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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Here's great expository (partially) vid--15 mins--on "banking" problem, BUT it still lacks for fullest, best grasp, understanding....

Great & Brilliant Description, But Lacking For Fullest Expo On "Banking" Problem
(Apollonian, 8 May 14)

Here's otherwise excellent exposition of the "bankers" problem, though it isn't unified for basic principle, 15 min vid:  I really like Max Keiser who does great job for describing the "banker" problem, as I say, BUT problem is it (the problem) isn't really very well laid-out in terms of basic principle which begins w. "central banking," what it is--just legalized COUNTERFEITING--and the fiat-money it churns out to the poor stupid, brainless, ignorant people.

See MONEY MUST BE COMMODITY, best commodity being gold/silver, naturally--it's FINITE and cannot be "created" or just printed-up like present criminals do, they thereby allowed to owning everything.  Imagine if u had the luxury of just printing-up all the "money" u wanted--ho ho ho hoh ho

(a) Thus the fiat-money is lent-out, and as the more money is lent, the greater the debt, see?

(b) And they just keep doing this money-printing and lending UNTIL they GOTTA STOP doing it, due to inflation and price-inflation which will otherwise become hyper-inflation, utterly destroying the currency.

(c) When then they stop putting-out and issuing the currency THERE'S HUGE PROBLEM (deflation)--HOW will the debts now be paid if there's no currency in circulation to be obtained?

(d) Thus u see, this is how the "bankers" (but really, just criminals) end-up owning everything.  For after they've stopped issuing currency ("deflating") and there's no money in circulation as before, the debts which were encouraged by the former lush supply of currency in circulation CANNOT BE PAID.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

CONCLUSION: so my pt. for this essay is that while the above-noted vid is quite good for a beginning expo and description of things, it still lacks the basic idea that "money" MUST BE COMMODITY (preferably gold/silver), hence FINITE in supply--and things like the US Federal Reserve Bank ("the Fed") is a gross CRIMINAL enterprise--literally legalized COUNTERFEITING--which MUST be removed/eliminated by nearly any means possible, the masterminds and principals put on trial and publically executed for treason, mass-murder, etc.

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