apollonian - 24-10-07:13 -- millions, even billions, of folks LOVE New Test., but mr. fuck-tardo finds many objections to it
» Clancy - 24-10-07:13 -- they don't demand that we believe in the veracity of their narratives or burn in hell.
» Scampi - 24-10-07:13 -- are they lies? yes or no?
» Clancy - 24-10-07:12 -- The Iliad and Odyssey are poetry, not history.
» Scampi - 24-10-07:12 -- he certainly keeps saying jewwy things
» apollonian - 24-10-07:12 -- all inductive evidence pt.s to that conclusion
» apollonian - 24-10-07:12 -- Scampi: I think clancy is HEAVILY kike-oriented, if not out-and-out kike himself
» Scampi - 24-10-07:11 -- answer the question nancy is Illiad and Oddysey lies?
» apollonian - 24-10-07:10 -- No stupid, Christ gave new definitions and circumstances and understanding of the Mosaic law--in contrast to Pharisaic liars
» Clancy - 24-10-07:10 -- So God must be a liar.
» Clancy - 24-10-07:10 -- Jesus violated a number of laws from the Torah that were supposed to be eternally binding.
» apollonian - 24-10-07:10 -- But Illiad and Oddysey say there are gods like Poseidon and Athena--are these lies?
» apollonian - 24-10-07:09 -- No Christ COULDN'T have "violated" Mosaic law, as Christ was/is God, stupid little presumptuous bastard--u're saying he violated laws is ur own assertion, moron
» Clancy - 24-10-07:08 -- No. The NT is.
» apollonian - 24-10-07:08 -- but is Illiad and Oddysey lies?--answer the question
» Clancy - 24-10-07:08 -- Jesus violated Mosaic law as well.
» Scampi - 24-10-07:08 -- explain Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus if Christianity isn't anti-Semitism
» apollonian - 24-10-07:08 -- Doesn't it occur to u Pharisees hated Christ (truth) because they were contradicted by Christ for their understanding of Mosaic law?
» Clancy - 24-10-07:08 -- The difference between the Illiad and the NT is that the Illiad is mythological poetry and the NT is historically oriented prose
» apollonian - 24-10-07:07 -- Jews murdered Christ--BY THEIR OWN ADMISSION, though they say he was "righteously executed"
» Clancy - 24-10-07:07 -- Not out of any biological animus.
» Clancy - 24-10-07:06 -- Christianity is only antisemitic because of the Jews rejection of Jesus.
» apollonian - 24-10-07:06 -- but answer the question--is Illiad and Oddysey lies?
» apollonian - 24-10-07:05 -- Clancy, mr. fuck-tardo supremo--if Christianity is NOT anti-semitic--WHY then do kikes HATE it so?
» apollonian - 24-10-07:05 -- fuck-tards are subject to confusion as they BEGIN in confusion, though thinking they're brilliant, ho oh h hoo ho ho ho
» Clancy - 24-10-07:05 -- Before Paul, Christianity was a strictly Jewish sect.
» Scampi - 24-10-07:04 -- he gets confused
» apollonian - 24-10-07:04 -- oh right, "clearly" ho ho ho ho--u're clearly a dumb-ass little moron
» Clancy - 24-10-07:03 -- They are clearly poetry.
» Clancy - 24-10-07:03 -- The Illiad and Odyssey don't ask us to believe in Akhilleus and Odysseus or go to hell.
» apollonian - 24-10-07:03 -- well, Illiad and Odyssey are lies too, eh?
» Clancy - 24-10-07:02 -- between the various accounts, not counts
» Clancy - 24-10-07:02 -- The NT story is told in too much detail (albeit there are numerous contradictions between the various counts) for it to be meant as allegory.
» apollonian - 24-10-07:02 -- "How can Christianity be antisemitic if it doesn't acknowledge distinction between Jew and Gentile?"--does it occur to u u're just muddling up meaning of this statement?
» Clancy - 24-10-07:01 -- In other words, the Bible is a lie.
» Clancy - 24-10-07:01 -- not as allegory.
» apollonian - 24-10-07:01 -- We gotta hand it all to u: U are dedicated little moron and fuck-tard, aren't u?
» Clancy - 24-10-07:01 -- You claim that Christianity is "Truth", but in an allegorical form, however the Bible clearly presents itself as history.
» Scampi - 24-10-07:01 -- ho ho ho
» apollonian - 24-10-07:00 -- So what then is Gosp. JOHN 14:6 supposed to mean, moron?--and what's JOHN 8:44 supposed to mean, u brainless little idiot?
» Clancy - 24-10-07:00 -- How can Christianity be antisemitic if it doesn't acknowledge distinction between Jew and Gentile?
» Clancy - 24-10-06:59 -- it isn't opposition to Talmudism.
» apollonian - 24-10-06:59 -- so?--that's observation, what's ur idiot conclusion (we KNOW it's idiotic)?
» Clancy - 24-10-06:59 -- The central message of the NT is that all who believe in Christ's death and resurrection will be saved.
» Clancy - 24-10-06:58 -- Galatians 3:28: There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
» apollonian - 24-10-06:58 -- The story in New Test. is evidenced by NT, stupid
» Clancy - 24-10-06:58 -- based on what evidence?
» apollonian - 24-10-06:58 -- I told u (recently) Christianity is meant to oppose kikes--u can't figure that out?--just went in one ear, then out the other fm ur empty-head, eh?
» apollonian - 24-10-06:56 -- Clancy: mr. fuck-tardo, NOW u're telling us what New Test. is all about?--so what then IS the "central msg" of NT?--how is Christ vs. Pharisees merely "incidental"--just more fuck-tarded assertions, eh?
» Scampi - 24-10-06:54 -- it will be a good day when all kikes are dead, even better than the day we kill the last commie
» Scampi - 24-10-06:49 -- ur getting confused again
» Clancy - 24-10-06:48 -- no, it isn't. Yes, Jesus opposed the Pharisees, but that isn't the central message of the NT, it is merely incidental in the NT scheme of things.
» Scampi - 24-10-06:47 -- Christianity is anti-Semitism, it's about the battle for truth over the lies of the jew
» Clancy - 24-10-06:46 -- so what is the supposed message of Christianity?
» Scampi - 24-10-06:46 -- u see? u fail to see the message because ur to busy looking at silly things instead, just as the kike wants u too, thats why they make sites like that
» Scampi - 24-10-06:45 -- that is not the messsage
» Clancy - 24-10-06:45 -- the Jesus story is a lie. The Gospels have zero historical credibility.
» Clancy - 24-10-06:45 -- the message of the story is worship a dead godman or roast in hell for eternity. I reject that message.
» Scampi - 24-10-06:44 -- so kike sites like that are not debunking anything they are just saying silly things like look some guy two thousand years ago was wrong about the date one day,, like so what, the date isn't important, it's the messsage
» Scampi - 24-10-06:43 -- what is not important is the words used to tell the story, what is important is the message the story tells u
» Scampi - 24-10-06:41 -- u get to hung up on the myths and fantasy and forget about the message
» Scampi - 24-10-06:40 -- u dnt get it clancy of course theres myths in there it's like parables its ways to tell stories so even idiots can get them ho ho ho
» Clancy - 24-10-06:40 -- there's nothing at all original about the Christian narrative or Jesus' supposed message.
» Clancy - 24-10-06:39 -- Christianity is nothing more than a synthesis of near eastern and mediterranean myths.
» Scampi - 24-10-06:39 -- u really do have to stop falling for this kike propaganda
» Scampi - 24-10-06:38 -- of course it debunks judaism too u dnt think the kikes want the goyim to believe the truth about judaism do u? ho ho ho
» Clancy - 24-10-06:38 -- you're the idiot who takes fantasy novels like the "Bible" seriously.
» Scampi - 24-10-06:37 -- its meant for idiots but u should ignore it
» Clancy - 24-10-06:37 -- the guy debunks Judaism as well as Christianity.
» Scampi - 24-10-06:36 -- Ive seen it before it's a troll site acting as front for kikes
» Clancy - 24-10-06:34 --

Monday, October 21, 2013

Comrades: u KNOW w. absolute CERTAINTY what's coming, and soon too, (a), and (b) u know also we're up against satanists--the "PLAN" should be obvious

Get A Clue: It Is Absolutely CERTAIN: (A) Economic Crash Coming, (B) Food Shortages, Starvation
(Apollonian, 21 Oct 13)

Comrades: There's 2 things coming, fairly soon, though it seems it still could be put off for couple yrs or so, and those are economic crash--collapse of US Dollar--and thence food shortages/starvation.  The complication is war--or a considerable intensification, up-surge thereof.  Regardless, economic collapse is CERTAIN, and thence food shortages/starvation.

Note further, the war complication is extremely likely to involve civil un-rest in way we're already seeing, gov. -sponsored gangs, esp. racially-oriented, these then all working towards MARTIAL LAW.

The political solution should be OBVIOUS--de-activation of present criminal, satanic national, fed gov. on basis of primacy of state & local gov. and the 10th Amendment.  And the way to relate w. fellow citizens is by means of CHRISTIANITY, hence anti-semitism--there is NO Christianity without anti-semitism, don't forget--Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).

Note it's relatively useless to try persuading folks about economics and the coming collapse thereof--BUT persuading folks we have absolute psychopaths and satanists in charge isn't difficult--and that's how Christianity, the real thing can work quite well.

So comrades: the "plan" should be OBVIOUS for u--U KNOW WHAT'S COMING, (a), and (b), u KNOW also we're dealing w. satanists, as we've noted--see previous blogs/articles, this site.

Friday, October 18, 2013

People need to face-up to and realize just HOW we're all being murdered--by slow-kill methods--by these truly satanic scum. We NEED Christianity, to save our lives

Get A Clue, Folks: We're Being Systematically, Deliberately, Steadily POISONED
(Apollonian, 18 Oct 13)

Poor, brainless, stupid scum of the world: GET A CLUE--u and we are being deliberately POISONED by the satanic puke who rule.

I was listening today to Alex Jones show (, ck for today's show, 18 Oct, 2:24 into it, to his guest, Dr. Brownstein, who explains about how table-salt used to be sold w. Iodine in it, but the satanic corp.s took it out in order to induce more sickness for various reasons and purposes.  Instead corp.s now put in POISONOUS bromine to all the flour products (bread, pasta, etc.).

And this bromine poisoning, for just one example, is part-parcel to the other ways we're being systematically, deliberately poisoned--fluoride in the water supplies, GMO foods, toxic vaccines, aluminum and barium particulates in the "chem-trails" which poison the ground-soil, not to mention all the nuclear poisoning fm the 90% or so of nuke reactors which have been found regularly leaking.  And that's all aside fm the deliberate drugging of the population, esp. the little school-kids, about 20% of them, at least, so far.

Alex Jones does great work w. his info--of course he leaves out stuff that embarrasses his kike sponsors, naturally.

See folks, don't forget: white Christians have TOTALLY LOST THE CULTURAL WAR--it's now all kikes, all the time who rule absolutely.  See, for Hoffman's observation on Catholic church declaring holohoax to be official dogma now--seriously.  People need to realize how TOTALLY kikes rule.

BUT, the kicker is that now that kikes rule, they're falling-out to a great and significant degree, there being "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES," u understand, the top banker -types, atheist and leftist, the lower-level kikes being more mystic and "rightist" or "conservative."

So Alex Jones, Ron & Rand Paul, and Jesse Ventura are the leaders of the lower-level kikes, many of whom style themselves "libertarian," and these now contend against the top banker kikes who are serious about AGENDA-21 genocide, the lower-level kikes wanting to keep goyim around to continue exploiting them/us, evidently, ho ho ho ho ho ho.

But otherwise, people need to get a serious clue as to just HOW they and we are being murdered, by slow-kill method of this systematic, steady poisoning that's going on--it's un-mistakable and indisputable when u consider it all.

Only the real Christianity (truth)--ANTI-SEMITISM--will (a) oppose the kikes (the ultimate liars) effectively, and (b) unite the gentiles against the provable genocide that's on-going.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The IRONY of the present political struggle against satanists--they're Jews, even though lower-level Jews fund the libertarians, Paul, Jones, et al.--"NO HONOR" among Jews, ho ho ho

Satanic Juggernaut Continues To Roll--So HOW Does This Satanism Succeed?
(Apollonian, 16 Oct 13)

Well well, we see now after all kinds of idiot threats and hysterical charges by Jews' media, Republicans will now duly cave-in to Obongo and Dems on gov. shut-down, which the morons all said (falsely) would lead to "default" and collapse of world economy, even,  ho ho ho--all this to be able to "borrow" more money by raising the "debt ceiling," etc.  See

And the satanic influence is impossible to over-look--note the EBT (food-stamp) difficulties which REALLY terrorize people--I think this EBT stuff is especially what REALLY psyched people and politicians--but it was good medicine nonetheless.  Plus, terror, in whatever form is TYPICAL satanic tactic.

For eventually we're gonna have a collapse just like this EBT business--only WORSE.

So comrades: question is HOW does this sublime satanism work?--well, obviously they have infinite funds in way of the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed--see for expo) COUNTERFEIT machine/instrument, and an extremely powerful military, EVEN if it's on brink of collapse.

Thus we conclude again how things satanic are built necessarily upon lies, these lies then founding the culture of death and terror--to which there's only ONE antidote/remedy--TRUTH, hence dear old Christianity.  So who hates Christianity?--aside fm satanists, of course--JEWS, who else?

So NOW u see why satanism SUCCEEDS, comrades--people are STILL totally terrified of taking-on the kikes, both the metro-sexuals, and the Judeo-Christian (JCs--see and for expo/ref.) puke, not to mention practically all other establishment Christians, half-baked as they typically are.  Kikes are above criticism, still, un-fortunately--esp. among "libertarians."

But that's just what gives us the opening we need against satanism--especially as we affect the JCs--attacking the weak-pt., Jews, spilling the real, serious, true beans on them--how they're Talmudists, by definition, not followers of the Bible (or "Old Test.")--and what the Talmud really is all about (just ck, all truth be told.

For note the "leaders" of the Republicans, like the Tea-party people, like Alex Jones (, Rand & Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, et al., ARE WEAK--they make excuses for Obongo & co., saying they're "well-intended," which is A LIE, which lots and lots of folks KNOW is a lie.

Reason for this weakness of Jones, Pauls, and Ventura is they get SO MUCH of their money fm the lower-level Jews ("libertarian"-styled) who aren't in favor of the AGENDA-21 genocide, who want to keep goyim around so as to keep parasitizing, these lower-level Jews rightly suspicious of the topmost criminal Jews who are absolute, total psychopaths--satanists.

So that's the quandary people are in: scared shit-less to criticize kikes, AND beholden to them (the lower-level sort, anyway, who are still amazingly wealthy) for the funds they get, ho ho ho ho ho ho.

And the IRONY is kikes are the problem, even though it seems they (at least on lower sociologic level) are the only ones still significantly funding such as Jones, the Pauls for the "opposition," such as it is, that they offer/present, et al.  But remember, there's "NO HONOR among thieves" (and Jews)--that's the phenomenon visible to us who are honest now.

Doesn't matter comrades and Christian soldiers--ONLY truth truth truth is going to ultimately win this battle to the death, never doubt.  And don't forget those satanists are totally insane, in their way, absolutely determined to enslave people, if not to immediately exterminating them/us.  Patriots must not flag in their/our efforts.

Obvious political strategy is to taking firm control of the local gov.s, exerting states' rights, etc., all in accord w. 10th Amendment, etc.--don't lose sight of this necessary and simple strategy.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Chicoms are screaming to everyone--unfortunately, for Jew-S-A, the truth about dead (not just dying) dollar, comrades--take heed

Heed The Signs--Especially When It's Shouting Right Into Your Ears, Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 14 Oct 13)

Comrades: ck out Greg Mannarino (, who tells it like it is--Chinese are screaming to high heaven, calling bluff of ZOG.  Chinese advocate de-Americanization--just like de-nazification of post-WWII, eh?  Ck also

And the signs are all there for anyone to see: see

Now u see why ZOG is soooooooooo desperate to get us into war, like in Syria, eh?

Hence, observe ZOG needs to get rid of free I-net, eh?  Too much truth will lead to too many folks learning the dirty low-down, eh?  Ho o ho ho ho ho ho ho.

So keep preaching the REAL Christianity of truth truth truth above all/any other precepts--hence ANTI-SEMITISM (who love lies, esp. "good-evil" fallacy/delusion/heresy).  Start in the churches and gain control of local governments, comrades.

Thus we have two sets of enemy factions among the people, the leaders actually often colluding: (a) the "metro-sexuals" of the left, atheist-styled, anti-Christ filth, about 10 % of the pop.  (b) Then u got the "Judeo-Christian" (JC--see and for expo/ref.) hereticalists, a little larger, about 40 mill. strong, maybe 12 % of pop.  And note and don't forget, there's yet more who are militantly non-committal, ho ho ho.  Take care and good luck.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Obongo & co. looking sooooooooooooooo bad now, Repubs must come to rescue to make puke powers look-not-so bad, ho hoo ho ho--extremely revealing & notable

War Against Citizens & People Soooooooo Blatant Now, Republicans Must Come To Rescue Of Obongo & Co.
(Apollonian, 11 Oct 13)

Ck; Obongo is DOUBLING-DOWN against the people, Obongo working for CFR, Trilateralists, etc., of course.

And NOW U SEE WHY REPUBLICANS MUST RESCUE OBONGO, seeking to coming now to terms w. the scummy puke--see

For note and don't doubt or forget this is all theater and melo-drama, the powers (above-noted) behind most and top Republicans also--they (Republicans et al.) see Obongo is looking very bad now.

So Obongo (& co.) make the pt. to citizens of Jew S A--THEY OWN EVERYTHING, NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT THE PEOPLE AND TAX-PAYERS, suckers--people gotta figure this out.  This shut-down has been very revealing and instructive for patriots and non-patriots alike, seeing most graphically how things really are, what stupid fools and suckers citizens and tax-payers are being openly treated like--definitively.

Don't fail to pt. this all out for neighbors, friends, and public--it's soooooo simple and impossible to deny.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

ZOG is stepping it up for war against the people, folks--don't just stand there flat-footed

Obongo And ZOG In Ur Face, Suckas--They're Moving Vigorously Against The People
(Apollonian, 10 Oct 13)

Comrades, ck  Obongo administration is going to close-down public facilities, the high-way, for their own political purposes--this is USURPATION, deliberate mis-management, and treason.  Obongo, working for ZOG and the globalist conspirators (CFR, Trilateralists, Bilderbergers, et al.) is ACTIVELY CONDUCTING WAR against the people.

See, we're up against MONOPOLISTS--that's what ObongoCare is all about, monopolization of medicine, drugs, and health-care, not to mention insurance.  And this monopolization follows fm the "money-trust" monopolization of the currency, money, and banking by the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed) COUNTERFEITING scam (see for expo on the Fed).

So u see what's happening: just a gross, blatant TAKE-OVER by this Jewwy puke who control the Jews-media, now being evermore actively enforced.

Comrades: u gotta get a clue--go out and inform ur neighbors, the object being primacy of local gov.--against these big monopolists led by Jews and their buddies.  Make use of Christianity, the real thing, which is ANTI-SEMITIC--TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH against Jew lies, objectivity vs. Jewwy subjectivism, subjectivism the basis of lies, Jews always making use of "good-evil" Pharisaism.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Anti-Christ puke, Satanic scum are caught red-handed, comrades; now's time to ACT, esp. w. INFO first, don't forget

Satanist Anti-Christs Are Caught Red-Handed Overthrowing Constitution
(Apollonian, 9 Oct 13)

Comrades: it's right there in front of ur very faces, plain as day--ck

U see what's not merely coming, but HERE, ALREADY?--the outright, satanic suppressing of religion and freedom thereof--on the PRETEXT that gov. has anything to do w. anything that's connected w. the practice of it.

Note Obongo and co. want u to understand and think they have the legalist/psychologic justification for doing this putrid suppression of our dear Christianity.

See, these satanic puke imagine they OWN what's called gov. and gov. property (land, buildings, monuments, etc.)--against the people and public, the REAL OWNERS, the gov. mere servants and care-takers on behalf of the citizens.

What amazes me is these scummy satanic puke do this in-our-faces now--they were only looking for the pretext which they got w. the gov. "shut-down."

But ck this fm Alex Jones ( who has herewith out-done Mark Dice (ck his great vids on, whence "edjumacated" (perfectly programmed) morons at U. Texas, no less, were all for REQUIRING people to wear helmets when out walking--just walking, u read that right, suckas.

See, u idiots out there gotta start getting SERIOUS just in order to saving ur moronic lives, suck-holes.  U GOTTA understand the real Christianity--it's NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT about love--love is not the main thing--it's TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, morons; get it straight, truth above all.  The truth only that truth will set u free, suckas.  U gotta love truth above all--as God is truth truth truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

And truth (in specific sense, here) is that satanic, mass-murdering psychopaths, criminals, and traitors have taken-over--or tried to.  Christians must TAKE THE LEAD, understanding it's TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH that's God, nothing else, nothing less.  Go ahead and "love" ur enemy, but don't let that prevent taking his head off and cutting out his heart, ho ho ho ho ho.

Satanic enemy is now caught red-handed for all to see; NOW is time for Christian soldiers to act.  First step is info--u go out and inform ur fellows.

The specific political key is DE-ACTIVATING ZOG, hence primacy of state and local gov.  Only valid law is the natural law and US Constitution, never doubt.  Need a place to target for starting?--begin in the churches, a perfect place.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

stupid scum of Jew S A need to get a clue, face facts in front of their stupid faces

Culture Of Lies Truly Culture Of Death
(Apollonian, 8 Oct 13)

Great story wherein it's admitted Obongo has ordered such as park rangers to make life difficult for the citizens as possible:  This of course is aside fm encouraging the black gangs to kill white people.

But will the "Jews-media" report it?--of course not--and people know it, too.  Enough white people know all this too--what's their problem?--don't they know their culture is dead and gone?  Ho ho ho--they just need more hardship, eh?  Ho ho ho--well, they're gonna get it, the dumb, brainless bastards.

Alex Jones ( has a story on his site about the black biker gangs going about wreaking havoc, etc.,

The culture of lies and fraud, featuring such as the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed), which now controls everything and everyone in the culture, is the culture of death.  Natural the puke, filth, and scum don't want to admit this about lies leading to death, poor, dumb, brainless bastards.  Ho ho ho

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Isn't it just sooooooooo swell?--all this compassion, tolerance, and neato "diversity"?

Isn't Dicatorship Wonderful?
(Apollonian, 6 Oct 13)

Ck  Now we got the satanist puke in ur face, DELIBERATELY throwing their weight about, PUNISHING the people, spitting in proverbial "face" of the people, showing them who's boss, ho ho ho ho.

Scummy people of the Jew S A, don't jump when ZOG says "frog"?--by golly, we'll show u.

Dumb, brainless bastards--the puke who enforce, and the poor scum who WILLINGLY let themselves be pushed around by such puke. 

Well, it's just gonna get worse and worse and worse, morons.  Next is HYPER-inflation, then civil un-rest and FEMA camps--and it doesn't have to be this way if only people could think, poor bastards.

Satanist puke have to go out of their way to applaud horrific murder of poor, confused mom who panicked

Satanist Puke Applaud Murder/Execution Of Poor Soul
(Apollonian, 6 Oct 13)

Well, they executed a (black) lady in DC the other day; she seems to have blundered into a drill, was on medication and panicked.  Sooooooooooooooooooo, when she didn't do what the puke told her, she was executed, hey.  That's what happens when u don't follow orders fm pigs and puke, comrades.

Then we get the Congress puke giving the murderers a standing ovation, etc.--as (kike) Savage shows us on the vids--see

This is what our glorious country has come to, applauding murder and murderers--stupid puke didn't know what else to do, ho ho ho.  These Congress puke didn't have to take any notice--they could have just over-looked it, BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, they had to come out and give the standing ovation, to show what scummy filth they really are, Democrat and Republican.

Such is the regime of satanism we got, eh?

Friday, October 4, 2013

Insanity of ZOG satanists intensifying in "shut-down" of gov.--get a clue, fools

Insanity Mere Hallmark Of Satanic Murderers In Charge Of Things, Morons--Get A Clue
(Apollonian, 4 Oct 13)

It's interesting thing and worth taking note of regarding the satanistic insanity of people and culture, presently.

Never doubt top powers--kike bankers behind CFR (see for expo/ref.), Trilateralists, et. al.,  are absolutely determined to murder the people and totally exterminate them (us)--all in accord w. "Agenda-21" genocide and "population-reduction," ho ho ho.

To verify this palpable, demonstrable insanity, ck this story about the active drugging of our soldiers:

And this forced drugging of people--not only soldiers, but school-kids too, among others--surely reflects the insanity of our dear and fearless leaders, to wit, Obongo and co. who are doing lots of insane things, of course, but lately, trying to shut-down private concerns, along w. various offices of gov., this in order to "make it hurt" the people of Jew S A, trying no doubt, to get them to think, golly gee, but we need gov. and ObongoCare and endless deficit-spending.  See

And this trying to shut-down private resorts and hotels goes along w. shutting-down other things like the Vets' WWII memorial, see

So the pt. is to reiterate we're not merely up against run-of-the-mill criminals and corrupt politicians; rather, we're veritably up against highly organized SATANIC conspiracy, their purpose being to absolutely MURDER AND GENOCIDE the people, and nothing less.

Just like they (ZOG and their oligarchic backers, the bankers, et al.) are drugging and murdering our own soldiers, they themselves are thoroughly, palpably insane, intent upon insanity and mass-murder, nothing else, nothing less.

How far along are we in the CYCLIC process of Spenglerian "Decline of the West"?--Well, looks like kikes are falling-out w. one another

What Stage Of Spenglerian "Decline" (Of West) Are We?--There's Truly "No Honor Among Thieves," Suckers
(Apollonian, 4 Oct 13)

I thought it would be good to note and remind folks the particular stage we're at now in on-going "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

West is essentially dead--the Christian and white people--all gentiles--are essentially, utterly WITHOUT a voice--excepting for random blogs, like this one.

Okay?--u get the picture?--GENTILES ARE DEAD in proverbial "water," morons.  Now, at this pt., ONLY JEWS SPEAK and can say anything--THEY'VE WON, idiots--u get it?

So now, the ONLY thing we can hope for is that the puke at the top will begin to FIGHTING ONE-ANOTHER--that's our only hope, our only chance.

But note it HAD TO HAPPEN sometime, right?--FOR "THERE IS NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES."

And so now that's what's happening: (a) the BIG KIKES, esp. the bankers, the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations--see for expo/ref.), Trilateralists, Skull & Bonesmen, and Bilderbergers, these esp. on the "LEFT," atheistic-styled, who back the United Nations, "global-warming," etc. HAVE FALLEN-OUT now w. (b) the lower-level kikes, more mystical-oriented, who tend to be zionistic, allied w. the "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for expo/ref.) morons and hereticalists, who say Christ was kike and support Israel, etc.--and these lower-level kikes make-up such as the (official) Libertarian party, and support such as Alex Jones ( and Ron and Rand Paul.

Irony is top leaders of Israel actually support the "globalist" leftists behind Obongo, as we note fm their trying to get Jew S A to attack Syria and Iran.

Pt. to this blog's expo is that white Christians' (or ANY gentiles') voice has now been thoroughly, totally, absolutely suppressed and buried--the ONLY THING LEFT are the kike victors who now are, quite predicatably, falling-out w. one another upon thematic lack of "honor among thieves," the lower-level kikes wanting to keep around some gentile slaves--against the exterminationist genocide of the top kikes' AGENDA-21 objective.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Doubt Obongo leads deliberate satanist conspiracy, designed to cow, demoralize Americans?--ck this, morons

Obongo Satanists Showing True Colors During Gov. "Shut-Down," Don't Doubt
(Apollonian, 2 Oct 13)

Ck, and  On the later story, u'll find this:

"- The White House rejected a request to allow WWII veterans, our greatest generation, to visit their memorial in Washington D.C. during the government shutdown. With over 800 WWII veterans dying every day, some of these vets may never have another opportunity to visit the memorial to honor their fellow Americans who never made it back home.

"- National Park Service workers are erecting a barricade around the World War II memorial to keep veterans out of the memorial, which was predominantly funded by private donations.

"- At the beginning on the current government shutdown, Obama closed the White House to the public, denying tours to school children and families.

"- The White House is however still open for elitists to attend state dinners and special events."

Observe Obongo (actually, it's the powers behind scenes, for whom Obongo is mere script-reading front) is going out of his way to harass the people, in this case, specifically, WWII vets--evidently, as way of pushing ObongoCare in people's faces.  See

Is this sort of behavior sadistic or what?  These are SADISTS, purest satanistic puke, u poor, dumb bastards--get a clue, morons.  They want u dead dead dead, u brainless scum.

These aren't merely corrupt politicians or just "criminals," dumb-asses, as I've noted.  These are Jew-led psychopaths and SATANISTS, morons.  Try to grow some brain-cells, scum.

Catastrophe reduction requires Christian TRUTH, primacy of local gov., above all

Primacy Of Local Gov., De-Activation Of ZOG, Christian Truth Necessary Patriot Goals, Ideals
(Apollonian, 2 Oct 13)

Hello dumbass puke.  Ho ho ho--I noticed I only had 8--that's EIGHT--viewers yest., quite a bit less than usual, ho ho ho.  So I guess u dumb bastards "got the msg" fm my previous blog, eh?  Ho ho hoo ho ho  

So now where are we inevitably headed?--disaster, for sure--only question is how bad will it be?

And what's ONLY goddam thing to save us?--well, some might be saved, but some of u stupid scum are gonna die, as u're essentially determined to doing so, eh?--stupid, brainless morons.  Reason being necessary for life, u puke are more into being "good" than in what's most rational.  Tragedy, of course, is soooooooooooo many will be dragged-down along w. the stupid puke.

And the reason u puke are gonna die is u don't give a shit about what it really takes to live, eh?  Ho ho ho

But seriously, if people for the most part could be saved, how would that be and take place?

Well, folks would have to all-of-a-sudden realize who are greatest enemies of humanity--Jews, naturally, and their suck-along accomplices, of course.

More specifically, people would have to wake-up and realize worst enemies and criminals are the satanists already in place within US gov. and other places close to gov.--like in establishment "Christian" organizations, edjumacation, public & private, etc.

So then ZOG would have to be DE-ACTIVATED--STOOD-DOWN.  And this would require primacy of LOCAL GOV.  All (or at least most of) the local gov.s would have to (a) declare independence of the criminals who occupy the central-gov. positions, and (b) CO-OPERATE w. their fellow local govs.

And note we're already potentially well on the way towards this "awakening" by means of this I-net where even u idiots out there can ck blogs.  And that's why ZOG knows it's gotta take-out the internet, one of its next steps, undoubtedly.

Regardless, whatever happens, u gotta move decisively for primacy of local gov.s, repudiation of the Jew-friendly scum, criminals, traitors, and psychopaths who control fm the fed. central gov. positions (and associated non-gov. places too, as I note).  Get rid of "electronic-voting" which is one big thing which keeps ZOG in place and in power.

What will keep u together and united is rationalist, real, true Christian worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all/any, AGAINST Jew lies (JOHN 8:44).