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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Jew hypocrisy PERFECTLY captured w. latest Sterling (owner of LA Clippers) statement--he COULDN'T be "racist," u see--'cause he's a Jew, ho ho ho hohoh oh ho

Sterling Is Worth A Billion Bucks, Truly, Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 8 May 14)

Sterling saying (see COULDN'T be "racist"; after all, I'm a Jew, ho ho ho ho ho--typical of Jews--and now u see how they can be so blunt and graphically forthright as they are when they talk in private, ho ho ho ho ho.  Jews are absolved of all/any "racism," u see, because, gee whiz, they've suffered soooooooooooooooooooo, throughout history, u seeeeeeeeeee?--one lie backs up the other in their subjectivist world in which they ALL take a collectivistic part and interest, u understand.

And don't forget the basic, original meaning of the word, "racism"--a togetherness, a familiality, a loyalty they have towards one another--distinct fm any other group or race--actually a VIRTUE; it isn't necessarily, at root, "hatred," as the prop.-masters want to push.  Jews are FOR their people, but no one else can be--that would be "racism" which is tantamount to "hatred," ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

We anti-semites don't grudge the Jews for this basic racism--as we say it's a virtue--what we condemn is Jews lying about it as they do, pretending as Sterling does here, they COULDN'T be racist--it's just not possible, ho ho ho ho ho ho

Hypocrisy: thy name is Jew.

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