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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Is CIA to blame for JFK assassination?--ho ho ho ho--CIA is just "MOSSAD WEST," controlled by Jews, satanists, and cohorts on Wall St., never doubt....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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Basic Info Is Philosophic/Psychologic Matter; CIA Is For More Practical Enforcement
(Apollonian, 30 Nov 14)

Indeed: CIA is the instrument of top masterminds, Jews, MOSSAD, and satanists, as esp. of Wall St.--which has been known for a good while--at least since JFK assassination, I'd say.

CIA surely has access to info--"intelligence"--but it can get this fm numerous sources (nowadays fm NSA, etc.), though it surely goes to some effort to confirm some of the practical and specific info it deems especially sensitive--and then reports it to its real masters and bosses on Wall St., who then give the go-ahead for whatever info is given to anyone else--the Pres., or others, including action to take.

After all, CIA takes orders/instructions--it doesn't originate them, though it may well transmit such orders/instructions. For topmost criminals keep watch over things, and eliminate any rivals for their power.

Still, basic info is there for anyone to see; top criminals are no better than anyone for getting this info, BUT they want to make sure they have utmost power to acting upon any info, and they mostly want to preclude anyone else fm seriously threatening their top positions of power.

So nowadays, such agencies as NSA keeps watch over people, and CIA acts. And as we know fm JFK, CIA is in close touch w. the professional criminals, like Meyer Lansky's people and MOSSAD, who also are in touch w. criminals, etc.

That was PERMINDEX, directorship including Clay Shaw, a front for Jew criminals headed by Meyer Lansky, at the time (JFK), and including MOSSAD, Jews top satanists and criminals, most highly, integrally organized.

After all, what's sort of "info" criminals, satanists, or Jews want?--anything about THREATS fm potential rivals, first of all.

And since Jews and satanists are determined to extermination of gentiles and humanity, these satanists want to know (a) what the suckers/victims KNOW about the impending double-cross.

(b) Next step is top satanists want to make sure, much as possible, gentiles, victims, and suckers are dis-informed much as possible w. false info, lies, and prop., esp. distractions and diversions--Jewwy-wood entertainment, including "news," gossip, sports, etc.

CIA then is there to effect the specific dis-info ("operation Mockingbird") and direct elimination of any effective opposition by means of smearing, scandals, character assassination, prop., lies, etc.--keeping the gentiles in general FEAR (as "...of the Jews"), as of "political correctness," etc.

People who speak truth--like Ron Paul about that foremost instrument, "central-banking" legalized COUNTERFEITING, must be very very careful to insure safety, only speaking most abstract truths and info which only a few can really grasp.

So Jews and satanists must control (a) edjumacation (like our own James Fetzer, who knows nothing about process of induction, the dumbass charlatan), (b) entertainment and all forms of communication, publishing and broadcasting, and (c) establishment religions as we see in the Judaized religion of today called "Christianity," founded upon BIG-LIE of moralism-Pharisaism (esp. fallacious "good-evil") and, again, general fear-of-the-Jews, as in way of "political-correctness."

Thus "information" becomes much a philosophic enterprise--is there such thing as "truth"?--or is everything just a matter of opinion as the Jews believe and insist (subjectivism)? Thus Jews KNOW they must keep gentiles in general state of FEAR--as of Jews and Jews' opinion, etc.

CIA doesn't have to be involved for these basic philosophic/religious items--it's more for practical things like enforcement, assassinations, and terrorism, after all, as we see.

-----------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied----------------------------

More on how CIA treats whistleblowers:

Ralph McGehee was a CIA agent for 25 years, mainly in South-East Asia where he witnessed bombing and napalming of villages, which caused him to examine closely what the CIA was really all about.

He has written about Vietnam's Phoenix Program and after a long battle with CIA censors, he published the book "Deadly Deceits" in 1983. Ralph has been harassed by the CIA and FBI, involving bodily injury, and his CIABASE website was shut down on Spring of 2000. \

He copied some reports that can be found at (and 2.htm),, and

He concluded that the CIA is not now nor has it ever been a central intelligence agency but rather the covert action arm of the President's foreign policy advisors, of which disinformation is a large part of its responsibility and the American people are the primary target of its lies.

Why Kennedy was killed:

One of the primary reasons John F. Kennedy was assassinated had to do with the fact he dared to interfere in the framework of power.

Kennedy was intent on exercising his ELECTED powers and not allowing them to be usurped by power-crazed individuals in the intelligence community, threatening to "splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind."

There were four things that filled the CIA with rage and sealed his fate;
=JFK fired Allen Dulles,
=was in the process of founding a panel to investigate the CIA's numerous crimes,
=put a damper on the breadth and scope of the CIA, and \
=limited their ability to act under National Security Memoranda 55.

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More Dis-Info FM Jew Shill To Deflect FM Jews And Financial Powers
(Apollonian 30 Nov 14)

This latest, above, by Jew shill and dis-info agent, may be true, but it's not the full truth or even the main truth.

JFK threatened the powers, Jews and satanists, who CONTROLLED the CIA, for whom the CIA worked. CIA was only a detail, not the main project of Kennedy, OBVIOUSLY.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

"religion" (for practical purposes) of West?--just "BIG-LIES" built/predicated upon moralism and esp. "fear of the Jews"....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted (then deleted by troll admin) at comments,

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Jews & Jewwies Cannot Stand Truth--Anymore Than Dracula Can Abide Crucifix
(Apollonian, 29 Nov 14)

One-born-brainless (see below-copied) is typical Jewwy liar, probably a kike himself. There was no "smear"; I made an explicit argument, that being the Judaization of the culture and popular mentality, Christian establishment reflecting perfectly for the gross, horrific lack of anti-satanism, hence anti-semitism.

Thus the "religion" of present "Western," degenerate "culture," such as it is, is practically entirely Judaized, esp. by means of the BIG-LIE, this built upon the general "fear of the Jews," they going together so well, as we see.

So it isn't "assassination" at all, but rather accurate characterization, esp. when one considers the lies and false-hoods adduced by the Jewwy scum like afore-mentioned "compass/Joan Edwards," the brainless one, et al.

What I find most interesting is the more honest gentiles hardly bother commenting--it's almost ALL Jews and Jewwies pushing their idiot dis-info, ALWAYS attempting to deflecting attn. fm the Jews, including the Jewwy cohorts like the detached/dis-connected psycho, "brainless" one--if he isn't Jew himself.

Truth is truly hate to those who hate the truth--as we see fm all the Jews/Jewwies who post here. Why is apster so noxious to these scum and filth who otherwise inhabit this blog-space?--because these puke are pushing lies--and that's why they hate the mighty apster who crushes w. strong doses of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH.

So continue to suffer, stupid Jews and Jewwy filth, ho ho hoo hoo ho ho ho ho ho. I'm actually quite flattered the brainless one is so frustrated at apster TRUTH that he bothers to post his moronic protests at a blog where the owner, Fetzer, has made it clear he considers brainless one a "waste of humanity," ho ho ho ho ho. Brainless one, the Jewwy, is still obsessed, regardless, to having mighty apster censored, ho ho ho ho ho

------------------------------above by ap in response to below by "brainless"--------------------

OnebornfreeNovember 29, 2014 at 8:58 AM

Gary King said :"Attention all commenters, We are cleaning up our act by deleting any use of profanity or off topic comments"
Gary, where does repetitive, ongoing, attempted character assassination fit in with your "clean up" act?
For example, in this thread : "..esp. "compass/Joan Edwards are just Jewwy shills "
Are not such idiocies merely transparent attempts to smear certain posters, when the person making the smear has nothing substantial to offer as counter argument?
Do you really need that type of behavior here?
Furthermore, do not be fooled by idiotic claims to some imagined "free speech" . "right"[or whatever] here.
The first words of the 1st amendment to the US constitution simply say:
"Government shall make no law.....",
meaning that the Federal government [supposedly] cannot pass laws to restrict speech.
You however, are not the government, therefor, as moderator here you can restrict speech here [ a private forum], in any way you wish, yes?
Or do you intend to let certain cretins here continue to name-call and character assassinate on a daily basis because of their ongoing delusions about so-called "free speech"?
Enquiring minds want to know :-)
Regards, onebornfree

Friday, November 28, 2014

Remember: a blog featuring dis-info is a trolling device, if nothing else, the chief troll being the blog-owner/administrator....

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

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Jews: Leaders Of satanism, Primary Cultural Problem
(Apollonian, 28 Nov 14)

Gary: u should simply RESPECT FREE SPEECH and its svc to truth.

Note we've established Fetzer is mere gate-keeper for Jews and that many if not most of the "regular" posters to this blog, esp. "compass/Joan Edwards are just Jewwy shills working to deflect attn. fm Jews. The MOSSAD Jew who posts w. dozens and dozens of diff. monikers is yet another shill.

Fetzer is actually quite incompetent for his gross inability to INDUCE fm the various details to larger conclusions, like about Jews. Indeed, Fetzer seems to want to AVOID even the topic of induction.

And Gary, u need to figure-out that all ur details and tid-bits are pretty useless and forgettable unless u can organize them by means of induction and more general headings. Note then u could begin to organizing ur general headings and see what inductions thereupon can made fm those.

Thus the most notable observation to be made fm Fetzer's blog and activity therein is the intense, even desperate Jew activity in way of deflecting the crushing conclusions, observations, and inductions of the few Christians who occasionally post, aside fm mighty apster, future saint, undoubtedly, who is tireless.

And who is the master "troll" of Fetzer's blog?--ironically, it's noneother than Fetzer himself who massively supplements the several Jews and Jewwies who regularly troll and disrupt w. their dis-info.

Presently, the greatest tactic of dis-info is deflection of all criticism of Jews upon Israel subject which is mere pretext then for protestations of non-anti-semitism, anti-semitism being disapproved and dis-allowed.

Most of all, the all-important theme of satanism is ignored, satanism the very fundamental problem of the culture, satanism always being promoted by the Jews, even if not all Jews are very active satanists. For satanism is obviously the primary organizing principle for the MASSIVE corruption which is involved in such instances as JFK assassination, 9/11, and Sandy Hoax.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

"Judeo-Christian" hereticalists of nowadays are mere knock-offs of original suck-alongs/collaborators of Jews of St. Constantine's time....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

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Proper, "True" Christianity Is Successful Prosecution Of TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, Naturally
(Apollonian, 27 Nov 14)

"Compass/JOan Edwards": Christianity is a philosophy for some, but "religion" for most who can't handle the philosophy--don't u get it, u poor fool?  (See below-copied by "compass....")

And the philosophy of Christianity is embedded in the LITERATURE of New Test.--no less than Homeric/Greek tradition and philosophy is embedded in the Homeric literature, beginning w. Illiad and Oddysey.

Thus Christianity gave hope for the life of so many during Roman empire times--Christ was "good-guy" and master-thinker/preacher who showed the only "way" to Godly happiness--through TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6).

So before St. Constantine, who saw to the establishment of the "official" religion, I'm sure it was similar to way things are now, eh?--lots of diff. "interpretations" for style, liturgy, etc.

And there were many hereticalist "interpretations" then (time of St. Constantine) as there are now, right?--regardless, the general philosophy/theology remains and develops for the most PRACTICAL use/application.

So what's problem now, as then (St. Constantine)?--obviously it's SATANISM rampant, founded in LIES LIES LIES LIES--like u push, advocate, defend, and feature, right "compass/Joan Edwards"? Ho ho ho ho ho

And u're certainly right--the establishment hereticalists, "Judeo-Christians" are most prominent and powerful, funded and subsidized by Jews, they're Jews' most formidable allies, collaborators, suck-alongs, cohorts, etc.

Thus it's necessary to grasp and understand the real, basic theology/philosophic essence of Christianity--the LITERATURE--in order to make any sense of it--as was done, we see in history, by St. Paul, then taken-up by so many of his followers, to the day of St. Augustine, for example.

And just as it was then in Roman emp. during time of St. Constantine, so it is now, Jews and allies (like u, eh?--"compass/Joan Edwards") and collaborators will be strong, UNTIL their regime ends like all the others when their currency/economic regime falls of its own weight, and the new one arises, founded upon real currency/monetary standard of gold/silver, eh?

So preaching Christ is preaching TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH, and specifically we preach the most relevant, useful, essential, and compelling truth--as it regards the OVERTHROW of the present regime, HOW it will be done, WHAT the particular circumstances are and must be, etc. It's all a matter of understanding and grasping the essence of TRUTH and things--like the HOLY SPIRIT, eh? Ho ho ho ho ho ho

So the people, in order to survive, must free themselves fm the (literal) slavery of present regime of Jews who wield their fiat-money, foremost instrument/weapon. People must achieve freedom and it's necessary foundation of a REAL (hence honest) monetary/economic foundation--like the original founders of USA, Madison, Washington, Jefferson, et al.--restoration of REAL Constitutional gov., which will require such as secession, nullification, states-rights, and primacy/sovereignty of individual freedom, etc.

------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied by "compass....")------------------

Why doesn't the Sapster answer any questions? He just repeats the same stuff over and over. He is preaching to the choir--a choir now of about three people and falling.

Sapster, what are you going to do about the Christians you so dearly identify with? If you intend a revolution, Christian vs. Jew, how can you with these figures?
Christian Zionism

At least one in four American Christians surveyed recently by Christianity Today magazine said that they believe it is their biblical responsibility to support the nation of Israel. This view is known as Christian Zionism. The Pew Research Center put the figure at 63 per cent among white evangelicals.

Tim LaHaye’s infamous Left Behind novels, together with other End Times speculations written by authors such as Hal Lindsey, John Hagee and Pat Robertson, have sold well over 100 million copies.

Followers of Christian Zionism are convinced that the founding of the State of ...

John Hagee and Pat Robertson, have sold well over 100 million copies. ... This
means there are now at least ten times as many Christian Zionists as Jewish
Zionists. ... Pastor John Hagee is one of the leaders of the Christian Zionist

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Real Christianity, founded in objectivity, hence REASON, is difficult for the poor, befuddled masses to grasp--who've been so "programmed" by Jews, satanists, and Jews-media, capturing even established Christianity, never doubt....

[QUOTE=vorlos;532289]Apo, I always wondered why Buckley's magazine never backed the samizat dissidents of the Soviet Union, i.e., Vladimir Konstantinovich Bukovsky. When Bukovsky was traded to the West for Soviet spies, he crossed the Brandenberg Gate to the West, living in England. He was paid for articles by Buckley's magazine, but never published in it. Now it is clearer. Thanks for the background. They paid him, but suppressed the articles. Was he ever really in freedom?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Freedom"?--Well, We Must Simply Make Use Of However Much We Have, Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 25 Nov 14)

Well comrade vorlos, we probably still have SOME "freedom"--long as we remain little-known and insignificant (ho ho ho ho oho), commenting on otherwise little-known pages/forums like this one, though we know our fearless leader, Whitebear, was actually SO SUCCESSFUL he was horrifically hacked by NSA/MOSSAD and literally extorted to making his site "private."  So we're surely on their radar--but so is everyone, everywhere, as we're informed by comrade Snowden.

I can't emphasize enough that our ONLY hope now is to build fm very bottom "grass-roots"--there's simply no other way or option.  And this means preaching the REAL, hence anti-satanic, anti-semitic Christianity.  We're now the ONLY "apostles" left to do the necessary work.

And we have to be satisfied for ourselves, in our own minds, for whatever "success" we can achieve.  But there's one thing we can all AGREE upon, and that's the outright, in-ur-face satanist powers HAVE SURFACED and shown themselves to EVERYONE who merely takes a moment to look and verify--specifically, in the "hip-hop" music industry, including the "rap" genre, and among the non-whites, too--like "Jay-Z" and his wife, "Beyonce."

There's also Katy Perry, currently tops (who is scheduled for this season's Super Bowl, early next yr), Lady Gaga, though she seems to be receding, not to mention the old Madonna, who's been around since 80s, for goodness sakes--they're all out and quite open about their EXPLICIT satanism, occultism, and Cabalism, etc.--masonic signs all over the music vids being put-out on Jews-media "entertainment."  Of course, Jews are the maestros and master-minds for all this, naturally.

There's actually lots of expositors to this literal satanism, like Mark Dice (just use the search engine), "vigilant Christian," "White Rabbit," KJ Ozborne, and lots of others too, they getting THOUSANDS of hits--so lots of folks are getting hip, steadily and surely.

So u see, the enemy is visible and apparent for all to see, no one can deny in reason or basic, common sense.

Question now is HOW to proceed for Christian patriots?  And for this proceeding, step-by-step, I've been hard at work, giving detailed analysis and advice.  Like I say, it's hard to frontally attack the Jews--BUT it's NOT hard to frontally attack their foremost allies and cohorts, the "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for best expo)--it's their weak-point (JCs), never doubt.  Once JCs fall, rest will be quite a bit easier, never doubt.

One of the things I've noted is the Judaization of establishment Christianity--for primary example, the understanding of "faith" now being MYSTICIZED into "beleeeeeeeeeeeevin'"--against the original, and proper, real Christian meaning of simple LOYALTY.

Thus Christian TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) is very much matter of thorough-going reason and rationality (objectivity) AGAINST Judaic/Talmudic mysticism (subjectivism)--lots of folks have difficulty grasping this, so thoroughly have the Jews captured establishment Christianity.  In fact, most people, it seems, have it totally reversed, imagining the real Christianity is mystic against Judaic "reason," ho ho ho--that's why so many Jews insist upon their "atheism," pretending it's so "heroic" and "rationalistic" to be so.

So our work is cut-out for us, but it can be done--and we can only be patient as we set methodically to the task.  Like I say, the EASY PART is the satanic enemy has risen-up and voluntarily identified himself.  Only tough part is to persuade our good people of the truth and reality about Christian REASON (vs. devilish, Talmudic and Cabalist mysticism).  Thus we merely need keep in mind Gosp. JOHN and emphasis upon TRUTH (14:6, 8:32, 18:37-8)--which can ONLY exist in an objective (hence "God-created") reality.

Never doubt that precious REASON is integral, essential part of Holy Spirit--along w. honesty and integrity, "integrity" meaning a reason that pervades throughout, including the sentiment and emotion, not just for the conscious mentality.  Good luck, and happy hunting.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Jews--they aren't hated (by everyone, everywhere, throughout history) for nothing....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jews Are Not Hated For Nothing
(Apollonian, 24 Nov 14)

Tiger: assuming u're talking to me, note, first, the article I copied for us is entirely someone else's, and I give the link right at the very top.

Second I've always been forthrightly Christian, the REAL Christian--which is (a) anti-satanic, hence (b) anti-semitic.  Judaism = Satanism (see and for best expo on Talmud, foundation of Judaism).  Do u notice how scared people are and have become to be anti-semitic?

Note our glorious ancestors were anti-semitic without any doubts--anti-semitic as a matter of course--NO ONE APOLOGIZED for it, no more than they'd apologize for being Christian--which is what Jews want in this present Orwellian politically-correct nightmare they've created for us all.

And I've always provided full exposition for the satanism and satanic nature of Judaism, replete w. citations and references.  In sum, Jews think they're collectively equal to God, that God only exists to be their slave and assassin, and, in accord w. their filthy Talmud, basic document for their filthy, putrid, satanic "religion," they can murder gentiles, and it's ok--in fact, it's perfectly in accord w. their putrid God's commandments.

Note further, in their scummy Talmud, Jews GLOAT over having killed Jesus Christ, insisting Christ was righteously executed for blasphemy and heresy.

And note by and fm history how Jews are absolutely HATED by all peoples of all races, all throughout history.  Observe further those satanic Jew monsters over in Palestine mass-murdering the people there, fm whom they stole the land.

There are no "good Jews" anymore than there are good satanists, or good psychopaths.

And ur buddy, Riversong, is obviously a Jew, and he deserves a bullet.  And what u're doing, my dear tiger-who-flies is simply learning about the full monstrosity of these filthy, infernal devils, called "Jews."

Observe Riversong says not a word regarding the plain facts reported in the article I posted--he couldn't care less about facts or truth--all he's concerned w. is that we gentiles worship those filthy, murdering kikes and pay the required obeisance--do u wonder why Jews are soooooo cordially and universally hated world-wide?  TRUTH IS HATE to those who hate the truth (Jews--and ck Gosp. JOHN 8:44).

Why do u dis-respect ur ancestors who taught us to hate these Jew monsters?  Our ancestors were RIGHT for hating Jews, and it's simply a pity Jews haven't been dealt with as they deserve.

There are ways, un-questionably, by which to get necessary, strategic "word" out to people--"satanist" theme is one, lately grown most prominent....

True, Jews are the real enemy - no doubt in my mind. If, by some miraculous will of the Almighty, all Jews were raptured in one great cosmic event, the white race still would not recover from almost 100 years of propaganda and cultural genocide.
While the muds have been used by the Yikes as tools to subvert Western traditions and cultures, they too, are also victims of the Yikes, no question there either. However, what is happening in Europe, particularly in Sweden and Norway, where the muds are running rampant and chimping out every other day is the fault of the Libtards in those countries - not necessarily the Jews, though, like everything else wrong with Western society, the Jews are the instigators, at least in Norway. Sweden is a different case.
The problem that I see at present in Europe is that everyone is so distracted by technology and the endless striving for the acquisition of wealth and the endless distractions of video games and 'having fun' that they do not see their world is slowly collapsing. It's like that old saying about the frogs in water, you turn up the heat ever so slightly until it's boiling and they're dead - that is what is taking place in Europe at present - the Jews and their fellow travelers are ever so slightly importing more muds into countries that are overwhelmingly white [like Poland, which is 98% white] and no one is noticing.[/QUOTE]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

There's Un-Questionably Ways Of Getting Through To Folks Necessary Info, Never Doubt--Don't Under-Estimate The satanic Theme
(Apollonian, 24 Nov 14)

Indeed, the satanists, led by Jews, are riding high, still, at the moment, but time really seems to be running-out on them, the world fiat currencies tottering, including esp. US Dollar, the big domino.  Thus the Jew masterminds are feverishly striving to gin-up wars for distraction.

But note, Jews are much propped by the Judeo-Christian (JC) hereticalists who support Israeli terror-state, not to mention others like homosexuals.  The vast mass of folks in the middle--btwn Jews & cohorts on one side and Christian anti-semites on other are still quite intimidated by Jews and satanists.

Thus I think time is ripe now for strong propaganda campaign--but based on simple truth and observation regarding this satanic hegemony which reigns and which is in the people's face and un-deniable.  Primary target will be the JCs, for once this KEY prop for Jews is removed way is opened for much progress.  Christians must begin to see: SATANISTS, HENCE JEWS ARE THE PROBLEM; Judaism = Satanism.

Thus the formula is simple, at least for beginning: satanism is (extreme) subjectivism, including narcissism, hubris, and it's mostly fueled, for the beginning pretext, by the "good-evil" delusion/fallacy/heresy (Pelagianism).

REAL Christian anti-dote is existence of TRUTH (in accord w. Gosp. JOHN), this then based upon the objective reality, necessary basis/premise for such truth, there being no "good-evil" (for children and dogs), everyone being "sinners."

Remember, this formula probably won't be too outrageously successful at first, esp. as US Dollar continues to hold-up as reserve-currency, etc., but it's solid start and step for prospective further progress

It's emotions and sentiment where patriots must begin for setting the anchor for everything else--for even if Jews can't quite yet be frontally attacked, the JCs most certainly can--these are gross, putrid heretics and can easily be shown to being so.

Example: observe the scum Senator, Lindsey Graham, "Republican," who just now came out seconding Obola on the immigration issue, saying Republicans should be "ashamed"--and CONSIDER how at odds he is w. his JC "constituency" which supports Israel, BUT are decidedly AGAINST (a) the illegal invasion, and (b) Obola's illegal and un-Constitutional latest actions for granting these criminals various benefits.

Thus I always emphasize this basic Christianity as potent WEAPON, long as it's used adroitly--esp. against the un-deniable satanism which has become so pointedly prominent in our evermore putrid and Jew-dominated culture.  Observe Katy Perry now is going to perform at next Superbowl.  Ck also latest Mark Dice videos on this satanist subject, including the "illuminati" topic, at  Dice is one of the very best, getting THOUSANDS of hits for his vids--and note there are other Christians doing similarly, exposing this satanic filth.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Successful patriot plan only requires analysis, accurate observation--the REAL Christianity, anti-semitic and rationalist, needed at base of things....

[QUOTE=ExpatTarheel;531966]Welcome, GMO!
I have to agree with Vorlos - it has become very politically incorrect in the States for us whites [especially if you're a Southerner] to be proud of our heritage,....
How long will the white race exist on the North American continent?....
The simple fact is that unless something drastically changes, the elites have decided that the white population in the U.S. is to be the playthings of the muds. Unless whites [as a whole] take up arms and DO something to stop the train headed for them, the slow deterioration of the country that our ancestors built will continue. Once the U.S. collapses into ethnic warfare, it's only a matter of time before the rest of the world descends into hell as well. However, anything is better than living in the multicultural, 'die-ver-$hitty' world that is being prepared for us by the global elite.[/QUOTE]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Successful, Prospective Patriot Plan Only Requires Analysis, Based In Turn Upon Accurate Observation
(Apollonian, 20 Nov 14)

Yes ex-pat, ur analysis is accurate, but note hist. is CYCLIC--things must get evermore horrible before people get a clue about necessity of revolutionary change.  The short, immediate answer for patriots is nullification, states-rights, and secession, obvious remedies to obvious, evermore tyrannic central ZOG gov.  Note then the things which must, and are happening:

(a) First, the currency/economy must collapse--esp. the currency, evermore "inflated" (legalistically COUNTERFEITED).  Thus prices will go up and up and up until currency is altogether destroyed, requiring now reversion to commodity standard (gold/silver).  Problem is people literally don't understand money--it MUST be commodity-backed, PERIOD, but folks cannot and NEVER will understand, money being simply one of those ABSTRACT subject-matters which is too easily confused by clever rhetoricians.

(b) Meantime people must suffer far more horrendously than now--literal starvation and mass-murder has to happen (as presently in Ukraine, for example) before people, the survivors, flock to necessary leadership--which will be something relating to most basic EMOTIONS--like dear Christianity--trick is it must be the REAL thing, not the present horribly Judaized sort--esp. regarding "faith," the REAL thing being rationalist LOYALTY, not idiot, mystic, Judaic "beleeeeeeeevin'."

(c) Even w. above two conditions, note futher, a significant contingent of heretofore masterminds, fm top, must begin to in-fighting, this upon principle of "no honor among thieves," the masterminds taking alarm at the horrible rate of death and demise of gentiles, the dissident, erstwhile masterminds suspecting they too will be double-crossed by the more entrenched faction(s).

Examples of this rift among Jews and masterminds might be: (a) the leftist-type Jews behind Obola and United Nations, "climate-change" leftists, (b) the more "rightist" -oriented and -styled who back terror-state of Isreal--OR, (c) quite possibly, the lower-level Jews (who are still amazingly rich) who back "libertarian"-types such as Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, and Alex Jones.

(d) Thus patriots MUST coalesce and continue efforts to unite upon fundamental premises/principles, the EASIEST, SIMPLEST being that afore-mentioned, basic Christianity, the REAL Christianity, anti-semitic and rationalist, NOT the mystic sort which prevails presently, so putridly favorable to Jews and terror-state of Israel.  This REAL Christianity isn't really difficult to grasp and sell--that's why u need to get a basic understanding simply for purpose of under-mining the present establishment

Get it?--we need the rationalist Christianity against the prevailing, Jew-friendly MYSTIC sort.  It really is a matter of reason vs. mysticism--Christian objectivity (truth = Christ) vs. Jew lies founded upon subjectivism, esp. in guise of moralism/Pharisaism.

And note the serious, raging success of Christians against the OVERT, in-ur-face, outright, EXPLICIT satanism that's going on in the Jew-owned music industry, esp. within the "hip-hop" section.  U-tube vids by Christians exposing this satanism are getting tens, even hundreds of thousands of hits--see White Rabbit, Vigilant Christian, and KJ Ozborne--this is genuine success which patriots should heed and build upon.  Take good care, and keep up ur excellent spirit.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hope for white race, like human race itself, lies only in Christian revival....

Below-copied by ap first submitted and published (briefly, at least) at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Greg Johnson Is HOPELESS, Pathetic, Complete Failure For Interests Of Any Race, Not To Mention Whites
(Apollonian, 16 Nov 14)

I listened to this Greg Johnson interview--what an arid, rambling, self-pitying, pathetic, lamentation which only covers the symptoms of the Jew problem, bewailing the fate of stupid, brainless, corrupt whites--who used to have a country, like USA, now the Jew S A--and Greg Johnson clearly DOES NOT know why or how it happened, giving nothing in way of coherent history or analysis whatsoever.

And not a single, solitary word was mentioned about that which kept cultural cohesion for whites, the West, and the USA--CHRISTIANITY, simply a religious form of anti-satanism, anti-semitism. Poor Greg Johnson doesn't have the slightest, faintest clue--the guy is HOPELESS.

Johnson hasn't any idea of history, doesn't understand Oswald Spengler's "Decline of the West," the CYCLIC nature and course of things, and he has no notion of the philosophic themes involved in culture of the West vs. Jews, Jews foremost satanists, criminals, subjectivists, and above all, Pharisaics who manipulate the masses and legions of schizoids bred-up by the earlier generations of a healthy culture and society.

Nor did Johnson mention the original American patiots, Christians all, who championed a limited gov. in accord w. rationalist constitution. Neither was there any mention of the Jews' foremost instrument, that COUNTERFEITING scam, US Federal Reserve Bank which is the engine of Jews' take-over. The entire interview was gross, miserable failure.

Thus Christianity defended the Aristotelian objective reality, basis and foundation for TRUTH--which Jews deny upon basis of moralism--what's "good," "good" then always serving Jews, Jews foremost arbiters of this fictional "good."

Thus even Christianity itself became Judaized, as we see today, establishment Christianity mere play-thing and instrument of Jews, Christianity which used to champion truth, hence a rational world, now understood by so many as mere mystic version of Judaism itself.

Specifically, establishment, Jew-dominated, evermore satanic Christianity now advocates the mystic "faith" of believing vs. the old Christian virtue of LOYALTY. And the Holy Spirit is smothered, the old Holy Spirit necessarily that reason and honesty which helps to apprehend TRUTH (= Christ, as Gosp. JOHN 14:6), foremost virtue for attainment of Godly happiness.

But it really seems presently as if all, including all attempts of reasoning, are doomed to irrelevance as the world spirals out-of-control, the Jews and Pharisaics leading the schizoid population in the perpetual warfare which will only achieve the massive, precipitate reduction of population, only the surviving remnant capable of reviving that original Christian rationalist inspiration which will have any chance of allowing another generation of civilization.

For only Christian rationalism, hence anti-semitism, anti-satanism will allow for preservation of any race, including the white race. For don't doubt, it's great struggle for any human survival, not to mention whites, in face of present satanism led by Jews. Only hope of humanity of any race is Christian TRUTH, honesty, and reason.

Any fiat-money, "debt-free" or not, is fatal for economy

Below-copied essay by ap first submitted and published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Fiat Money Is No Solution--It's Problem In Itself As We See Presently
(Apollonian, 15 Nov 14)

I listened to the Fox interview w. much interest, and it seems there's much more to be researched regarding the MOSSAD/zionist -connection for the people who saw to the dog-leg route taken by the limousine and who determined who Kennedy was to be speaking.

But I also note there's serious confusion over the money issue, particularly in regard to the "debt-free" part.

For if what Fox was saying about Kennedy's scheme is true, the silver certificates were backed by real money--which can only be commodity, gold/silver being best.

But the Lincoln greenbacks were not backed by gold/silver or any commodity, being pure fiat which Lincoln issued as it was only way to pay for the illegal, un-Constitutional, and genocidal war he was waging against the southern states.

Greenbacks then were not retired and exchanged for REAL money till 1879, 14 yrs after the war ended, the USA now changed forever, the central gov. running a gross, ever-expanding dictatorship now committed to the very same, basic imperialism in which we still find ourselves. .

Again, the pt. is that fiat-money which is "debt-free" is no solution to any problem, but becomes a problem itself very quickly, no less than "debt money"--there's no essential difference. For fiat money is worthless unless it's convertible to whatever commodity backing.

Note then, fiat money begins (a) the inevitable price inflation process as the notes (not really true "money") are circulated. (b) The ever-inflated and issued notes then are used in new loans which are made by the banks.

(c) When then the issuance of the notes is necessarily curtailed in order to halt the price inflation, the resulting deflation causes many if not most of the new loans made in the notes to go bankrupt.

So the greenbacks were just a debt which took many yrs to pay-off, while Kennedy's silver certificates were always backed by commodity (real money), not a debt at all--there's a HUGE, big difference, certificates NOT being fiat-money, not causing inflation, and not causing inevitable defaults or bankruptcies.

Fiat-money (like the greenbacks), supposedly "debt-free," is no solution, but actually a problem in itself, the fiat-money being itself a debt which requires conversion to real money at some pt.--like the Lincoln greenbacks. History demonstrates that fiat-money being re-converted back to real money (commodity) practically NEVER happens.

Great danger of fiat-money is it encourages profligate spending which is never re-paid. The re-conversion of the "greenbacks" to real, commodity money was perhaps the ONLY instance of its sort in all history--and observe it didn't last long, as fiat-money is what we got again w. the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. Perpetual warfare and ever-growing dictatorship is what we're now saddled with, with no easy solution in sight.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Most interesting dis-info going on whence Jews actually allow some criticism of Israel/"zionism"--but they must ALWAYS protest vehemently they're NOT "anti-semitic"--interesting....

Below-copied by ap first published (at least briefly) at

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jews, Jewwies Resume Their "Controversy" Games, Ho Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 13 Nov 14)

Ho ho ho ho ho--same Jewwy dis-info agent, doing same stupid crap, obsessing on trivialities if not outright idiocies.  There were THOUSANDS who died among "first responders" who breathed-in the radiation-contaminated dust particles which were so fine they passed easily through practically all the masks--this despite the word put-out by Christine Todd Whitman, I believe, that the air was safe to breathe.

Note one of the great markers and features of the 9/11 dis-info effort is "CONTROVERSY"--there's got to be this controversy, always, and this is provided by the MOSSAD and other Jewwy agents like "compasss/Joan Edwards" who plays this idiot shill-game w. GATE-KEEPER, the senile, incompetent, lying old codger, Fetzer, ho ho ho ho ho ho ho

Fetzer's job is to protect Jews, only casting some attn. on Israel, playing "good-Jew"-"bad Jew," ho ho ho ho ho ho hoo

The morons, one-born-brainless, simian shack, and this fool, "Joan Edwards," play dumbasses nit-picking the senile old coot, Fetzer, ho ho ho ho ho ho

The little game among these puke, above-mentioned, is to promote "controversy," esp. regarding Israel, but ALWAYS PROTESTING they're NOT "anti-semitic" which, we see, is the great sin in this satanic time of Spenglerian "Decline of the West," featuring the Judaized Christianity, disdained evermore by the people, but most of all, the general ennui and apathy along w. seldom-identified "FEAR OF THE JEWS."

Such is the politically-correct religion--to legitimize and justify Jews above all, in this supremely Jew-dominated, filthy, scummy, putrid, so-called "culture" in all its stinking degeneracy.

Thus the ONLY "criticism" which is allowed of kikes is regarding Israel--which is used, actually, to glorifying if not deifying Jews as all the anti-zionists are required to jump up and down--as we see Fetzer does--denying they're "anti-semitic," such anti-semitism being the great sin which isn't allowed.  This is the great dis-info game going on, comrades.

But proverbial "worm" will turn, Fetzer, u puke, all in due time (pretty soon, actually), and TREASON carries a harsh penalty, u brainless, pathetic old fool.

------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied--------------------------

CompassNovember 13, 2014 at 5:43 PM
I wrote:

Fetzer's entire 9/11 theory is based on the assumption that the television footage of the so-called attack on the WTC is an actual, real, live, accurate [VISUAL] record of what happened.
Professor Fetzer, how is the above statement "rubbish." You tolerate the most outrageous posts on this site, allowing an obviously ill manic to post endless inflammatory rants here. You seldom visit the site, but the minute someone questions your nuke-Israel-did-it theory, you respond like lightening.

Thanks for showing up, Simon. I just read the link you posted and the video on Gordon Duff and was not surprised at his comment that only 40% of what he writes is true. That's the way the news media operate along with the book publishing business.

I have always taken this blog here with a grain of salt. Sometimes, there is a unique guest truth teller which makes it all worthwhile. I've followed this site for a couple of years and am not surprised the "research" has gone nowhere.

Anyone who has access to the mainstream as does Fetzer is protected by the military-intel establishment and knows he may only go so far. Imagine what would happen if he admitted 9/11 was a hoax--no hijackings, an ordinary demolition and no one died. I'm surprised they haven't called the reason for secrecy is national security.

So call any criticism "rubbish." How long do you think you current theory of holograms, missiles and witnesses is going to last? Your mind and speech are quick and you are seldom thrown on any topic and therefore the perfect guest on TV and also host should Alex Jones bow out.

Rights: product of reason and soc. contract--Jew anti-human monsters couldn't possibly have rights....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Rights: Products Of, Subordinate To Human Reason, Social Contract
(Apollonian, 12 Nov 14)

U can ck the Talmud on-line at  (See below-copied.)

Life is grim business of war of all against all, according to Thomas Hobbes, so the main purpose is, must be, to survive.

Thus those who make up the commonwealth (or society) devise a social contract, product of reason, reason the main tool of human survival.

So the white Christians of 13 states, fully independent at the time, devised the Constitution, best thing they could come up w. for social contract.

Since they were all Christians they knew they understood same basic things--Jews were (and are) utterly foreign monsters--just ck their Talmud--but which makes them master criminals and liars.

The Constitution is MEANS not Ends--ends being survival and more, a truly human life in accord w. reason and law.

U make the Constitution, Bill of Rights to being God, end-all and be-all--it's not at all, as I note, it being mere means oriented to survival, as noted.

And no one says anyone should "kill in name of God"; question is how to survive which means reason, thus soc.-contract (Constitution being the practical expression of such contract). So u see Const. is just a make-shift for the soc.-contract existing in the un-spoken natural law, in accord w. reason.

So then, what actually are "rights"?--they're conventions in agreement (in reason) for what's necessary for human living, consisting of "right-reason," according to Roman, Cicero, "do no harm," being another precept known fm Aquinas.

So the Constitutional soc. contract was a practical instrument dependent upon conditions, Bill of Rights being things that people wanted AGAINST THE GOV., as the English folk had generated fm experience.

Primary precept was sovereignty of individuals, power coming fm the individuals to local gov., then county, then state--and then they decided upon the "Federal" union--a confederation, NOT a "nation," as states were always considered the national units, though this steadily eroded to the crisis of 1830 and S. Carolina "nullification" controversy whence A. Jackson threatened to attack the state.

So since the individual is sovereign, the only higher power is God--thus "God-given" rights, products of reason, nature, in agreement w. other citizens having equal rights.

Rights, gov., soc-contract are primary means of DEFENSE against the rest of the world seen as the threat--and also against internal criminals who violate reason and law.

Jews were NEVER, could NEVER have been imagined as part of "the people"--citizens--Jews always seen as monsters, gloating over killing Christ, at war w. gentiles, etc.

So rights are no more "God-given" than reason, rights being SUBJECT to human reason--subject to rational agreement among men. Right to life is conditioned upon not being threat. As soon as one is credible threat, one loses the right--that's how state has "right" to kill/execute criminals duly found guilty in court of law, in accord w. justice whence he LOSES his right and life, etc.

So Jews, being anti-human monsters, could NEVER have been citizens (in reason) and can never have rights, they being enemies of God, humanity, reason, etc.

Thus are "rights" understood in light of reason, rights only arising in accord w. reason, rights subject to reason, products of human reason.

-------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied----------------------------------

AnonymousNov 12, 2014, 7:43:00 PM

Good - I don't have to read the Talmud. Sounds boring anyway. Thank you for that I was already dreading reading it.

And to read the Talmud I'd have to go steal 'cause I won't pay for it and don't know anyone who has a copy or has ever even mentioned it.

Shuck the Talmud and the rest of this gibberish already. The pope himself just recently and finally admitted that killing in the name of God is blasphemy. Even the Vatican couldn't keep that lie up anymore. The point is that we have to do what is right to solve the problems that ail us. When we say "us" we must define the term - to me "us" means those who may admit that the Constitution may be flawed but are not willing to give up the bill of rights part of it. We use the bill of rights as the commonality that defines "us." Anyone who tries to take those rights away is an enemy of "ours" and it doesn't matter if they are Jews or not - they both get the same punishment. So defining Jews is unimportant to the preservation of our rights - God given or not.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

In continuing Spenglerian "Decline of the West," a remnant of Christians, patriots will survive, surely, as ZOG inexorably falls, fails--here's handy calculus....

Conditions Of Patriot Success DO Exist, Never Doubt--As Things Continue To Deteriorate In Spenglerian "Decline Of West"
(Apollonian, 12 Nov 14)

A remnant of patriots, gentiles will survive, surely, God willing--only task now is to help ourselves so that God will help, eh?

So we calculate, cold-bloodedly--as things continue to degenerate, top master-minds will inevitably begin in-fighting, suspecting typical double-cross on principle of "NO HONOR AMONG THIEVES."  When these master-minds seriously begin their inevitable conflict, that will be serious patriot opportunity.  And master-minds will become evermore nervous as they're successful in killing-off evermore weaklings.

Meantime we preach the REAL Christianity--against the present Judaized sort--Christianity assuring us of the OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality, necessary basis of TRUTH (= Christ, JOHN 14:6).  This will UNITE the volk (and all gentiles too) for sentiment.

Otherwise, we use example of American founders, nullification and secession, all power necessarily, logically coming fm people at local gov. level, "states-rights."  Lots and lots of gentiles evermore understand South was absolutely right for old "Civil War."

Problem is still toooooooooo many "schizoids" (over-populated inferiors, weaklings), as I call them in my above-noted essay (see who INSIST on creating reality within their little minds (SUBJECTIVISM), esp. beginning w. "good-evil" delusion/fallacy/heresy (Pelagianism).  These schizoids will have to (a) die-out, or (b) get a clue.

Note in certain terrible, sad way, as things continue to deteriorate economically/monetarily, more and evermore will start to seeing Jews and their sympathizers as problem.  Inter-net has helped our cause MUCH, never doubt.

Note additionally one specific item: YouTube has dozens of evermore successful expositors (like Mark Dice, for example--ck him out) pt-ing out the literal, in-ur-face, overt, and explicit SATANISM of hip-hop culture, including Madonna, Lady Gaga, and nowadays Katy Perry, among lots of others too--this is not good for ZOG for such flat-out exposure, people also aware of Obola's gross lying ("keep ur doctor"), Jew world order mass-murder of people w. GMOs, toxic vaccines, Big-Pharma drugging of population and school-kids, poison fluoride in water, poison "chem-trails," etc.

ZOG MUST remove I-net--their NEXT necessary move if they want to avoid continuing embarrassment & losses for credibility, etc.--but monetary/economic collapse is/will-be definitive.  Such is our calculus.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Observe the extremely sublime way in which Christianity has been Judaized--turned into putrid, repugnant mysticism....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The satanic Inversion Of Present-Day Western Culture Including Especially Dear, Precious Christianity And Rationalism Itself
(Apollonian, 11 Nov 14)

Ok, but I thought it was first Lucifer the angel, who corrupted then to satan (the "adversary"), the hubris-filled, would-be, wannabe god.

Note the essential item for satanism (as it's understood, I presume) is SUBJECTIVISM--the idea that the only reality is within one's mind.  In case of Jews, it's a COLLECTIVE subjectivism whence the lower-level Jews submit to their master-mind rabbis.

Thus we suffer in a general atmosphere of "Fear of the Jews"--in the "politically-correct" anti-culture, including a massive ennui, apathy, and worship of hedonist sense-gratification, addiction to TV, entertainment, sports, etc., the practical leadership then being satanists, the real Christians who are rationalists merely a small minority.

Note tiger: the great trick these satanists have pulled-off is, first and most, the Judaization of the real Christianity, this at least in the minds of most people, surely, people having forgotten the real Christianity, worship of truth (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), the Holy Spirit then including REASON, necessarily, the means of apprehending such TRUTH (= Christ), truth indicating the OBJECTIVE reality in opposition to Jew subjectivism.

"Truth" only makes sense in an objective reality--for in subjectivism it's anything u want it to be.
Thus the public, establishment Christianity has taken on a putrid MYSTIC overtone, extolling then NOT truth or reason, but rather mystic "faith" of "believing"--whereas the real Christian "faith" only means LOYALTY, not "believing."

For observe in the Christian objective world, "believing" isn't necessary, only reason is, along w. honesty and integrity, these being principle parts of Holy Spirit, including LOYALTY.

Only in Judaic subjectivism--which only exists within the mind--is such "faith" of "believing" necessary--but this Judaic "faith" has now been taken-on by establishment Christianity.

Thus present-day satanism naturally hates and detests reason and everything associated, esp. justice, Christianity, and all other rationalist-associated values, satanism rather extolling fear and obedience, etc.

--------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied------------------------------------

No, with the Clintons it’s something more. Something… strange… to the unitiated. I have this personal bugbear though- Satanas is the Accuser- like a merciless prosecutor DA who loves his job. The nonhuman intelligence we’re all talking about is LUCIFER, the Belial, the evil one. Luciferianism is everywhere.

The difference between satanism and Lucifer is what allows practising luciferians to laugh at accusations of “satanism” etc. and say in their usual duplicitous way “we’re not satanists”. Of course they aren’t! Theyre LUCIFERIANS! All the way back, and especially recently back to Annie Besant, Crowley, Blavatsky, and then forward to all those weirdos in the UN, Communism and even NASA.

---------------------------------above by tiger in response to below-copied by ap------------------------------------

apollonian says:

Yes tiger, satanism is serious thing, absolutely raging in Jew S A, which u can confirm on part of “hip-hop” music, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and nowadays, a veritable bevy of these wannabe floozies.

Satanism wants to mass-murder the people, as I’ve noted, and these scum are highly organized, never doubt.

But little did we know it was existent even back then in the Clinton yrs–I remember reading the book, thinking it was just the usual corruption of crooked politicians regarding the Christmas tree

The link btwn "imagining" and reality--how, for example, do we know we're not "imagining" our realities?--answer: it's necessary assumption, "metaphysics" of objectivity (Aristotle)....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Nature Of Reality: Objective Or Subjective?
(Apollonian, 11 Nov 14)

WHAT?--Ho ho ho ho ho.  Soooooooooooooooooooooo what are u attempting to trying to endeavoring to saying here?--anything?  Ho ho ho ho ho ho  (be sure to ck above link).

But let's go to ur "real example," above--u ADMIT there was no way to confirm what u were "imagining," etc., for purposes of the same old "secrecy."  BUT then u tell us that sources on the ground verified ur imaginings, the other side picked-up on being spotted and moved, etc.  U told us one group didn't know what the other was doing, but yet ur efforts were confirmed, regardless, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

So, in sum, what u're saying is that by means of imagination, u imagined there was "something" which was then confirmed--great work, ho ho ho ho ho--how unusual is this, really?  And question is, as always, what's it really worth, all this glorified imagination?  Ho ho ho ho ho

And what else did u say?--that imagining things intensively enough, u imagined it was all real?  Ho ho ho ho--is that really so unusual?--aren't there lots of people throughout hist. who've done the same?--they just used drugs and other less expensive, less elaborate methods, right?

So what did u accomplish?--pretending that pretending can make pretending seem real?  Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho--lots of people have done that already, all throughout hist., right?

All I'd conclude fm ur account is that we in the West sure had a lot of money to be wasted upon ridiculous "endeavors," "experiments," etc.--and that money sure was wasted--I hope we had lots of fun as we continue to descending into endless recession, starvation coming soon after imminent bankruptcy whence we'll all be taking orders fm Chinese people, evidently.

Remember that old philosophic controversy regarding the nature of reality--is it all just in our heads?--according to Plato, greatest of the subjectivists, and then carried on fm that time by all the moralists (Pharisaists) pretending and insisting upon "good-evil," the latest of note being Immanuel Kant (late 18th, early 19th cent).

For it's this "good-evil" delusion (subjectivism) that keeps people most animated, for real, practical purposes, even to this day.  And the fraud of central-banking, like the US Federal Reserve Bank, Bank of England, and ECB, IMF, etc., ARE ALL BASED UPON THIS FICTION AND WISHFUL THINKING, glorified as "imagination," never doubt.

The fictional "terrorists" and "al Qaeda" are imaginary products and make-shifts which keep the neo-cons and Jews in power, mass-murdering poor people of other lands, soon the citizens of our own Western countries too.

And don't doubt people in our own countries have already had civil rights taken, a fascist police-state put in place, the people being slow-killed by means of poison vaccines, foods, and food-additives, and many other things too (depleted uranium, and electronic wave damage fm cell-phones, etc.).

Alternative to subjectivism is the Aristotelian objective reality confirmed by means of sense-perception, BUT the problem is there's no "good-evil" (as everything then is in accord w. cause-effect, there being no perfectly "free" will to manipulate reality) by which to psych the children, "good" being obedience, "bad" being non-obedience, and too many people don't like it--they'd rather be deluded, pretending they're "good" (Pharisaism)--it's how the Jew rule, and they're not going to give it up.

------------------------Below is response to ap's above by "flyingTiger"----------------

 November 11, 2014 at 7:49 pm  
Yes, it was basically the point that something that could have been entirely “pretend” correlated closely with reality.

So often there seems to be this anticipation of things- imagination first, then what is called reality. Makes me wonder.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

First Premises Must Necessarily Be Assumptions--"METAPHYSICS"
(Apollonian, 11 Nov 14)

Well tiger, that's the entire pt. to that part of philosophy called "metaphysics" (first philosophy, according to Aristotle), the very first, most basic premises--which premise(s) have to be assumption, not capable of proof--since, of course, they're first premise(s) upon which any/all subsequent conclusions are based.

And that first, basic issue is nature of reality--objective or subjective ("I think therefore I am")--this has to be assumption as it can't be PROVEN (according to some prior premise), but which premise everything else in ur chain of logic depends upon.

Subjectivism is absurd--as anything goes if it were true, and nothing would be false--we'd be God.
The other pt. I was wanting to make and emphasize is that ur so-called "project" for "imagining" was only reported to be "confirmed," don't forget--and of course u know they'd tell u that in order to make sure all the money wasted on the project was justified.  How otherwise would/could u "KNOW" ur imaginings were verified?--U DON'T KNOW (for urself)--u were only told that by obviously interested party w. long record of lying and deceit.

First premises of philosophy are necessarily ASSUMPTIONS ("metaphysics"), fm which all the rest of "reasoning" is based.  Thus we ASSUME there's objective reality (subjectivism being absurd), and fm there we have all the rest of our logic and science and everything we consider that we "KNOW."

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Reason doesn't defend Jews--it indicts and prosecutes such satanic psychopaths and monsters who pretend they're God....

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

God Hates Jews--Provides Reason To Protect Humanity Against Jews
(Apollonian, 9 Nov 14)

Ho ho ho--apster is affirming God--it's Jack Rabbit who wants to pretend to Godliness himself, insisting upon what's "good" or "moral," or "Constitutional," etc., as if he's God determining reality.

Humans act in their interest, this in accord w. reason.  So the Constitution is the social-compact/contract by which the people protect themselves, invoking "natural rights," these pertaining ONLY to those within the contract--and against enemies, who are outside the contract.

So the social contract/Constitution is something in way of weapon/tool by which to insure the survival of the people.

And there are lots of things inimical to human survival--starvation, plague, enemy humans, wild animals, etc.

So the social contract is seen as instrument enhancing survival, as I say, enabling the economic production and technical means to providing food and medicine, etc., army and navy to protect against outside enemies--and criminals like Jews, Jews criminals by their very own admission (in effect), as in Talmud.

Jack Rabbit has this obsessive compulsion to playing "protector" "big-bro." for Jews--almost as if he thinks God will give him brownie pt.s, the Jews laughing up their sleeves.

Jack Rabbit: observe the very purpose of reason, soc. contract, and Constitution is TO PROTECT AGAINST Jews, and by protecting Jews u're enemy of God, reason, soc. contract, and Constitution.  I told u and told u to ck the Talmud--this is essential to Jews, by definition.  It's not my fault if u REFUSE to heed reality (God).

Friday, November 7, 2014

Culture of "BIG-LIE" has practical components (like central-banking), but also more abstract components, precedents, never doubt....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The Culture Of The "BIG-LIE" In Our "Faces"--Mass Death Beckoning
(Apollonian, 7 Nov 14)

So thus and therefore, as we proceed here in glorious inductive manner, we first (a) observe the various events in proper scientific manner, JFK, RFK, and all the other assassinations, MLK, Malcolm X, and numerous others, along w. all the various "events," Ruby Ridge, OKC bombing, 9/11, Sandy Hoax, Boston Bombing, etc., and (b) we note the "BIG-LIE" psy-ops component, always common to every event.

(c) Then we observe the mass-corp. Jews-media and (d) the central-banking instrument, and we see now the CONCRETE instruments in-play and at-work, commanding and dominating the culture--now mere empire of criminals.

(e) And now, for more ABSTRACT considerations, we observe then the larger culture of BIG-LIES, the "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler--for we only now have to explain how such a criminal fraud as central-banking is allowed and tolerated--no less than Jews who were always, rightly and understandably, hated and despised by our dear ancestors, for hundreds and hundreds of years.

(f) For Jews are Talmudists, hence criminals and satanists--which truth the poor people have forgotten.

What then was one serious and disastrous development in the culture of the West which allowed for emergence and now dominance of these Jew monsters and psychopaths?--it was the irrationalist, subjectivism and MORALISM/Pharisaism, esp. of Immanuel Kant in late 18th cent. which signaled end of the otherwise glorious "Enlightenment" era which ensued fm the German Thirty Years War.

And note it wasn't long after Kant, Hegel came along w. his ideas of the absolute state worship, then Marx, then in quick succession the American "Civil War" consolidation of gov., overthrow of states-rights, the socialist-collectivist legislation in Bismarck's Germany, and finally outright bolshevism of Soviet Union, this last funded by the Jew bankers of the West, esp. by means of the criminal central-banking.

(g) Meantime, observe what happened to Christianity which became evermore wholly Judaized and streamlined consistent w. the Kantian MORALISM/Pharisaism, esp. for the mystic emphasis upon "faith" as "beleeeeeeeeeeeeeeevin'."

Thus w. the Jew version of "faith" as "believing," Christianity took on that thematic Jew hubris and subjectivism against its native and essential objective-orientation for TRUTH (= Christ), this to accommodate the Kantian MORALISM/Pharisaism which inexorably insinuated itself within both culture and Christian practice.

Such then was/is the progress of "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler, the West degenerating to tolerance of Jew psychopaths and criminals, this Jew criminality consolidating evermore w. that central-banking ultimate weapon.

(h) And now we see the horrific rise of organized satanism, as in modern music industry, totally controlled by Jews, naturally--which satanism of course cannot advance too overtly as it's quickly enough recognized and identified for what it is.

Yet the satanism is actively practiced in the deliberate mass-murder of the citizens as by slow-kill methods in toxic vaccines, poisoned food and food additives, GMOs, aspartame, and glyphosphate pesticides, "chem-trail" poisoning, and even nuclear radiation poisoning, including depleted uranium, etc.

(i) Thus we see satanism cannot become TOO prominent, though it is demonstrably there.  But what is prominent is the horrifically compromised and perverted, establishment Christianity, so disgustingly Judaized, like the thoroughly corrupt, homosexual and pedophilic "Vatican," rejected by evermore folks, there being little left in way of culture but for a generalized "Fear of the Jews" along w. the putrid, general "politically-correct" MORALISM/Pharisaism, much in secular guise, and then afore-mentioned corrosively toxic satanism held and practiced by a select minority.

Such then is the large culture of the "BIG-LIE" fostered, manipulated, exerted, and applied by the Jew world order, the practical engine being the criminal central-banking and COUNTERFEITING--it's necessary, logical goal, consistent w. the satanic Talmud, is extermination of humanity and it's culture of reason and the original Christianity.  Lots of people, inferiors and weaklings who've been formerly bred-up, must and will surely die, but TRUTH (= Christ) will never die, but will resurrect, as we celebrate at Easter Holy Day, never doubt.  Amen.


Below-copied essay by ap first submitted at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Induction, Objectivity Indicts, CONVICTS Jews, Satanists
(Apollonian, 9 Jul 18)

This is another incredible, great article by Bollyn w. crushing, smashing, over-whelming INDUCTIVE evidence, which induction is stock science and legal investigation procedure. Gather the evidence, and now look at likely suspects--Jews, foremost criminals and satanists (see,, and

So what's next step?--kikes of Israel are OBVIOUSLY number one suspects--or at least among the topmost, eh?

So now, in science and logic, including for legal investigations, the LEAD SUSPECT MUST start "talking turkey" and begin explaining why they shouldn't be suspected and indicted (formally accused) and put-up for trial as culprits.

But is that even conceivable in this age of Jew dominance?--suspecting the kikes?--isn't that anti-semitism?--ho ho ho ho ho. And indeed, that's kike's only defense, isn't it? The over-whelming evidence pt.s to Jews, but no matter, u can't suspect or accuse Jews as that's anti-semitism, right? What a brilliant defense, eh?--ho ho ho ho ho.

But then again, isn't that just CONFIRMATION of the necessary and indicated accusation/indictment?--the FACT that Jews actually don't deny they're guilty, do they?--they just say u can't do it (suspect or accuse them) as it's anti-semitism. According to kikes, it's "immoral" to observe evidence and suspect and indict kikes--regardless the facts of reality, ho ho ho ho.

And when u stop to think about it all, we begin to realize the horrific TRUTH--kikes DID 9/11, and they essentially ADMIT IT in their back-handed way, don't they? "Sure, we did it, u scummy goyim, but what are u gonna do about, maggots?"--ho ho ho ho ho ho oho.

Cui Bono?--WHO BENEFITED fm 9/11, suckers?--it was Jews, wasn't it? Thus stupid goyim of Jew S A started wars against Jews' enemies, created refugees, and now they're invading Europe and West, eh?--Jews love it, don't they?

So HOW does this Jew criminality and dominance in-ur-face CONTINUE to prevail?--is it because it's a satanistic age, suffused in (extreme) subjectivism and moralism, the corrupt people pretending and insisting upon "moral" virtue above any other value, elevating moralism/Pharisaism above truth, facts, reality, honesty, integrity, and even life itself?

Thus as moralism/Pharisaism is necessarily founded upon SUBJECTIVISM, foundation is laid for satanism, which is simply extreme subjectivism, consciousness/mentality creating reality, making oneself God the creator--Jews being most adept, successful, organized, and "connected" collectivistic subjectivists, thus dominating the far more isolated, dis-connected, dis-organized subjectivists among stupid goyim.

Observe further, the Jew "midrash" (interpretation) ideal of Talmud which elevates subjectivism, the very method of Judaism by which they rule and dominate the moronic, corrupt, stupid goyim, and which such "midrash" and "Oral Law Tradition" Christ condemned in New Test. in the name of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), which truth has no meaning without the OBJECTIVE (Aristotelian) reality.

So gentiles must re-capture the REAL Christianity, worship of truth (= Christ), above all, including the implicit, necessary anti-Semitism. And if u're not anti-Semitic, u ain't no Christian, sucker.

Yes indeed, it looks like we're headed for serious CATASTROPHE--as there's just too many stupid puke--who just have to die-out--like the niggeress, Oprah says about whites, ho ho ho....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

satanic Eruption In CYCLIC Spenglerian "Western Decline" Must Be Grasped
(Apollonian, 6 Nov 14)

Yes, ms (see below-copied), I agree and sympathize ("damn shame"). But note what's happened--US was genuine success--till the war btwn states, 150 yrs ago, when it was destroyed for political, cultural base. But the economic base was still going strong--so that economics continued for its amazing productivity even till this day, though fading quick now, the currency collapsing even as we speak. Not just disaster, but absolute catastrophe beckons.

U gotta remember then a successful generation of pioneers--like the original American founders will thereupon breed-up following generations which tend to becoming quite degenerate, corrupt, and perverse--this is where we are now, I'm afraid, and the ancient Roman cultural example is yet another, even classic case-in-pt. for the CYCLIC nature of history whence corruption follows the beginning generation.

Thus we suffer now fm a veritable SATANISTIC regime--these aren't just criminals or mere corrupt politicians, but highly organized CULT, not merely "gang."

I've tried to explain this out-right satanist regime and philosophy to "Jack Rabbit" here, how it follows in the CYCLIC hist. course of things, but he just scoffs, pretending, in the typical manner he knows-it-all--precisely what the satanists want and need in order to thrive.

As I note, the following generations fm original pioneers are horrific weaklings and inferiors in spirit, not having to fight and work like the originals did--and these are much the problem, running "interference" for the top satanists who rule and run things.

Thus satanists will continue to succeed long as their funny-money "central-banking" continues, capable of paying-off their LEGIONS of inferiors and weaklings who keep them in power.

"Jack Rabbit's," and many, many others, greatest problem is he cannot even begin to conceive to imagining these satanists or their necessary conditions for ruling--he rather continues with the very "good-evil" child's conception of things, mouthing platitudes and cliché's about the "individual rights" of the satanic psychopaths, not realizing these psychopaths have FORFEITED their "rights." Ck my expo at

------------------------------above by ap in response to below-copied---------------------------

msamericaNov 6, 2014, 9:37:00 AM

yeah, i drew my line at the cop who stomped the parakeet to death...because he felt threatened. i call bull**** on ALL of it but no one is listening. most people are in for a big hurt. damn shame, i tell ya'...damn shame.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Enough w. the details, tid-bits, factoids, etc.--we need INDUCTION (generalization) to the larger context for all these psy-ops, big-lies, false-flags, etc....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

How Does Fetzer Fail, So Spectacularly?
(Apollonian, 6 Nov 14)

Indeed, the int.-view w. Baker is very interesting, Baker very articulate.

However, I'll note once again, the int-view consists of yet another litany of facts, details, items, and tid-bits--not bad, but what we need is the larger picture for CONTEXT, available by the only means of induction--generalization, which is the prop. dept. of Fetzer, who yet again FAILS to doing his job as philosophical.

It's not enough to just cite same old complaint about the "controlled-media." For first the detective must note (a) the PSY-OPS component of all these "events," including JFK assassinations.

(b) Then there's more specific "BIG-LIE" technique.

(c) Next question, logically, is what sort of environment enables such psy-ops and BIG-LIES?--it must entail the Jews-media, obviously, but there's more, including the public-edjumacation and control of politicians, judges, bureaucrats, and police for control of this info.

(d) Thus we come to the central-banking element of a thoroughly corrupted society w. only very few and highly qualified exceptions, this "banking" enterprise being totally CRIMINAL, literally legalized COUNTERFEITING, enabling such psy-ops and BIG-LIES.

And it's all, once again, a matter of INDUCTION/generalization for the necessary obtaining of CONTEXT and perspective for these horrible assassinations, terror-events, and false-flags.

Fetzer is just the sort of person for the conception of this contextual project--which doesn't really seem to be all that complex--supposedly w. Ph.d in philosophy, but he fails--HOW is this?--he doesn't want "to go there"--WHY?--what is he scared of?--is it Jews?--of course it is.

The only note I can add is that my thesis for the cultural struggle is thus demonstrated for Christian TRUTH vs. Jew lies, criminality, etc. See

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

CYCLE of history must be kept in view: Jews/satanism still rules--still too many stupid puke who believe in "good-evil," hence subjectivism, etc....

Below-copied essay by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Determinist CYCLE Of History Must Be Observed--Jews Still Rule
(Apollonian, 5 Nov 14)

Solfeggio, as I explain to u people, at, u basically have 2 philosophies, beginning at metaphysical level: (a) OBJECTIVITY (Aristotle), and (b) subjectivism (Plato and Kant).

But people have difficulty thinking in strict formalist, logical-type terms--very, very few can do it--maybe 5% of the population. SO, people think in aestheticalist-symbolic -type terms, like, especially (a) Christian vs. (b) satanist

Presently satanists rule, as they have throughout 19th and 20th cent.s--LED by Jews who believe God is their slave who murders their enemies for them, etc., as I've noted and explained.

KEY is people are soooooooooooooooo stupid, lazy--esp. when economy is productive, thriving--stupid people pre-dominate then, OVER-POPULATED--and the satanists take advantage--this is what PREVAILS today: satanists still rule, still powerful, still too many stupid people.

Specifically, (a) people continue to believe in and think in terms of non-existent "good-evil"--which is exploited and manipulated by Jews and satanists. (b) satanists make use of their INVINCIBLE tool, "central-banking" which is literally legalized COUNTERFEITING--the stupid people just CANNOT figure it out. Bilderberg, Trilateralists, etc., are the specific powers behind US Federal Reserve Bank, ECB, Bank of England, etc.

Thus it's CYCLIC process: (a) at first, people are HONEST and work hard, there being few luxuries, but at length, (b) the culture succeeds and breeds up too many inferiors and weaklings who allow the satanists and Jews to come-in and rule, society now in "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler.

There's still too many stupid people--FAR, FAR too many--culture is still in decline, still controlled by means of these over-populated morons, scum, and puke who defend Jews and satanists.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Necessary generalization upon various false-flags and psy-ops is what helps keeping truth fm Americans--"BIG-LIES" within larger culture of big-lies--HOW is this?....

Below-copied by ap first published at comments,

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

What's Problem?--FETZER, And People Like Him--Failing For Induction
(Apollonian, 3 Nov 2014)

Well, we see better and evermore what's going on for the so-called "Truth movement," esp. in the case of Fetzer who pretends to having a Ph.d in Philosophy--but who actually, really seems to just like to hear himself being on radio making recitations of "facts," details, trivia, items, etc.--that's all for Fetzer--WHO DOESN'T DEMONSTRATE ANY REAL ABILITY FOR GENERALIZING FM THE PARTICULARS--which is his special duty as philosophical, one who professes to the knowledge thereof--PHILOSOPHY.

We see also, Fetzer in, for this latest show, w. a couple of Jews--fm Hollywood, no less--who don't really seem to help for the problem (JEWS), rather just actually making things worse and even more mixed-up. I'm sure the Jews in the listening audience loved listening to it all.

Question regarding Fetzer is is he doing this on purpose?--keeping the pathetic, evermore moronic "truth movement" stymied upon idiotic, mere details, particulars, trivia and tid-bits?--How can the conclusion be avoided?

No wonder Dr. Judy Wood ABSOLUTELY HATES this Fetzer creature--even though Wood surely has problems of her own, she also failing to generalize properly, fixated upon moronic, brainless details and particulars, so insistently in her case.

Difference btwn Wood and Fetzer is that Fetzer fails when it's his very responsibility as Philosophy Ph.d to demonstrate the proper way of generalizing. Wood is similarly fixated (upon obsession w. particulars), not even grasping that it's "theory," by definition, which all her evidence either proves or disproves, ho oh ho ho ho

So we end-up having a couple of prima-donnas, as it were, almost literally "fiddling" while Rome "burns," each one of these fools so utterly and pathetically distracted and diverted as we see, we being left to simply learn fm the gross mistakes of these credentialed morons pretending to "expertise" and learning, ho ho ho ho ho ho

And neither one of these amazing fools, Fetzer or Wood seems to grasp what's happening.

So WHAT was actually accomplished for this latest radio show exhibition by Fetzer and co.?--NOTHING whatsoever--it's just the same, stupid crap, recitation of items, tid-bits, details, and trivia.

Why can't Fetzer CONCLUDE INDUCTIVELY upon the psy-ops nature, making use of the "BIG-LIE" and associated technique?

After all, Fetzer is supposed to have a Ph.d in philosophy--what is his problem?

The problem, obviously, is MORALISM--For Fetzer "doesn't want to go there," does he? For how otherwise would the Jews-media continue to thrive and succeed if it was pt'd out for what they (Jews-media) are doing by means of this psy-ops and BIG-LIE technique and events?

So we see now WHAT IS BEING COVERED-UP--the Jews-media and the psy-ops, making use of the "BIG-LIE," over and over and over.

And the only next step fm Jews-media psy-ops is the criminal "central-banking" legalized COUNTERFEITING instrument--the BIG-ONE--the primary practical ("existential") instrument of ZOG and Jew world order.

For the central-banking instrument is itself the MOTHER of all "BIG-LIEs" for criminality, control, and destruction of society and humanity--for which subject-matter our fearless leader, Fetzer, just doesn't have the stomach for assessing--here's the problem, for all to see.

I hope u're proud of urself, Fetzer: but people will--if they aren't already--surely be getting tired of and wise-to ur act, obsessed w. the particulars, deliberately ignoring the necessary induction, keeping people distracted--even though it's their fault no less, eh?

--------------------------------below is response to above--------------------

Clare KuehnNovember 3, 2014 at 12:22 PM

apsterian wants general deductive concepts here but for Paul's death case he wants only induction and won't go learn where that part is.

Ho ho.

--------------------ap responded to above w. below-copied--------------------------

Generalization Is Induction Which Fools Need To Grasp
(Apollonian, 3 Nov 14)

No, u lie once again, as usual, in ur pathetic pathologic ignorance, wishful-thinking and babbling, displaying ur pretended "knowledge" of things. "General deductive concepts" is nonsensical, genius. U're one who DESPERATELY needs to learn basic things--like definition of induction and how deduction leads to particular conclusions, etc.

I clearly say Fetzer MUST GENERALIZE (that's INDUCTION, genius) fm the particular terror/false-flag events.

What was 9/11?--what was Sandy Hoax?--what was JFK assassination?--they were, aside fm anything else, PSY-OPS, entailing "BIG-LIES" and the BIG-LIE technique--this is the INDUCTION which Fetzer avoids like the proverbial plague.

So HOW then does this BIG-LIE culture work?--simple--it requires only such as the Jews-media, Jew-run, Jew-controlled, Jew-owned, Jew-supervised, Jew-guided--as we plainly see--look at Fetzer welcoming the Jews, Nathan and Weiss, "hail fellows, well-met," etc. Fetzer just fits right in, the old charlatan.

And of course, the Jews-media couldn't exist without the Jew-run, Jew-serving central-banking.

Regarding Paul/Faul--to extent I take any notice for this idiot "controversy," I merely pt. out the obvious--there's no clear evidence for all the babbling and rambling and empty puffery of such empty-headed con-artists like above. And why wouldn't simple voice-graphs help determine the identities?--this isn't even considered by the "geniuses" in question.