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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Fitzpatrick wants to demonize Alex Jones, but actually goes too far--I say Jones is actually pretty honest, rather typical Jew-sympathizer whom Jews have owned by financial means--Alex still gives useful info....

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Jones Still Useful, Considering Jews Continue To Rule (For Practical Purposes)
(Apollonian, 20 May 14)

I've hardly hrd of "stratfor."  Only objection I have to Jones is he does things right, I think, and he does good job of connecting dots, but then he fails to going all the way to naming the Jew.  And this deliberate failure to name Jew is egregious and un-forgiveable, truly.

I've often thought of calling-in and asking Alex if he's satisfied he knows all he should know about Jews, Judaism, and Talmud, esp. the Talmud, though I'm sure he'd just come-back w. some lame excuse for them--like, "oh, not all Jews are religious and/or believe in the Talmud."

I'd say we'd KNOW Alex was deliberate scum if he came-out and embraced and pushed anti-Christ and anti-Christianity--though he's already doing that, indirectly, inasmuch as he defends and excuses Jews.

But I'd still say Jews have already practically WON--they rule, esp. for their monetary standard--that's why Jews own Alex and esp. Rand Paul now.  My strategy then is to encourage one faction of Jews (and cohorts) to opposing the more established faction--like, for example, the Ron Paul faction to opposing the presently established and topmost neo-cons and CFR/Tri-lateralists/Bilderbergers. 

If u note, way back when, like during 16th cent. the Jews encouraged the Protestants to opposing the Catholics, and that's when Jews actually started gaining legitimacy among Christians, a few achieving actual noble titles, I understand.

This story/blog article right here, Tim, I really do think is pretty obscure for lots of people--including me--seems like u're more nit-picking.  I still listen to Alex every day and consider I gain useful info--against the more established Jews.

It's like the establishment Jews at top want to massively reduce population of gentiles, and Alex and his faction want to keeping gentiles around so Jews can continue to feed-off thereof.  But as long as Alex is EFFECTIVE in opposing the ruling clique of topmost Jews (CFR, Tri-lateralists, et al.), then he's worth listening to for info, even if always remembering he's scum for defending Jews. 

Like I say, Jews have WON--this isn't "defeatism" as u indicated; rather, it's realism, and I don't at all feel "defeated."  Forces of Christ and truth must simply regroup as ZOG continues to move to inexorable defeat, long as we survive--it's like the original Christians prior to revolution of St. Constantine the Great.

Timothy Fitzpatrick

 /  May 20, 2014
From that same clip, your Zio hero Jones endorses occultist Jordan Maxwell and his Jewish subjectivism, ancient astronaut New Age lies
Your excuses for Fatboy are tired, repetitive, and pathetic.


[Below, here was deleted by Fitz]

The Fatboy Has His Uses
(Apollonian, 20 May 14)

Tim, like I say--if Alex was to come-out and be anti-Christ, then there'd be no doubt, right?--but fatboy sincerely seems to think he's Christian--isn't that fair, accurate observation?--that's why he's so nice to Jews, eh?--evidently--he thinks it's good, Christian thing to so relate w. those poor, dear kikes--don't u observe there are lots of so-called "Christians" like that?

And note I NEVER have said Alex is any great, tremendous person--I'm ALWAYS careful and sure to note for folks he's far too Jew-friendly, and that this is not good by any means.  But he gives out some good info, Tim, and good analysis too.

All I said, in my note, above, was this "stratfor" stuff was rather obscure, and that I was wondering what was specific pt (regarding stratfor).

So what are u saying, Tim--that Jews haven't won and control things?--why isn't that a good, worthy strategy?--to encourage one faction of Jews and Jewwies to oppose the dominant faction?--what else can be done?--what are u doing?--what's ur over-all analysis?  How is it "pathetic" to being realistic, accurate for assessment, and practical?

Timothy Fitzpatrick

 /  May 20, 2014
By your logic, the National Review should be supported, despite it being a CIA front, simply because it puts out some good information and because it doesn’t overtly attack Christianity.
Doesn’t fly, Apollo.

Tim Continues To Fail For Clear Strategic Principles
(Apollonian, 20 May 14)

It (Nat. Review) might indeed be "supported," under certain conditions, w. provisions, if it was useful to doing so--it only depends upon circumstances, etc.  Like I say, a good strategic consideration is that we're presently much like the original Christian revolutionaries prior to advent of St. Constantine--or perhaps during reign of Julian the Apostate, though I'd rather say prior to Constantine.  Jews are on top, but their monetary system is tottering.

If u want to say what does and doesn't "fly," u need to provide premises for ur own strategy, such as it is.  U don't like Jones; neither do I, but u don't want to give credit for the good info he does provide for folks.  I still say Jones has his uses, limited though they may be, for patriots and Christians.

Timothy Fitzpatrick

 /  May 20, 2014
And you say I am not being clear. This rambling about Christian revolutionaries is irrelevant and makes little sense. If you can’t bother to read my articles and instead ask me to retell the points in them again for your ears, that’s your problem. I think the strategic uses for Jones are quite clear in Parallels between Alex Jones and CIA front National Review.

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[And if u ck, u'll see I actually did comment extensively on his above article, "Parallels....]


  1. Ho ho ho ho--Fitzpatrick has now banned any further comments fm me at his blog--which I found when I saw he added an item to his last comment, above-copied, and then submitted this:

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    Tim's Analysis/Indictment Of A. Jones Is Too Complex/Abstract

    Tim: I read ur last entry before, but now I see u added the latest, "AJ externalizing the hierarchy," which I hadn't read, so I went and read it--same old stuff, u alleging complicated, abstract stuff about Alex.

    U seem to be like James Bond trying to make out these complex, abstract plottings, ho ho ho, for Alex trying to bamboozle the sheep, u quoting and citing Mike Hoffman. I know I like Alex for his ability to analyze and tie the various items of info together.

    But overall, I consider the people in general will simply be carried and distracted by same old "bread and circuses," fm Roman times and cited by unc' Adolf Hitler--it doesn't terribly much require these complex mental manipulations u cite fm Hoffman.

    So then let me ask u this: Jones pt.s out that his stuff (various articles) is SO informative that it's now getting picked-up by Matt Drudge's site--which I think is pretty impressive and telling. So are u impressed?--by Jones' stuff getting carried now by Drudge?--or is Drudge just another "cointelpro"?

    Thus to sum-up once again, I simply say that Jones disappoints, but no wonder, what w. all the Jew money and dominance of our culture in general--THEY RULE--do u deny? But Alex does useful work for patriots nonetheless, rather demonstrated by Drudge who much seconds his info. Of course we wish he could go on to most conclusively naming the Jew, but until the Jew monetary system collapses, Jews will continue to prevail, necessarily.

    U're right, Alex works to pls his Jew pay-masters, but he still thinks he serves Christ--there's lots of fools like this. Don't forget: Alex is quite brilliant person, though he's not schooled, as w. college-type training, so he's a mixed-bag for his mental and intellectual foundations. Alex's dad is also quite taken w. Jews, but they still think they're good Christians--there's lots of folks like this.


    Here, below, is his amended last comment:

    Timothy Fitzpatrick / May 20, 2014

    And you say I am not being clear. This rambling about Christian revolutionaries is irrelevant and makes little sense. If you can’t bother to read my articles and instead ask me to retell the points in them again for your ears, that’s your problem. I think the strategic uses for Jones are quite clear in Parallels between Alex Jones and CIA front National Review. Alex Jones functions primarily as a counter-intelligence operative (to control and limit the spread of information) as well as an agent of the occult’s Revelation of the Method, which I explain in Is Alex Jones externalizing the hierarchy?.


  2. Fitzpatrick has now re-arranged the comments, and I find he allowed the last entry of mine, published in above note/comment, to which he answered w. following:

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    Timothy Fitzpatrick / May 20, 2014

    Apollonian, if a person as naive as you were to read your comment, they would think that psychological warfare only existed in movies and spy thriller novels. I guess CIA MKUltra and FBI COINTELPRO are fiction to you also. You really give little credit to the conspirators, but I think it is unintentional. Even so, ignorance is not a valid defense. Despite your your portrayed skepticism of Alex Jones, you are the quintessential Jones follower.

  3. So here, below, was my latest to Fitzpatrick's, above:

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    apollonian / May 20, 2014

    Who's naive?--I don't at all deny MKUltra or Cointelpro were perpetrated and executed--what I question is the effect vs. the simple mechanism of "bread & circuses."

    And u keep trying to avoid simple fact JEWS RULE--due to their money-system which so well serves them, and nothing substantial will change until this monetary system begins to seriously collapsing--which collapse has actually begun, but is still firmly controlling so far. Jones is then relatively the "only game in town" w. which patriots can work. Jones is NOT the satanistic agent u try to make out, w. insufficient info to back-up ur assertions.

  4. Fitzpatrick has now deleted ALL my comments (see above), ho ho ho--and will un-doubtedly delete the latest (below-copied) which is answer to what he ended-up leaving, copied, far below:

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    apollonian / May 21, 2014

    Poor Tim: Frustrated By Truth, Facts–But It’s Ur Problem, Buddy

    U hate Alex Jones–that’s ok; he deserves such hatred, surely, but u should be accurate, factual, and truthful, like proper Christian, for making a case against him, calling him co-intelpro, “judas-goat,” etc.

    And there u go calling my comments “Jones-groveling” and “gullible rhetoric,” which is false and merely ur frustrated opinion at best, and why u find it necessary to deleting the comments, u not wanting people to see ur phony and pathetically contrived case dis-integrated by the simple facts.

    If u want people to agree w. u, then start being logical and factual and leave off w. the childish wishful thinking, comrade.

    ----------------above by ap in response to below, by fitz------------------------

    Timothy Fitzpatrick / May 20, 2014

    To Apollonian,
    Jones has game? What has he done? What progress has he made? And, no, merely waking people up is not progress, especially considering has has been in the “game” for almost 20 years. Twenty years of making people like you chase ghosts down dead-end streets and give up your money to his mostly Jewish sponsors. Go ahead and keep subscribing to his disinformation sites and drinking his tangy tangerine. You have more than 50 comments on my blog, most of it the same Jones-grovelling drivel. Bring something new to the table and stop filling the comments section with your gullible rhetoric.