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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Cultural, psychologic, problems aren't that difficult to grasp--satanism founded upon subjectivism, Pelagian heresy....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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Hoffman, Baldwin Are Integral Parts Of Large Cultural, Hereticalist Problem
(Apollonian, 30 Jul 15)

Hoffman: both u and Baldwin make significant pt.s, but u both miss-out on the essential general precept, which is SUBJECTIVISM, esp. extreme subjectivism, satanism, the idea that all reality proceeds fm one's mentality or consciousness--that there is no objective reality.  Thus by means of this subjectivism one suffers most gross HUBRIS and makes oneself God, the creator--the ultimate satanism. 

Why and how is it u miss this?--extreme subjectivism, hence satanism?  Thus Christ = Truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and the only way truth can exist is by means of the (God-created) OBJECTIVE reality, necessary foundation/premise/criterion to any possible truth.

And the pretext by which one begins the ignoring of Christian TRUTH (= Christ) and objectivity is PELAGIAN HERESY, the idea one can be "good," which "good" couldn't possibly exist, we being most hopeless SINNERS as the St.s, Paul, Augustine, and Martin Luther affirmed.  For humans don't have a perfectly "free" will, only God's will being perfect.

Thus the primary cultural problem is satanism, hence subjectivism, and hereticalist "good-evil" is the pretext taught to children which hereticalism, guilt- and inferiority-complex most of the poor children never grow out of, the original pretext for subsequent rampant satanism and empire-of-lies, as we see.

For note Jews and satanists aren't "evil" anymore than typhus, or plague, or leprosy are "evil"--which "evil" doesn't and couldn't exist, and u and Baldwin FAIL for ur over-looking this about satanism built upon subjectivism and especially the heresy of Pelagianism, pretext and initial building-block for all following Pharisaism and satanism--it all goes together.

Thus Hoffman, u and Baldwin are integral parts of the cultural problem, built upon Pelagian heresy, which u refuse to acknowledge, never doubt.

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