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Dialectic Process, Technique

[This page will cover the process/technique of DIALECTIC, so useful for info, re-surgent feature of new analytic blog-art, itself a feature of the MIGHTY Internet.]

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Information Is So Precious--It's Worth All The Trouble
(Apollonian, 30 May 10)

I think u overlook the idea of INFORMATION--as reason for writing. See, "Philadelphia...," 28 May 10. For example, people nowadays are far more united and committed regarding issue of illegal immigration invasion--due primarily, I submit, to the great blogging network and artistry which has arisen in only last few yrs.

People are now far better informed in way of basic details for the enemy and its outright SATANIC nature.

Thus we patriots see we're up against absolute psychopathic CRIMINALS, at the top of things, who exert their tremendous power due to their ability to (legally) COUNTERFEIT the money supply--see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed)--thus they literally BUY EVERYTHING and nearly everyone. And anyone else who fails to go along w. "program" is assassinated and/or terrorized--such is the power of legalized COUNTERFEITING.

Folks too easily fail to grasp the infernal subtlety of this COUNTERFEITING scam, so that's why it has to be emphasized so often for all the various modes of presentation and exposition of the subject.

And then there are circumstances which must be understood--like the false "prosperity" to which all the fools are addicted, which "prosperity" fools think depends upon this COUNTERFEITING, poor scum, willing slaves to criminals.

Information is that precious thing which has to be "treated," "processed," "presented," and even dramatized, never forget. And information has to be REPEATED so often, over and over and over so that internal process of INDUCTION can take effect for those folk slow on the up-take--or just pre-occupied with other things.

Note blog-art has re-introduced into civilization the great art in itself of DIALECTIC by which information is treated and processed, truth discussed and understood for all the premises, not only conclusions.

CONCLUSION: Blog art for information and dialectic is truly one of the great innovations of the INTERNET, itself such a late and new development. As long as people keep this so-far free internet, ZOG-Mammon empire-of-lies has much to worry about. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian


Essence Of Blog Art Is Very Much That Of DIALECTIC, Never Doubt
(Apollonian, 14 May 10)

Chris: u can call it "obsessive/compulsive" if u like--I rather consider it THOROUGH-GOING DIALECTIC, dialectic one of the truly great, tremendous, magnificent virtues of larger BLOGGING art, blogging itself a revolutionary development fm the internet--which has NOT been kind to Jews; in fact, just the opposite, even their DOWN-FALL--which is why Jews so desperately now work to ban free speech, etc. See below-copied at, "With Common Enemies...," 13 May 10, comments.

If there's something to be said, I often make it pt. to say it. Perhaps it's somewhat like my answer here to ur above note.

Note also I have a rather extensive article on MacDonald's banning of me, as well as his motivation for doing so, at our site,, for 10 May, wherein I pt. out MacDonald ( is terribly intimidated by Jews, compromising w. them, and caught-up grubbing for money.

Perhaps worst of all, regarding MacDonald, the entire pro-white effort, as of his own blog, is seriously under-mined and subverted, I submit, by means of literal infiltration of this character calling herself "Lasha Darkmoon," whom I "outed" as a Jew--see the MacDonald TOO blog of 26 Apr 10, "Dr. Lasha Darkmoon's Latest." Ck esp. the dialectic towards the end (394 comments, total, as of today)--I was banned on the 6th May, so there my commentary ends for that blog. But prior to that banning, I essentially exposed Darkmoon as Jew, as u'll see.

I'm absolutely sure u'll be extremely interested in that particular dialectic for the "Darkmoon" blog, and I would be interested to know if u agree w. my assessment of Darkmoon, as I detail in the blog itself. I consider it important exercise in DETECTION and scientific investigation which MacDonald has stupidly and brainlessly suppressed, the damned fool.

Finally Chris, I believe MacDonald has reduced himself to status of petty observer of largely insignificant details who's now into wrong-headed kind of "EXTORTION," as-it-were, of Jews for purpose of extracting "donations"--which I think was substantial part of reason for my being banned--seriously.

CONCLUSION: It's tremendous mistake to being "pro-white" to extent of alienating potential allies of other gentiles against Jews--to which MacDonald has allowed himself to being reduced. Thus whites are ISOLATED--instead of Jew criminals and psychopaths, this all serving Jew purposes. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

-----------------above by Ap in response to below-copied---------------

Chris Moore said...

@ apollonian,

I'm sorry to hear MacDonald kicked you off his blog. I didn't always agree with your obsessive/compulsive posting, but I recognized there were deep insights and even sparks of genius in some of what you had to say.

Feel free to comment here. I value your perspective.

4:07 PM


Jew Continues To Persist And Pretend Within Her Own Little World
(Apollonian, 5 May 10)

Right "Lasha": But see, people can ck back for that magnificent DIALECTIC for this blog--and they can draw their own conclusions, can't they?--dialectic the great virtue of blog-art, I say again--which has single-handedly, as I note, essentially destroyed power and grip of mass-corporate "Jews-media."

U're Jew, playing "good-cop" against "bad" Zionists, in favor of Jews, working for Jews--u don't care about white folk (meaning non-Jew). And u have insurmountable problem: Jews are not "white" anymore than mestizos or mulattos.

U're endlessly patronizing--evidently, u imagine urself the latter-day "Esther." And u demonstrate that Jew ability of subjectivity, living in ur own little world. But u're well-organized criminal gang/extended-family as I note, well-led too.

CONCLUSION: And it's truly CYCLIC process, according to "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, once again, u Jews steadily eliminating evermore weakling gentiles--UNTIL u urselves becoming over-populated in ur turn. People will definitively catch-on when ur present COUNTERFEIT scam (see and for expo/ref. on US Federal Reserve Bank) goes bust in HYPER-inflation, soon enough. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

------------above by Ap in response to below-copied------------

Xanadu says:
May 5, 2010 at 9:45 AM
apollonian @ May 5, 2010 at 8:18 AM

Dear Apo,

I was reduced to tears when I read your long, vituperative post tearing me to pieces and ascribing to me every vice under the sun since our misguided mother Eve appeared on Planet Earth in the year 4004 B.C.
Tears of laughter.

You really are an exceptional comedian, Apo. You missed your metier. You belong among the pantheon of Greats: up there in the firmament with Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and the Marx Bothers.

I can only offer you, in response to your savage and unforgivable attack on me, that witty line of Groucho Marx:

“I’d horsewhip you — if only I had a horse!”


“People like Apollonian were ignored on the xymphora website. Denied attention, they soon went away.

“To do justice to Apollonian, he is not one of these boring posters. He is fascinating. An entertaining kook. A clown, if you wish. (I hope he doesn’t mind me saying this, because I kinda like the guy.)

“So all I say to you is this, dear Bon: if you can’t whip up some tolerance for Apollonian’s excesses, why not just ignore him?

“(2) You and many other Apollonian-haters seem to want him ejected from this site largely because he treats you disrespectfully. You don’t like being dissed. So you want to shut him up. Fair enough. A human response." -Xanadu says: May 1, 2010 at 1:31 AM

* * * * *

Blog-Art, Dialectic, Art And Effort For Liberating Jew-Expulsion
(Apollonian, 1 May 10)

“Lasha”: First, I’d like to note what BRILLIANT, most excellent and revealing dialectic we’ve achieved in this blog here–we REALLY learn quite a lot, I submit. See below-copied fm, "Kevin MacDonald: Dr. Lasha...," 26 Aug 10, comments (about 255). Now let me get to some of the pt.s u make in above quote of urs.

I was never, ever, and have never, ever been “ignored” anywhere I ever posted–look at this blog here–u have no less than 4 or 5 Jews and/or “useful idiots” DESPERATELY, intensively agitating and trying to get me censored–this is serious issue as u so bemusedly comment, reply to, and pontificate upon.

Pt. is, dear “Lasha,” u and we thus see EXACTLY how Jews and their “useful idiots” operate, as by means of their “swarming” tactics, as we see in real-time.

And note how the blog-art generally has NOT been useful for Jews–on contrary, blog-art analytic and dialectic has been ABSOLUTELY devastating for Jews, as I noted earlier, resulting in horrible and continuing LOSS in circulation for the large, establishment “Jews-media,” and additionally in expedited effort to remove the free internet–Jews are not finished trying, not by a long-shot.

Unlike u, dear “Lasha,” I’m not lost within ABSTRACTIONS dis-connected to full CONCRETE reality–but perhaps ironic thing is I typically orient my essays in most extreme abstractions, beginning w. Aristotelian objectivity, thence absolute DETERMINISM, thus denial of perfectly “free” human will.

As result, most people as blog participants have some difficulty for quick responses, they being more CONCRETE -oriented for their immediate interests. So they rather tend, I believe, to passing over my commentary, keeping to more concrete-oriented topics and responses.

And “Lasha,” u really do betray much naivete’, if u will, when u ask so blithely, as above, “…dear Bon: if you can’t whip up some tolerance for Apollonian’s excesses, why not just ignore him?”

For surely dear “Lasha,” if u have half a brain, u’ll see it is this “Bon…” creep’s most passionate, intensive desire to lobbying and intimidating u and blog admin for CENSORSHIP, pure and simple–this is its OBJECT, its most essential purpose, CENSORSHIP, fascism, dictatorship, and again, CENSORSHIP, can’t u see? Typical female, u overlook the vile enemy’s intentions far too easily.

And it’s CONSISTENT, intensive, MOST PURPOSEFUL effort of censorship and bullying agitation thereto on their part–NOTHING ELSE. Note then, when I talk back to these scum (and I mean pure scum in every sense of the word), I’m only REACTING rationally and extremely justly to THEIR FASCIST ATTEMPTS OF CENSORSHIP, quite literally.

And u see dear “Lasha,” this is why we real soldiers have sooooooo little confidence in u female -types–as u so utterly fail to see the intensive, deliberate, vicious, fascist CONSPIRACY (literally) on part of these scummy Jews and their “useful idiots” among gentile accomplices for CENSORSHIP of dissidence.

Thus “Lasha,” it’s (meaning ur lack of serious perception of these agitators’s “swarming” attempt to intimidate u and admin) precisely why and how ur art is, for all its typical female-styled delicacy, STILL so SUPERFICIAL, hollow, empty, weak, tame, watery, insipid, and tepid. Still Jews hate ANY dissidence whatsoever, even such tame sort as ur own–they don’t want it to develop to MY SORT–which they truly fear.

“Lasha”: Jews are Talmudists by definition–ck any authority Jew or Christian–this is the fact. Hence it is absolutely, even urgently incumbent upon u to ck-up and see EXACTLY what Talmud is really all about–I’ve given u citations.

And I don’t exaggerate in the slightest: Talmud is about MURDER AND PSYCHOPATHOLOGY, nothing else and nothing less. Talmudism is WORSHIP of LIES, LYING, AND LIARS–all in effort of WARFARE against not only all humanity, but also reason, truth, reality, justice, and God himself.
Talmudists, again, are gross, horrific psychopaths who seek to make themselves God, nothing less.

Talmudism is worship of HUBRIS in the classical Greek sense, Talmudism the institution of insanity and satanism itself.

And u’re a complete failure, dear “Lasha,” until and unless u face this simple, easily verified, fact of reality regarding Jews and Talmud–u’re failure not only in art and scholarship, but then also as basic human and citizen, not to mention Christian, properly understood–anti-semite (anti-Talmud as Gosp.s MARK 7:1-13 and MATT 15:3-9).

CONCLUSION: So u see why I’m not at all “ignored”–Jews desperately wish it were so, but they know better, and that’s why they strive soooooooo hard to see I’m censored. Rather people prefer to think about what I write and say before venturing any sort of response–as u do in ur own case. Finally, again, do u see what I mean about blog-art and DIALECTIC?–it’s a smashing new development for human knowledge–devastating for Jews and accomplices. Honest elections and death to the Fed. Apollonian

---------------above by Ap in response to below-copied------------

Xanadu says:
May 1, 2010 at 1:31 AM

Bon, From the Land of Babble @ April 30, 2010 at 7:05 PM


It seems you would rather have a jerk like Apollonian on your site to personally degrade and debase other posters than someone ’slightly authoritarian’ such as myself.

If that is your ‘opinion’ I will never agree with it.”


Take it easy, dear Bon From the Land of Babble! How could I seriously object to the “opinions” of a poster with such an inspired name?

Two points:

1. I used to post on the xymphora website in its heyday — it’s changed now and I no longer post there — when it was completely unmonitored and people like Apollonian were allowed to give free rein to their fantasies there. Personal abuse and vilification were common. I was myself under constant attack. Xymphora made no attempt to censor anything. The result is that, despite all the abuse and annoying distractions, his site was vibrant and alive. Almost addictive.

Then Xymphora got cold feet ad did a complete U-turn. Strict monitoring began. Posters were vetted. You had to be “respectable” to post your opinions on his site. You had to jump through hoops to gain admission.The result? A mass exodus from the site! No one wanted to post on the site any more. Only 4 posters remained, pathetic shadows sparring at themselves.

Conclusion: if you want to lose posters and readers, monitor all posts and police everything that is ever said on your site.

People like Apollonian were ignored on the xymphora website. Denied attention, they soon went away.
To do justice to Apollonian, he is not one of these boring posters. He is fascinating. An entertaining kook. A clown, if you wish. (I hope he doesn’t mind me saying this, because I kinda like the guy.)

So all I say to you is this, dear Bon: if you can’t whip up some tolerance for Apollonian’s excesses, why not just ignore him?

(2) You and many other Apollonian-haters seem to want him ejected from this site largely because he treats you disrespectfully. You don’t like being dissed. So you want to shut him up. Fair enough. A human response.

But take me. Haven’t I been dissed on this thread repeatedly? I certainly have. Many things have been said about me that are not only totally false, they are also wounding to a high degree. I have borne these insults. I have not asked Kevin MacDonald to block my attackers’ posts. Being spat upon has become part of my life. I’m getting used to it!

The grievances you complain about are small and insignificant compared to the insults I’ve been forced to put up with here. I bear all these ad hominem attacks with equanamity. They are simply words. We are all cyber shadows here, dear Bon From the Land of Babble! Shadow-boxers on the wall of Plato’s cave.

It matters not in the slightest who insults whom. The whirligig goes round, the world turns, time passes. We are all swallowed up in darkness soon…
Let’s keep a perspective.


Emphasis Upon satanism Will Bear Fruit, Surely
(Apollonian, 12 Mar 18)

Thanks for ur note (see below-copied fm Ken). Yes, but regarding Jews, it's ABSOLUTELY pertinent and relevant to associate them (Jews) w. satanism and subjectivism--for it's best and easiest way to understand Jews--by means of satanism and subjectivism--esp. for the Judaic/Talmudic "midrash" (see, etc.). Jews are the specific thing in context of more general satanism/subjectivism--most people don't grasp that. For that's how Jews rule, manipulate, and dominate--by means of satanism/subjectivism.

Don't forget the Jews will always challenge as to HOW such "small minority" as Jews could wield such power as they do--that satanic philosophy (subjectivism) which affects so many gentiles, then, is good clue and key, Jews foremost satanists, most cohesive, collectivist, and organized. Satanism/subjectivism thus provides the ABSTRACT key for sociology and philosophy.

After that abstract/general, u have the specific/practical subject and criminal enterprise of central-banking--all of this necessary for explanation as to how such a minority thus exerts such inordinate, dis-proportionate power and influence over a vast society, so much composed of masses of goons, morons, scum, addicts, suckers, and fools.

And remember "satanism" is actually just a kind of characterization for extreme subjectivism--which subjectivism is otherwise a very technical term without much meaning or significance for laymen--"satanism" makes things lively and dramatic, esp. for our target audience--mostly "Christian," never forget, for whom such "satanism" invokes rather heavy emotion and thought, even if they don't at first understand exactly why and how.

Seriously, Ken: u should consider Jews cannot and should not even be mentioned without ref. to more general satanism--only w. that satanic back-ground should and could Jews be BEST understood, "satanism" again, understood as (extreme) SUBJECTIVISM--it well bears repetition and emphasis. And why not? (for such emphasis)--nothing else has worked for the moron population, as they merrily watch their stupid TV and football games, as the Jew-dominated world goes to heck.

WHY do u say it (satanism or subjectivism) is "too repetitive"?--I submit it well bears repetition; satanism is surely SERIOUS BUSINESS, worship of death--like Agenda-21. "satanism" would be "too repetitive" IF it was mentioned in mere empty, meaningless fashion, like a cliche'--but it should always be understood by us as (a) extreme subjectivism, making oneself God, the creator, and HUBRIS, and then, (b) as the death cult it really is, evermore power for power's sake, hence always looking to eliminate humanity and humans as potential rivals and threats to satanic God-hood.

Finally, remember that our argument(s) always, and should, invoke basic (philosophic) premises/principles regarding the objective nature of reality (or not), so it's most often quite useful to remind folks for the profundity to things. Most--or many--people are half-baked, if not totally ignorant or oblivious, to basic principles, but "satanism" often gets them to perk-up and think, even if for only a split-second--and then when we explain what satanism actually is for practical purposes (subjectivism) and how then it applies in reality to Jews, who so brilliantly take advantage, many will appreciate the understanding and insight, I suspect and hope.

People need to realize history can be understood, even dramatized, esp. when it's presented as the CYCLIC phenomenon ("Decline of the West"), hence there are "end-times" to hist. eras--significant for Christians, don't doubt--our present age being precisely that sort of stage, the US Petro-dollar in its final throes, the economic system of the West tottering.

Ken, we gotta try to DRAMATIZE things for our audience, don't forget--the Christians, if no one else, will surely appreciate it. Some repetition is boring, I agree, BUT some repetition is necessary and will bear fruit. And besides we have little to lose, in any case, long as the petro-dollar remains, the satanist master-minds dominating, able to providing "bread and circuses" to the goons, suckers, scum, and fools. So take good care and continue hanging-in as u've done so well, so far. A.

--------------------above by ap in response to "Ken," below---------------------

Hi A,

That video was just on that topic,so short. Right or wrong, you're only one I know who has to relate satanism to every topic. But it sounds too repetitive.

I do appreciate you taking the time to watch and write.