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Friday, July 17, 2015

Struggle for USA is still pretty hopeless, the false opposition to "leftist" world gov. now contested by such as Alex Jones ( and Trump....

The problem isn't that there might be a backlash. [B]The problem is that there won't be,[/B] at least not yet. [B]Do Americans really need to wait until the Somalis suicide-bomb the Megamall before repatriating all of them back to their homelands?[/B][/QUOTE]

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Trump, Alex Jones Are FALSE Leaders Of Jew-Friendly False Opposition
(Apollonian, 17 Jul 15)

Note this (latest Chatanooga "shooting") is no doubt just ANOTHER false-flag psy-ops by satanists and Jews funded/masterminded by the legalized COUNTERFEITERS of US Federal Reserve Bank, et al.  Nothing will change as Spenglerian "Decline of the West" continues, the mass of people still terrorized, stupid, befuddled, bemused by "bread & circuses," and esp. the TV, etc.  Currency and economic collapse continue; ZOG wants to definitively establish martial-law and world-gov., but hesitates to push too far, too fast.

Patriot counter-stroke w. be decisive, definitive Christian anti-semitism, but still must deal w. the false-Christians and Judeo-Christian hereticalists, too many (half-baked) Christians and sympathizers still befuddled, imagining Christianity is anything but anti-semitic worship of TRUTH above all, truth founded upon Aristotelian objectivity, against satanism founded upon subjectivism, objectivity against perfectly "free" will, hence false/hereticalist "good."

Donald Trump so far leads the anti-illegal invasion patriots, but which "patriots" still contain too many, too strong (still) false "Christians" and Judeo-Christian (JC--see and for expo) Israel supporters. 

So the oligarchal master-minds are seeing how powerful the Trump forces are, Trump working for them (the master-minds and Jews), acting the "leader" for Judeo-Christian false opposition to the outright, world-gov. "leftists," "green"-environmentalists, et al.

That then is the false paradigm--the "leftist" Jews of world gov. vs. the Israel-supporters now rallied, briefly (probably) by such as Trump.  The "left" wants to sort itself out regarding Bernie Sanders, and the "right" is be-deviled by the Jewwy Israel-supporters, these minorities dominating everyone else.

So real, anti-semitic Christianity still remains to EMERGE--it's got to be rationalist in way of the real libertarians, but these pretended "rationalists" and "libertarians" are still too Jew-friendly.  So the real Christians must continue to work for rationality and anti-Semitism, decisively separating Christianity fm kikes, Christianity for TRUTH, hence objectivity, determinism, there being no "good-evil"--this still being too radical for most/many "Christian"-oriented.

Things economic/political must continue to getting worse, I'm afraid--and REAL Christians must emphasize anti-semitism, separating fm the Jew-friendly and "libertarian" half-baked "patriot" -sort, as Alex Jones (

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