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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Real Christianity, founded in objectivity, hence REASON, is difficult for the poor, befuddled masses to grasp--who've been so "programmed" by Jews, satanists, and Jews-media, capturing even established Christianity, never doubt....

[QUOTE=vorlos;532289]Apo, I always wondered why Buckley's magazine never backed the samizat dissidents of the Soviet Union, i.e., Vladimir Konstantinovich Bukovsky. When Bukovsky was traded to the West for Soviet spies, he crossed the Brandenberg Gate to the West, living in England. He was paid for articles by Buckley's magazine, but never published in it. Now it is clearer. Thanks for the background. They paid him, but suppressed the articles. Was he ever really in freedom?

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"Freedom"?--Well, We Must Simply Make Use Of However Much We Have, Ho Ho Ho
(Apollonian, 25 Nov 14)

Well comrade vorlos, we probably still have SOME "freedom"--long as we remain little-known and insignificant (ho ho ho ho oho), commenting on otherwise little-known pages/forums like this one, though we know our fearless leader, Whitebear, was actually SO SUCCESSFUL he was horrifically hacked by NSA/MOSSAD and literally extorted to making his site "private."  So we're surely on their radar--but so is everyone, everywhere, as we're informed by comrade Snowden.

I can't emphasize enough that our ONLY hope now is to build fm very bottom "grass-roots"--there's simply no other way or option.  And this means preaching the REAL, hence anti-satanic, anti-semitic Christianity.  We're now the ONLY "apostles" left to do the necessary work.

And we have to be satisfied for ourselves, in our own minds, for whatever "success" we can achieve.  But there's one thing we can all AGREE upon, and that's the outright, in-ur-face satanist powers HAVE SURFACED and shown themselves to EVERYONE who merely takes a moment to look and verify--specifically, in the "hip-hop" music industry, including the "rap" genre, and among the non-whites, too--like "Jay-Z" and his wife, "Beyonce."

There's also Katy Perry, currently tops (who is scheduled for this season's Super Bowl, early next yr), Lady Gaga, though she seems to be receding, not to mention the old Madonna, who's been around since 80s, for goodness sakes--they're all out and quite open about their EXPLICIT satanism, occultism, and Cabalism, etc.--masonic signs all over the music vids being put-out on Jews-media "entertainment."  Of course, Jews are the maestros and master-minds for all this, naturally.

There's actually lots of expositors to this literal satanism, like Mark Dice (just use the search engine), "vigilant Christian," "White Rabbit," KJ Ozborne, and lots of others too, they getting THOUSANDS of hits--so lots of folks are getting hip, steadily and surely.

So u see, the enemy is visible and apparent for all to see, no one can deny in reason or basic, common sense.

Question now is HOW to proceed for Christian patriots?  And for this proceeding, step-by-step, I've been hard at work, giving detailed analysis and advice.  Like I say, it's hard to frontally attack the Jews--BUT it's NOT hard to frontally attack their foremost allies and cohorts, the "Judeo-Christians" (JCs--see and for best expo)--it's their weak-point (JCs), never doubt.  Once JCs fall, rest will be quite a bit easier, never doubt.

One of the things I've noted is the Judaization of establishment Christianity--for primary example, the understanding of "faith" now being MYSTICIZED into "beleeeeeeeeeeeevin'"--against the original, and proper, real Christian meaning of simple LOYALTY.

Thus Christian TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6) is very much matter of thorough-going reason and rationality (objectivity) AGAINST Judaic/Talmudic mysticism (subjectivism)--lots of folks have difficulty grasping this, so thoroughly have the Jews captured establishment Christianity.  In fact, most people, it seems, have it totally reversed, imagining the real Christianity is mystic against Judaic "reason," ho ho ho--that's why so many Jews insist upon their "atheism," pretending it's so "heroic" and "rationalistic" to be so.

So our work is cut-out for us, but it can be done--and we can only be patient as we set methodically to the task.  Like I say, the EASY PART is the satanic enemy has risen-up and voluntarily identified himself.  Only tough part is to persuade our good people of the truth and reality about Christian REASON (vs. devilish, Talmudic and Cabalist mysticism).  Thus we merely need keep in mind Gosp. JOHN and emphasis upon TRUTH (14:6, 8:32, 18:37-8)--which can ONLY exist in an objective (hence "God-created") reality.

Never doubt that precious REASON is integral, essential part of Holy Spirit--along w. honesty and integrity, "integrity" meaning a reason that pervades throughout, including the sentiment and emotion, not just for the conscious mentality.  Good luck, and happy hunting.

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