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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cultural, psychologic, problems aren't that difficult to grasp--satanism founded upon subjectivism, Pelagian heresy....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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Hoffman, Baldwin Are Integral Parts Of Large Cultural, Hereticalist Problem
(Apollonian, 30 Jul 15)

Hoffman: both u and Baldwin make significant pt.s, but u both miss-out on the essential general precept, which is SUBJECTIVISM, esp. extreme subjectivism, satanism, the idea that all reality proceeds fm one's mentality or consciousness--that there is no objective reality.  Thus by means of this subjectivism one suffers most gross HUBRIS and makes oneself God, the creator--the ultimate satanism. 

Why and how is it u miss this?--extreme subjectivism, hence satanism?  Thus Christ = Truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and the only way truth can exist is by means of the (God-created) OBJECTIVE reality, necessary foundation/premise/criterion to any possible truth.

And the pretext by which one begins the ignoring of Christian TRUTH (= Christ) and objectivity is PELAGIAN HERESY, the idea one can be "good," which "good" couldn't possibly exist, we being most hopeless SINNERS as the St.s, Paul, Augustine, and Martin Luther affirmed.  For humans don't have a perfectly "free" will, only God's will being perfect.

Thus the primary cultural problem is satanism, hence subjectivism, and hereticalist "good-evil" is the pretext taught to children which hereticalism, guilt- and inferiority-complex most of the poor children never grow out of, the original pretext for subsequent rampant satanism and empire-of-lies, as we see.

For note Jews and satanists aren't "evil" anymore than typhus, or plague, or leprosy are "evil"--which "evil" doesn't and couldn't exist, and u and Baldwin FAIL for ur over-looking this about satanism built upon subjectivism and especially the heresy of Pelagianism, pretext and initial building-block for all following Pharisaism and satanism--it all goes together.

Thus Hoffman, u and Baldwin are integral parts of the cultural problem, built upon Pelagian heresy, which u refuse to acknowledge, never doubt.

People must be led by appeal to sentiment, dear old Christianity, but rationalized, thus militarized--to confront present satanism rampant....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Judaism: Simply Most Sublime satanism, Collectivist Subjectivism
(Apollonian, 30 Jul 15)

Excellent observations (see below-copied by "Adam"): note we're in midst of continuing downtrend of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, so as long as Jews' main weapon, the US Federal Reserve Bank legalized COUNTERFEITING instrument/mechanism, holds out (though it doesn't look like for too much longer, US Dollar collapsing), they will continue to have means of bribing all politicians, judges, hiring all the assassins they need to eliminate anyone not co-operating.

So patriots must unify the people by means of appeal to sentiment, that same good old Christianity, Christ = Truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), ONLY way to Godly happiness.  Thus patriots must remove Jews' "Praetorian guard" the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) heretics who support Israel.

People can see blatant satanism rampant throughout our society, as in modern music especially; thus folks must be made aware of what exactly this satanism consists of at root: SUBJECTIVISM whence one conceives reality to be merely what issues fm one's own mentality/conscious--hubris--making oneself God.  Thus Jews dominate as they're collectivist subjectivists, most organized and "connected," enabled thereby to dominating and ruling all other subjectivists among gentiles even as these gentiles vastly out-number Jews.

Only trick now is to see the pretext of subjectivism which is fallacious "good-evil" Pharisaism, known in Christianity as Pelagian heresy.  For humans are hopeless sinners needing God's grace and mercy to be saved, unable to do it themselves.  Thus note the Jew-dominated society induces inferiority- and guilt-complex upon the children, which few ever out-grow.

So I'd say the culture and people can well be invigorated w. a resurrection/revival of REAL Christianity, militarized, rationalized, the people made aware of rampant satanism led by Jews, satanism consisting of subjectivism, the anti-dote then consisting of Christian truth and honesty--rejecting Pharisaism and guilt-complex which so much dis-ables people in face of Jew monsters and devils.

---------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied-------------------------

Adam on July 28, 2015 at 5:49 AM said:

The Daily Forward article says that those “leading an active push for the [immigration reform] bill, which will offer a path to citizenship for some of the nation’s 11 million undocumented aliens, include the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, the American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Bend the Arc and the National Council of Jewish Women. In Australia the opposition leader Bill Shorten who was being investigated for rape has openly stated that a Labour government will double Australia’s immigration quota. Where the hell are we going to put these bozos? most of Australia is desert & they don’t want to go there so where do we put them? in our cities of. We now have brutal anti discrimination laws in Australia which were drawn up by the same Jew groups that are fucking America in the ass right now. The Jews are behind agenda 21 & the UN is full of them so mass immigration & forced assimilation of white countries is a jews wet dream. Everything evil in this world has a jewish hand behind it & our entire culture is being so dumbed down that they just can’t see this demonic interference for what it really is.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Why/How Christian militarization must take INITIATIVE--to attacking in best, most efficient manner....

Virtue And Necessity Of INITIATIVE For Christian Militarization, Truth Founded On Objectivity--Against Subjectivism, satanism, Hubris, Judaism
(Apollonian, 26 July 15)

Proper, Necessary Christian militarization thus needs a target and initiative for practical action, an object for one's effort and passion, and anti-Semitism has always well-served even though it's well-anticipated by Jews and others who are ready w. countless excuses, lies, and attempts and techniques of diversion and deflection.  For never forget Jews are masters of the lie, and their lies never cease (Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

Thus anti-Semitism is necessary as Jews are leaders of satanism, subjectivism being thematic to both, Jews always dominating because of their collectivism, hence organization which allows Jews thus to command and rule all the huge mass of gentile satanists, dupes, accomplices, stooges, and victims who yet so vastly out-number the Jews.

For example and proof, observe then Jews dominate central banking and such as US Federal Reserve Bank legalized COUNTERFEITING scam and mechanism, this giving Jews and satanists their overwhelming worldly power, owning and controlling everything and everyone one, even the good Christians, like Ron Paul, fearing to be assassinated by these infernal satanists.

And it only needs reminding that Jews are defended most loyally by such as the Judeo-Christian (JC--see for expo) hereticalists who say Christ was Jew and who support terror-state of Israel.  These JCs then constitute the largest and most powerful single political interest group among gentiles, controlling all establishment Christianity which keeps the average, nominal Christians so demoralized, confused, and mis-led, poor deluded fools, desperately needing leadership and guidance.

(a) JC hereticalists, for further examples, are amazing for their multiple confounded mis-conceptions, for example, pretending Christianity is primarily about "love" (or anything) rather than TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all/any, truth then requiring the objective reality as criterion.

(b) Another mis-conception is regarding "faith" which only properly means LOYALTY, not "believing."  Note also, this "faith" as beleeeeeeevin' is NECESSARY to satanism, Judaism, and lies, for how otherwise can one take lying seriously unless one is subjectivist and insists upon what one wants and desires to being true--for such is subjectivism and a subjectivist reality--it depends upon BELIEF, insistence, obsession.

(c) Another mis-conception is about Christianity requiring "peace" among humans, these phony "Christians" then preaching pacifism and "non-violence," even to the pt. of treason.  But real Christian peace is that within the individual who's confident of one's honesty and rational passion for truth.

So Christian militarization and initiative is anti-Semitic, yes, but best is to begin w. anti-satanism, satanism then understood as subjectivism and hubris, one making oneself God, all reality proceeding fm one's mentality.  Jews then are natural LEADERS of satanists, most sublimely subjectivist as they're collectivists, natural leaders and masterminds of criminals, ruling all the gentile subjectivists and criminals even as Jews are out-numbered.

Such then is Christian militarist initiative, putting pressure on the necessary pt. and place, in right way, for right reason(s)--it begins w. anti-satanism, w. understanding what satanism is, SUBJECTIVISM and hubris.  Anti-semitism then merely follows logically.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

What people need to "give a damn" about, in all truth, to save their lives....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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WHAT People Need "Give A Damn" About--Truth Vs. Lies
(Apollonian, 25 Jul 15)

"Whether or not anyone gives a damn is another question entirely."  -Very last line of this essay by JR, so Ironic.

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People give a "damn" (see above quote) as so many understand there's horrible things happening.  US Dollar about to lose 50% of its value, soon--within a yr, many say now.

But have u ever considered it's HOW u give a damn, or WHAT u give a damn about?--it's u, JR, who doesn't give a damn about the right, necessary, proper thing, I submit.

War is being waged against people of USA--by satanists, and u don't give the damn u demand others give.  Thus satanism, for practical purposes, is SUBJECTIVISM, the idea that all reality comes fm one's mentality, there not being an objective reality--which Christians are taught to think of as "God-created."  And of course, we know, u're too clever to take Christianity or such thing as "God" seriously--U'RE THE ONE WHO FAILS to giving the necessary "damn," sucker.

Thus extreme subjectivism amounts, for practical purposes, to making oneself God--this is satanism--and it's really quite simple.  And this satanism is what's steadily destroying the world, sucker--which u're not grasping, observing, or heeding.

For only about, maybe, 5% of folks can understand things in terms of strict logic or reason, u see--the rest of the people don't consider themselves clever enough to take such logic or reason too seriously, it being great strain on their child-like minds. 

That's why then, we teach all people, fm the earliest age, the Christian mythology--it's a way of conveying philosophy, but in an allegorical manner--as in way of Aesop's fables which sought to teach "moral" lessons, such as it was for the Greeks who immediately preceded the Christians.

Thus the Christ hero figure/character opposed satanism and SUBJECTIVISM, insisting upon the idea there was such thing as TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence then the objective reality, necessary basis/foundation of any possible "truth."

And Christ taught this TRUTH was the "only way" to Godly happiness.

So u see, this great battle btwn TRUTH and lies (satanism), lies founded in subjectivism, naturally, is at the heart of the Christian moral of New Testament--and this is what one must "give a damn" about--most Christians at least vaguely understand this, though not sufficiently, evidently, to be able to with-stand present satanic juggernaut, so dominant, so over-whelming, about to crash-down upon the poor people soon, soon, I'm afraid.

So far, people know fairly solidly that LIES are the basic problem--it's at the heart of Gosp. JOHN 8:44--but they just have problem converting or translating it to most practical terms.

Irony for the large culture/society is that establishment Christianity, including "Vatican," for example, is so totally captured by these satanic lies (and liars), and that's greatest asset and advantage of satanists.

Thus Christianity must MILITARIZE and mobilize--hence must un-veil itself by means of strictest reason.  For Christianity is the only real thing that can lead the people, the people not able to grasp strict reason and logic, as I note.

Thus folks must understand the WAR being waged by Satanists (a), and then (b) HOW they do it, beginning by means of attractive LIES, esp. the lie regarding "good-evil" Pharisaism, known to Christians as Pelagian heresy.

For "good-evil" doesn't exist in the objective, hence deterministic world; fallacious/delusionary/hereticalist "good-evil" can only exist upon SUBJECTIVISTIC premise--satanism, in all the possible, imaginable irony.  For we're all sinners, doomed to fiery flames of heck.  But this "good-evil" delusion is most difficult for people to ignore, they having been brought-up on it fm earliest age, so many having induced upon them "guilt-complex" (also known as "inferiority-complex").  And such "good-evil" lie is then the foundation of that subjectivism the satanists rely upon--as they do presently.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Failure of est. "Christianity" is cowardice in face of Judaism/satanism, failure of reason, honesty....

The FAILURE Of Establishment Christianity Against Satanism/Judaism
(Apollonian, 24 July 15)

Thus establishment Christianity has so utterly, grossly, abjectly FAILED against satanism, actually just helping satanism along in its murderous advance, laying the groundwork w. subjectism and esp. Pharisaism, esp. in way of Pelagianism, pretending to perfect freedom of will of human, thus fallacious/delusionary/hereticalist "good-evil."

For Christianity MUST MILITARIZE against the satanic/Judaic enemy--but establishment Christianity doesn't and won't, rather doing the opposite, helping Judaism/satanism, justifying lies and Pelagian heresy of "good-evil."

Thus Christianity to militarize, it MUST RATIONALIZE--which establishment Christianity doesn't and won't, failing even to pt. out the satanic enemy, not to mention the Jew.  Establishment Christianity even pretends it's mere version/variation of Jew, refusing to face real Christianity is ANTI-THESIS of Jew, hence standing for truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence the necessarily under-lying OBJECTIVE (God-created) reality--against Jew subjectivism always justified in Pharisaism and Pelagianism.

For Jew "faith" means subjectivism, foundation of their LIES (Gosp. JOHN 8:44) and creating reality--against proper Christian LOYALTY to truth and honesty, reality not made subjectivistically; rather being provided, God-created.

Thus proper Christian militarization MUST ATTACK, BEGINNING w. the false "Christian" establishment and liars who pretend Christianity stands for anything but, first and foremost, precious, holy TRUTH (= Christ), NOT "love," or "peace," or "faith," or "good," or "happiness," or anything else.

For happiness of the proper sort is only properly achieved by Christian TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (= Christ) and nothing else--not love, or peace, or faith, or (non-existent) "good," or anything else, and the Holy Spirit then, being what achieves TRUTH, is rational, integral HONESTY.

Jews, satanists depend upon traitors, spokesmen within gentiles making excuses for the enemy....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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JR Demonstrates The Roots, "Reasoning," Lies, And Excuses For Treason
(Apollonian, 24 Jul 15)

"Is it reasonable that some of those that would be punished via your method would be innocent?" -Anonymous Jul 23, 2015, 10:27:00 PM, above (see below).

Thus, by above false reasoning, JR excuses Jews and satanists, thus allowing them to continue their murderous warfare which affects countless victims and humans, Jew and satanic masterminds KNOWING there are subversives like JR among the victim population they can manipulate to continue their depredations, precisely by means of such false reasoning.

For what's happening is WARFARE being waged by Jews/satanists, and only counter-warfare will be sufficient to solving the problem, such counter-warfare known to suffering fm fact that it's problem for getting directly at the master-minds without hitting some who might not deserve fullest brunt of the warfare.  Life is war.

BUT SUCH IS WAR, and the TRAITOR, JR, defends the enemy, deliberately covering-up fact that Jews and satanists are waging such warfare, esp. by the leaders, speaking and acting for the enemy, speaking the subversive lies Jew enemy relies upon to keeping the host victims defenseless.
And the traitor, JR, so primly and smugly speaks his false-hoods, lying to himself (evidently), imagining he stands for "justice" and/or moralism, but he lies only to himself--he must simply be considered and treated as the traitor he is, working for the enemy, not justice, and not for anything else but the enemy's purposes.  Such is the hubris of traitors like JR, corrupt and deluded as they are--it shouldn't be allowed to affect the people so victimized.

Jews partake in a satanic religion, hence warfare against humanity (see; thus humanity must counter this Jew warfare by means of warfare of its own.  It doesn't matter some Jews pretend and protest w. their lies they don't mean war, these lies sufficing for traitors like JR who has no compassion for humanity.  Death to the Jews and their traitorous allies like JR.  JR must be exposed for treasonous liar as he is, even if it begins in self-delusion--same sort of typical self-delusion of Jews--which is NO EXCUSE.

------------above by ap in response to below-copied by JR-----------------------

Thanks Joe,

Is it reasonable that some of those that would be punished via your method would be innocent? Possibly we can come up with a better solution.

I think the truth can come out but unfortunately We The People are kept fighting amongst ourselves for now.

This country needs to get the truth to the public and deal with this now. The crooks that did the job need to pay the price for their crime.

I was taught that the American system of justice was meant to let a guilty walk free in order to avoid punishing an innocent person.

There is enough evidence to figure all of this out. Thanks for joining the conversation.


----------------------above by JR was response to below-copied---------------------

the article is correct and Alan Sabrosky is spot on. Israel was responsible for 911. By the current faulty logic we live with today, all jews should be attacked and Israel should be destroyed. Heck if Muslims can be subject to that same logic, then why not the jews, especially since a supremacist cult like Judaism has no problem with human sacrificing ( and it was a human sacrifice) a bunch of goys?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Christ was Aristotelian--opposed to Jew lies and subjectivism, foundation of satanism....

Below essay by ap first submitted at comments,

[Posted also at]

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In A Profound Way, Note Christ Was/Is Aristotelian
(Apollonian, 22 Jul 15)

Well, Mr. Pinay, this is very interesting set of details u give us about Card. Dolan, the good Card. helping to providing the "spiritual" or abstract, cultural, psychologic, sociologic under-pinning for the practical (existential) criminal enterprise of central-banking and fiat-money.

And once again, just imagine how powerful u'd be if u could just print-up w. paper and ink--and lately digitally too--practically all the "money" (technically currency) u want or need.  Thus we see the criminal empire of lies at work, Jews running the PRACTICAL money/banking fraud, this then supported in the abstract/"spiritual" by liars and heretics like Dolan.

Thus Christian truth vs. Jew lies is philosophic matter of objective (Aristotelean) vs. the subjectivist (Jew/Platonistic).

In strict economic terms then, it's matter of Honest money ("specie," as u call it, but also, commodity-based) versus the Jews' fiat-money whence they just print and print and print (also nowadays, digitalize) practically all the money they need/want, as I noted.  Finally, as is happening even as we speak, the fiat-system falls and collapses in HYPER-inflation (soon).

Thus we observe the CYCLIC rising and falling of the culture/civilization fm the more strict objectivity of the founders to the corrupt subjectivism of the perverted following generations who didn't have to fight for what they had, it just being given to them by original founder generation--as happened in Rome, and now in USA.

Thus we hope and pray for present-day St. Constantine the Great figure to lead us to some sort of revival of the former substance of original civilization/culture, overthrow of Jews and criminals.  This "resurrection" of the old cultural integrity can actually happen if we can only regain that basic Christian spirit of truth, reason, honesty, thus justice.  Thus we must throw-over the horrific and corrupt fiat-money system and re-adopt the commodity-base standard, and re-establish states-rights in accord w. Constitutional 10th Amendment, primacy of local government, etc.

Meantime, things must continue to degenerate, I'm afraid, in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--people must suffer in order to be motivated to thinking seriously--SOME people, even, must cease to exist.  Don't doubt Christ was very much an Aristotelian inasmuch as TRUTH can only exist in an objective (hence God-created) reality--as opposed/distinct fm the Judaic subjectivism, hubris, lies, and wishful-thinking.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

MILITARIZATION!!!!--that's what Christians must do, suckas--to defending our poor, sorry behinds, eh?....

[Below-copied is first posting at new blog,]

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Militarization--What Christians (And All Rational Folk) Must Do!--But How?  For Action Requires Plan (a) Which Requires (b) Analysis And Observation
(Apollonian, 21 July 15)

 I. Observations

 The satanists (see my blog,, anti-human, anti-rationalist, and anti-white, are mobilized and in action against all humanity, including esp. Christians, so Christians must take action to defend themselves and loved ones.  It isn't "Christian" to just passively allow the Jew-led scum to take-over--like they're doing.

 So Christians and humanity must militarize and mobilize--and it begins by taking note, first (a), and now and then (b) to taking purposeful action--how to do this in most specific terms?--that's what this blog will be about.  And also see for reference my other blogs, the other one at for expo upon the general situation.

 So then, as "militarization" is purposeful and positive (also "pro-active," as the saying nowadays goes), humanity, led by rational folk and Christians, taking steps and measures--HENCE a Plan, the plan given upon analysis and observation, these founded upon "military intelligence," so otherwise made fun of by the late comedian, George Carlin, ho ho ho.

 Note then satanism is founded on lies, hence subjectivism, and Jews are foremost subjectivists as they're foremost collectivistic subjectivists, able to out-maneuver the great mass of subjectivists of gentile race who so vastly out-number these Jews, satanists, and subjectivists.  Such then are the observations and analysis.  PLAN then follows naturally, logically--the Christian program of truth founded in objectivity.

 But let's continue the analysis and observations--for remember what's purpose of subjectivism?--it's to give foundation to false idea of "good"--for how can there be "good," which doesn't otherwise exist, without subjectivist reality and a perfectly "free," hence Godly, hence hubristic, human will?

 So we see the subjectivism and satanism is founded upon this inferiority-complex and compulsion-obsession w. "good" taught to young folks to keep them controlled and intimidated, which compulsion so many NEVER GROW OUT OF.

 Thus in the great CYCLIC course of history, in accord w. "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, we observe this subjectivism and cult of "good-evil" grows-up fm the corrupt and perverted following generations fm the original conquerors/founders, the following generations having everything given to them, they never having to have suffered much or to seriously fight for their otherwise privileged positions as inheritors of the founders.

 CONCLUSION: So these, above, general observations upon history, sociology, and psychology are necessary for analysis and PLAN for militarization, the necessary "military intelligence" ("intelligence meaning knowledge) base for subsequent military action/activity, problem then being evermore clear subjectivism and satanism, Jews at the forefront.

 Jews then are un-questionably the problem, given their hubris, subjectivism, and Pharisaist "good-evil."  Jews are foremost satanists leading the anti-human assault and campaign.  And these Jews are most excellently analyzed by our dear Lord and Savior, Christ, in New Test., as at Gosp. JOHN 8:44, and Gosp. MATT, entire chapter 23, for examples.  There are other subjectivists, indubitably, but Jews are most organized, most collectivistic, most "connected," this "connection" and organization being so integral, hence responsible for their power and dominance.

 All Christian and human planning and activity must follow fm these observations on subjectivism and satanism--and Jews.  Be sure then to ck the specific analysis of Jews basic document, the Talmud, at,, and

Friday, July 17, 2015

Struggle for USA is still pretty hopeless, the false opposition to "leftist" world gov. now contested by such as Alex Jones ( and Trump....

The problem isn't that there might be a backlash. [B]The problem is that there won't be,[/B] at least not yet. [B]Do Americans really need to wait until the Somalis suicide-bomb the Megamall before repatriating all of them back to their homelands?[/B][/QUOTE]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Trump, Alex Jones Are FALSE Leaders Of Jew-Friendly False Opposition
(Apollonian, 17 Jul 15)

Note this (latest Chatanooga "shooting") is no doubt just ANOTHER false-flag psy-ops by satanists and Jews funded/masterminded by the legalized COUNTERFEITERS of US Federal Reserve Bank, et al.  Nothing will change as Spenglerian "Decline of the West" continues, the mass of people still terrorized, stupid, befuddled, bemused by "bread & circuses," and esp. the TV, etc.  Currency and economic collapse continue; ZOG wants to definitively establish martial-law and world-gov., but hesitates to push too far, too fast.

Patriot counter-stroke w. be decisive, definitive Christian anti-semitism, but still must deal w. the false-Christians and Judeo-Christian hereticalists, too many (half-baked) Christians and sympathizers still befuddled, imagining Christianity is anything but anti-semitic worship of TRUTH above all, truth founded upon Aristotelian objectivity, against satanism founded upon subjectivism, objectivity against perfectly "free" will, hence false/hereticalist "good."

Donald Trump so far leads the anti-illegal invasion patriots, but which "patriots" still contain too many, too strong (still) false "Christians" and Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) Israel supporters. 

So the oligarchal master-minds are seeing how powerful the Trump forces are, Trump working for them (the master-minds and Jews), acting the "leader" for Judeo-Christian false opposition to the outright, world-gov. "leftists," "green"-environmentalists, et al.

That then is the false paradigm--the "leftist" Jews of world gov. vs. the Israel-supporters now rallied, briefly (probably) by such as Trump.  The "left" wants to sort itself out regarding Bernie Sanders, and the "right" is be-deviled by the Jewwy Israel-supporters, these minorities dominating everyone else.

So real, anti-semitic Christianity still remains to EMERGE--it's got to be rationalist in way of the real libertarians, but these pretended "rationalists" and "libertarians" are still too Jew-friendly.  So the real Christians must continue to work for rationality and anti-Semitism, decisively separating Christianity fm kikes, Christianity for TRUTH, hence objectivity, determinism, there being no "good-evil"--this still being too radical for most/many "Christian"-oriented.

Things economic/political must continue to getting worse, I'm afraid--and REAL Christians must emphasize anti-semitism, separating fm the Jew-friendly and "libertarian" half-baked "patriot" -sort, as Alex Jones (

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Subjectivist corruption, Pharisaism, satanism, criminality, homosexual perversion--they all go together, necessarily, naturally....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Subjectivist Corruption, Pharisaism, Criminality, Homosexual Perversion--Intimately, Necessarily Linked, Related, Supporting One Another
(Apollonian, 16 July 15)

Remember reality is (a) objective (Aristotle), (b) hence determined--in accord w. absolute cause-effect--there being no perfectly "free" human will (hence no "good-evil"), and (c) CYCLIC for its history, in accord w. Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West."

Thus USA is presently in grips of gross, horrific perversion and utter DECLINE--but "decline" in what way?--"decline" fm WHAT? Thus, note the original conqueror generation(s) for any empire--take the Roman example--is always down-to-earth, common-sense -oriented, and OBJECTIVE (much as possible), even if they're not highly educated as we might observe in today's over-educated generation, filled w. lies and most idiotic "political-correct" nonsense--including now obligatory tolerance of homosexual perversion.

Thus as the process of "decline" continues one observes the movement fm objective to corruption by means of SUBJECTIVISM--reality is held to be whatever one wants, ESPECIALLY and always beginning in way of moralism/Pharisaism. People are persuaded they're "good" and "morally virtuous" by means of hubristic will-power, all of this against the objective/determinist tenet which denies the perfect freedom of human will.

Thus the following generations fm the original founders of the successful society become evermore corrupt and subjectivist, esp. in way of Pharisaism and pretension to "good-evil," and this corruption naturally manifests in way of homosexuality.

Of course, prior to full-fledged, officially-sanctioned homosexual corruption the cultural decline takes a fundamental turn when the money system is corrupted by means of CENTRAL BANKING featuring institution of legalized COUNTERFEITING by means of "fiat-money" and proliferation/replication, "inflating," of the currency, of the receipt-money substitute for the real, commodity-money, gold/silver.

Thus, as the society/culture is taken-over by the all-pervasive central-banking--the very MONEY SYSTEM--the society is made captive of lies, liars, and criminals--ESP. JEWS and their cohorts, Jews masters of lies, subjectivism, and moralism/Pharisaism.

And it's NO WONDER subjectivism pervades the corrupt society, for the criminal regime of central-banking is propped and secured by this all-pervading regime of subjectivism and lies, hence then moralism/Pharisaism and political-correctness.  For such is the necessary nature of a society dominated by central-banking and fiat-currency.

Thus the significance of homosexual orientation is anti-rational--ANTI-OBJECTIVISTIC--hence the pursuit of sense-gratification for its own sake--esp. as way of diversion fm rationality, objectivity, and intellect.  For obviously homosexuality opposes the family orientation of productive, objectivistic-oriented, rationalist society which rejects criminality hence legalized COUNTERFEITING and central-banking, foremost instrument of Jews and satanists.

So naturally the Jew-oriented, subjectivist, hence MORALIST/Pharisaic persuasion encourages homosexuality and such-like corruption in same way as it defends and promotes the criminal regime of central-banking--CENTRAL-BANKING DEPENDS upon subjectivism and moralism/Pharisaism, hence also homosexuality--THEY ALL GO TOGETHER naturally and necessarily, subjectivism, moralism/Pharisaism, criminality, central-banking, and homosexuality.

Needless to say, the subjectivist society is the Jew-oriented corruption and "Decline" of any society once vibrant, successful, and productive, like the West now in grips of this evermore gross perversion.  Christianity then is abhorred by this rampant corruption, subjectivism, and SATANISM--as we see in present-day "hip-hop" music and entertainment, esp. Hollywood notoriously in control of Jews.

For Christianity was the foundation of original American culture and society, Christianity featuring the objective reality, necessary foundation/premise for TRUTH (= Christ), the only way to Godly happiness, Gosp. JOHN 14:6, against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44) founded in subjectivism, reality being only what rabbis say it is, all for the "good" of Jews--but really just for the good of the Jew master-minds.

Such then, once again, is CYCLIC "Decline of the West," so well described by Oswald Spengler: it's perfectly determinist process as the once successful, victorious, "prosperous" society generates a vast multitude of weaklings and inferiors, addicted to Jews' TV and lies, consumed in hubris, insisting upon "politically-correct" moralism/Pharisaism by which homosexuality is not merely tolerated but mandatory.

Not merely disaster, but horrific catastrophe is the necessary result, and practically the ONLY instance in history by which such catastrophe was averted, even if only briefly and in part, is the great Christian revolution of early 4th cent. led by St. Constantine the Great.

Thus present USA must adopt commodity-money and revert to original states-rights in accord w. 10th Amendment of US Constitution which has been so horrifically abused heretofore.  Most of all, people must achieve reason and abandon hubristic pretension to "good-evil" Pharisaism and Pelagian heresy--and this will surely not be easy thing to do.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Dialectic w. queer shill insisting Sandy hoax really happened....

Below-copied is dialectic w. queer shill, back about 4 Jun 2015, published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Stephen Waddock
10:41 AM

Security system was installed after the fact?  Do you idiots just make shit up to plug the hole in your sinking ship?

Apollonian Apollonius
10:57 AM

+Stephen Waddock Ho ho ho ho--says the homosexual psychopath (a) who says we have to prove there were no shootings, etc., and ZOG doesn't have to prove there were--which the psychopathic queer says has been proven despite ZOG's refusal to make the info public, upon pretext of the "feelings" of the "victims," to hell w. the citizens and taxpayers whose rights and money are at stake.

(b) The queer psycho refuses to admit simple truth he pushes ZOG fraud, hoax, and psy-ops--why?--because ZOG works for queers, pushing queer agenda.  Ho ho ho ho ho ho.  So who's "ship" is "sinking," queer scum?

Stephen Waddock
11:18 AM

Says the person who just makes up claim when he can't support his argument with facts.
a. you have no proof and no evidence to support your claim there were no shootings. To he contrary, all the evidence...weapons, bullet holes, injured teachers, spent shell casing...all prove you're talking out of your ass.

b. the ranting of a paranoid, delusional under-achiever looking to blame his failure on someone else, rather that admit is how failures.

Grab a life preserver, your delusional reality is sinking quick.

Apollonian Apollonius
11:27 AM

+Stephen Waddock Ho ho ho--says the queer psycho who says ZOG has proven its lies w. no bodies, no blood, no pictures, no evidence--but which queer psycho says IS "evidence" consisting of lies, assertions without substantiation, hearsay, and which ZOG illegally refuses to support w. documents, etc., which have long been demanded, as of W. Halbig.

And if ZOG manipulates and contrives things to favor queers, illegal aliens, and banker criminals, and citizens are then impoverished, thrown into un-employment, the queer now blames the victims--but hey, queer doesn't care long as ZOG pushes gay agenda, eh?  HO ho ho ho ho

SOMETHING is "sinking," for sure--Jew S A and it's economy and currency, queer.  Soon ZOG won't have the money to pay enforcers to protect queer filth, even when they try to call in UN enforcers, and we're gonna drink ur blood then, eh?  Ho ho ho ho ho

Stephen Waddock
11:36 AM

"and which ZOG illegally refuses to support w. documents, etc., which have long been demanded, as of W. Halbig."

Thanks for showing everyone, you have no idea what your talking about. In every case, Failbig was provided what he asked for, if it existed*, or he didn't pay the fee for the document and did not receive it.

* Documents like the "sign in" sheet for the sign, don't exist as they are not property of the town to provide. Porta-Potties receipt are not property of the town as the town didn't order them. These and more because Failbig can't match apples to apples.

Apollonian Apollonius
11:46 AM

+Stephen Waddock Righto, queer moron, liar, and psychopath, who just pushes ZOG lies.
Hey, didja hear?--no less than Pat Llodra admits to the sign-in sign, but says it was probably by Homeland Sec.--so what were they doing there?--sign-in for all the crisis actors, eh, queer?  Ho ho ho ho ho

Stephen Waddock
2:33 PM

Yeah, we heard. So what?  DHS is a law enforcement agency that was in the area. All law enforcement agencies in the area responded to this when they heard it was a school shooting and children were involved....AS THEY SHOULD.

So, when did that sign appear, Einstein?


+Stephen Waddock Stevie: (a) WHAT was DHS doing there?--answer: they were running a drill, "capstone event," which was closely overseen by White House levels, the "event" replete w. crisis-actors--and the pretend status was NEVER de-activated, except perhaps, as we know fm the tapes, when the DHS guy is hrd to say, "ending of the life of Adam."  

(b) The "players" and crisis-actors were simply ordered to continue and maintain the farce, and others were ordered to keep mouths shut, these then FURTHER corrupted and compromised by means of MASSIVE payments fm charity and "donations."  Many of the players were given FREE HOUSING, as we know fm the real-estate records.  Anyone not cooperating were killed--and no doubt will be killed in future--like the "Batman" movie prop. guy who put in the "sandy hook" map who was then mysteriously killed in car accident, like so many of the JFK assassination witnesses were killed.

(c) We know also there were donation and charity web-sites put up BEFORE the event.

(d) And of course this is all in addition to criminal refusal for making public the FOIA information.

(e) Further still, these above details are in addition to the numerous farces and deliberate distractions--like the nuns in the van, the so-called perps. who were arrested in the woods nearby, the morons breaking into the little storeroom at the back of the school, etc.

(f) Yet further, these details are in addition to the OBVIOUS poor acting, faking, and pretending of Gene Rosen, Robbie Parker, and Wayne Carver, Kaitlyn Roig, the McDonalds all of them lying, laughing, smiling, clowning, and joking--utterly unlike real people would do--as we see definitively fm the poor ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine whose relatives were mass-murdered by the Ukrainians, these poor people GENUINELY grieving, w. no smiling or laughing whatsoever, their tears falling in torrents, no faking.

(g) And in ur particular case, stevie, along w. ur cronies, we find u're ALL Jews and homosexuals, exclusively w. practically NO exceptions, all of u programmatically speaking the same lies, memes, and prop., and doing this in typical homosexual style, using phrases u don't understand ("critical thinking skills," "null-hypothesis," etc., ho ho ho ho ho), insisting psychotically ZOG must be beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeved, and that we truthers must "prove" ur hoax/fraud thesis is false, against the evidence, u using assertions without substantiation, hearsay, and outright lies--typical Jew tactics known fm centuries ago.

(h) Stevie: u TRY to make it seem complex when it's really simple INDUCTIVE (scientific) argument--details add up to a large conclusion, the conclusion now requiring dis-proof--that conclusion being it was and is hoax, fraud, and psy-ops, not diff fm ur other lies as about JFK assassination, 9/11, "climate-change" lies, and all the others for ZOG NWO pushing world gov. and Agenda-21 genocide, chem-trails, etc.  U're a joke, stevie, a scummy, lying little queer who's now just our little play-thing as we make u squirm and wiggle for ur stupid lying and idiot prop.

Getting queer filth like u knocking a real hero like Wolfgang, even w. all his flaws (he genuinely supports terror-state of Israel, for example), just makes Wolfgang look all the better--esp. as we expose u for the psychopathic homosexual u are, never denying u're queer, defending queers, and talking all the typical queer prop.--all in accord w. "duck-test" and inductive logic.  Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

Stephen Waddock
8:15 PM

Are you Josh Duggar?  just askin...

"(a) WHAT was DHS doing there?--answer: they were running a drill, "capstone event," which was closely overseen by White House levels, the "event" replete w. crisis-actors--and the pretend status was NEVER de-activated, except perhaps, as we know fm the tapes, when the DHS guy is hrd to say, "ending of the life of Adam."

If this was a Capstone drill...why were there only two DHS vehicles there?
Do you know what the color the tips of weapons are during a drill?

"(b) The "players" and crisis-actors were simply ordered to continue and maintain the farce, and others were ordered to keep mouths shut, these then FURTHER corrupted and compromised by means of MASSIVE payments fm charity and "donations."  Many of the players were given FREE HOUSING, as we know fm the real-estate records.  Anyone not cooperating were killed--and no doubt will be killed in future--like the "Batman" movie prop. guy who put in the "sandy hook" map who was then mysteriously killed in car accident, like so many of the JFK assassination witnesses were killed."

I'm  sorry, did I miss JFK in Newtown? Maybe he's hiding out with Elvis and the Easter Bunny.

:c) We know also there were donation and charity web-sites put up BEFORE the event."
No, there weren't and you know nothing about time date stamps as assigned by google. If you did, you wouldn't make such an ignorant comment.

"(d) And of course this is all in addition to criminal refusal for making public the FOIA information."
Name ONE doc Newtown is withholding from Lumpy Failbig. Just one.

"(e) Further still, these above details are in addition to the numerous farces and deliberate distractions--like the nuns in the van, the so-called perps. who were arrested in the woods nearby, the morons breaking into the little storeroom at the back of the school, etc."

I understand, Josh...thinking isn't your strongsuit.

"(f) Yet further, these details are in addition to the OBVIOUS poor acting, faking, and pretending of Gene Rosen, Robbie Parker, and Wayne Carver, Kaitlyn Roig, the McDonalds all of them lying, laughing, smiling, clowning, and joking--utterly unlike real people would do--as we see definitively fm the poor ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine whose relatives were mass-murdered by the Ukrainians, these poor people GENUINELY grieving, w. no smiling or laughing whatsoever, their tears falling in torrents, no faking."

What was Robbie Parker pretending about? You can prove he wasn't the father of a daughter named Emilie?...Let's see that proof.

"(g) And in ur particular case, stevie, along w. ur cronies, we find u're ALL Jews and homosexuals, exclusively w. practically NO exceptions, all of u programmatically speaking the same lies, memes, and prop., and doing this in typical homosexual style, using phrases u don't understand ("critical thinking skills," "null-hypothesis," etc., ho ho ho ho ho), insisting psychotically ZOG must be beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeved, and that we truthers must "prove" ur hoax/fraud thesis is false, against the evidence, u using assertions without substantiation, hearsay, and outright lies--typical Jew tactics known fm centuries ago."

Do you dream about jesus's dick?

"(h) Stevie: u TRY to make it seem complex when it's really simple INDUCTIVE (scientific) argument--details add up to a large conclusion, the conclusion now requiring dis-proof--that conclusion being it was and is hoax, fraud, and psy-ops, not diff fm ur other lies as about JFK assassination, 9/11, "climate-change" lies, and all the others for ZOG NWO pushing world gov. and Agenda-21 genocide, chem-trails, etc.  U're a joke, stevie, a scummy, lying little queer who's now just our little play-thing as we make u squirm and wiggle for ur stupid lying and idiot prop. I know depths of your stupidit.

"Getting queer filth like u knocking a real hero like Wolfgang, even w. all his flaws (he genuinely supports terror-state of Israel, for example), just makes Wolfgang look all the better--esp. as we expose u for the psychopathic homosexual u are, never denying u're queer, defending queers, and talking all the typical queer prop.--all in accord w. "duck-test" and inductive logic.  Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho"

Josh, seek help when you feel the desire to touch little boys and girls.


+Stephen Waddock Typical queer-Jew prop. technique, reducing it to ad-hominem (attack the man, not the argument)--what diff. if I AM Josh Dugger, queer?--speak to the arguments, sucka, ho ho ho ho ho

(a) Regarding "capstone," it is what it is, stupid queer--why did they run the vids of the police dramatically rushing into the St. Rose of Lima school?  Ho hoo ho ho ho--it was BIG-TIME hoax and psy-ops in which they they had ur hero, Anderson Cooper and CNN taking part for lies and prop--"capstone," sucker.

(b) In typical queer style, u don't answer (b), do u queer?

(c) Next, u just flat-out LIE--typical queer tactics about the web-sites set-up before the event.

(d) We already answered this, queer: ZOG is in full stone-wall mode, refusing EVERY request/demand for every document possible, releasing only few documents at last minute or not at all, lying and saying they don't exist.  Where's the work-orders for the Sandy hoax school which they say was in operation?--where's paper-work for the students who went and sang at the stupor-bowl in Feb 2013?  We want answers, suckers--we're the people and tax-payers, and we're the boss.  Why did Newtown police illegally bar Wolfgang fm inspecting the bribery/payoff records at United Way head-quarters?

(e) u just ignore other facts, TYPICAL of Jews and queers desperately lying for ZOG.  Why did the state-trooper spokesman come on and say it was CONFIRMED that Adam's mom was a teacher at the Sandy hoax school, which school was NOT in operation?

(f) Ditto w. Robbie Parker instance by which u want to ignore the pertinent facts--typical Jew/queer tactic.

(g) Ditto for (g) and (h), we see--TYPICAL queer/Jew tactics.  U see, stevie, the inductive evidence just builds and builds and builds against u, which u not only don't dis-prove, but actually CONFIRM.  U're a queer lying and shilling for ZOG murderers and criminals.  Q.E.D.

Keep talking to us, queer psychopath and moron--u're not even a clever psycho, so repetitive and obsessive u are for same lies.

Bill Still: gross shill, for money MUST be commodity-based, gold/silver best....

Bill Still: Shill And A Half, Indubitably; Real Money MUST BE Commodity-Based, PERIOD
(Apollonian, 7 Jun 15)

Topic question is whether Bill Still ( is shill?--and yes, Still is GROSS, disgusting, absolute shill, dis-info agent, charlatan, mountebank, clown, without the slightest question or doubt.  Still pretends that "money" can be fiat, like paper, and that it doesn't have to be commodity-based, hence finite and limited in quantity.  Here below, I propose to expostulate the Austrian theory how and why real money MUST, necessarily, be commodity-based (hence gold/silver being best practical forms).  For ref. see

For money MUST be commodity and commodity-based--making it limited and FINITE in quantity--WHICH THEN PREVENTS (legalized) COUNTERFEITING, the issuance of fiat-money, advocated by Still, having no commodity base.  For without the commodity-base keeping the value of money, fiat-money will lead to legalized COUNTERFEITING, the issuance of un-limited quantity, hence INFLATION.  Only commodity-money prevents inflation and the destruction of money-system, economy, and culture.

For one needs merely imagine the origin of money--HOW did it arise?  For in the beginning all/any commerce and trade must have been barter in nature, the trade of good for good, pure and simple.
As the culture, primitive as they would have been, progressed a certain commodity would have evolved to being a common "medium of exchange"--meaning something any other commodity could have been traded (sold) for.

For imagine in the barter society, one coming to market w. one's goods, and finding the commodity one was most looking for to exchange was not present--what would one do?--just go home w. one's goods hoping for better luck the next day?  Thus it must have evolved and developed that instead of going home empty-handed for what one was looking for, one would simply exchange it for a commonly valued commodity which was available, and now presumably easier to handle and carry--with the idea one could later and more conveniently trade for what one originally wanted when that originally desired commodity did eventually become available.

Further, that commonly valued commodity ("medium of exchange") could additionally serve as a store-of-value and even, later, as a unit-of-account.  And the medium-of-exchange commodity now only needs pass test of PRACTICALITY--(a) it must be DURABLE as it changes numerous times fm hand-to-hand--A METAL.  (b) It should be relatively valuable so that one need carry only a relatively small weight/mass to equal the probable larger mass/weight of whatever other commodity one was looking to purchase--a PRECIOUS METAL, like gold or silver.  (c) Additionally, a metal then affords divisibility of the mass as way of making change, this being a minor issue compared w. the first two, durability and practicality.

Still is actually, never forget or doubt, shilling for the Jew bankers--how do u know?--for he's defending the false notion that real money can be other than commodity-based.  Still diverts the discussion to question of charging-of-interest and debt-money which he insists is the nub/essence of the problem--which is false.  For the real problem is the legalized COUNTERFEITING, proliferation of the units of currency (not money, which is defined as commodity, w. "intrinsic value").

For note, as the quantity of money (hence commodity-based) MUST remain limited/finite in order to prevent INFLATION, the VALUE of the (commodity-based) money will increase as quantity of goods and svcs increase relative to the stable quantity of money.  If the quantity of (commodity-based) money goes down, due to hoarding or saving, etc., then the value of the money remaining in circulation simply goes up, obviously and necessarily.

Problem w. INFLATION, as of fiat-money, is that as the increased quantity of "money" (funny-money, not the real thing which must be commodity-based) is circulated into the economy, PRICES necessarily go up, an absolute and necessary effect.  Further, as the currency (not real "money") supply increases, more and evermore LOANS are enabled as the currency makes its way to "bankers."

And as the currency supply increases, causing inflation (rise in prices), EVENTUALLY the issuance of this flow of new currency must stop--due to the ever-increasing inflation.  But what now happens to the LOAN and debt situation which arose fm the original increase of supply of currency?--they still need to be paid--BUT HOW now can they be paid if the incoming flow of currency is curtailed ("deflation")?  Thus the inflation inevitable causes (a) rise in debts and loans, which are (b) defaulted when the inflation is curtailed.  And this "BUST" ("recession/depression") follows necessarily REGARDLESS WHETHER "INTEREST" IS CHARGED on the loans.

Thus u see, Still wants to pretend that monetary inflation (issuance of ever-greater quantity of currency) and fiat-money is okay long as no interest is charged--this "interest" being really mere red-herring diversion upon the substance of money supply and quantity thereof.

Regarding "interest-charging," note this NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT the meaning of the old word, "USURY," which is lacking for basic, distinct definition fm the old sources (including the Bible).  For this "usury" is actually necessarily reference to fiat-money, NOT NOT NOT charging-of-interest.
For charging of interest is mere matter of contract btwn individuals--a fee for the renting of money or currency, perfectly rational and understandable for economic merits.  No gov. has the right to prevent such free contracting among the citizens in a free market and society.

Of course, it's obviously true that charging-of-interest will complicate and even enhance the eventual collapse of a fiat-money system--BUT THIS eventual collapse not primarily and fundamentally caused by charging-of-interest; rather, the inevitable collapse is caused by the increase of currency supply and then necessary "deflation" to prevent run-away inflation, which then causes collapse of the debt structure which is always built up during the inflation--it would happen REGARDLESS of charging-of-interest.

Note there are many, many others of Still's sort who shill for Jew bankers system like Ellen Brown ( and the guy at, insisting fiat-money (legalized COUNTERFEITING) can work.

Ck out the "operator" (of chaos) for his artistic vids on the Sandy hoax--u won't be disappointed....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

New Artistic Approach On Sandy Hoax Much Appreciated
(Apollonian, 20 Jun 15)

Great work once again, operator--ur sort of sardonic, satiric treatment of this subject, sandy hoax, is much appreciated after all the dozens and dozens, even hundreds of more prosaic and matter-of-fact -type vids I've been studying in straight-forward manner.  And u do it in such excellent fashion, never too long or too much, always just right.

I came to ur site here, not knowing if u'd put up another, and was elated to find u had indeed--I knew it was going to be good.

One of ur talents un-questionably is juxtaposition by which u bring-out the absurdity of the over-wrought crisis-actors--esp. like w. the four teachers upon which u cut to the three stooges, ho ho ho ho--great and highly effective technique, I'd say.

Here's what I get most of all fm ur vids--the over-wrought crisis-acting, always for the purpose of prejudice against the perfidy of gun-owners, the crisis-actor "victims" always pretending to this holier-than-thou, much put-upon attitude--and then the LIE to effect, "we're not trying to take the guns"--ur satiric attitude is actually then the best way to take it all fm these scum--who do they think they're kidding?

And there's NO DOUBT this sandy hoax is a contrived production--how do we know?--by the consistent, constant, overwhelming, single-minded anti-gun attitude and overtone--there's no let-up or break fm this long-playing theme they put on, always soooo aggrieved, as if, "aw gee, one of our kiddoes had to go and get offed, and all because u clowns out there have to have ur guns, guns, guns--can't ya give us a break, for goodness sakes?"--ho ho ho.

An undertone then is the patronizing sort of attitude of the masterminds behind it all, expressed by the actors too, as they insist "after all, we're not trying to take the guns"--which u didn't fail to catch in ur artistic manner.  Great work, again; keep it up.

Never forget: Jews can "debunk" ANYTHING--by means of bald-face lying, repeated ad nauseum, fueled by endless money-creation by Fed COUNTERFEIT scam....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sure, Jews And Accomplices Can "Debunk" Anything--Esp. By Means Of Gross Lying, As Jews Are Experts At, Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 26 Jun 15)

Ok, whoever u are, "Sandy hook facts," ho ho ho--we begin w. idea (a) there are no bodies, (b) there's no blood, and (c) there are no pictures, like of the non-existent "Adam" at the school.  And fm these and other FACTS, like about "capstone" event drill going on, presence of crisis-actors, pre-existent web-sites, etc., and despite ur pathetic lies, denying it all, we hypothesize it was all hoax--and this is surely reasonable.  U now have easy job of providing the info--WHICH U REFUSE TO DO, "u" including the people u work for, Obama, Holder, and now Lynch, Malloy, et al., master-minds of the large, bold, and ambitious psy-ops u're about.

Don't u realize we understand perfectly well that ZOG (ur masters and controllers) will spare no expense for the cover-up and dis-info aspect/phase of the hoax event--that's u people, right?--no wonder u hate Wolfgang and conduct this intense vilification as u do.

And yes, we also understand u people are utterly ruthless, w. no lack of chutzpah, ur masters being Jews, like Monte Frank the crooked lawyer who is video-taped now very intently interfering and obstructing justice w. frivolous objections for Wolfgang's efforts of inquiry and gathering of evidence.  And hence u'll LIE OUTRIGHTLY, RIGHT IN EVERYONE'S FACE, u confident that ur bought and thoroughly intimidated judges and other corrupt officials fm corrupt state of Conn. will back u up.

So in the long-run, and currently, all u really do is to help us in our resolve for rooting-out all the details for this Sandy hoax event--it is PRECISELY what ZOG would do, and ur activities are precisely how ZOG would act, saying all the pathetic things u do.

Did u catch the vid of Wolfgang confronting Gov. Malloy on his statement at the original press conf. that he'd been "spoken to" about Sandy hoax, Malloy denying he said it?  Ho ho ho ho ho--yes, we know--u can debunk that too, eh?  Ho ho ho  U can "debunk" ANYTHING, right?--esp. by means of shameless, in-ur-face lying, right?--just like Jews taught u, eh?  Ho ho ho ho ho

Keep up ur good work, suckers.


This one, below-copied, was first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Don't Forget Who U're Working For At Out-Set--Always Only A Minority Who Discern
(Apollonian, 7 Jul 15)

Good work, comrade: note ZOG has its weapon of US Federal Reserve Bank, legalized COUNTERFEITING, which puts out nearly infinite funds to pay ARMY of shills and agents for dis-info, etc.  Did u imagine ZOG would inflict a psy-ops without a hard-core, and extensive clean-up crew to follow, making sure things would be covered-up thoroughly, any witnesses intimidated and gagged, things totally confused?  Ho ho ho ho ho

Note also for any issue most folks are clueless, looking for leadership, small minorities at the polar ends being only ones truly committed to any "ideals."

So u can be sure u're doing excellent work--lots of folks were prepared for the most recent Charleston, SC event, that also being psy-ops--due much to outstanding Sandy hoax analysts like u, good comrade.

So u just gotta know what to expect, given the circumstances--it being tough for serious truthers like u.

But if u want to ck a slightly diff. approach--ck work of "Operation Chaos," at  Operator gives a comic and artistic angle to the Sandy hoax subject which I'm sure u'll appreciate.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Necessary Strategic observations must be heeded--just to have slightest chance to surviving, not to speak of prevailing....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Strategic Observations Must Be Heeded
(Apollonian, 11 Jul 15)

JR: given the objective reality (a), u gotta realize (b) things are therefore absolutely DETERMINED in accord w. cause-effect, there being no perfectly "free" human will, such perfect freedom reserved only for God, if there is one--which it's safe to assume since one can't prove there isn't one, aside fm fact it's also expedient for going along w. many people, esp. Christians who want to believe in God.

Thus as things are determined, history is CYCLIC, according to Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," and at certain pt. it's INEVITABLE that excess descendent population of original hero generation which founded the empire in first place must become sooooooooooo corrupt and SATANIC--subjectivistic--that there's no other possible solution but absolute CATASTROPHE, war, plague, famine, etc.--which is coming-up soon for USA, Dollar collapsing as we speak.

So while u're right about what u say about 9/11, u're forgetting the mass population is totally committed to SUBJECTIVISM--it doesn't exist if they don't want it to exist, so they're just not going to think about it. U gotta face facts of reality, no matter how sad they are or u are about it all.

So survival depends upon how then to act, given the circumstances, including 9/11, but also facts regarding the HUGE masses of scum, puke, and filth that's arisen and grown--esp., for example, in way of homosexuals who imagine they're tough stuff lately. Hrd about "Caitlyn" Jenner?--how could u not if u have listened to Jews-media?

So USA empire must break-up back into states, in accord w. 10th amendment, etc. Gold/silver must become monetary standard again, etc. And still satanism must be exterminated, Jews the leaders, and u have to have the courage to be anti-Semitic--if not, u're just part of the problem.

Jews are leaders of organized crime, and u have to face it. Yes there are dumb Jews at the lower sociologic levels, but they're still loyal to their leaders, so they have to fall by Darwinian "wayside"--such is war--that's how war must be waged, and u must face facts. Life sucks, we know, but u've got to do what's necessary.

There's no good Jew anymore than there's good psychopath. First step is to neutralize the Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) hereticalists and traitors who defend the Jews. And through it all, the ideal of Christian truth founded in objective reality must always be up-held, naturally. How could u possibly object to this necessary grand strategy I outline, above?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

People must understand the CYCLIC phase of history in great dialectic of Christian TRUTH vs. Jew lies....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted, but not published, at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Implications Of Christian Truth Vs. Jew Lies
(Apollonian, 6 July 15)

Hoffman: what is happening?--I submit it's simply a CYCLIC phase of history in accord w. Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West."  Thus we're passing through the satanic turn of culture which is always led and dominated by Jews, and why we were given Christianity as anti-dote.

Thus Christ upholds TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) against Jew lies (JOHN 8:44), and truth depends upon the objective (hence God-created) reality as criterion--against the SUBJECTIVISM of Jews, Pharisees, and Talmud by which Torah and Mosaic law means only what rabbis say according to their "midrash" (interpretation).

What happens?--well, the following generations fm original founders who were brave, courageous, and objectively-oriented, hence Christian, are weak, spineless, and inferior due to their not having to fight for what they were given by ancestors.  Thus these inferiors and weaklings come to believe in satanism and subjectivism, persuaded they thereby become "good."  In short, Pharisaism comes to dominating the evermore corrupt, degenerate culture--as we see happening presently.

And there's no easy solution to this CYCLIC problem of satanism, subjectivism and corruption--due to the over-populated inferiors so taken w. Pharisaism.  Only thing that can happen then, is warfare, and now only thing to be done is to winning that war, managing things so that one remains in most opportune position.

Meantime, true Christian soldiers must preach the truth (= Christ), including all the particular facts within our observation.  Power must be taken fm the Pharisaists by means of removing their foremost existential (practical) tool/weapon, that legalized COUNTERFEITING instrument, the US Federal Reserve Bank, and all the other such-like and related scams, like IMF, ECB, BIS, and Bank of England, etc.

Thus u see, in same way as Christ and truth oppose Jews and lies, in philosophic terms it's objectivity vs. subjectivism, implicit in New Testament.

Islam: it's really just a crude simplification of preceding Christian dialectic, overlooking Judaic satanism....

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Islam: Crude Simplification Of Christianity, Overlooking Judaic Satanism
(Apollonian, 7 July 15)

Hello, and thanks much for ur interesting vid and report on the Muslim guy.  Well, u know, u always ought to take folks seriously, this was the way they (Muslims) were raised.  Islam is very interesting sort of religion--it's diff. fm Christianity which Muhammud didn't understand and sought to simplify.

First, it's important to understand Christianity.  I'm phil. major who came to theology fm phil. and literature, specifically, the Illiad and Oddysey by Homer, Homer being the principal literature of Greeks before Christ, the Greeks being outstanding and famous rationalists--which rationalism was very useful, esp. in the analysis of the Old Test., and further, the Pharisaist ("Tradition of Elders," mentioned by Christ) material, later to be fully written-out in Babylon as the Talmud, 500 AD.

Note the analysis of Mike A. Hoffman II at and of Jews' Talmud--which Hoffman explains nullified the Mosaic law of Torah--which Pharisaism then Christ reviled and repudiated, for which Christ (= Truth, Gosp. JOHN 14:6) was killed by conspiracy of Pharisees and others, esp. Sadducees--but which truth triumphantly resurrected on Easter--u cannot kill truth--because u cannot change the objective reality created by God the Father.

For note again, Pharisees, hence Jews, consider reality SUBJECTIVE, same for Torah law of Moses which they interpret ("midrash") according to their "Oral law tradition."  God is slave of Jews, which God is hopelessly in love w. Jews--Jews considered collectively.  That's why then Jews are soooo amazingly powerful, they being sublime COLLECTIVISTS (having invented communism/bolshevism, don't forget), controlling the central-banking (US Federal Reserve Bank and others too, like Bank of England, ECB, IMF, BIS, etc.) criminal enterprise, these relatively few Jews capable then of commanding far more numerous gentile criminals and subjectivists who are dis-united and far less organized.

Note in subjectivism, one makes one's own mentality source of any "reality"--thus one makes oneself God, satanism.  Jews dominate as they're most sublime satanists, far more organized, united, "connected," and esp. collectivistic, thus dominating the gentile subjectivists who yet out-number them by many times.  
Pt. then I want to impress upon u is the sublime philosophic msg of Christ and New Test.  For note in simplest, basic logic one cannot prove there is no God--as one cannot prove universal negative--same for Christ (can't prove Christ didn't exist).  Regardless, the Christian literature was justly and understandably adopted by rationalist Greeks as Christ makes it clear to Pharisees regarding truth (= Christ) founded upon objective reality (Aristotle).

Further pt. then is this heavy and sublime intellectual (Greek) Christianity and development in religion was TOO MUCH for Muhammud (who seems to have been pretty illiterate, as I understand) who sought then to simplify things.  "Allah" is back to being the one God--no "Trinity" (too complex)--and Allah doesn't love or even particularly care for humanity like Christ does.  Thus Allah simply commands, much like the original Jehovah character fm Old Test., and humans are simply to obey--regardless of any reasoning which is the distinct appeal of Christianity--and which only minority of humans appreciate, though Christianity additionally affords for leadership of the lesser intellects, aside fm the intellectual sort, always a minority.

Otherwise, I agree w. u for ur exegesis of strict New Test. literature, the Muslims making stuff up--but they, of course, utterly fail to grasp the Christian theology/philosophy, Holy Spirit consisting of Reason, Honesty, and Integrity (that sublime reason pervading equally conscious and subconscious), necessary for grasping of TRUTH (= Christ), only way to God (happiness).

Hoffman the Pharisee examined, rebutted....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Hoffman Guilty Of Gross Heresy And Mis-Representation
(Apollonian, 7 July 2015)

Hoffman merely expresses his usual hereticalist Pharisaism, pretending to fallacious/delusionary "good-evil" which doesn't and could not exist in an objective, God-created reality wherein there is no perfectly "free" human will, this non-existence of perfect freedom confirmed by two saints, Augustine and St. Paul.  For humans are sinners, always have been, always will be, as creatures of will and hence self-interest.  To err is human, after all.

Next Hoffman sets himself up, again in his Pharisaist manner, playing lawyer for Jews, followers of Pharisees and/or Talmud, or genetically related therewith, including the Reform Jews who yet practice "midrash," even if not exactly Talmudic--Talmud being merely one version of midrash.

For there is no good Jew any more than there's good Christ-killer, good psychopath or good child-molester.  And as Jews have declared war on humanity, Christ, reason, and God's objective reality, Jews bring-on themselves the necessary consequences of rightful self-defense of Christian soldiers.

And it's just tough tarantulas that some un-witting Jews genetically-related to fellow Jews who are avowedly anti-gentile in Talmudic fashion must fall as casualties by the Darwinian way-side in the just war Christians and humanity must wage against the Jews in self-defense.

Such is life in the City of God in despite of Hoffman's typical, usual, objectionable Pharisaism pretending to compassion for anti-Christ Pharisaics, this in his usual self-righteous and Pharisaic contempt for justice for gentiles, victims of Jews and their anti-human warfare.  It's ok for Jews to wage war on Christians, but Christians have no right to retaliate or defend themselves according to Hoffman the Pharisee and hereticalist, so solicitous of Jew anti-Christs.

And don't forget, regardless of Hoffman's heretical imagination, Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all/any other precepts.  Pharisees, Sadducees, et al. didn't conspire to murder "love"--they conspired to kill Christ = Truth.  And it wasn't "love" that resurrected on Easter; it was TRUTH (= Christ).

"Think not I came to bring peace; rather, I come to bring a sword" (Gosp. MATT 10:34).  Hoffman ought to have some compassion for truth and gentiles for once in his conflicted and hereticalist life.

But let us not stop here just for Hoffman's contempt for, and treason against truth, justice, and gentile humanity in face of Jew monstrosity which he excuses in his Pharisaism.  Let's consider Hoffman's complete and total mis-representation of what he pretends is USURY.

First, note Hoffman fails on basic scholarly level for simple DEFINITION of the word, "usury," which he mis-represents as charging-of-interest, and notice also Hoffman preposterously pretends to knowledge of science of economics--this is a DOUBLE FRAUD on Hoffman's part--and I don't use the word, "fraud," lightly here.

For "usury" is a word which comes fm ancient usage and sources w. no clear definition--but Hoffman illegitimately wants to besmirch the great achievement of the Renaissance heroes, including the merchants who thus streamlined the economic practices and understanding of the time.  Hoffman pretends thus to ascribing a FALSE definition to this word, "usury," which he cannot justify or validate in any meaningful way, especially for science of economics, not to mention history, which defies Hoffman for his false-hoods.

For the only truthful thing(s) we KNOW for sure about this "usury" is by description, and that description refers to what today we call CENTRAL-BANKING--the issuing of replicated receipts for real money which "money" must be commodity w. intrinsic value, the best sort being gold or silver.  Thus gold or silver stored in a bank or warehouse was accounted for by means of receipts, and it's these receipts which were illegitimately and fraudulently replicated which always gave rise to the horrific effects described by the word, "usury."

Note then, the charging-of-interest for issuance of these fraudulent receipts was mere ancillary and side-issue, quite irrelevant to the PRIMARY fraud and CRIME of COUNTERFEITING--the illegitimate concoction of the replicated receipts w. no real money (gold or silver) to back it.

It thus cannot be too much emphasized the GROSS, deliberate FRAUD of Hoffman who pretends then the problem of "usury" is in the charging-of-interest and not the fraudulent replication of receipt money which is now called "currency."

Thus Hoffman commits gross fraud and mis-representation when he pretends to this economic knowledge, of which he really knows NOTHING whatever, insisting as he does that usury denotes the act of charging-of-interest.

For it isn't charging-of-interest which causes any economic damage or hardship--another economic mis-representation of Hoffman.  What causes the economic disaster is the INFLATION of prices which is caused by the increase of the amount of fraudulent receipt-money, now also known as "fiat-money."
For as the monetary inflation continues, the natural loaning activity of the currency continues also, BUT the inflation must at some pt. be halted due to the continuing increasing of prices--leading eventually to "hyper-inflation"--as happened in Weimar Germany of early 1920s, for example, which wiped out and impoverished the middle class.

When the inflation of the currency ceases in order to stop the hyper-inflation of prices, the resulting DEFLATION so reduces the available currency to the pt. that now the loans which had been increasingly contracted, along w. the increasing amount of currency, CANNOT BE PAID-BACK, resulting in bankruptcies, un-employment and loss of collateral, including then practically all the assets of the middle class.

This resulting economic recession, unemployment, bankruptcies, and despoiling of the people's assets by the criminal inflationists posing as "bankers" is what causes the economic damage--NOT the charging-of-interest, though to be sure, charging-of-interest is a complicating factor.

For note the recession, bankruptcies, and loss of assets would occur in any case, REGARDLESS OF THE CHARGING-OF-INTEREST--even if no "interest" were ever charged on the loans--for it's lack of circulating currency and money which defeats the ability to pay-back the loans.

Hoffman has not even the slightest idea about these economic factors and processes, merely mindlessly, in typical Pharisaic fashion, insisting upon his FALSE and entirely improper definition of "usury" as mere charging-of-interest in the stead of what it REALLY must be, the legalized COUNTERFEITING and replication of receipt-money.

And note I carefully, pains-takingly, and repeatedly explained this economic process to Hoffman SEVERAL times.  But Hoffman prefers to rail against fellow human beings in his characteristic and sanctimonious manner, insisting FALSELY that "usury" means charging-of-interest when it COULDN'T merely be that.

So note Hoffman must needs be taken to task for his gross mis-representations, heresy, and Pharisaism on several fundamental principles regarding meaning of Christianity, worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all--NOT MERE "LOVE"--and then upon the simple meaning of words, as "usury."  And as TRUTH (= Christ) crucially depends upon the God-created OBJECTIVE reality as necessary criterion, there is and can be no perfectly "free" human will, humans necessarily and forever sinners who require God's grace and mercy for salvation.  Thank goodness for this blog as means of making these facts public.

And let me here hasten to add for REFERENCES to my economic exposition upon process of inflation, central-banking, and fiat-money, these to be found at,, and One can also ck vids on U-tube by such "Austrian" economists as Ron Paul and Peter Schiff; others who might not specifically invoke the "Austrian school" are G. Edward Griffin, Jim Rogers, Max Keiser, Mark Faber, and Gregory Mannarino.