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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Publically-funded Phil. Prof. reflects upon his class failure rate, ap comments upon his thought-control profession....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

Ho ho ho ho--Mike agonizes over why students fail his classes.

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Mike Reflects Upon His Enterprise
(Apollonian, 7 May 14)

Well Mike, u don’t give us much to discuss here for this essay on failure–seems u’re just reporting upon certain facts, merely commenting it wasn’t ur fault, u tried–which I’m sure u did. U seemed to be rather amazed about the one who attended 91-9% of the classes, yet still failed. But what can u do if students don’t reflect and regurgitate, or in some way indicate, what it is that’s necessary for the grade?

Perhaps u’re puzzled people aren’t overjoyed and enthusiastic about ur subjectivist/Platonic, so-called philosophy/philosophizing (it’s really just elaborated mysticism in guise of pretended “philosophy”). Perhaps u’re appalled ur only adherents are neo-con traitor-types like “magus” who psychotically loves to pretend he’s “good” and “virtuous” as he does ZOG’s dirty-work.

So what is it u want people to learn, Mike?–that inferiority complex is good thing as it makes one want to be “good” or “ethical”?

“Ethics” is legitimate thing as it considers that basic question, “what should I do?”–necessary for human creatures of will. But the metaphysics (which must be considered, as metaphysics determine everything else) of things are necessarily deterministic, in accord w. absolute cause-effect and distinct natures and identities of the elements.

U Mike, want to begin w. “ethics” of fallacious “good-evil” and then build and contrive everything else around it so as to excuse and rationalize ur Pharisaist delusions–u’re only followed and appreciated by such as “magus,” which is pretty disgusting, I understand and sympathize.

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