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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Science MUST be separated fm Philosophy in order to save fascism, Pharisaism, and thought-control....

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Tyson Desperately Tries To Ignore Fascist Hi-Jacking Of Philosophy & Science
(Apollonian, 13 May 14)

Science is still what Aristotle described: that method by which we achieve necessarily true knowledge--this then, by means of applying logic to any given subject-matter.

But what then is philosophy and its relation w. science?--philosophy is what gives depth and context--the BASIC PREMISES.  And hence even logic requires basic premises--hence metaphysics.

Thus philosophy entails metaphysics (basic premises), epistemology, the theory of knowledge, and ethics & politics, answering what should we do.

Thus philosophy discusses Aristotelian objectivity ("Immanence"), only possible premise for logic (non-contradiction), hence science, and why it necessarily implies determinism--no perfectly "free" will.

Thus as fascists must remove determinism in order to achieve OBEDIENCE, founded on "good-evil" Pharisaism, they're very interested in subverting philosophy, metaphysics, and Aristotle--Neil deGrasse Tyson, understandably, doesn't want to discuss this.

Thus the fascists use public funding to taking over education, turning it into thought-control, controlling the teaching and understanding of philosophy, subverting it and pretending philosophy and science are then consistent w. perfectly "free," hubristic will and Pharisaism and "good-evil."

Tyson, not wanting to acknowledge or discuss all this about fascist "edjumacation" prefers then to ignoring the necessity of Aristotelian objectivity and determinism (called "teleology" by Aristotle).

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