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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Evermore gross criminal corruption, conspiracy in ur faces--false-flags on-going--remember Christianity is glue holding together patriots, survivors....

Evermore Criminal Corruption, Conspiracy In Ur Face
(Apollonian, 1 May 14)

Here,, u got proof of the executive dept. criminally extorting banks and gun-shops.

And here,, the US Supreme ct. refuses to enforce and defend the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Don't doubt they're all paid-off--by means of US Federal Reserve (the "Fed") Bank (legalized) COUNTERFEIT scam--see for expo on Fed fraud.

So here u have it in ur face: nothing less than a criminal conspiracy within the gov., including the ct.s, to overthrow the people's law and Constitution.

But as long as bread-and-circuses continue to obtain, the dumb, brainless puke of the USA don't care--thus we see the way people are induced to commit suicide and be murdered on massive scale, the poor, stupid scum.

That's why there have to be massive exterminations--public executions--in just retribution against this gross treason in order, for one thing, to set an example for posterity.  These executions should, for best results, proceed fm genuine honest, fair trials.

And of course, the criminals of ZOG understand this perfectly; that's why they'll be sure to forestall this necessary retribution by various means--SPLC (Southern Poverty Legal Center) is one thing they've already got going--starting wars is one easy, typical, traditional way they do things--after a good false-flag, or several of them (which we seem to have been actually getting, if u notice--all these strange shootings going on, time after time), of course.

So prepare my good comrades, and remember: a great way to prepare and then operate is by way of communing and relating w. fellow survivors, citizens, and patriots in CHRISTIAN manner/fashion, Christianity worship of TRUTH above all/any other precepts--against lies, moralism/Pharisaism behind the typical vehicle of lies, Jews the all-time masters of the lies, and don't forget the Jews' closest cohorts, queers and phony "Christians," like the present "Judeo-Christians" who lead and intimidate all the other half-baked scum who merely pretend to Christianity.

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