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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Remember: Bible is LITERATURE, product of Holy Spirit; Christ is TRUTH--"prophecy" then is mere part of the literature....

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Christ Is Truth; Bible Is Literature, Product Of Holy Spirit
(Apollonian, 31 May 14)

The easiest, best, most rational grasp/understanding of the New Test., as well as Old T. is it's LITERATURE, first, last, and most, one of the best products of Holy Spirit (but not un-like any other written work, potentially).  And all/any "prophecy" is just part of the literature.  Christ is symbol for TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, the only way to Godly happiness (Gosp. JOHN 14:6). 

"End-times" and Book of Revelations is merely confirmation and literary dramatization of the determinist (absolute cause-effect) reality, hence CYCLIC nature/course of events.

Remember: Christ is TRUTH, and this means Holy Spirit necessarily entails human REASON as the means for KNOWLEDGE of such truth.  "Faith" properly merely means LOYALTY to that truth.

But note further, Holy Spirit is not only reason; it also necessarily entails HONESTY, as there are lots of "rationalist" -type folks who are yet satanic and dis-honest, like esp. Jews.  And the "spiritual" part is this honest rationality pervading throughout one's entire consciousness, including the emotion/sentiment.

It's not that Christianity NECESSARILY opposes mysticism, for most people have difficulty w. reason and are hence sometimes subject to mystic impulses, but note Christianity upholds as HIGHEST VIRTUE, truth (Christ), again, the ONLY way to Godly happiness, the only SURE means of such truth being God's original gift, reason.

The Jew's "principle"?--ALWAYS, only what's good for Jews....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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WTP's "Principle": Whatever Is Good For Jews
(Apollonian, 31 May 14)

"[L]eftism is the norm"?--ho ho ho--so give us a definition (of "leftism"), eh?--ho ho ho--can't/won't do it, will u?  Ho ho ho ho.

"[S]oftest of 'conservative' ideas and speakers"?--ho ho ho ho--what's "conservative"?  Let me guess: it includes supporting Israel, doesn't it?  Ho ho ho ho

Then u tell us: "I’ve had people far more conservative than myself repeat leftist dogma that makes no rational sense but they learned it in school so they believe it until challenged to think."  Ho ho ho ho (See above.)

And then u frown on "conspiracy theories" again--but tell us, WTP, is there any doubt JFK was killed by "conspiracy"?--only about 90% of Americans seem to think so.  And did u know it's now PROVEN MLK was killed by conspiracy?--see

Google "33 conspiracy theories that turned out to be true."  Ho ho ho ho

Then as I've already pt'd out, u renege upon ur own assertion regarding publically-funded "education."

U're "conservative" long as it is "good for Jews," WTP; "leftism" is simply reduction to absurd, isn't it?--as w. homosexuals, so that's only reason u don't go for it.

-----------------------above by ap in response to below-copied by "WTP"---------------------

WTP said, on May 31, 2014 at 6:48 am
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Oh, I disagree with that. It’s the culture that does it. Immersion in a culture where leftism is the norm, where extreme leftism goes unnoticed, and where even the softest of conservative ideas and speakers are shouted down and you get the society we have today. I’ve had people far more conservative than myself repeat leftist dogma that makes no rational sense but they learned it in school so they believe it until challenged to think. Specifically I’m thinking of “war is good for the economy”, but there’s much other similar nonsense, much of it in economics. The sixties really drove the culture to the edge with anti-American rhetoric, rife with conspiracy theories and the kind of lies on what we now call urban legends were built. Hillary came from a GOP family. By the time she was 30 she had stopped voting Republican. Protestant Christianity is your root for this? Really? I think you’re whistling past the graveyard here.

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Previously, the Jew wrote:

WTP said, on May 30, 2014 at 8:58 pm
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Academics at work.
San Francisco State University (SFSU) spent more than $7,000 to send two of its professors to the Middle East for a series of meetings with two convicted terrorists, according to funding documents obtained from a California Public Records Act.
SFSU professors Rabab Abdulhadi and Joanne Barker were awarded the money by the university for a trip to Jordan and the West Bank where they met with two notorious terrorists tied to Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), both of which are designated as terrorist groups by the U.S. State Department.

------------------------------to which, ap responded (below-copied)------------------------

Jew Cannot Help Being Jew
(Apollonian, 31 May 14)

Gosh WTP: why/how is it people might think u're Jew?--ho ho ho hoho

Problem is Israel and Jews are in control of USA, this complex now known as ZOG.

And Hamas and PFLP are PATRIOT org.s who are fighting ZOG no less than many if not most of the Tea-Party, though ZOG, specifically Israel, in guise of "neo-cons," is trying to infiltrate and take control of Tea-Party, Rand Paul being sad, tragic example.

So sending these "academics" is actually quite legitimate inquiry for educational purposes, I'd say--though I'd (unlike u) would stick w. the basic principle there should be NO public funds going for "education."

Friday, May 30, 2014

Phil. prof. most interesting case-in-pt. as USA goes down "tubes," all in Spenglerian "Decline of the West," we see....

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Spenglerian Decline Is Oh So Jolly, Just Before The Horror Starts, We See
(Apollonian, 30 May 14)

Mike, like the over-grown child, spouting mystic "ethics," "contends," demands, insists, declares, etc., as usual, and u notice he invokes something, "moral standpoint," which he does not and cannot define, so far as we know, Mike just a mystic, actually, who mystically invokes ethics as be-all and end-all, always without any foundation or rational exposition.

Thus Mike insists about movies having to be "good" as the book--"good" left un-defined, u notice, as usual.

But rational ethics must be rational first and most, hence the property rights of author and movie producer are paramount, the movie producers typically paying big-bucks to the much-poorer authors for all rights, thus the property changing hands, etc.--it's actually just a simple legal issue regarding property rights.

Note then artistic products in way of literature can be quite involved, including not only particular plots, but also the more general subject-matters.  So the movie might invoke the general subject-matter, but without the plot, or changing the plot.

Remember, in the end, if the movie expresses the plot of a given work faithfully, the original work being so popular, the movie is apt to making lots of money, also advertising the book and plot-theme too--good example being recent "Hunger Games" movies.

So Mike had fun w. this blog-essay of his, musing and commenting about works he liked and didn't like, even though his under-lying ethical notions are so mystic and absurd, as so often--and this is okay, I say, getting us all to thinking and commenting, but should Mike be paid by tax-payers for doing this and so "professing" in the classes?--I say absolutely not, the tax-payers NOT being properly served for this sort of foolery.

It's no accident, either, I note again, that USA is going down proverbial tubes in CYCLIC, Spenglerian "Decline of the West."  Mike is having a good time, in meantime, getting paid his huge, un-justified salary fm the tax-payers for whom he has the typical contempt, pushing "climate-change" lies, etc.--such, again, is Western "decline."

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Observe the tricky nature of arg.-fm-authority fallacy, how then it's used/treated in inevitable corruption, "Decline of the West'....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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Note Circumstances To Arg.-FM-Authority, Public Education, Spenglerian “Decline”
(Apollonian, 29 May 14)

Observe, regarding arg.-fm-authority fallacy–it’s a fallacy to CONCLUDE to the truth of something based upon what someone says–it doesn’t matter whether that someone is the majority of the people or a particular expert or group of them. The fallacy regards the TRUTH of the/a proposition which can NEVER NEVER NEVER be merely matter of what someone or anyone says.

Note then TRUTH is much a matter of OBJECTIVE reality–which a Platonist (hence really a mystic) like Mike is very reluctant to admit.

Further, observe that an observation by someone could very well be INDUCTIVE evidence, though not necessarily conclusive.

Hence we see arg.-fm-authority fallaciousness can quite well a tricky thing indeed. For another pt. to be made about “climate-change” fraud and lies being so heavily pushed by ZOG is that it’s actually quite EASY to intimidate, extort, and compel gov.-funded academics and other professionals to take part in this great fraud being pushed on the people simply by virtue of the obvious fact their salaries DEPEND upon gov. favor–it’s all political–this is the OBVIOUS and great danger of the socialistic society, so easily ignored by Prof. Mike.

And it’s a bitter thing for us of the public to observe Prof. Mike going along w. this horrific fraud (“climate-change”), justified for Mike, no doubt, upon the “noble lie” principle, as earlier noted. For if Mike genuinely believes in “climate-change” lies, then he’s stupid (a)–which is hard for me to accept. (b) BUT If Mike KNOWS it’s all lies, yet goes along regardless, then the corruption is even worse and more egregious, and Mike is a gross coward as well as TRAITOR to the people whom he’s supposed to serve–yet understandably so since it’s his livelihood at stake. Such is the horror of gov.-funded and “public education.”

Finally, it’s worthwhile pt-ing out how inevitable public education really is, given the natural and inevitable corruptibility of humanity. For there’s no end of corruption once a society peaks and achieves “success,” “victory,” and “prosperity.” Not merely disaster, but absolute catastrophe is inevitable in the inexorable, CYCLIC Spenglerian “Decline of the West,” as we see.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Plato: classic fascist of all time; "good" worst enemy of TRUTH, etc.

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Plato: Classic Fascist, Opposed To Christianity, Foundation Of Truth, Freedom
(Apollonian, 24 May 14)

Punter: philosophy is simply grasp of deepest-most underlying premises (for example, "metaphysics"), giving one broadest-possible over-view of all reality and knowledge--it's necessary and useful for ANYTHING and everything, not just "soft-ware."

And naturally, if u want to establish a police-state and dictatorship, it ("philosophy") is most useful to hi-jacking--as is happening now, as we see demonstrated by our dear Prof. Mike who teaches, not philosophy, properly understood, but actually just mysticism in guise of "philosophy," styled w. terminology, etc., emphasizing non-existent "good," hence OBEDIENCE of slaves to the state, intimidating folks, esp. the weaker-minds, by means of this phony "good."

Thus Mike begins w. pre-conceived "Good," his end-all and be-all, and all the rest of his "philosophy" is patched & tacked-up around it to give it appearance of order and logic, etc.

Judaism/Talmudism is yet another classic mysticism/subjectivism, designed for moralism/Pharisaism & dictatorship of Jews/Pharisees, naturally, and u'll note the ancient Jew, Philo, was notorious adherent of Plato.  See and for best expo on Talmud.

And the best, classic, means for couching this mysticism-styled-as-"philosophy" is good old Platonism; a recent version of this same sort of mysticism is that of Immanuel Kant w. all his gross terminology and bombastic phraseology, Kant the modern-day Aristophanes, I always tell folks, ho ho ho ho.  At least Plato tried to be honest and his expo was pretty clear, even lucid in places.

Thus Plato was CLASSIC fascist (see his "Republic,", providing the DEFINITIVE justification/rationalization for fascism and dictatorship--"GOOD," naturally, "good," the greatest enemy of (Christian) TRUTH (see Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and all reason and justice.

Note that soft-ware is necessarily a product of computer-science, hence science and logic, and to grasp these, u have the magnificent system of Aristotle who begins at the proper beginning ("metaphysics"), the necessary assumption of objectivity (which cannot be "proven," remember), and fm which everything else follows naturally, simply, logically, and easily--and there is and could be no "good" (Pelagian heresy) either in philosophy or Christianity which Christianity (worship of TRUTH above all, hence objective reality given/"created" by God) is perfect reflection of dear Aristotle, which not so many really grasp or appreciate.

Friday, May 23, 2014

For all his draw-backs and deficiencies, Prof. Mike still makes us think....

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Does Mike Serve As His Own Troll?
(Apollonian, 23 May 14)

This is interesting challenge by our Hebraic colleague, WTP.  For note Mike pretends to "philosophy" while insisting he should be funded by tax-payers for bamboozling the students on the theme of "ethics," which Mike asserts and declares, with no foundation, is "end in itself."

What, after all, is a "philosopher"?--it ain't Mike.  For philosophy is a RATIONAL, hence ordered, grasp of whole of reality and knowledge.  Mike is anti-rational and anti-philosophic, his entire purpose being pretension to (Platonic, Kantian) "good," this necessary to ZOG dictatorship/empire as premise for OBEDIENCE and pretext then for drone-assassination, according to NDAA fascism now in practical effect.

"Good," hence MYSTICISM and subjectivism, is always the ultimate justification for fascism, "good" always worst enemy of TRUTH, as well as justice, reason, etc.

Mike is actually, typical Platonist--hence MYSTIC, hence anti-philosopher, actually--who merely styles his mysticism, based upon non-existent "good," in terminology and phraseology and name-dropping, in this case, Descartes and Turing.

Take his very first sentence for this blog, "[o]ne interesting philosophical problem is known as the problem of other minds."  This is CLASSIC question-begging, for WHY is it "interesting," and HOW is it actually any real kind of "problem"?--observe Mike, typically, doesn't bother explaining any of this, merely presuming the truth of the proposition is apparent, then going on w. the rest of his expo.

But Mike deserves some credit nonetheless as he confidently writes his essays challenging anyone to respond in some kind of dialectic.

In a certain way, Mike is his own "troll," as he poses these mystic-tinged essays of his--which can then be rejoined in so many ways, positively, in way of agreeing, and otherwise by way of criticism, as so often for my own Aristotelian-themed efforts.

U gotta admit: Mike makes us think--that's his one saving quality, regardless of anything else one might say.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

First condition of successful rev. must entail REALISM for thought--it ain't gonna be "peaceful" revolution, suckas....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Necessary Conditions Of Reality Must Be Taken Seriously
(Apollonian, 22 May 14)

Jack: the very last sentence for this blog's lead essay,

"The only peaceful way out is for the Executive to be brought under control,"

is simply pathetic.

U/we absolutely must remove that crux instrument of theirs, the US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEITING scam, by which they buy and pay for everything--don't u get it?--NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING whatsoever at all can be done without elimination of this key weapon of theirs.

It just goes to show how utterly, pathetically, pitifully CLUELESS u are--like a child, wishing for "peaceful" revolution.

And FURTHER, note what it will take for enough people to get together on necessities of successful revolution: first, a lot of stupid, brainless, inferior scum, who are addicted to TV and football games are gonna have to fall by proverbial "way-side."  For these walking dead (presently) are just excess puke, I'm sorry to say, who were bred-up during the "boom"-time as the economy worked soooooo smoothly.

And then the survivors (and lucky-ones, who just happened to not get killed) have to TAKE NOTE at the poor masses of scum and puke who got offed.  And they have to unite upon some kind of principle, the best and easiest being dear old anti-Semitic Christianity.

This (above-noted) is what must take place--SOON--in order for there to be a chance for successful survival of humanity.

For again, note there's NO perfectly "free" human will; reality is DETERMINED according to absolute cause-effect--if u can't figure-out this basic principle of reality and metaphysics, there's very little hope for u.

There ain't gonna be any "peaceful" way out of ZOG dictatorship, comrades--prepare and gird thyselves....

Below-copied first published at comments,

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Jack Must Face-Up To Ugly Truth: ZOG Must Be Dealt With
(Apollonian, 22 May 14)

Jack: I agree, there's no justice under ZOG (Zionist occupation gov.) presently, just as u indicate.

But death-penalty comes about by means of the morality of saving ur life vs. letting he who's looking to kill u being allowed to do so--UNLESS u kill him FIRST.  Death-penalty is EMINENTLY justified by tenet of self-defense.  Death-penalty is society's self-defense measure, pure and simple.

But I first and most want to expand upon my statement made hastily yest., before I had to close-up shop for the night.  THERE'S GOING TO BE BLOOD--and there's no "peaceful way" out of things.

For ZOG has been active now over 100 yrs w. the US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam ginning-up wars--like it's doing presently in Syria and Ukraine, if u've noticed--they did a poison-gas attack just few months ago and tried to blame it on Assad, the legal ruler of Syria who is allied w. Russia and opposed to ZOG.

So u see Jack, we're up against most ruthless mass-murderers, ZOG, and they have a long history of mass-murder, lately Syria and Ukraine; just recently in Libya, not to mention having killed now over a million in Iraq, thousands in Afgan.

Jack, ZOG did 9/11, they lied about WMD in Iraq--they've done practically all the terrorism--they're now openly allied w. al Qaeda, and they've announced greatest threat in USA is Christians, gun-owners, and returning vets.

ZOG poisons the food and water supplies, even the atmosphere w. "chem-trails," forces toxic vaccines upon people, and they're determined to murder billions under AGENDA-21 genocide--and that's why ZOG is working feverishly to continue and complete installing the NSA mass-spying within the I-net which they're going to manipulate so there's no longer any free-speech.

ZOG is scared witless that I'm explaining all these easily verified things to u, too, don't doubt, and they've got no-fly lists and kill-lists, the justification for assassination already laid-out and actually being pushed and practiced.

So these people, ZOG, MUST BE EXTERMINATED--after fair trials, of course, and then publically executed--just like the French Revolution, never doubt.  And ZOG knows this quite well, and that's why they are working to pre-empt things to killing us first.  So I'm sorry to have to bust ur wishful-thinking bubble, but the die is cast, comrade--u gotta start getting real and facing the difficult facts.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fitzpatrick wants to demonize Alex Jones, but actually goes too far--I say Jones is actually pretty honest, rather typical Jew-sympathizer whom Jews have owned by financial means--Alex still gives useful info....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jones Still Useful, Considering Jews Continue To Rule (For Practical Purposes)
(Apollonian, 20 May 14)

I've hardly hrd of "stratfor."  Only objection I have to Jones is he does things right, I think, and he does good job of connecting dots, but then he fails to going all the way to naming the Jew.  And this deliberate failure to name Jew is egregious and un-forgiveable, truly.

I've often thought of calling-in and asking Alex if he's satisfied he knows all he should know about Jews, Judaism, and Talmud, esp. the Talmud, though I'm sure he'd just come-back w. some lame excuse for them--like, "oh, not all Jews are religious and/or believe in the Talmud."

I'd say we'd KNOW Alex was deliberate scum if he came-out and embraced and pushed anti-Christ and anti-Christianity--though he's already doing that, indirectly, inasmuch as he defends and excuses Jews.

But I'd still say Jews have already practically WON--they rule, esp. for their monetary standard--that's why Jews own Alex and esp. Rand Paul now.  My strategy then is to encourage one faction of Jews (and cohorts) to opposing the more established faction--like, for example, the Ron Paul faction to opposing the presently established and topmost neo-cons and CFR/Tri-lateralists/Bilderbergers. 

If u note, way back when, like during 16th cent. the Jews encouraged the Protestants to opposing the Catholics, and that's when Jews actually started gaining legitimacy among Christians, a few achieving actual noble titles, I understand.

This story/blog article right here, Tim, I really do think is pretty obscure for lots of people--including me--seems like u're more nit-picking.  I still listen to Alex every day and consider I gain useful info--against the more established Jews.

It's like the establishment Jews at top want to massively reduce population of gentiles, and Alex and his faction want to keeping gentiles around so Jews can continue to feed-off thereof.  But as long as Alex is EFFECTIVE in opposing the ruling clique of topmost Jews (CFR, Tri-lateralists, et al.), then he's worth listening to for info, even if always remembering he's scum for defending Jews. 

Like I say, Jews have WON--this isn't "defeatism" as u indicated; rather, it's realism, and I don't at all feel "defeated."  Forces of Christ and truth must simply regroup as ZOG continues to move to inexorable defeat, long as we survive--it's like the original Christians prior to revolution of St. Constantine the Great.

Timothy Fitzpatrick

 /  May 20, 2014
From that same clip, your Zio hero Jones endorses occultist Jordan Maxwell and his Jewish subjectivism, ancient astronaut New Age lies
Your excuses for Fatboy are tired, repetitive, and pathetic.


[Below, here was deleted by Fitz]

The Fatboy Has His Uses
(Apollonian, 20 May 14)

Tim, like I say--if Alex was to come-out and be anti-Christ, then there'd be no doubt, right?--but fatboy sincerely seems to think he's Christian--isn't that fair, accurate observation?--that's why he's so nice to Jews, eh?--evidently--he thinks it's good, Christian thing to so relate w. those poor, dear kikes--don't u observe there are lots of so-called "Christians" like that?

And note I NEVER have said Alex is any great, tremendous person--I'm ALWAYS careful and sure to note for folks he's far too Jew-friendly, and that this is not good by any means.  But he gives out some good info, Tim, and good analysis too.

All I said, in my note, above, was this "stratfor" stuff was rather obscure, and that I was wondering what was specific pt (regarding stratfor).

So what are u saying, Tim--that Jews haven't won and control things?--why isn't that a good, worthy strategy?--to encourage one faction of Jews and Jewwies to oppose the dominant faction?--what else can be done?--what are u doing?--what's ur over-all analysis?  How is it "pathetic" to being realistic, accurate for assessment, and practical?

Timothy Fitzpatrick

 /  May 20, 2014
By your logic, the National Review should be supported, despite it being a CIA front, simply because it puts out some good information and because it doesn’t overtly attack Christianity.
Doesn’t fly, Apollo.

Tim Continues To Fail For Clear Strategic Principles
(Apollonian, 20 May 14)

It (Nat. Review) might indeed be "supported," under certain conditions, w. provisions, if it was useful to doing so--it only depends upon circumstances, etc.  Like I say, a good strategic consideration is that we're presently much like the original Christian revolutionaries prior to advent of St. Constantine--or perhaps during reign of Julian the Apostate, though I'd rather say prior to Constantine.  Jews are on top, but their monetary system is tottering.

If u want to say what does and doesn't "fly," u need to provide premises for ur own strategy, such as it is.  U don't like Jones; neither do I, but u don't want to give credit for the good info he does provide for folks.  I still say Jones has his uses, limited though they may be, for patriots and Christians.

Timothy Fitzpatrick

 /  May 20, 2014
And you say I am not being clear. This rambling about Christian revolutionaries is irrelevant and makes little sense. If you can’t bother to read my articles and instead ask me to retell the points in them again for your ears, that’s your problem. I think the strategic uses for Jones are quite clear in Parallels between Alex Jones and CIA front National Review.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[And if u ck, u'll see I actually did comment extensively on his above article, "Parallels....]

Monday, May 19, 2014

Mystic college prof. laments, complains about ZOG cutting-back on funding for edjumacation and thought-control, boo hoo hoo....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Get A Clue: ZOG Is Economizing–Out Of Necessity
(Apollonian, 19 May 14)

Mike: Get clue–MONEY IS RUNNING-OUT–they need it for other important things like police, soldiers, and weapons for enforcing ZOG empire. Don’t u see ZOG trying to gin-up wars, in Iran, Syria, now in Ukraine? ZOG’s easy-money system is running-down, the currency collapsing–they have to economize.

Of course, propaganda and thought-control is important too, but this also must be stream-lined, getting rid of REAL education which doesn’t comport w. thought-control.

U Mike, live by the sword of politically-determined “edjumacation” and thought-control–this is what u get. Only alternative is FREEDOM which u have rejected long ago, along w. reason.

The best thing to be done for REAL education is to completely remove all publically-funded institutions, though this is probably un-realistic right at the moment, but it could and should surely be done at federal level, for sure. The less gov. money, the better for quality education, un-questionably–even though, again, this is un-realistic at the moment.

But never fear, Prof. Mike: ur sort of “ethics” and “philosophy” of mysticism and imaginary “good-evil” is integral part of thought-control ZOG is looking for–u’ll always have a place, even if u’re not paid very much–after all, mysticism and mystics are a dime a dozen.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Neo-con traitor, "magus," explains why he banned apster fm his blog, ho ho ho--ap comments [bolded, bracketed]....

[Commentary by ap in below-copied essay by "magus," first published at, capped, bracketed.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Blogs, Democracy, free speech, and The Joker

"Recently, I banned a commentator from this blog. It was the first time that I’ve ever had to do this. And I recently boycotted another blog, which I have commented on for several years, and run by a friend of mine,because the same person I banned trolled [HO HO--"TROLLING"?--IT'S JUST COMMENTARY WHICH "MAGUS" DOESN'T LIKE.]


" hatefulness, repeated and unwarranted antisemitism, as well as personal attacks on other frequenters of the blog.  [HO HO HO, "MAGUS" JUST COULDN'T HANDLE MY COMMENTARY, SO THUS HE CHARACTERIZES THINGS PREJUDICIALLY, AS HE CONSIDERS IN HIS FAVOR, HO HO HO.]

"I declared that I would no longer comment on the blog until the offender was banned.  [THUS HE WORKS TO EXTORT THE BLOG-OWNER TO BAN APSTER, HO HO HO.]

"Several people who frequent my blog expressed disgust at the offender, ["MAGUS" AND HIS JEWWY BUDDIES, HO HO HO.]

"...who goes by the screen name, apollonian. Some hinted that I should ban him, and another poster stopped posting after apollonian stated he hoped they “suffered”. That’s when I decided to deploy the ban hammer. [HO HO HO]

"I felt badly about boycotting my friend’s blog. First, I like several of the other posters, who also comment on this blog. I learn a lot from them. I do not blog and comment on other blogs because I think I know everything, even though my blog covers a wide variety of topics–more than on which anyone could be called an expert. I blog and comment to learn. Sometimes I will have a growing interest in a topic, and blogging becomes a way to learn by teaching, [HO HO HO]

"...which is widely considered an excellent way to learn. Mostly I blog to make myself less stupid. [HO HO HO--MAKES A LOT OF SENSE, EH?]

"Secondly, I felt badly because in some way it could appear that I am trying to force my friend’s hand in banning someone he does not wish to ban (he has a no ban rule).  However this is not the case. It is perfectly accepted practice to walk out of public forums in protest to what one party feels is an abuse of the forum itself. All the way from town hall meetings, to UN councils, this is standard practice.
Even in democratic forums, not everyone is welcome.  Democracy is not the abolition of common sense in exchange for tolerating all behavior. Democracy is rule of the majority, and to say it is anything else is to expect too much. Democracy is quickly hijacked by forces of idiocy and evil when those on the other side view force as inherently evil.  [BLAH BLAH BLAH, HO HO HO]

"Some people refuse to ban others from blogs out of a “democratic spirit”. In the case of apollonian, this kind of thinking is like Batman letting the Joker run Gotham out of a sense of fairness, while everyone is begging the Dark Knight to take action.  The Dark Knight Returns and The Dark Knight Rises,  are two of my favorite movies of all time, for several reasons.  They analyze very well how democracy needs someone who’s going to step up, even when it means they won”t be popular and what can happen when envy takes hold and the mob rules.  [MORE BLAH BLAH BLAH]

"And besides, a blog or forum is not a democracy. Allowing people who are disruptive, hateful, or senseless to run rampant out of a sense of ideology just ruins the experience for everyone else. [HERE'S SIMPLE TRUTH, COMRADES: "MAGUS" IS A NEO-CON TRAITOR WHO INVOKES "ETHICS" AND "GOOD" FOR HIS TREASON AND OTHER IDIOT MORALISM/PHARISAISM--SO THE LYING PUNK NOW USES WORDS, "DISRUPTIVE," ETC., HO HO HO]

"I used to play a lot of table top wargames while growing up. Entire summer days were spent in this manner, and everyone had fun. If someone showed up that lessened the fun for everyone else, that person wouldn’t get invited back. A blog should not be taken so seriously as to equate to the politics of a nation. No one’s freedom is being denied them when they get banned from a blog.

"We can see what this attitude of “open mindedness” has wrought for America. For decades now, those who fundamentally opposed what made America so strong, its industrial and military might, its meritocracy, its familial bonds, those people have been allowed to run rampant and spread the propaganda that all ideas and cultures have equal value.  [WELL, I SIMPLY SAY JEWS TOOK OVER, AND NOW THE NEO-CON COMPLAINS--STUPID, EH?--BUT TYPICAL, HO HO HO.]


"...are not created and maintained by the random actions of a directionless populace. At some point, the Imperator is called to do his duty. [YES, THE NEO-CON TRAITOR, "MAGUS"--THE "IMPERATOR," HO HO HO HO]

"That man is the one others look to emulate and set the example. America was fortunate enough to have been founded by a quiver full of great men who knew that liberty requires action. I believe the Founding Fathers would be appalled at the level of tolerance we show in America. Even Jefferson, that man of the people, knew when crushing action was needed, just as is recorded when he decided to take a military course against the Barbary Pirates. Jefferson writes:
protect our commerce & chastise their insolence—by sinking, burning or destroying their ships & Vessels wherever you shall find them



So far these are the comments by the three neo-con stooges for the blog,

WTP says:

What I was beginning to wonder about, in regard to some of the things that were said on Mike’s blog, was where statements begin to cross a legal line. For instance if someone makes an outright threat to murder someone specific, that is illegal, correct? Assuming so, does stating that a person should be murdered also cross that line? And if so, does such a statement extended to a group of people, say something small like a motorcycle gang or some such? Or a group of people in a DA’s office?
I doubt our friend crossed any line to the degree it would stand up in court in the US but much of what he said would have gotten a blogger in deep trouble in the UK, FWIU.

magus71 says:

Yes, I was considering the same thing. The borderline threats and the wishing for people to suffer, in what other groups would this person not be excommunicated? As Thomas Mann said, tolerance is itself evil when tolerance is applied to evil.

T. J. Babson says:

Apollonian crossed the line, and Mike should have dropped the hammer. Enough is enough.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What a bunch of Jewwy neo-con traitor scum--WTP is outright kike (racially), and like typical kike, denies it, ho ho ho.  TJB is just the usual politically-correct, corp. suck-along scum.  Notice the generalities these idiots babble, no specifics.  Ho ho ho ho

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Phil. Prof. in public edjumacation finds himself abject slave, defender of criminals and frauds of ZOG--aren't u glad u're not him? ho ho ho ho

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Climate-Change": Proven Lies, Pure And Simple
(Apollonian, 14 May 14)

Mike: once again, and as always, problem w. this essay of urs, on "climate-change," is QUESTION-BEGGING.  What's "climate-change," anyway?--climate is always changing, isn't it?  Ho ho ho ho ho.  So there's problem of basic definitions--which u cannot overcome.

And what we do KNOW is the people pushing this "climate-change," formerly called "global warming," like Al Gore, are A BUNCH OF LYING POWER-GRABBERS AND MONOPOLISTS--criminals who should be in jail if not dead (as they're traitors using "climate-change" lies to overthrow Constitution, law, and rights of the people)--it's not mere matter of "profits"--though that also is legitimate concern, including the livelihoods of all people.

So u see, we all know ALREADY is it's all a bunch of LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES--this, for the purpose of dictatorship and AGENDA-21 genocide.  See

And so we find u're in position of DESPERATELY defending these liars, criminals, and traitors by continuing to pretend there MIGHT, conceivably, be some justification for their lies--u now calling them "noble lies," which includes ur own "noble" efforts to defend them, ho ho ho ho ho.

Mike, don't u think it's notable that u urself know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING whatsoever about any idiotic "climate-change," and that u're not capable of pt-ing to ANY evidence whatsoever?--NONE, zilch, nada.  The ONLY thing u have is appeal-to-authority fallacy, and u can't even face-up to this simple fact, u supposedly a teacher, no less, of logic and logical fallacies.

Of course, there's another word to be used, regarding ur being fooled, and it has to do w. someone who's absurdly credulous.  Further, u allow urself to be taken-in by KNOWN liars and frauds.  Surely u're not an outright criminal liar and fraud urself--BUT how is it u, a Ph.d, fail to observe the simple fallacies u defend?

And all this idiocy and stupidity is justified for u--why?--how?--because, as u put it, it MIGHT be true, ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

Mike, all ur activity and so-called "arguments" for this moronic "climate-change" balderdash is precisely how one should NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT be thinking and arguing.  In fact, it's grounds for u having ur Ph.d revoked.  U should be ashamed of urself.

After all, u should be at forefront of warning the people and students against these frauds and criminals--BUT, it's not politically-correct, is it?--and u'd be miserably persecuted if u were to do this, wouldn't u?  And here we find the most horrific truth--u're gross, abject SLAVE of the political-correct party-line, aren't u?--and u find urself incapable of admitting to this horrific truth.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Science MUST be separated fm Philosophy in order to save fascism, Pharisaism, and thought-control....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tyson Desperately Tries To Ignore Fascist Hi-Jacking Of Philosophy & Science
(Apollonian, 13 May 14)

Science is still what Aristotle described: that method by which we achieve necessarily true knowledge--this then, by means of applying logic to any given subject-matter.

But what then is philosophy and its relation w. science?--philosophy is what gives depth and context--the BASIC PREMISES.  And hence even logic requires basic premises--hence metaphysics.

Thus philosophy entails metaphysics (basic premises), epistemology, the theory of knowledge, and ethics & politics, answering what should we do.

Thus philosophy discusses Aristotelian objectivity ("Immanence"), only possible premise for logic (non-contradiction), hence science, and why it necessarily implies determinism--no perfectly "free" will.

Thus as fascists must remove determinism in order to achieve OBEDIENCE, founded on "good-evil" Pharisaism, they're very interested in subverting philosophy, metaphysics, and Aristotle--Neil deGrasse Tyson, understandably, doesn't want to discuss this.

Thus the fascists use public funding to taking over education, turning it into thought-control, controlling the teaching and understanding of philosophy, subverting it and pretending philosophy and science are then consistent w. perfectly "free," hubristic will and Pharisaism and "good-evil."

Tyson, not wanting to acknowledge or discuss all this about fascist "edjumacation" prefers then to ignoring the necessity of Aristotelian objectivity and determinism (called "teleology" by Aristotle).

Monday, May 12, 2014

Jews HATE truth, comrades, never doubt--get a load of the kikes yapping at "philosopher's blog," ho ho ho ho ho....

Ho ho ho, Apster is getting bum's-rush fm kikes and associates at blog comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jews, Cohorts Show Their Hatred Of Truth, Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 12 May 14)

Punter (see far-below -copied entry): u're Jew urself, no?--didn't u know Jews consider all gentiles anti-semitic?  Didn't u ck the ref.s I gave u about Jews' religion (Talmud) being literally war against humanity?--doesn't history bear out this Jew war and mass-murder against humanity?  Aren't Jews murdering Palestinians?--why are u in favor of Jew murderers?

Punter: I suspect u're Jew by ur knee-jerk lying--for what is instance of mere "rambling"?  And u never read Mein Kampf as anyone could tell--for Mein Kampf actually made quite good sense, I think, and if it doesn't u need to say how and why--but u rather, like Jew, just want to lie and throw-in w. ur persecution of Christian TRUTH.

And anti-semitism is certainly NOT "off-topic" as it began w. "magus" (a) invoking Pharisaism against prostitution, (b) my pt-ing out his Pharisaism founded in inferiority-complex, etc., associated w. sucking-up to neo-cons and Israel, etc., the Jews and cohort now chiming-in for magus, against TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH.  Ho hoo ho o ho ho--this all is what's going on, suckas--Jews persecuting TRUTH, as usual.

Punter: u're afraid, like all Jews and cohorts, most of all, of TRUTH--namely fact u're proven liar, as I herein note and demonstrate.  ho ho ho hoo ho ho ho


See punter: u gave urself away when u asked, back on 9 May, if I "really thought there's Jew conspiracy."  Then when I PROVED it, not a word fm u, eh?  Ho ho ho ho
And in truth, WHAT could u possibly say in face of the conclusive PROOF I gave u?  So like typical Jew, u just bide ur time, eh?--now coming out w. ur sort of LYING which is TYPICAL of Jews.  Ho ho ho ho ho


And I don't think Mike is un-familiar w. the situation that's arisen--no more than he's surely had experience w. a gang of politically-correct, punk students in or out of class trying to intimidate him, as w. this group of Jews, neo-cons, and scum working to enforce PC, ho o hoo ho ho ho.
Punks imagine they've colonized the blog sufficiently, having established "familiarity" w. the owner so as now to exert intimidation, as we see--all in the effort to persecute truth and free speech--by a bunch of weakling scum not capable of defending their own theses, whatever they might be.  Ho ho ho ho ho


And after all, note the INDUCTIVE evidence that WTP is indeed Jew of race is quite substantial: (a) the way he protests against anti-semitism, (b) this, by way of trying to intimidate Mike, (c) tries to blame terrorism on "Islamists," when it's known practically all terrorism is done by MOSSAD, CIA, FBI, MI6, etc.
Inductive evidence is also quite strong against "punter," too--all these putting bum's-rush for intimidating blog-owner, ho ho ho ho ho

* * * * *  * * * * * * * * * * * * * above by ap in response to below-copied * * * * * * * * *

punterthoughts said, on May 12, 2014 at 3:45 pm 
I am revolted by Apollonian’s antisemitic ramblings. It is as though I was reading Mein Kampf. Freedom of speech is vital but almost all of the comments (apart from smacking of Nazism) are wholly off topic. I have been wary of wading into this debate because I know it will result in insults being thrown my way but so be it. Your views Apollonian are vile.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

"Magus," fascist, Pharisaic enforcer, of lower-level, surely, misses the pt., ho ho ho ho

Below-copied by ap in response to "magus" (see further below) at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Magus": Mere Case-In-Pt.
(Apollonian, 10 May 14)

Magus: what's going to happen is (a) currency-collapse, including then food-shortages, and this will bring-about serious civil un-rest, then attempted martial-law, the enforcement of which will be very questionable as the enforcers will suffer along w. the people, the money they're paid with as worthless as any other fiat currency. And as u're an OBVIOUS TRAITOR, I'm not worried about who deals w. u, buddy--get it? Ho ho ho ho

(b) I don't consider u significant enough to make any particular effort against, merely taking care of TRAITORS and scum IN GENERAL, when the time comes, confident low-level puke like u will be swept-up in the general effort--it's really nothing "personal," u get it? Ho hoo ho hoo ho ho

(c) That's why ZOG is desperately, feverishly trying to get a war started, as presently, in various places, Ukraine, Syria, maybe even in N. Korea which recently called Obongo a "monkey," ho ho ho ho

(d) U don't take any of this above, foregoing analysis seriously--because u're not very bright in the first place--so u can understand (but if u don't, I don't care) that I'm not terribly concerned about u personally. I merely take the opportunity on Mike's blog to comment in philosophic manner, including for all the psychologic, cultural, economic, historical, and sociologic implications and consequences.

U're just a specific case-in-pt. U ought to consider being banned fm blog is extremely minor consideration in large scheme of things as I see it all, ho ho ho ho

---------------------------------above by ap in response to below by magus------------------------------

magus71 said, on May 10, 2014 at 12:30 pm

It’s only a matter of time before you’re banned. From how many blogs have you been banned already? Not a single person who posts here, to my knowledge, agrees with your idiocy.

I’ll say, just as others have said on other blogs, that you wouldn’t say the things you do in a face-to-face environment. Would you “blow my **** away”, as you said you’d do to others on my blog?

I suspect not, because I’m sure you can’t beat me on a draw.

----------------------above by magus in response to below by ap-------------------

apollonian said, on May 10, 2014 at 12:09 pm

So because there are STDs we need dictatorship, eh?–u stupid Pharisaic fascist puke–what we really need is less stupid fascist puke like u, magus–aside fm fact u’re a stinking TRAITOR too, eh? Ho ho ho

------------------------------above by ap in response to below by magus--------------------------

magus71 said, on May 10, 2014 at 10:46 am

Even if I am wrong, and I don’t think i am, since it is a prostitutes job to have sex with a many men as possible for profit, then it would only take one not using condoms to infect many people. The connection between prostitution and STDs is well known.

Phil. Prof. mere purveyer of hubris, stupidity, ignorance--why education MUST be private....

Below essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mike's Horrific Ignorance Of CYCLIC (Determinist) Reality, Economics
(Apollonian, 10 May 14)

Mike: I detect ur satirical bent expressing itself about freedom and free market.

Problem w. smart-alecks like u is u can't get the idea that free market is simply the necessary, natural appendage/facet OF FREEDOM IN GENERAL.  There's NO RATIONAL ALTERNATIVE to free-market.

So because of ur pathetic ignorance and prejudice against free market, w. all ur moronic fallacies to which u attach to it, U WANT TO ABOLISH FREEDOM.  And this is why education should be strictly private--we should keep willfully ignorant creatures like u, subsidized by the public, far away as possible fm otherwise innocent and impressionable students--let them PAY to go out to look for fools like u to learn about ur delusions of "good" and the "noble lies" u purvey.

Mike: get it straight comrade, WE WILL NOT TOLERATE DICTATORSHIP or any scum attempting to take-away our freedom, PERIOD.  Consider the penalty of TREASON.

However, I do acknowledge u deserve an explanation (useless as it is) for how the world works--the course of CYCLIC (determinist) history, in accord w. Spengler's "Decline of the West."

Thus ALL CIVILIZATIONS "decline"--u get it?--they become corrupt, ESPECIALLY as result of (a) victory, (b) success, (c) "prosperity"--all these the result/consequence of inevitable HUBRIS--as of the very sort u suffer and attempt to spread to the poor victims known to u as ur "students."

See, u CANNOT be God--u cannot create or essentially change reality--and u cannot be "good," EVER, in any way.  Unfortunately, u teach and help spread this dread disease of HUBRIS to ur victims by means of encouraging the DELUSION of "good."

And thus, u see, similar such delusions, borne of HUBRIS, arise among a population regarding economics--the idea they can "improve" upon the free market and freedom.  Most horrific and definitive form of this dread delusion is "central banking" as in form of present US Federal Reserve "Bank" (ho ho ho) which amounts to the criminal enterprise of literal, but legalized, COUNTERFEITING and inflating/augmenting the so-called "money"-supply.

And note this criminal activity is the corruption/perversion of the true and proper "free" market, but which edjumacated fools like u refuse to observe, grasp, and understand.

And there doesn't seem to be any real solution to the great problem of general cultural HUBRIS, decline and ultimate collapse.  The ONLY significant example I'm aware of in history whence there was even a brief respite to such cultural collapse was the Christian revolution of St. Constantine the Great whence the Jews were put in their proper place (for hundreds and hundreds of yrs), but Christians and gentiles merely took their place as oppressors.  And as we see, Jews and associated satanists simply re-emerged.

Here in USA it looks like only hope is to belatedly acknowledge Southern states of the Confederacy were right about states rights, USA broken-up and a new start be made upon original American principles of Jefferson--NOT Hamilton and John Marshall (who ratified the original Bank of US in McCulloch v Maryland decision of 1819).

Friday, May 9, 2014

Phil. prof., teacher of "ethics" of "good-evil" fallacy, is integral part of ZOG imperialism, never doubt....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Prof. Mike: Integral Part Of ZOG Imperialism
(Apollonian, 9 May 14)

Mike: I submit ur entire expo here about so-called "ad baculum" is just whimsical, confused question-begging.  Ur first four paragraphs, above, properly rather describe question-begging, this new "ad baculum" being mere variation or form of it.

The way u describe the "fallacy," it's just a form of intimidation, and the proper question/issue then is whether the proposed "solution" or conclusion really addresses the problem brought-up by the premise.

Let's take an example in ur own case: racism--u, in ur habitual (and unfortunate) political-correctness, want to insist it's wrong and u call it "hate"--which is plainly false.  Racism is love and loyalty to one's own folk--a great virtue and acknowledged to be so--which, furthermore, is plainly reflected in any dictionary, though expressed in negative form (namely "hatred" of those not of one's race).  So ur proposition to effect racism is wrong is mere question-begging which, amazingly, u fail to see, even one w. a Ph.d, no less.

So u see how ur own version of "ad baculum" affects urself on the issue/subject of racism--u're intimidated and affected by means of ur habitual political-correctness, a mild form of psychosis, I submit, which the powers use upon u to inflict, in turn, upon ur poor students--and u fall for all this as u're persuaded it's "good," ho ho hoo ho.

What a horrific complex it all then becomes, eh?--starting off w. the fallacious "good," u're then persuaded to be prejudiced upon and towards the significant virtue of racism which holds a nation together.

Thus we see a PERFECT exemplary working of Spengler's "Decline of the West," whence in the hubris of phony/pretended moralism/Pharisaism a people and culture degenerates and commits cultural suicide (see Pat Buchanan's "Suicide of a Superpower"), foreign, alien, and enemy races are then allowed to immigrate, as we see, and the nation is destroyed, now controlled by powers behind ZOG, the former nation used as enforcers to mass-murder other nations in the building of a horrific, murderous empire, as we see presently before our very eyes.

And u're integral part of ZOG imperialists and imperialism, Prof. Mike, unfortunately, even ironically, as we see ur own part is played in the foisting, promotion, and glorification of fallacious "good," the "noble lie" of Plato and Leo Strauss, "good" the WORST enemy of precious (and originally native Christian) TRUTH.  I hope u're proud of urself--"magus" certainly is, as he depends upon u for inspiration, instruction, and encouragement, ho ho ho ho.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sandy Hook--did ZOG win?--I don't think so--ZOG is in full damage-control, on defense, totally stone-walling--they KNOW they're steadily losing ground....

Go to to see the full vid, 23 mins, of the patriots and Wolf Halbig speaking at the Sandy Hook School Board meeting.  Below is my summation of things.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Was Sandy Hook Stunt A Success?--Not Much--And They Can Only Lose More Ground
(Apollonian, 8 May 14)

By golly, but those were pretty good, eloquent speeches given by the patriots, including dear old Wolfgang, Fetzer, and Dan Bidondi of, among the others.  I was surprised there were so FEW of the other side to try to gain-say the patriots.

But now I suspect the scum (the hoaxers and frauds) are just going to stone-wall big-time--they KNOW they can't say anything because even the slightest little slip only makes them look worse than they do already, and they're in full damage-control.  Obongo himself, of course, lied about ObamaCare and keeping ur doctor, there's IRS scandal, Benghazi and arming al Qaeda, not to mention the other scandals

So, I guess we, the public demanding info, are stuck now, so little left to do for investigation and getting more facts--that's the big thing then--the REFUSAL of the powers to give-out w. the info.  Like at the beginning of this incident, a year and a half ago now, we have no blood or bodies, and no vid or pictures--and lots of other stuff to say it's all phony.  All the other side has is the corrupt media suppressing info and investigation, and mum's the word for the "officials" and public servants who additionally just insist we're "consp. theorists."

In conclusion u gotta hand it to the perps. and criminals who show how u can fool a significant number of people by means of huge, heavy funding going to paying all the bribes and the efforts to extort the vulnerable dupes.  For myself, it further re-inforces the great effect and power of that MASSIVE funding effort behind things--MONEY TALKS--the crux and root of it being that legalized COUNTERFEIT machine, the US Federal Reserve Bank ("Fed").

They (the criminals) planned, literally, for years, and they picked just the right place and the right people to extort and bribe.  But it's a losing battle the criminals are fighting, I think, and they're going to the proverbial "well" too often now for their stinking false-flags--the Boston marathon bombing a few months later was NOT a success--the gun-owners are NOT intimidated, and the people are fighting-back evermore.

I agree w. Alex Jones ( in this instance, about Sandy Hook: "resistance IS victory"--we need merely keep it up.


I also wrote below-copied note to K. Johnson of, who wrote a story on Halbig at

* * * * * * * *

Don't Under-Estimate Perfidy Of Zionist Powers Behind Things
(Apollonian, 8 May 14)

I want to get word to K. Johnson, who wrote the latest article on W. Halbig.

Keith: I do believe u ought to be very careful about this C.W. Wade character as I suspect he's simply a clean-up artist for the frauds of Sandy Hook.

For I think even u must admit there's still a great paucity of actual evidence, everything considered.  No bodies, no blood, no vid or pictures--NOTHING.

Even if Wolfgang isn't perfect and has made some mistakes, the so-called "errors" u talk about C.W. Wade un-covering are VERY minor, if u think about it.

At this pt., to me, the biggest thing that jumps out is the absolute terror of the "officials" at Sandy Hook/Newtown for giving out info--doesn't this concern u?

I just saw vid of the school-board meeting, and I think Wolfgang, Fetzer, and the others were extremely eloquent for their short speeches and the pt.s they made.

It's okay to be suspicious of Wolfgang, but u shouldn't under-estimate the (a) willingness or (b) ability of the Zionists in charge of things to spend the money and time and to organize this Sandy Hook conspiracy.

Keith: don't forget what the US Federal Reserve Bank is--it's literally a legalized COUNTERFEIT machine which just prints-up all the "money" they need or want--they only have to stop short of a full-blown hyper-inflation, that's all.  Short of hyper-inflation, they can pay-out billions, literally, to bribe people to saying whatever.

These counterfeiters have done same thing for Boston Bombing event too--spared NO expense, if u notice.  Money no object for them.

And otherwise, don't doubt they would have organized and picked-out the sort of people who would do and say what they wanted--people in trouble w. the law, or w. money problems.  What bribery doesn't do, extortion picks-up.

Thanks for ur attn.,  Ap.

Jew hypocrisy PERFECTLY captured w. latest Sterling (owner of LA Clippers) statement--he COULDN'T be "racist," u see--'cause he's a Jew, ho ho ho hohoh oh ho

Sterling Is Worth A Billion Bucks, Truly, Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 8 May 14)

Sterling saying (see COULDN'T be "racist"; after all, I'm a Jew, ho ho ho ho ho--typical of Jews--and now u see how they can be so blunt and graphically forthright as they are when they talk in private, ho ho ho ho ho.  Jews are absolved of all/any "racism," u see, because, gee whiz, they've suffered soooooooooooooooooooo, throughout history, u seeeeeeeeeee?--one lie backs up the other in their subjectivist world in which they ALL take a collectivistic part and interest, u understand.

And don't forget the basic, original meaning of the word, "racism"--a togetherness, a familiality, a loyalty they have towards one another--distinct fm any other group or race--actually a VIRTUE; it isn't necessarily, at root, "hatred," as the prop.-masters want to push.  Jews are FOR their people, but no one else can be--that would be "racism" which is tantamount to "hatred," ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

We anti-semites don't grudge the Jews for this basic racism--as we say it's a virtue--what we condemn is Jews lying about it as they do, pretending as Sterling does here, they COULDN'T be racist--it's just not possible, ho ho ho ho ho ho

Hypocrisy: thy name is Jew.

Here's great expository (partially) vid--15 mins--on "banking" problem, BUT it still lacks for fullest, best grasp, understanding....

Great & Brilliant Description, But Lacking For Fullest Expo On "Banking" Problem
(Apollonian, 8 May 14)

Here's otherwise excellent exposition of the "bankers" problem, though it isn't unified for basic principle, 15 min vid:  I really like Max Keiser who does great job for describing the "banker" problem, as I say, BUT problem is it (the problem) isn't really very well laid-out in terms of basic principle which begins w. "central banking," what it is--just legalized COUNTERFEITING--and the fiat-money it churns out to the poor stupid, brainless, ignorant people.

See MONEY MUST BE COMMODITY, best commodity being gold/silver, naturally--it's FINITE and cannot be "created" or just printed-up like present criminals do, they thereby allowed to owning everything.  Imagine if u had the luxury of just printing-up all the "money" u wanted--ho ho ho hoh ho

(a) Thus the fiat-money is lent-out, and as the more money is lent, the greater the debt, see?

(b) And they just keep doing this money-printing and lending UNTIL they GOTTA STOP doing it, due to inflation and price-inflation which will otherwise become hyper-inflation, utterly destroying the currency.

(c) When then they stop putting-out and issuing the currency THERE'S HUGE PROBLEM (deflation)--HOW will the debts now be paid if there's no currency in circulation to be obtained?

(d) Thus u see, this is how the "bankers" (but really, just criminals) end-up owning everything.  For after they've stopped issuing currency ("deflating") and there's no money in circulation as before, the debts which were encouraged by the former lush supply of currency in circulation CANNOT BE PAID.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

CONCLUSION: so my pt. for this essay is that while the above-noted vid is quite good for a beginning expo and description of things, it still lacks the basic idea that "money" MUST BE COMMODITY (preferably gold/silver), hence FINITE in supply--and things like the US Federal Reserve Bank ("the Fed") is a gross CRIMINAL enterprise--literally legalized COUNTERFEITING--which MUST be removed/eliminated by nearly any means possible, the masterminds and principals put on trial and publically executed for treason, mass-murder, etc.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Publically-funded Phil. Prof. reflects upon his class failure rate, ap comments upon his thought-control profession....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

Ho ho ho ho--Mike agonizes over why students fail his classes.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mike Reflects Upon His Enterprise
(Apollonian, 7 May 14)

Well Mike, u don’t give us much to discuss here for this essay on failure–seems u’re just reporting upon certain facts, merely commenting it wasn’t ur fault, u tried–which I’m sure u did. U seemed to be rather amazed about the one who attended 91-9% of the classes, yet still failed. But what can u do if students don’t reflect and regurgitate, or in some way indicate, what it is that’s necessary for the grade?

Perhaps u’re puzzled people aren’t overjoyed and enthusiastic about ur subjectivist/Platonic, so-called philosophy/philosophizing (it’s really just elaborated mysticism in guise of pretended “philosophy”). Perhaps u’re appalled ur only adherents are neo-con traitor-types like “magus” who psychotically loves to pretend he’s “good” and “virtuous” as he does ZOG’s dirty-work.

So what is it u want people to learn, Mike?–that inferiority complex is good thing as it makes one want to be “good” or “ethical”?

“Ethics” is legitimate thing as it considers that basic question, “what should I do?”–necessary for human creatures of will. But the metaphysics (which must be considered, as metaphysics determine everything else) of things are necessarily deterministic, in accord w. absolute cause-effect and distinct natures and identities of the elements.

U Mike, want to begin w. “ethics” of fallacious “good-evil” and then build and contrive everything else around it so as to excuse and rationalize ur Pharisaist delusions–u’re only followed and appreciated by such as “magus,” which is pretty disgusting, I understand and sympathize.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pharisaist psycho, Israel-first moralist, perfect example of what continues to hold-up ZOG

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

Note: I earlier examined and analyzed this guy on my 23 Apr blog,

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Pharisaist Psycho And Traitor Empties Himself For His Precious Moralism
(Apollonian, 6 May 14)

Listen to (read--see below-copied) this Pharisaist partisan of Israel first assert about "the damage it [prostitution] does to society"--so what damage?--it does no damage--that's why it's called "victimless crime"--if there's "damage" then say what it is and the law and judges could sentence accordingly.  But the Pharisaist prefers to just babble w. his usual empty assertions.

The neo-con psycho filled w. moralistic unction then talks brainlessly about "men's view of women," "prostitute's view of men," as if he's saying anything, "then the disease, then the abortions," ho ho ho, not to mention "adultery"--the psycho certainly has a vivid imagination.

The Pharisaist continues to blather on, about the "cheapening of sex," etc., and brings in something called "broken window theory," yet--this all makes him think he's actually making some kind of pt., u see.

After these schizoid ramblings, the traitorous partisan of Israel first says he's "Burkean conservative"--ho ho ho--no, u're just a disgusting, putrid traitor who deserves the penalty of treason, buddy, that's all.

The Pharisaist psycho and traitor then denies the very reality he wants to push about knowing "how to run the place," for that's the very pt. of his moralistic ravings.  The traitorous, Israel-first Pharisee then finishes on a sociologic note as if he knows anything about the subject, but his purpose is to impress w. the usual moralistic obsession.

What I find interesting is this neo-con psycho wants most of all to impress HIMSELF he's soooooo "moral"--he knows his buddy, Mike, will be somewhat impressed, as Mike himself is such a moralist, but Mike won't have anything matter-of-fact to say about these pt.-less babblings fm this traitorous fool, and that suits the psycho just fine, we see, venting w. his precious moralism.

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magus71 said, on May 6, 2014 at 12:09 am

Mike, you take an utterly materialistic, reductionist view of prostitution, and fail to see the damage it does to society. The subtle ripples it causes, first with the men’s view of women, then the prostitute’s view of men. Then the disease, then the abortions. Then the adultery. Then the cheapening of sex, which is not all that far from human life itself. And slowly the broken window theory begins to take hold, as the social disorder of enabled sex trade spreads to increased crime, assaults, robbery, murder. Then the good people move out. Then you get Detroit…..

But again, you argue necessary aspects. I argue what always seems to come with the package. As a Burkean conservative, I look at a societal rule with the assumption there’s a reason it should be there. I don’t stomp into the the office as the new boss and assume I know how to run the place better then the employees who’ve been there for 20 years. Societies have always wither controlled prostitution or deemed it repugnant. Rightly so.

Monday, May 5, 2014

It's Jews who make things matter of race--Christianity upholds primacy of TRUTH, above all, against Lies, Jews foremost liars, subjectivists....

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It's Jews, Foremost Subjectivists, Collectivists, Who Make Things Matter Of Race
(Apollonian, 5 May 14)

Well, aside fm E. Michael Jones, we do understand Christianity isn't racism--it's founded upon worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Christ), above all/any other precept, as only way to happiness (God), Gosp. JOHN 14:6.

But the Jews, championing their subjectivism, basis of their lies (Gosp. JOHN 8:44), by which they make themselves, as a race, co-equal w. God, and which then they use as instrument for their war against humanity, reality, God, truth, logic, reason, etc., are the ones who make the issue, Christian truth vs. lies, a matter of RACE, this moralistic subjectivism championed most by Jews, Jews most organized, unified, and "connected."

And then is it any wonder Jew racism/collectivism is basis of their brilliant instrument, bolshevism?
One serious, great problem of E.M. Jones' expo is that salvation couldn't possibly be of Jews as Jews, by definition, are anti-Christ, Talmudic, etc.--Christ preached the law of Moses which, by itself, has NOTHING whatever to do w. the Pharisees, hence Jews, Jews defined as followers of Pharisees, the murderers of Christ, leaders of the conspiracy to kill Christ.

Sure, the Pharisees SAID and SAY they follow Mosaic law, but Christ refuted this, demonstrating they're just liars, sons of their father, satan, etc.

And as we know, esp. by way of the Spanish episode, Jew "converts" must be eyed w. suspicion, never being allowed to vote, hold office, or to re-produce their putrid race, a race which preaches racialist anti-Christianity.

Jews who fail and refuse to convert must simply be dealt w. in summary fashion, arrested, confiscated, interned, separated by sex, and watched carefully till they completely die-out, humanity and history putting paid to Jew anti-humanity, future generations of humans observing and celebrating the necessary victory over Jews.