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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pharisaist psycho, Israel-first moralist, perfect example of what continues to hold-up ZOG

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

Note: I earlier examined and analyzed this guy on my 23 Apr blog,

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Pharisaist Psycho And Traitor Empties Himself For His Precious Moralism
(Apollonian, 6 May 14)

Listen to (read--see below-copied) this Pharisaist partisan of Israel first assert about "the damage it [prostitution] does to society"--so what damage?--it does no damage--that's why it's called "victimless crime"--if there's "damage" then say what it is and the law and judges could sentence accordingly.  But the Pharisaist prefers to just babble w. his usual empty assertions.

The neo-con psycho filled w. moralistic unction then talks brainlessly about "men's view of women," "prostitute's view of men," as if he's saying anything, "then the disease, then the abortions," ho ho ho, not to mention "adultery"--the psycho certainly has a vivid imagination.

The Pharisaist continues to blather on, about the "cheapening of sex," etc., and brings in something called "broken window theory," yet--this all makes him think he's actually making some kind of pt., u see.

After these schizoid ramblings, the traitorous partisan of Israel first says he's "Burkean conservative"--ho ho ho--no, u're just a disgusting, putrid traitor who deserves the penalty of treason, buddy, that's all.

The Pharisaist psycho and traitor then denies the very reality he wants to push about knowing "how to run the place," for that's the very pt. of his moralistic ravings.  The traitorous, Israel-first Pharisee then finishes on a sociologic note as if he knows anything about the subject, but his purpose is to impress w. the usual moralistic obsession.

What I find interesting is this neo-con psycho wants most of all to impress HIMSELF he's soooooo "moral"--he knows his buddy, Mike, will be somewhat impressed, as Mike himself is such a moralist, but Mike won't have anything matter-of-fact to say about these pt.-less babblings fm this traitorous fool, and that suits the psycho just fine, we see, venting w. his precious moralism.

--------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------------------------

magus71 said, on May 6, 2014 at 12:09 am

Mike, you take an utterly materialistic, reductionist view of prostitution, and fail to see the damage it does to society. The subtle ripples it causes, first with the men’s view of women, then the prostitute’s view of men. Then the disease, then the abortions. Then the adultery. Then the cheapening of sex, which is not all that far from human life itself. And slowly the broken window theory begins to take hold, as the social disorder of enabled sex trade spreads to increased crime, assaults, robbery, murder. Then the good people move out. Then you get Detroit…..

But again, you argue necessary aspects. I argue what always seems to come with the package. As a Burkean conservative, I look at a societal rule with the assumption there’s a reason it should be there. I don’t stomp into the the office as the new boss and assume I know how to run the place better then the employees who’ve been there for 20 years. Societies have always wither controlled prostitution or deemed it repugnant. Rightly so.

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