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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Phil. Prof. in public edjumacation finds himself abject slave, defender of criminals and frauds of ZOG--aren't u glad u're not him? ho ho ho ho

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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"Climate-Change": Proven Lies, Pure And Simple
(Apollonian, 14 May 14)

Mike: once again, and as always, problem w. this essay of urs, on "climate-change," is QUESTION-BEGGING.  What's "climate-change," anyway?--climate is always changing, isn't it?  Ho ho ho ho ho.  So there's problem of basic definitions--which u cannot overcome.

And what we do KNOW is the people pushing this "climate-change," formerly called "global warming," like Al Gore, are A BUNCH OF LYING POWER-GRABBERS AND MONOPOLISTS--criminals who should be in jail if not dead (as they're traitors using "climate-change" lies to overthrow Constitution, law, and rights of the people)--it's not mere matter of "profits"--though that also is legitimate concern, including the livelihoods of all people.

So u see, we all know ALREADY is it's all a bunch of LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES LIES--this, for the purpose of dictatorship and AGENDA-21 genocide.  See

And so we find u're in position of DESPERATELY defending these liars, criminals, and traitors by continuing to pretend there MIGHT, conceivably, be some justification for their lies--u now calling them "noble lies," which includes ur own "noble" efforts to defend them, ho ho ho ho ho.

Mike, don't u think it's notable that u urself know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING whatsoever about any idiotic "climate-change," and that u're not capable of pt-ing to ANY evidence whatsoever?--NONE, zilch, nada.  The ONLY thing u have is appeal-to-authority fallacy, and u can't even face-up to this simple fact, u supposedly a teacher, no less, of logic and logical fallacies.

Of course, there's another word to be used, regarding ur being fooled, and it has to do w. someone who's absurdly credulous.  Further, u allow urself to be taken-in by KNOWN liars and frauds.  Surely u're not an outright criminal liar and fraud urself--BUT how is it u, a Ph.d, fail to observe the simple fallacies u defend?

And all this idiocy and stupidity is justified for u--why?--how?--because, as u put it, it MIGHT be true, ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

Mike, all ur activity and so-called "arguments" for this moronic "climate-change" balderdash is precisely how one should NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT be thinking and arguing.  In fact, it's grounds for u having ur Ph.d revoked.  U should be ashamed of urself.

After all, u should be at forefront of warning the people and students against these frauds and criminals--BUT, it's not politically-correct, is it?--and u'd be miserably persecuted if u were to do this, wouldn't u?  And here we find the most horrific truth--u're gross, abject SLAVE of the political-correct party-line, aren't u?--and u find urself incapable of admitting to this horrific truth.

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