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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Ck out the "operator" (of chaos) for his artistic vids on the Sandy hoax--u won't be disappointed....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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New Artistic Approach On Sandy Hoax Much Appreciated
(Apollonian, 20 Jun 15)

Great work once again, operator--ur sort of sardonic, satiric treatment of this subject, sandy hoax, is much appreciated after all the dozens and dozens, even hundreds of more prosaic and matter-of-fact -type vids I've been studying in straight-forward manner.  And u do it in such excellent fashion, never too long or too much, always just right.

I came to ur site here, not knowing if u'd put up another, and was elated to find u had indeed--I knew it was going to be good.

One of ur talents un-questionably is juxtaposition by which u bring-out the absurdity of the over-wrought crisis-actors--esp. like w. the four teachers upon which u cut to the three stooges, ho ho ho ho--great and highly effective technique, I'd say.

Here's what I get most of all fm ur vids--the over-wrought crisis-acting, always for the purpose of prejudice against the perfidy of gun-owners, the crisis-actor "victims" always pretending to this holier-than-thou, much put-upon attitude--and then the LIE to effect, "we're not trying to take the guns"--ur satiric attitude is actually then the best way to take it all fm these scum--who do they think they're kidding?

And there's NO DOUBT this sandy hoax is a contrived production--how do we know?--by the consistent, constant, overwhelming, single-minded anti-gun attitude and overtone--there's no let-up or break fm this long-playing theme they put on, always soooo aggrieved, as if, "aw gee, one of our kiddoes had to go and get offed, and all because u clowns out there have to have ur guns, guns, guns--can't ya give us a break, for goodness sakes?"--ho ho ho.

An undertone then is the patronizing sort of attitude of the masterminds behind it all, expressed by the actors too, as they insist "after all, we're not trying to take the guns"--which u didn't fail to catch in ur artistic manner.  Great work, again; keep it up.


  1. Here below-copied are comments I made at Operation Chaos u-tube site, comments,

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    This is all more incredible great work and irreverent, critical-type mentality u are projecting. I'm now finishing up looking at all ur vids--won't be surprised if I go back to look at some of them a 2nd time. BUT a thought struck me, inspired, I'm sure, by this vid here:

    So Kaitlin says she "tawt he wuz gonna die"--and it occurred to me, well hey, do u think if u had a gun of ur own u might not feel so hopeless and doomed? So, okay, maybe Kaitlin might not agree, BUT why not ask numerous other of these crisis-actors and players--would ANY of them reply in affirmative to that gun-question?

    Wouldn't it be weird and notable if all of them, say dozens and dozens, replied, ohhhhhhhhh no, guns aren't the answer, or some similar nonsense--THEN a distinct pattern would occur to even some of the most dense, I suspect. How could it possibly be if soooooooo many were against guns as means of defense?--very opposite thesis to that they're obviously pushing.

    Also, I saw a vid of a Ukrainian-Russian mom whose son was murdered by Ukrainian gov. troops who swept through their village or town--this poor lady was utterly, totally devastated, crying, inconsolable, her tears flowing in torrents, non-stop--a TOTAL contrast to these morons here who seem nearly ecstatic over the death of loved-ones--like those moron McDonalds, just beaming and grinning fm ear to ear, the scummy liars. In other words, I pt. to the absolute, dramatic CONTRAST btwn real folks and these frauds. Keep up ur great work!


    +Apollonian Apollonius I mean, think of it--HOW could hundreds and hundreds, say, of these actors/players realistically pretend that it would do no good for folks to be armed as defense to a nut w. a gun?--if u couldn't even come up w. at least one or two out of a hundred, say?--THEN it would be reduction-ad-absurdum, totally at odds w. real Americans, many, many of whom would say, "darn right--we should be able to be armed as means of defense, by golly"--but of course, this would be inconceivable for the phony story-line or "moral" that these morons are trying to sell and present, right? The propagandists would be shown up in way of "protesting toooooo much" about idiot gun-control.

    And note that's what quite a bit shows-up the hoax of sandy hoax--there were just toooo many people--all of them--ALL OF THEM insisting guns are the problem, that we gotta get rid of them, etc.

    This is one prominent thing ur consistent satirical style rather brings-out for me--the sandy hoax was tooooooooooooooooo totally against guns--WHY didn't we hear fm at least ONE person defending guns and being armed?--to effect that being armed would be deterrent?

    1. Just Above comments were made by me on 3 Jun 15