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Saturday, July 25, 2015

What people need to "give a damn" about, in all truth, to save their lives....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

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WHAT People Need "Give A Damn" About--Truth Vs. Lies
(Apollonian, 25 Jul 15)

"Whether or not anyone gives a damn is another question entirely."  -Very last line of this essay by JR, so Ironic.

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People give a "damn" (see above quote) as so many understand there's horrible things happening.  US Dollar about to lose 50% of its value, soon--within a yr, many say now.

But have u ever considered it's HOW u give a damn, or WHAT u give a damn about?--it's u, JR, who doesn't give a damn about the right, necessary, proper thing, I submit.

War is being waged against people of USA--by satanists, and u don't give the damn u demand others give.  Thus satanism, for practical purposes, is SUBJECTIVISM, the idea that all reality comes fm one's mentality, there not being an objective reality--which Christians are taught to think of as "God-created."  And of course, we know, u're too clever to take Christianity or such thing as "God" seriously--U'RE THE ONE WHO FAILS to giving the necessary "damn," sucker.

Thus extreme subjectivism amounts, for practical purposes, to making oneself God--this is satanism--and it's really quite simple.  And this satanism is what's steadily destroying the world, sucker--which u're not grasping, observing, or heeding.

For only about, maybe, 5% of folks can understand things in terms of strict logic or reason, u see--the rest of the people don't consider themselves clever enough to take such logic or reason too seriously, it being great strain on their child-like minds. 

That's why then, we teach all people, fm the earliest age, the Christian mythology--it's a way of conveying philosophy, but in an allegorical manner--as in way of Aesop's fables which sought to teach "moral" lessons, such as it was for the Greeks who immediately preceded the Christians.

Thus the Christ hero figure/character opposed satanism and SUBJECTIVISM, insisting upon the idea there was such thing as TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), hence then the objective reality, necessary basis/foundation of any possible "truth."

And Christ taught this TRUTH was the "only way" to Godly happiness.

So u see, this great battle btwn TRUTH and lies (satanism), lies founded in subjectivism, naturally, is at the heart of the Christian moral of New Testament--and this is what one must "give a damn" about--most Christians at least vaguely understand this, though not sufficiently, evidently, to be able to with-stand present satanic juggernaut, so dominant, so over-whelming, about to crash-down upon the poor people soon, soon, I'm afraid.

So far, people know fairly solidly that LIES are the basic problem--it's at the heart of Gosp. JOHN 8:44--but they just have problem converting or translating it to most practical terms.

Irony for the large culture/society is that establishment Christianity, including "Vatican," for example, is so totally captured by these satanic lies (and liars), and that's greatest asset and advantage of satanists.

Thus Christianity must MILITARIZE and mobilize--hence must un-veil itself by means of strictest reason.  For Christianity is the only real thing that can lead the people, the people not able to grasp strict reason and logic, as I note.

Thus folks must understand the WAR being waged by Satanists (a), and then (b) HOW they do it, beginning by means of attractive LIES, esp. the lie regarding "good-evil" Pharisaism, known to Christians as Pelagian heresy.

For "good-evil" doesn't exist in the objective, hence deterministic world; fallacious/delusionary/hereticalist "good-evil" can only exist upon SUBJECTIVISTIC premise--satanism, in all the possible, imaginable irony.  For we're all sinners, doomed to fiery flames of heck.  But this "good-evil" delusion is most difficult for people to ignore, they having been brought-up on it fm earliest age, so many having induced upon them "guilt-complex" (also known as "inferiority-complex").  And such "good-evil" lie is then the foundation of that subjectivism the satanists rely upon--as they do presently.

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