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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hoffman the Pharisee examined, rebutted....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Hoffman Guilty Of Gross Heresy And Mis-Representation
(Apollonian, 7 July 2015)

Hoffman merely expresses his usual hereticalist Pharisaism, pretending to fallacious/delusionary "good-evil" which doesn't and could not exist in an objective, God-created reality wherein there is no perfectly "free" human will, this non-existence of perfect freedom confirmed by two saints, Augustine and St. Paul.  For humans are sinners, always have been, always will be, as creatures of will and hence self-interest.  To err is human, after all.

Next Hoffman sets himself up, again in his Pharisaist manner, playing lawyer for Jews, followers of Pharisees and/or Talmud, or genetically related therewith, including the Reform Jews who yet practice "midrash," even if not exactly Talmudic--Talmud being merely one version of midrash.

For there is no good Jew any more than there's good Christ-killer, good psychopath or good child-molester.  And as Jews have declared war on humanity, Christ, reason, and God's objective reality, Jews bring-on themselves the necessary consequences of rightful self-defense of Christian soldiers.

And it's just tough tarantulas that some un-witting Jews genetically-related to fellow Jews who are avowedly anti-gentile in Talmudic fashion must fall as casualties by the Darwinian way-side in the just war Christians and humanity must wage against the Jews in self-defense.

Such is life in the City of God in despite of Hoffman's typical, usual, objectionable Pharisaism pretending to compassion for anti-Christ Pharisaics, this in his usual self-righteous and Pharisaic contempt for justice for gentiles, victims of Jews and their anti-human warfare.  It's ok for Jews to wage war on Christians, but Christians have no right to retaliate or defend themselves according to Hoffman the Pharisee and hereticalist, so solicitous of Jew anti-Christs.

And don't forget, regardless of Hoffman's heretical imagination, Christ = TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) above all/any other precepts.  Pharisees, Sadducees, et al. didn't conspire to murder "love"--they conspired to kill Christ = Truth.  And it wasn't "love" that resurrected on Easter; it was TRUTH (= Christ).

"Think not I came to bring peace; rather, I come to bring a sword" (Gosp. MATT 10:34).  Hoffman ought to have some compassion for truth and gentiles for once in his conflicted and hereticalist life.

But let us not stop here just for Hoffman's contempt for, and treason against truth, justice, and gentile humanity in face of Jew monstrosity which he excuses in his Pharisaism.  Let's consider Hoffman's complete and total mis-representation of what he pretends is USURY.

First, note Hoffman fails on basic scholarly level for simple DEFINITION of the word, "usury," which he mis-represents as charging-of-interest, and notice also Hoffman preposterously pretends to knowledge of science of economics--this is a DOUBLE FRAUD on Hoffman's part--and I don't use the word, "fraud," lightly here.

For "usury" is a word which comes fm ancient usage and sources w. no clear definition--but Hoffman illegitimately wants to besmirch the great achievement of the Renaissance heroes, including the merchants who thus streamlined the economic practices and understanding of the time.  Hoffman pretends thus to ascribing a FALSE definition to this word, "usury," which he cannot justify or validate in any meaningful way, especially for science of economics, not to mention history, which defies Hoffman for his false-hoods.

For the only truthful thing(s) we KNOW for sure about this "usury" is by description, and that description refers to what today we call CENTRAL-BANKING--the issuing of replicated receipts for real money which "money" must be commodity w. intrinsic value, the best sort being gold or silver.  Thus gold or silver stored in a bank or warehouse was accounted for by means of receipts, and it's these receipts which were illegitimately and fraudulently replicated which always gave rise to the horrific effects described by the word, "usury."

Note then, the charging-of-interest for issuance of these fraudulent receipts was mere ancillary and side-issue, quite irrelevant to the PRIMARY fraud and CRIME of COUNTERFEITING--the illegitimate concoction of the replicated receipts w. no real money (gold or silver) to back it.

It thus cannot be too much emphasized the GROSS, deliberate FRAUD of Hoffman who pretends then the problem of "usury" is in the charging-of-interest and not the fraudulent replication of receipt money which is now called "currency."

Thus Hoffman commits gross fraud and mis-representation when he pretends to this economic knowledge, of which he really knows NOTHING whatever, insisting as he does that usury denotes the act of charging-of-interest.

For it isn't charging-of-interest which causes any economic damage or hardship--another economic mis-representation of Hoffman.  What causes the economic disaster is the INFLATION of prices which is caused by the increase of the amount of fraudulent receipt-money, now also known as "fiat-money."
For as the monetary inflation continues, the natural loaning activity of the currency continues also, BUT the inflation must at some pt. be halted due to the continuing increasing of prices--leading eventually to "hyper-inflation"--as happened in Weimar Germany of early 1920s, for example, which wiped out and impoverished the middle class.

When the inflation of the currency ceases in order to stop the hyper-inflation of prices, the resulting DEFLATION so reduces the available currency to the pt. that now the loans which had been increasingly contracted, along w. the increasing amount of currency, CANNOT BE PAID-BACK, resulting in bankruptcies, un-employment and loss of collateral, including then practically all the assets of the middle class.

This resulting economic recession, unemployment, bankruptcies, and despoiling of the people's assets by the criminal inflationists posing as "bankers" is what causes the economic damage--NOT the charging-of-interest, though to be sure, charging-of-interest is a complicating factor.

For note the recession, bankruptcies, and loss of assets would occur in any case, REGARDLESS OF THE CHARGING-OF-INTEREST--even if no "interest" were ever charged on the loans--for it's lack of circulating currency and money which defeats the ability to pay-back the loans.

Hoffman has not even the slightest idea about these economic factors and processes, merely mindlessly, in typical Pharisaic fashion, insisting upon his FALSE and entirely improper definition of "usury" as mere charging-of-interest in the stead of what it REALLY must be, the legalized COUNTERFEITING and replication of receipt-money.

And note I carefully, pains-takingly, and repeatedly explained this economic process to Hoffman SEVERAL times.  But Hoffman prefers to rail against fellow human beings in his characteristic and sanctimonious manner, insisting FALSELY that "usury" means charging-of-interest when it COULDN'T merely be that.

So note Hoffman must needs be taken to task for his gross mis-representations, heresy, and Pharisaism on several fundamental principles regarding meaning of Christianity, worship of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH above all--NOT MERE "LOVE"--and then upon the simple meaning of words, as "usury."  And as TRUTH (= Christ) crucially depends upon the God-created OBJECTIVE reality as necessary criterion, there is and can be no perfectly "free" human will, humans necessarily and forever sinners who require God's grace and mercy for salvation.  Thank goodness for this blog as means of making these facts public.

And let me here hasten to add for REFERENCES to my economic exposition upon process of inflation, central-banking, and fiat-money, these to be found at,, and One can also ck vids on U-tube by such "Austrian" economists as Ron Paul and Peter Schiff; others who might not specifically invoke the "Austrian school" are G. Edward Griffin, Jim Rogers, Max Keiser, Mark Faber, and Gregory Mannarino.


  1. Below-copied by ap first submitted but not published at comments,

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    Hoffman The Pharisaic Fools Himself
    (Apollonian, 24 Jun 15)

    Well Hoffman, u have done SOME good work for research--this is the basis of what respect u do hold in people's mind. And especially, ur exposition of Talmud is notable; u also have done good work in holohoax revisionism.

    But no one likes (too much) self-righteousness and that characteristic Pharisaism which is what we get fm u, specifically regarding "racism" which is mere LOYALTY, in accord w. 5th commandment--which definition u can verify simply by ck-ing any dictionary.

    Additionally, we have this recent book by u on usury, as I've noted for u several times now, u not grasping the basic economic principles (a), and (b) not even grasping the meaning of the word, "usury." U don't want to face-up to the disaster that book on usury really is--especially for ur reputation as scholar. This willful blindness on ur part, Hoffman, is the typical hallmark of hubris and Pharisaism.

    And people see u're NOT interested in truth, Hoffman, u rather preferring moralism, righteousness, and Pharisaism--how is it u imagine people don't pick-up on this?

  2. Here, below-copied, is yet another response I gave Hoffman at his site comments, not published, on 4 Jun 15 at

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    Well Hoffman, how is Jenner any diff. fm charlatan like u, pretending as u do about "usury," a word--a simple word--which u can't even define, but which u lie about, insisting it means charging interest, which definition u can't even demonstrate, merely asserting and insisting, and repeating.

    Further, u pretend miserably when it comes to the economic phenomenon that is what "usury" is really all about, as I've noted in some detail.

    So ur putrid book on usury will only sell to the ignorant, self-righteous Pharisaics, like urself, BUT it will discredit the genuinely useful material u have, for example, on Talmudic expo. Thus serious people interested in truth will tend to overlook the merit of those genuinely informative books on Talmud when they see ur travesty upon "usury."