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Friday, May 2, 2014

Example of liberal college Prof. babbling the politically-correct prop. on Bundy, "racism," Sterling, etc., ho ho ho....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Mike's Essay: Putrid Logic, But Revealing Indeed About Sad Cultural State Of ZOG
(Apollonian, 2 May 14)

Mike this was provocative, revealing, and interesting essay on ur part, but as so often, a muddled jumble of fallacies and mis-information, w. poor and little logic.  Allow me to demonstrate.

First, it seems this essay is on subject of racism and how the present society reflects itself, culturally and morally, in accord therewith.  Fact is we racists are steadily drawing ur liberal and political-correct (PC) venom, and this essay of urs demonstrates it inasmuch as u, along w. ZOG establishment, seek to dis-credit the hero, Bundy, by means of making use of ur racial prejudice along w. gross mis-informed reporting of Bundy's problems w. ZOG.

But ZOG is a problem for all people, of all races, and Cliven Bundy is mere case-in-pt. (as is Sterling, too), and this is one of ur failures of basic observation.  What happened to ur stinking and vaunted "liberal" compassion?  Ho ho ho

So as always, lets begin at the beginning, DEFINITIONS.  "Racism" is a VIRTUE, the virtue of LOYALTY to ancestors, culture, and people--ck any dictionary.  Further, note racism (loyalty) is AXIOMATIC--u cannot not be racist--as u MUST necessarily be loyal to some race, ur own or some other, the mixed or the non-mixed race.  So we demonstrate a compounded absurdity on ur part, a Prof. w. a Ph.d, no less--which is poor reflection upon modern edjumacation, I'd note once again.

Second, consider the REAL issue regarding Sterling is whether he has the right to free speech and to holding whatever opinions--and note the recording of him seems to have been obtained illegally or under questionable circumstances.  So what?--u can't own an NBA team unless ur opinions stand-up to some politically-correct morons and queers?

Sterling deserves credit for honesty--unusual for Jews--at least so far as he admits and says interesting things about Jews and Israel, for example, ho ho ho.  Further, observe Sterling didn't attempt to broadcast his opinions by way of imposing them upon others, except for reasonable conditions upon his paramour.  Don't get caught posing for pictures w. that ugly gorilla, Magic Johnson, for goodness sakes--what's unreasonable about that?--after all, Sterling has his reputation to think about, eh?  Ho ho ho

We have every right to be racist and holding racist opinions, PERIOD, and Sterling ought to sue the NBA if they attempt any further extortions upon him--this is quite aside fm OBVIOUS fact, again, that racism is a virtue.

Third, now that we've dealt w. ur absurdities and falsehoods regarding basic issues of racism, note the perfect consistency of the free market as it reflects the opinions of the people--un-popular opinions can cost u--and the market reflects that.  Observe Sterling and NBA are being coerced to some extent precisely by natural market influences.

Fourth, ur pretended facts about Bundy are all totally false--it doesn't seem to occur to u that ur "liberal" buddies actually lied, and DELIBERATELY mis-quoted Bundy on issue of Blacks and race.  Further, Bundy has excellent legal case against ZOG which is not allowed to own land in the states except under strict Constitutional conditions.

It doesn't occur to ur extremely poor information for a Ph.d getting tax-payers' money, pretending to be a "teacher," that it's now found the Sen. fm Nevada, Harry Reid, along w. ZOG, is involved in literal conspiracy and dis-possessing American citizens of their rightful property in favor of a foreign, alien, and enemy gov., like the Chicoms.

So Mike: I would totally, completely, and vehemently disagree w. practically EVERYTHING u attempted to lay-down and assert in this essay of urs extolling and defending Obongo, political-correctness, and non-racism which is all patent nonsense--it also reflects poorly, but accurately upon ur own education, logical grasp of things, and general knowledge, not to mention the putrid general state of ZOG culture and present-day thought-control.  U should be ashamed, but of course, u're actually all puffed up w. righteousness and sanctimony, no doubt, as we see.

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